The Call – Fetish –

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Sweat trickled down Jared’s back. A few more shuffled steps and he finally managed to put the heavy box in its place. With a huff Jared leaned on the stack of boxes, glad for the moment’s reprieve. Out on the other end of the field, the other volunteers went about their tasks. Everything was coming along nicely and they were sure to be ready for the party. Although it hadn’t been without hiccups or incidents.

And it looked like another one was well on its way at that very moment. Being far enough away Jared showed his wince openly. Mitchell was giving Jenna an earful because of a misplaced box and the poor woman looked close to tears.

Normally speaking Mitchell and his husband were fine business but party preparations made everyone steer clear of the pair. Barry would disappear for hours on end while Mitchell turned into a not-so-little dick-tator.

A familiar ringtone made Jared shove his hand into his pocket. Muscle memory carried him through the motions as he couldn’t seem to look away. Jared was transfixed by the impending doom as Jenny’s husband came charging in like a bull.

Jared began speaking before the phone ever reached his ear albeit in the distracted manner of someone watching a drama show. “Hey Honey, nice timing. Drama is about to unfold.”

What he heard made Jared turn away from the scene in a hurry. the meaning coming through was muffled by the hand clapping over the speaker as Jared tried to hide behind the boxes.

“Honey?” The whispered shout held all the disbelief he could manage.

An answer came from a voice much deeper than his wife’s “Ey man. What’s up?” A rich baritone rolled out of the phone, sounding slightly strained. As if the owner was exercising.

It was a voice that Jared knew all too well, Drake was the bull that they’d found for their play sessions. And he had come to associate Drake’s voice with the delirious moaning that leaked through the phone. A noise from the background made it all too clear what was happening. there was no mistaking that clapping of flesh on flesh.

His wife, Emma, had told Jared about another upcoming play session with her Bull but had been cagey about the details. Simply saying that it would be a surprise but that Jared should begin wearing the cage again in preparation. It had been five days already and Jared felt the ache in his balls as he heard his wife moan in ecstasy.

The voice at the other end stayed silent, waiting for Jared’s reply as the moaning and sound of flesh against flesh didn’t stop for even a moment. A quick peek over the edge of the stack of boxes showed that everyone else was focused on the drama unfolding in the middle of the field.

Jared stammered over what sounded like a very hard fuck. “Not much? Drake, why are you calling with Emma’s phone?”

“Had a question and she is kinda busy at the moment. Hold on.” A harsh rustling was followed by a shriek of pleasure. He’d heard that shriek before and could almost see how Drake had pulled on Emma’s hair to get her to make the sound.

The noise of flesh slapping against flesh became louder as the next words sent a twinge of dread down his spine. “Say ‘Hi’ to your husband.”

Something throbbed inside of Jared and he couldn’t help but adjust the crotch of his pants. When his lovely wife finally spoke, it was with a thin and wheezy voice. The word sounded more like a moan than anything else.


A rather dark chuckle came across the speaker as Drake spoke again. “Yeah, she’s a bit distracted. Can’t get a straight answer out of her right now.”

Even now the man didn’t sound winded, the phone made it hard to judge but with the sound of smacking on the other end and the high pitch of moans. Jared guessed that Drake was pounding Emma into the bed. Probably had been for quite a while and the man didn’t sound as if he were doing more than a light jog. Jared swallowed as Emma’s voice grew louder by the second.

“So, I called about a question. Any blacklights at that party of yours?”

Distracted as he was Jared couldn’t form a reply. The argument on the field bubbled in the background while everything inside of him throbbed and a tingle ran over his skin. His mouth felt impossibly dry and Jared could only make a vague, confused sound;


A gentle admonishment came over the phone. “Focus Jared. Blacklights. Does the party have any?” The moaning on the other end grew louder and louder until Jared barely heard the end of Drake’s sentence. Seemingly sensing what was wrong the man on the other end spoke again. “Hang on.”

A short, harsh grunt was followed by a shriek that suddenly cut off. For a few seconds all Jared could hear were harsh, deliberate smacks as Drake seemed to set a slow deep pace. The muffled moaning sounded as if the lust and pleasure were being shouted into a pillow. Another series of images flashed through Jared’s mind. Showing his wife with her face down on the sheets and her ass in the air while the large black man pounded into her.

When Drake spoke again it was with the slight distraction of a man doing something that required a precise focus. That focus was all expended on Emma and Jared had to listen. “There, that’s better. She is very noisy today.”

It still sounded as if Drake was talking about the weather instead of fucking Jared’s wife into the bed. “Anyway, I ask because I’m going to drench her face later to have a new contact photo. Might be awkward to explain if her face lights up with the splatters from my load.”

The words came from his mouth but they sounded so very far away. “Then don’t?” Jared wobbled on his feet as his stomach roiled.

“Hah, no can do Cuck.” Drake’s voice was lighthearted but there rested a hint of steel within. That tone told Jared in no uncertain terms that nothing he said would change what was gonna happen. Not unless a specific word was said to stop all of it. The shame and humiliation burned inside of him but not a single part of him wondered the shout the code word. No, despite the shame there was arousal spiraling inside of him.

And Drake knew that the man knew exactly how to play the game as his next words nearly made Jared stagger. His wife’s muffled moaning in the background only added to it all.

“She’s going to beg me for it, Jared. Your little wife is going on her knees in front of me and begging me before I paint that pretty little face. I’ll scoop it off and make her lick it from my fingers. That what you want, you little slut?” The last words weren’t directed at him, Jared knew that.

A short, pained gasp fell from the speaker before his wife answered in a drawn-out tone that barely sounded like a word.


The amusement in Drake’s voice couldn’t be hidden away. “Do you hear that Cuck? She wants it.” The words were punctuated by a few hard thrusts that made Emma grunt with each one. “Better make sure there aren’t any black lights. But don’t worry, I’ll share the pic.”

At the last word, Jared heard a beep right before the wind whistled through the speaker on his phone, as if the one at the other end had been thrown through the air.

“Drake? Drake?”

Jared tried calling out but got no reply. All he could hear were the sounds at the other end. And they got louder as his wife moaned as if she were holding on for dear life. That strange fluttering low in his belly came as the moans changed in pitch. They became higher and higher. A prelude to Emma’s impending orgasm that was sure to deafen him.

Somehow it was much like watching a terrible accident, you couldn’t look away. Jared couldn’t end the call either. He stood behind the stack of boxes as he listened to another man fucking his wife to an orgasm. Emma screamed. A high-pitched wail that became louder and louder.

The call ended suddenly with a click.

With a numb hand, Jared let the phone drop away from his ear. In some strange way, he was even grateful for the cock cage. Humiliation and pinching apart, without it he wouldn’t have been capable of walking back out of his hiding spot.

As it was, he could only come out as if in a daze. The argument out on the field had mellowed down but Jenny’s husband still seemed fit to spit nails. Jared wandered over in a somewhat erratic path.

“Say Bruce, are there any blacklights at the party?”


A bit of a writing exercise as I’m trying out new styles. The goal was to make a short where the main character isn’t involved in the action but to ensure the story still felt hot.

The act of a bull taking benefit of a loving wife seemed appropriate for that.

However I don’t yet know if this sort of a story appeals to the people who have a cuckolding kink.

I am curious as to how the short measures up to fantasies and wants for a story.

Comments are appreciated.