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Barbara Gordon sat alone in the Clocktower with her usual setup she had as Oracle. Four monitors, two keyboards, and lines of wires were strategically placed out of the way of her wheelchair. Despite her hours of staring at the screen, she was still naturally pretty. Deep red hair fell free down her shoulders. Her wireframe glasses rested against the bridge of her freckled nose. She wore a dark blue spaghetti strap tank top with no bra, old black sweatpants, and flip-flops. Barbara knew she wasn’t dressed professionally, but it didn’t matter since she knew nobody would see her tonight.

She was currently viewing her team member, Helena Bertinelli, also known as Huntress, standing on a rooftop, waiting for a specific vehicle to pass by. The Birds of Prey were tasked to take down an operation run by Roman Sionis, better known as Black Mask.

“How much longer am I supposed to be up here?” Helena asked Oracle.

“You’re just waiting, Huntress. Keep your eyes open.” Oracle commanded. On her second monitor, Dinah Lance, also known as Black Canary, was on her bike outside of the docks.

“Canary, the van Huntress will tail is going to stop here. I need you to remain inconspicuous. We need to see what we’re dealing with.” Oracle said.

“Understood.” Dinah said before leaning forward against the handlebars.

After a few minutes, Huntress pointed out the van passing through the streets.

“Oracle, I’ve found the van, it’s got the same license plate you showed us.” Huntress said into her earpiece.

“Follow it. Make sure they don’t see you.” Oracle said.

“Got it.” Huntress prepared herself, but just then, an all-black blur crashed down on top of the roof of the van, stopping it and leaving a gigantic dent at the top. It was Batman. He destroyed the window and yanked the driver out, throwing him into the streets.

“What the hell!?” Oracle’s heart rate increased.

“Is this part of the plan?” Huntress asked as she watched Batman dramatically walk towards his prey.

“No! It’s not!” Barbara couldn’t afford to lose her cool. It was required to lead a team.

“Should I stop him?”

“No! Just wait…” Barbara tried to calm herself down. Batman picked the man up by the collar of his all-black turtleneck and said something Helena couldn’t quite make out. She was too focused on the look in his eyes. The controlled rage. She did have a crush on Batman, but she obviously couldn’t do anything about it. There was just something about those pronounced muscles rippling through the padding of his suit, the way he just dropped in out of nowhere, the fact that despite him training her boss, she still didn’t really know who he was.

Helena watched as Batman interrogated the goon. Her nipples began to harden against the fabric of her suit, but she told herself it was because of the wind chill that just blew through the air. The goon shouted something in fear, and Batman headbutted him, knocking him out cold. He pulled up a small holographic blue screen on his arm pad and pressed a few buttons.

Dinah got off of her bike and tried to discover cover as the all-black Batwing zoomed from the clouds and in front of the armed men guarding the docks. They opened fire on the near-impenetrable armor of the aircraft.

“Oracle what the hell is that?!” Dinah shouted over the gunfire.

“It’s just… It’s just Batman. Don’t worry about it.” Oracle sounded disappointed and defeated. She removed her glasses and rubbed her eyes.

The Batwing’s non-lethal riot suppressors shot off on the gunmen, knocking all of them out cold.

“Shit, maybe we should just call him next time…” Dinah muttered under her breath.

“I heard that!” Oracle shouted.

“I mean am I wrong? He did just shut down Black Mask’s entire set up in a few minutes. We’ve been trying to track the man down for months.” Dinah explained.

“What the fu- We don’t have billions of dollars!”

“We could ask for money. Like a grant or something…” Dinah moved her earpiece to avoid Barbara blowing out her eardrums. She knew if Oracle got mad, it was the worst-case scenario, but getting help from a guy who took down entire criminal organizations in a night seemed like something to be happy about.

“We don’t need a grant, Dinah! We don’t need his money or his fancy tech! We’re the Birds of Prey damnit!” While Oracle and Black Canary continued to argue, Batman grappled his way up to the rooftop where Huntress was watching him.

“Batman…” Helena hated that she started blushing like a schoolgirl.

“Huntress.” Batman replied, his voice sending butterflies through her stomach.

“Is there any reason you decided to swoop in?” Helena asked.

“I couldn’t let Sionis get away with letting these weapons in. Not again. Not tonight.” Batman checked the cameras on the Batwing with his hologram and noticed Black Canary shouting into the earpiece.

“Is there usually this much infighting?” He asked.

“No. Not when we’re out here. There’s just some disagreements we have every now and again.” Helena explained.

“This sounds like more than a disagreement.”

“Well to be fair, you did just come in and throw everything off.” Helena said with a bit of snark.

Batman’s eyes kept falling from her icy-blue ones down to her exposed stomach. The pale, supple skin of her belly made him imagine getting lower. He got to her sweet spot with his tongue. He wasn’t there to have sex, but he’d be lying if he said Huntress didn’t remind him of Batgirl before the incident. Strong and capable yet sarcastic and sexy.

Batman moved closer toward her, removed her earpiece, and placed it gently on the ground, cutting off the argument between Oracle and Black Canary. Helena kept her eyes locked on Batman as he ran his fingers through her deep black hair.

“What’s on your mind?” Huntress asked before strategically biting her bottom lip.

“You.” Batman said.

“What about me?”

“You know.” Batman said, brushing her cheek.

“I’m working. I don’t know anything. Tell me.” Huntress teased while pressing her body against his. She ran her fingers around his tree trunk thighs, her thumb teasing his crotch area.

“Don’t play dumb, Huntress.” His voice was buttery smooth and stern at the same time. Helena felt around until she found the base of his growing dick and squeezed it through the padding of his suit.

“I’m not. I’m simply asking for specifics. Are you telling me that the World’s Greatest Detective can’t give me details?” Helena knew she’d be in for a ride. His dick was gigantic, and she was only feeling the outline of it.

“I’m going to fuck you, Huntress,” Batman said coldly, like a robot designed to carry out its specific task. Helena felt her heart skip a beat before she regained her senses. She wrapped her arms around his burly neck.

“Then let’s go, Batman…” Helena leaned in for a kiss, but Batman grabbed her by the stomach and pushed her down. It was not hard enough to hurt but just enough force to show that he was the one in control. Helena removed her cape, letting it fall to the concrete surface, and began to remove her belt. She remembered that putting on and taking off her costume took effort, especially when sitting down.

She was moving too slowly. She wanted to get ravaged right then and there, so she just yanked the belt clean off, slid her black shorts down her legs until they ended at her boots, and pulled her shirt up towards her collarbone, revealing her plump and luscious breasts. Helena spread her legs, showing off her wet pussy.

Batman didn’t say a word. He got to her legs and dropped to his knees faster than Helena wondered he would. Batman pulled her black lace panties down her boots. He dove right into her slit, slurping and sucking away as Helena’s back dug into the hard surface of the rooftop. Helena whimpered in ecstasy as Batman’s stubble tickled her folds. He continued to run his tongue through her pussy, sucking up every drop of her delectable juices.

Batman slid his gloved hands up her toned body before stopping to grab her perfect breasts. He squeezed her soft tits and started to put his neck into eating her pussy. Batman groped Helena’s tits so hard she felt like they would pop. Her crucifix fell in between her heaving chest as sweat began to create up around her forehead. Batman’s palms grazing her sensitive nipples sent her over the edge.

“T-too m-muh-muh… Too much! Fuck!” Helena shouted as she squirted into Batman’s mouth. He sucked down every drop of her girl-cum as she continued to squirm and moan on the ground. Batman eventually stopped his assault on her body, pulling off of her pussy and licking his lips. He reached down for his zipper, quickly pulling out his rock-hard cock.

“Shit…” Helena cursed after catching a glimpse of Batman’s cock. He tapped his swollen head against her entrance, dabs of his pre-cum mixed with her juice as he teased her fresh pussy. Helena gave him her best fuck me eyes, and it worked. Batman slid his cock deep inside of her, going all the way in.

“Ahh!” Helena grunted. Batman grabbed her legs and lifted them up, placing them over his shoulders. He gripped her thighs and pounded away at Helena’s pussy. Her boobs bounced at a rapid speed as she cried out in pleasure. Helena gasped for air under Batman as he continued to slam his cock into her tight body with full force.

“Fuck me! Do it!” Helena screamed as her pussy clamped down on his dick. Her second orgasm came and went in the middle of the storm that was Batman’s deep dicking. Batman groaned before pulling out of Helena’s pussy and unloaded all over her creamy breasts. Long shots of seed landed along her chest, with a few landing on her chin and neck and drooping into her collarbone.

“Holy shit…” Helena said as she rubbed her boobs together, mixing the sticky load into her skin. Batman put his softening cock back into his suit and stood back up. Helena’s insides felt like melted butter as she struggled to get back to her feet.

“Next time you better come inside.” Huntress said. Batman gave her a quick glance before diving off the rooftop and gliding off into the night.

Oracle sat frozen the entire time. Batman might have removed the earpiece, but he didn’t turn it off. Barbara thought if he had forgotten about it in the heat of the moment or if he hadn’t turned it off on purpose. She felt like she was gonna vomit, but she wasn’t sure if it was due to anger, disgust, or envy. Maybe it was a combination of all three. She knew he didn’t force himself onto Helena, but he did embarrass the team in more methods than one. Barbara argued with Dinah until she heard Batman tell Huntress that he was gonna fuck her.

It’d gotten so bad that Dinah cut off the conversation, removed her earpiece, and drove home. Barbara wanted to be mad. Mad at Dinah for suggesting a grant. Mad at Helena for letting her libido get the better of her. Mad at Batman for swooping in unannounced. She couldn’t. She was more mad at herself. Mad that she pushed him away. It didn’t matter. Oracle had to stop Black Mask, team or no team. So she called the second Batgirl.


Dinah Lance stopped at a rinky-dink dive bar on the outskirts of Gotham to clear her head. She’d already downed two shots of cheap whisky and planned on putting down a third one. She hadn’t argued with anyone like that in years. They’d gone from talking about how they weren’t gonna take Batman’s money to hurling personal insults at each other. Obviously, Barbara didn’t mean it when she called Dinah a stripper parading around as a superhero. Dinah just wanted to get her back when she told Barbara to stand up and say it to her face.

It was getting late, and they just needed to rest. They’d talk about what happened in a few hours, and that would be all. Just like old times. If old times meant twenty four hours ago. Before Batman showed up and summoned his magical remote-controlled silent jet plane to fly from the heavens and shoot down Black Mask’s men. The men Oracle took months to discover. Dinah understood Barbara’s frustration, but it wasn’t like Batman helped the criminals get away.

Dinah tried to take her mind off of the sounds of Helena’s moans. She huffed in a strange mix of frustration and confusion into the dirty glass. Distorted low rock music played from the blown-out speakers. The place had a vintage look to it while having neon lights around the corners. A few others, drowning their sorrows, sat in booths and tables.

“One more drink ma’am?” The bartender asked.

“Sure, why not.” Dinah replied while running her fingers around the rim of the glass.

The man immediately froze with the bottle in his hand as Batman entered the building. His eyes were low, his cloak clinging to his body like a second skin. Nobody else in the room jumped apart from the bartender. Batman made his way to Dinah. She turned away from him, staring into her empty glass. She tapped her fingers against the wood, snapping the man out of his trance. He poured the shot and backed away like he wondered Batman would attack him.

“Canary.” Batman softened his voice. Very slightly, but just enough to not sound like he was threatening her.

“How the hell did you find me?” Dinah asked.

“Your earpiece.”

“Only Oracle knows where we are.”

“I made the technology. She’s just using it.”

Dinah took the shot of her drink, and the burn traveled down her throat.

“We’re taking this outside.” Dinah growled. She left her cash, grabbed her keys, and walked out. Black Canary didn’t plan on fighting him; she just didn’t want the people in the bar to hear their argument.

“This isn’t a good place to talk.” Batman said.

“I don’t care. I’m not giving you what you want.” Dinah closed her jacket when she noticed the rain picking up. A slight drizzle.

“I just wanted to ask a few questions. About Oracle.”

“Aren’t you her boss? Why are you asking me?”

“She’s been avoiding me. Doing things by herself.”

“Oh no! I can’t believe she’d try to do something without help from the all-mighty Batman! Apologies, your highness! I’ll let her know right away!” Dinah said mockingly. Batman grabbed her shoulder to get her attention. Dinah found herself staring into his eyes.

“That’s not what I mean. I want to know how she’s been. I need to know if she’s handling herself well. I need to know if she’s okay.” Batman’s voice cracked. Dinah couldn’t believe what she heard. From the way Barbara described him, he was at all times about the mission. Nothing more, nothing less.

“Oracle told me you don’t care about her. How you never did.”

“That’s not true. She’s lying. She was my partner. She was my…” Batman trailed off.

“She was your what?”

“My friend. A lover.”

Dinah’s heart dropped to her stomach.

“T-then why… wh-why does she n-never t-talk about it?” The blonde stammered.

“After the incident with the Joker I couldn’t let something like that happen again. Seeing her in the hospital. Seeing her in a wheelchair. I stayed away from her unless it involved the mission, but she began to turn into me. Distant, quiet, focused. We haven’t spoken in so long. I’m worried about her.” Batman’s jaw tightened.

“That’s why she was so mad. Look, I’ll talk to her. I promise.” Dinah said.

“Thank you.” Batman removed his hand from her shoulder and zipped away. Black Canary was still stunned. If she was gonna ask Barbara about Batman, she’d have to do it right.


Cassandra Cain noticed the rain beginning to pick up over Gotham. She knew it would be easier to get the drop on Sionis. He was currently hiding out in his mansion with two heavily armed men on guard duty outside. She didn’t know if there were more men on the inside, but she knew she could handle it if there were. As Cass crept through the unkempt shrubbery, she readied two Batarangs.

Batgirl flung the first one across the lawn and towards the pillar, distracting both guards. She snuck behind the first man and kicked out his knee, knocking him to the ground. She quickly wrapped him up in a rear choke and squeezed tight. The second man turned around the moment the first man lost consciousness. He aimed his gun at Cass, but she flung her first victim to the side and kicked his rifle out of his hands.

Batgirl flipped to her feet and landed a high kick to the man’s head, knocking him out cold. She opened the door and snuck through the large house leading up to the spiral staircase. She made it to the top floor and saw a door open slightly towards the end of the hallway. Light shone through it. The only light on inside the house. It had to be him. Full cardboard boxes were lined up on the floor. Batgirl crept through the hall until a gunshot barreled through the door, forcing her to dive onto the hardwood floor. She ducked for cover behind one of the boxes.

“You think you can stop me!?” Sionis screamed before firing another shot off. “Nobody can stop me!”

Batgirl got a glimpse of his gun. It was a.50 Caliber Desert Eagle, and she knew that unless he modded it, there were only five more bullets in the chamber. She poked her head up, causing Sionis to fire another shot. Cass slid across the floor to the next box closer to the door. Another two shots were fired. Two left. She bolted towards the side of the door. Another gunshot. One more bullet.

Batgirl swung and kicked the damaged door all the way open, knocking the gun out of Sionis’ hand with a loud crack. She landed a front kick to his stomach, pushing him back into his desk. He grunted in pain after the wind was taken from his lungs. Batgirl hit him with two left hooks to the jaw, cracking his mask and disorientating him even more. He threw a few sloppy punches back that she easily dodged. Batgirl quickly foot-swept him and kicked him in the head, knocking him out.

“Oracle. It’s done.” Cassandra said while holding her earpiece.

“Good. I’ll send officers to his location to pick him up. Go home.” Oracle commanded.

“You don’t want me to come to you?” Cassandra asked.

“No. Not tonight. It’s fine.” Barbara sighed.

“Alright.” Cass replied.

Cass made her way to Wayne Manor, grappling and gliding on her way there. The light rain from a few minutes before had almost become a hurricane. That made it harder for her to make it back home. After nearly half an hour of gliding, she finally made it to the Manor. She landed through the secret entrance on the roof and went to her bedroom. As she began to remove her utility belt, Tim Drake, the third Robin, sat at the door watching her strip in silence. He was wearing a white shirt and blue and white striped boxer shorts.


“I heard you coming.” She said while sliding her cape down her back.

“I heard you did good tonight.” Tim stepped closer. Cass saw he wasn’t just there to talk. The look in his eyes was full of lust. Yearning.

“Thank you.” Cass slipped the Batsuit down her toned body, leaving her in nothing but a tight black tank top and matching black compression underwear.

“Babs told me you didn’t get hit once.”

“You’ve done it too. Not new.”

“I know it’s just that you were told to do this last minute. I thought it was impressive.” Tim walked closer to her and ran a finger over her shoulder. Cass noticed his excitement. The hairs on his body standing up, the light in his eyes. Tim ran his palm over a scar that sat on her collarbone. He came close to touching her breast. Cass stopped him by grabbing his wrist.

“Don’t.” Cassandra said.

“Why not? Too tired?” Tim didn’t want to sound like a whiner, but he really wanted her tonight.

“No,” Cass sat down on her bed and beckoned Tim to sit in a nearby chair. “You have to earn it.”

Cassandra lifted up her top and pulled it over her head. They were average-sized for a woman her height and weight, but they stood high on her chest. They didn’t sag at all. Tim licked his lips at the sight of her bare chest. Cass noticed his hands slowly creeping down to his hard cock nestled in his boxers.