The Adventures of Kyla

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This is a long incest sex story with 12 chapters.

You can read all 12 chapters in this page.


Part 1

The type of girl that always had to be in control. This would best
describe Kyla, a young, beautiful girl the age of seventeen. Her family
and friends were kept on their toe’s with each conniving, devious scheme
that Kyla would muster up. She wanted it all and would do anything to get

“Where the hell is my briefcase?” Robert, Kyla’s father yelled as he came
storming down the stairs late for work. Through the kitchen he ran,
adjusting his tie, as he searched for his work notes.

“It’s in here Daddy! In the living-room.” A voice said.

Robert made his way to the calling voice and as he reached the living
room, there stood his daughter Kyla. He paused to gaze at his young
daughters body, clad only in a thin, see-through t-shirt and lacy, white
panties. She smiled as her father eyes gawked at his slender, beautiful,
half naked daughter, standing with briefcase in hand. Her thick, blonde
hair falling slightly over her shoulders brushing the top of her firm,
blooming, fresh breasts.

“Here it is Daddy.” said Kyla, in her most innocent, childlike voice.

“Thank-you dear.” Robert looked curiously at his smiling daughter
wondering what she was up to now, and leaned forward to give her a goodbye
kiss on the cheek. Kyla put the case on the ground, lifted her arms and
placed them around her fathers shoulders. She closed her eyes, pulling her
father close, and placed a seductive, wet kiss on his lips. Her fathers
eye’s widened as Kyla pressed her body against his, feeling her young, but
somewhat large, breasts through his shirt. He wanted to pull back but Kyla
held him close and continued to kiss him and his cock began to swell.

Finally Kyla loosened her embrace and turned in the direction of her room
down the hall. Robert stood there in amazement as he watched his daughters
shapely ass wiggle down the hall and tried to calm the bulge growing in
his pants. Shaking his head, he looked at his watch and realized he was 20
minutes late for work. He ran back to the kitchen, pecked his wife on the
cheek and was out the door. His wife said goodbye and followed him out the
door shortly after.

“Hurry up and get out of there Kelly!” Kyla yelled through the locked
bathroom door at her younger sister Kelly, who was busy getting ready for
school. Kelly was a cute sixteen year old. She was a bit skinnier than Kyla
and had long, straight, brown hair. She stood naked in front of the large
bathroom mirror gazing at her firm little titties. She always wished that
she had breasts the size of her sister, not that Kelly’s were tiny, they
were a perfect handful, but not like Kyla’s.

“Relax Kyla! I’ll be a few more minutes.” She yelled.

Kyla let out a grunt as she waited outside the door. She heard a giggle
coming from her older brothers room, which had a door leading to the
bathroom and quietly walked towards his half open door to get a peek at
what he was up to. As she peered in at her brother, she saw that he was up
to the same thing she was. Hunched slightly over, John, Kyla’s brother, was
spying on Kelly through the other bathroom door. A perverted look on his
face and one of his hands rubbing his crotch, he watched intently.

Kyla sneaked in to John’s room to catch him in the act and softly walked
up behind him.

“Getting a good look John?” Kyla said slyly.

John quickly jumped back and turned to face Kyla. His face was beat red in
embarrassment as he let go of his enlarged cock. Kyla grinned in delight at
what she had found. She could now manipulate her brother into anything she
wanted, and she wanted something right now.

“Your not going to tell on me are you Kyla?” Asked John with a nervous
tone, knowing he had been caught in the act. He knew his sister Kyla all to
well and knew she would get him in shit any chance she had.

Kyla squinted her devilish eyes and thought about what to do with her
perverted brother. “Well….I’ll think about it.” She said. “Hmmm, seeing
as you like to stare at Kelly’s naked body so much, how about taking off
your clothes and letting me stare at you for a bit? Then I might change my
mind about squealing.”

John was shocked at Kyla’s request, but he wasn’t as self-conscious about
his body as Kelly and he certainly didn’t want his parents to know about
his voyeurism, so he began to undress in front of his sister. Kyla watched
keenly as her athletic-shaped brother de-clothed himself and her cunt
began to moisten in anticipation of finally getting a close-up of her
brothers cock.

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Now, clad only in his underwear, John asked insipidly. “Are you satisfied?
Can I put my clothes back on?”

Kyla moved to the center of the room, still not satisfied with what she
had seen, and said “Not yet Johnny boy. I want to see that cock of yours
before I let you go.”


Part 2

John didn’t know what to think or do. The thought of showing his manhood to
his sister wasn’t exactly his idea of fun, but if it saved his ass from
punishment, well, he’d have to bare it all.

“Well! Let’s see it John. Or is it too small?” Kyla said with a sneer.

John grinned and placed his thumbs under the elastic waistband of his
shorts and quickly yanked them to his knees. As his limp prick popped into
view, Kyla was amazed at the size, she was somewhat proud of her brother,
having such an enormous dick and tried to regain her composure. She licked
her lips as she stared at John’s cock, dangling between his legs and the
uncontrollable urge to suck him off came over her.

“Are you done now Kyla?” John, now a little embarrassed at his total
nakedness. ‘How far was this bitch gonna go?’ he thought.

Kyla moved closer to her brother still fixed on his prick. She could feel
the juices beginning to flow under her slightly damp panties and she
reached out with one hand to grasp his motionless, limp cock. John was
startled a bit by her touch, but didn’t say anything, instead he just stood
there waiting for Kyla’s next move, and his cock, to his amazement, began
to swell.

Kyla looked up to her brothers eyes and said, “There’s just one more thing
I want you for.” and grinned. Dropping to her knees, Kyla lifted John’s now
full hard-on to her lips and ran her smooth, warm mouth over the tip of his
cock. She took the full length of her brothers prick in her mouth and
lapped his sack softly with her wet tongue.

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John wanted to ask what the fuck she though she was doing, but the
sensation of her mouth running up and down his cock told him not to. Kyla
began sucking harder and faster on her brothers cock, each time circling
the head of it with her tongue. John began to moan with excitement and his
suttle grunts echoed through the bathroom door to be heard by his sister
Kelly, who was still getting ready for school.

Hearing the sounds coming from her brothers room, Kelly curiously moved
towards the connecting, slightly ajar, door to John’s room. She peeped
through the opening to see what all the noise was and her jaw dropped to
the sight of her sister on her knees with a mouthful of her brothers cock.
Kelly was still a virgin, and had never seen anything like this before, as
a tingling felling shot through her body. She stared in awe as her sister
sucked fiercely on John’s huge prick. Felling her cunt getting warm, she
reached down to touch her pussy and sooth it’s quivering.

Kyla pulled slowly back once more on John’s cock and let it slip out of
her mouth. John’s prick stood at attention and he wanted more. “I wanna see
your tits Kyla.” He said as he stared at Kyla’s now erect nipples poking
through her shirt. Kyla stood up, smiling in excitement, she pulled the
thin covering over her shoulders to display her swoolen breasts. Her firm,
round tits bounced slightly as she dropped her arms to her side. John
reached out and grabbed ahold of them in his palms, squeezing them lightly.

” Hey! I’m in control here. I’ll say what goes John.” Kyla said trying to
gain her control of the situation again. ” My cunt’s burning to be licked.
I want you to eat my pussy before I let you play with my boobs.” Kyla
grabbed her brother by the arm and pulled him to the bed, she sat down on
the edge, dropped her panties to the floor, and directed her brother’s face
to her dripping, swoolen cunt.

Kelly watched intently while her sister and brother explored each other on
the bed. Kelly’s hand explored her hot snatch madly as she frigged her
tender, virgin clit with her index finger. Lifting one of her legs to the
bathroom counter and resting it on its side, she moved her soaked panties
to the side and inserted a finger into her wet hole. She squealed softly as
she slid her finger into the tight opening between her legs, and probed
curiously her inflamed, virgin cunt.

John and Kyla were to far gone to hear Kelly’s moans as John lapped his
sisters sweet, juicy cunt, running his tongue over every inch, causing
waves of passion to shoot through Kyla’s body as she bucked her ass into
his face. “Lick my fucking cunt you bastard! Lick me, John, LICK MEEEEE!”
Wailed Kyla. She grabbed her brother by the hair , pulled his juice coated
face to hers and pressed her lips against his. She shot her warm tongue
into his mouth, grabbed his throbbing cock in her hand and coaxed his dick
towards her waiting pussy. “Fuck me John…I want you to fill my cunt with
your hard cock.” She whispered heavily into his ear.

John moved forward, placing the head of his cock at the swoolen lips of
his sisters pussy, taking a deep breath, John forced his prick past the
tight confines of Kyla’s cunt and didn’t stop pushing until he was buried
deep inside the clasping hole.


Part 3

Kyla screamed with pleasure as her brother pumped his hard prick in and out
of her hole. She grasped one of her flopping breasts in her hand and
squeezed hard while her ass humped forward to meet with John’s punding prick.

“Uhhnnn…FUCK!..Yes John…Harder…Harderrrr…Ahh…Ahhh…Make me
cummmmm!” Screamed Kyla.

Kelly, still in the bathroom, concentrated on her own, first, orgasm,
rubbing her clit in a furious rythm, her ass clenched together with each
pulse that shot through her slender, young body. She had to bite her lip to
hold back the cries of passion, eager to leave her lips as her cunt shot
out loads of hot, creamy cum onto her shaking hand.

“Ooohhhh, Im cummming! Aahhhhoooo….Mmmnnnphhhh…Keep going John! Shoot
your load in my cunt!…Harder!…Harder!…Mnnnpphhh!” Kyla shot warm
spurts of cum onto John’s thrusting prick and she yearned for more. “Come
on baby!…Fuck your little sister! Make her cum again….Ooohhhh! Kyla
screamed. She wanted to cum again and again. Her brothers hot cock ramming
in and out of her pussy drove her mad. Also, the excitement of it being her
brother, brought her to a state of desire she had never felt before. Kyla
stopped her brother and pulled away from his aching prick.

“Do me doggie style John. I like it like that.” Kyla turned over and
assumed the position. “Do me hard baby!” she pleaded. John was eager to
please and hungry to cum himself so he mounted his little sister and shoved
his cock in her newly positioned pussy. They began fucking each other like
animals, each of them forcing into one another as John pumped harder.

Kelly brought her leg back to the floor and brushed the hair out of her
face. Her young body quivering from her very first orgasm, she tried to
straighten herself up for school. She couldn’t believe what she had
witnessed but couldn’t help but be turned on by her brother and sisters
performance. She left the bathroom and went to the kitchen to make herself
something to eat and wait for her brother and sister to be ready for
school, although she wasn’t quite sure when that would be.

John clenched Kyla’s ass hard as he poked his aching cock in his sisters
oozing, wet cunt…”Uuuuhhhh…..Uhhhhnnnnn…Here it comes
Kyla!…Hhhhuuuuhhhnnnn.” John moaned loudly as he shot his load deep into
his humping sisters, beautiful pussy. He arched his back and let out a
scream as the last shots of spooge spurted out of his prick.

Kyla quickly released her cunt off of John’s dick and turned around to
face him on the bed. She grabbed a hold of John’s trembling prick, digging
her short nails into the sides.

“Now John. You won’t tell anyone about this, will you?” Kyla asked as she
held strongly onto John’s cock, still digging her sharp nails into it.

“Nnnooo…Ahhhh..Of course not! What do you think, I’m crazy?!” John
managed to say.

“Good! Cuz’ if I hear that you did, life will be difficult for you.” and
she released the hold on her brothers now limp penis.

Kelly sat at the kitchen table as her sister entered the room rushing to
gather her things for school. She didn’t look at Kyla because she was
scared that her sister would know that Kelly saw the whole thing. Kyla was
good at getting things out of her sister, especially secrets. So Kelly just
stared at her half eaten cereal.

John came running through the kitchen, grabbed his coat and headed for the

“Remember your promise Johnny.” Kyla said putting on her coat. John looked
at her and nodded, then he stared worryingly at his other sister sitting at
the kitchen table, hoping she didn’t see anything.

“Are you ready Kelly?” Kyla asked her sister as she stared at her sitting

“What? Oh..Uhh, yeah..I’m ready..Heh.” Still not looking at her sister,
she got up and grabbed her coat.

Kyla knew something was up from the tone in her sisters response and the
way she was acting. She gleamed at her sister and wondered if she had seen
anything. She knew her sister wouldn’t rat on her but she wouldn’t let her
keep any secrets either, so she said.. “Oh, Uhh, Kelly? Can I talk to you
after school? It’s really important.”

Kelly knew what this meant. Her sister was going to pry it out of her, so
without thinking she said “Yeah…Sure Kyla..” and they headed out the door
to school.


Part 4

As Kyla and her sister walked to school, they were both silent. Kelly was
worrying about what she would tell her sister later. Kyla,on the other
hand, was enjoying the sensual pain in her pussy as her swoolen lips rubbed
together beneath her panties. ‘Fuck his cock was big’ Kyla thought as she
walked. ‘I wonder if it runs in the family?’ and she grinned to the thought
of the embrace with her father earlier that morning.

As the two sisters approached school, Kelly saw her boyfriend, Mark, who
was also a virgin, standing with his friends. She said goodbye to Kyla.

“OK Kyla, well, I’ll see ya after school?” Kelly said innocently.

“Yep, and don’t forget about our chat later.” Kyla said dominantly as she
watched her sister gather with Mark and his friends. She wasn’t fond of
Mark, not because he did anything to piss her off, it’s just he reminded
her of herself, Controlling and manipulative.

Kyla sat in one of her more boring classes and teased the boy next to her,
stretching her arms back nonchalantly to expose the outline of her firm
breasts through her shirt. She didn’t let on that she knew he was watching,
it was her little game and she made the rules. The bell rang signalling the
end of class and the beginning of lunch. Kyla packed her things and headed
for the front exit of the school, on her way to surprise her dad at work
for lunch.

Kyla arrived at her fathers office expecting his secretary to be sitting
at her desk typing, but she was nowhere to be found. As she moved closer to
her fathers office door, she heard giddy laughter coming from her fathers
office. Unable to make out any words through the thick door, Kyla stood
back and knocked lightly. The giggling stopped and footsteps approached as
the door slowly opened.

Paula, Roberts secretary, peered out of the partially opened door and
looked surprised to see young Kyla standing there. Paula opened the door,
rubbed her hands down her skirt in attempts to straighten it out and fixed
her slightly messed hair.

“HI Kyla, Ummm, won’t you come in..Heh.” Paula said nervously and turned
to Robert sitting at his desk giving him a concerned look.

“I’ll just be on my lunch if you need me Robby.” Paula said and left the
room, closing the door behind her.

“Robby?” Kyla announced moving to her fathers desk. “Is that what she
calls you Daddy?”

“Well, Uhh, yeah, I guess she does darling. You know, it’s like a pet
name.” Robert replied fidgiting with his clothes that he and his lovely
secretary had managed to wrinkle.

Kyla knew all about her father and his secretary, how he would stay late
after work and bang her brains out in the office, it was obvious to her
that they were more than fellow employee’s. Now she had her father right
where she wanted him, helpless, so she began her mischevious routine with
her father.

“You spend alot of time at work daddy, and alot of time with Paula, I’ve
noticed. Is everything OK here, are you falling behind?” Kyla said moving
to her fathers side of the desk as sat her tiny ass on the large wood

“Umm, NO..Uhhh, everything is fine dear, Paula is just a really slow
learner so I try to help her out after hours to get caught up in her
work..That’s all…” Robert seemed worried that his little girl was on to
him, he adjusted his tie and moved his chair back away from Kyla who sat
with her legs partially spread on the desk.

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“Well, I’m a quick learner daddy, and unless you wear lipstick, I’d have
to say that you and your lovely secretary were doing more than catching up
on work.” Kyla smiled at her father and spread her legs a little farther
apart to give her father a small glimpse of her panty covered snatch.

Robert wiped his hand desperately over his shaven face in attempts to
remove the light stains of Paula’s lipstick from his flush cheeks. He knew
he had been caught, grateful it wasn’t his wife who had caught him, he
smiled at his little, devilish princess who sat in front of him and said
“Look dear, sometimes daddy gets a bit stressed at work and he needs
to…” but before he could finish his sentence Kyla butt in and said firmly..

“Spare me Robby! I know exactly what you and the little whore were up to,
I have for a while, now I want something from you or I’ll tell mom about
your after-hours adventures. Got it?!” She popped up from the desk and
moved to her fathers lap, lifting her tight skirt over her slender thighs
revealing her panty-clad pussy.


Part 5

Kyla placed her legs over her fathers and straddled him in the chair.
Robert, now dumbfounded by his little girls behavior said…

“What the hell are you doing honey? Are you OK?”

Kyla ground her pelvis into her fathers crotch, lifting her skirt a little
higher in the process to give her more control over his bodily reactions.

“Oh I’m fine daddy, and so are you, and everything will be OK after you
fuck my brains out. See I seem to lose my memory after I’ve had a hard cock
in my pussy and cum several times.” Kyla reached down and undid her fathers
pants to pull out his hardening penis. “You can make me cum, can’t you
daddy? You don’t have a problem with that do you?” Now grinding her hips
into him even harder.

Robert reviewed his options quickly in his head, get a divorce or fuck his
little girl, who now had the head of his prick in the tips of her fingers,
stroking it lightly. He was still horny from the interrupted encounter with
Paula and his cock ached to be satisfied. He stared into his daughters
thrilled eyes, reached for the bottom of her shirt and removed it from her
warm upper body.

Kyla breathed faster grinding her horny little cunt into his uncovered
manlihood, unbuttoning his shirt to reveal her fathers hairy chest.

“So you do want to fuck me daddy.” Kyla said heavily “You better make me
cum good, or mommy finds out!”

“You little bitch. Just wait ’till I get my cock in you, you horny little
tart, I’ll make you cum hard.” Robert replied furiously, and lifted his
daughter to the desk, placing her ass on the hard wood surface. He grasped
the crotch of Kyla’s damp panties and yanked them off fiercely.

“Thats better daddy” Kyla said, trying to control her breathing. “Fuck my
juicy little cunt, fuck me like your slut secretary.”

Kyla lifted her ass a little to meet with her fathers huge cock. She was
rubbing her clit madly waiting for her cunt to be filled with Roberts full
prick. Robert clamped his cock in his hand and placed the head at the juicy
opening of his daughters slit, clenching the muscles in his ass, he worked
his pole into Kyla’s pussy. His cock, now covered in his daughters juices,
slid easily in and out of her dripping hole.

“You like that Kyla? You like daddy’s cock in your tight little cunt? You
are a bad little girl, you need to be punished.” Robert said and began to
thrust his cock harder into his daughters loosening cunt. His balls slapped
against her soft ass with each hump, and Kyla squealed with pleasure,
squeezing her erect nipples between her fingers.

” Yes…Uhhnnn…Puhhnn-issshhh me daddy! Fuck me harder, I am a bad girl,
I need to be fucked hard.” Kyla clamped one of her hands on the desk, her
fathers hard thrusts were making her ass slide across the desk. She could
feel her first orgasm coming, lifting her hips to meet with her fathers
pumping she screamed..

” Ooohhh! Here comes the first one daddy! Im gonna cum…Don’t stop!
Oohhh…Ooohhh…Faster, Robby, faster…make me
cummmmm!!!..Mmmnnnnpphh…” her backed lifted from the desk as her first
orgasm blasted through her squirming body, she clamped her legs around her
fathers ass forcing him to pump harder and deeper into her hot, cum-soaked

“OH Yes daddy! Fuck me with your big prick. Fuck your little girl, I have
to cum again…Uooohhhh..!!”

Robert was amazed at his little girl, he passionately watched her take his
massive cock into her tight cunt, and, in his opinion, she was a great
fuck. He pulled his cock out of his daughters sweet cunt, guided her off
the desk and pulled Kyla to the center of his office as he proceeded to lay
on the floor.

“Now hop on you fathers cock like a good little girl.” Robert said.

“ooohhh, Daddy!? I like the way you play.” Kyla said as she bent her knees
and squated over her fathers hard cock. Balancing herself over her fathers
crotch, Kyla reached between her legs and poked the head of Robert’s prick
into her swoolen slit. She placed her hands on his chest and started
pounding madly up and down Roberts shaft. In this position, Roberts cock
made it’s way deeper into Kyla’s drouling cunt causing him to groan and
grunt with every hump.

“Does that feel good daddy? Does my warm cunt make you wanna cum in
me…Uuuhhnnn…Mmmmnnnpphhhh…Ooohhh!” Kyla slapped her thighs harder
ontop of her father as she came close to her second orgasm. Her father
reached around with both his hands and clenched her ass pulling her harder
onto his cock. Robert was close to shooting his load in his little girls
soft pussy and he pleaded..

“Come on baby!…Unnnghhh…I’m about cum…Daddy wants you to cum
first….Ahhhh….Nnnghhh…Cum sweetheart…”


Part 6

Kyla bucked and smashed hard on her fathers cock trying to reach her next
orgasm before he came inside of her. Her face showed strains of pleasure as
she screamed out..

“Uuuuhhhnnn…Oooohhhhhh! Yes! Yes..Daddy…Im cumm-mmm-ming
again…whooaaa….Nnnmmmppphhh….” Kyla’s cunt burst with relief as she
came hard all over her fathers cock, she continued to grind down on his
aching cock in hopes of him shooting his load
deep inside her pussy.

“Hurry daddy…Cum in me….” Kyla screamed, still humping her fathers
cock. She could feel his grip on her ass tighten and his face squinted as
he wailed out, shooting his hot, milky load into his daughters saucy cunt…

“Ooohhh….Nnnghhhh…Yeah!….OHhhhh…” Robert moaned and grunted as the
last shots spurted into Kyla’s pulsing hole. He released his fierce grip on
her ass and Kyla stopped her humping body.

“Oh..Daddy..You’re a great fuck.” Kyla moaned softly collapsing on her
father who lay exhausted on the floor. She kissed his sweaty face, resting
her tits on his chest.

Robert stared quietly at the ceiling of his office trying to get ahold of
his thoughts. After all, he just fucked his innocent little girl into a
frenzy and couldn’t believe he enjoyed it.

Kyla rolled off of her limp father and got dressed. Robert followed
silently and dressed himself rubbing the sweat from his brow. He looked at
his daughter grabbing her school bag and said curiously “So are we even
then Kyla? You got what you wanted from daddy.”

Kyla turned to her worried father and replied with a smile “Well, that was
an amazing lunch, but I just might be hungry next week sometime. So until
then, I can’t say Daddy.” and with that, she left Roberts office to return
to school.

Kelly and Mark sat in the school lunch room across from each other, holding
hands. Kelly had a confused look on her face as Mark spoke.

“Come on now. We’ve been going out for six months. Don’t you think it’s
time we had sex? I mean, were both virgins, it would be really special.”
Nark said. He was getting hornier every day that went by. He wanted to get
into Kelly’s pants and shoot his first load of virgin cum inside of her.

“I don’t know Mark. It’s just scary that’s all. What if something goes
wrong, like I get pregnant?” Kelly whispered softly.

“I have protection. Plus, this weekend my parents are going away, we’ll
have the whole house to ourselves. Whadda say?” Now pretty much pleading to
get laid, Mark held tightly onto Kelly’s hands.

Kyla made her way into the lunch room and spotted Kelly and Mark. ‘Time to
get to work’ she thought to herself.

“Kelly! Let’s go! We’ll be late for class.” Kyla bellowed.

“OK, I have to go Mark.” Kelly said unpleased and let go of Mark’s hands.

“You want to do something later on tonight Kel?” replied Mark

Kelly was about to answer when her sister blurted out…

“She can’t Mark! Her and I are busy tonight. She’ll call you later. Now
let’s go Kelly!” as she grabbed her sisters arm and led her away from Mark.

“I have to talk to you tonight to Kyla. Mark asked me something today and I
need to know what you think. OK?” Kelly asked her sister who was still
tugging at her arm.

“Whatever Kelly, let’s hurry up.” Kyla replied as they headed for class.

Part 7

Kelly stared out the classroom window, reflecting back upon Mark’s
suggestion of having sex with her, and debated what to do. She was curious
about sex, as she was a virgin, but at the same time, was afraid. ‘What if
I wasn’t good enough’ in Mark’s opinion, Kelly thought, ‘What if I don’t
please him and he dumps me?’. Absorbed in her day-dream, Kelly was
oblivious to her surroundings.

“Kelly?!” Kyla bellowed, startling Kelly out of her daze, as she shook her
sisters arm. “Kelly! Come on! Class is over!”

Kelly broke out of her trance and quickly grabbed her things. The two
lovely sisters strolled out of the class and headed for home, both of them
running over the questions they had for eachother in their head. Kelly was
curious and scared about sex and wanted some advice from her sister, Kyla,
on the other hand, wanted to know whether or not Kelly saw her getting
fucked by John.

“Oh, the girls are home now. I have to start making dinner, I’ll chat with
you later. Bye!” Kyla’s mom, Janet, said goodbye to one of her friends
from work and looked at her two daughters. With a firm tone, Janet said
“Girls, I want you to clean your rooms and then come and have dinner. It
will be about an hour. OK?”

“No problem Mom.” Kelly said. Kyla just kept her head down and headed for
her room in disgust.

Kelly reached her room and was opening the door to begin cleaning when she
heard her sister whisper from the other room.

“Kelly. Come here quick!” Kyla peered her head out of her partially opened
door and motioned to Kelly.

“I have to clean my room Kyla.” Kelly replied, looking behind her towards
the kitchen.

“OH! Fuck that Kel. I’ll help you after. We have to talk, remember?”

Kyla opened her door a little more to let her sister in. Kelly reluctantly
moved towards the room and was pulled in by Kyla’s forceful arm. The two
of them sat on the bed. Kelly sat nervously at the edege with her hands
tucked between her legs, hoping Kyla wouldn’t ask her about the fuck-fest
John and her sister had earlier that day. She didn’t look at Kyla, nor did
she say a word to her, though the questions she had for her sister raced
through her mind.

Kyla rested back on her elbows, her legs spread slightly to ease her
twice-fucked pussy, she stared at Kelly with intent. She knew Kyla saw her
fucking her brother John, and was planning her steps of questionning. Kyla
l Kelly whipped her head around quickly to face her sister, not thinking
of what she was saying, Kelly said..

“I..I didn’t see anything Kyla, honest! Nothing at all. I swear!”

Kelly brought one of her shaking hands to her lips and picked at them
nervously. Kyla knew her sisters little twitching moves all to well, the
lip picking was a sure sign that Kelly was lying. Kyla leaned forward to
sit straight with her sister and placed a hand on her knee to offer
‘confiding sister’ comfort to Kelly.

“You can trust me Kel. I know you were watching me and John, I won’t tell,
honestly. Now, tell me exactly what you saw dear.” Kyla said with a
motherly approach. Her hand moved further up Kelly’s leg towards her
crotch. Kelly knew she was done in, her sister was a master at getting
things out of her so she gave in.

“I saw everything.” Kelly said, lowering her head. “I saw you and John
fucking like crazy. I saw you suck his cock, lick his balls and watched
him fuck you on the bed. But that’s all..” Kelly looked back up at her
sister, who was now smiling with victory.

“Did you like what you saw Kelly? Did it make your pussy hot?” Kyla said.

Kelly couldn’t lie to her sister, she had to tell her that it made her
horny as hell. If she didn’t, Kyla wouldn’t answer her questions about
sex, she thought.

“Yes, it made my pussy wet and I masturbated in the bathroom while I
watched. I hope your not mad Kyla.” Kelly said curiously. As she began
thinking about what she had seen that morning, her pussy began to ache and
dampen. With every gentle stroke of her sisters hand along her inner
thigh, she began to picture images of her and Kyla exploring eachothers
bodies and was unable to control the sudden deisre she had for Kyla.

Part 8

Kelly’s pussy started to moisten beneath her tight jeans, she stared
passionately at Kyla, still rubbing her thigh and leaned closer to kiss
her beatiful sister.

Kyla sensed Kelly’s motion, she quickly stopped her caresses and spoke
boldly to her sister.

“OH! You had a question for me Kel, right?” she said.

Kelly blinked and moved back. Clearing her throat she relpied.

“Uhh..Yeah, Umm, yeah I have a couple questions about..Ummm…sex.”

Kyla grinned at the thought of teaching her sister about sex, for it was
one of her best talents, if there was anything Kyla could do well, it was

“Well what do you need to know Kelly? I mean, weren’t you taking notes in
the bathroom this morining?” she chucked lightly. “Oh yeah, I forgot, you
were to busy diddling that tight pussy of yours.” Kyla said

Kelly, somewhat embarassed, looked at the ceiling to think of a question.
Kyla was right, she did gain alot from her sister and brother’s morning
fuck, but her main concern was Mark, her boyfriend. She turned to Kyla and

“Well, it’s really about Mark. He wants to have sex with me and I’m not
sure that I’m ready. I’m a bit scared that I won’t know what to do. Know
what I mean Kyla?”

Kyla sat up confidently and began her scheming. She disliked Mark with a
passion but wanted to help her sister.

“So what you are saying Kel, is that you want to be experienced before you
fuck Mark, right?” Kyla said.

Kelly thought for a second, what Kyla had said was true but how would she
get the experience before she screwed her boyfriend, that worried her, and
she replied.

“That would be great Kyla, but I don’t want to cheat on Mark just to find
out how to make love to him.”

Kyla’s mind flooded with ideas. She knew plenty of ex-boyfriends that
would give anything to fuck her sister, but that would make Kyla jealous.
Then, fianlly, the most overwhelmimg thought entered her mind. Her own
pussy began to dampen as she gave her relpy to Kelly.

“How about I get John to teach you? He’s good in bed, and experienced as
you have already seen. Plus, he is your brother, that’s not cheating in my
book. What do you say?”

Kelly gasped at Kyla’s suggestion. She stared aimlessly at the wall
contemplating every possible outcome of fucking her own brother. What if
he told his friends, or told her parents, she’d be dead. Kelly trusted her
sister alot and knew she wouldn’t put her in a situation where she would
be at risk. Her mind calmed down as she made her decision.

“OK Kyla, you’re right, that wouldn’t be cheating. But how are you going
to convince John to do it?” Kelly said.

“That’s the easy part Kel, but the hard part is going to be making Mark
wait for a bit until you have a little background. I can take care of that
for you too if you want?” Kyla said devilishly.

Kelly thought to herself and decided that was good idea.

“Well, Ok, I’m supposed to go over to his house this weekend and have sex
with him then, what do I do about that?” Kelly relpied.

“This weekend Huh…Hmmm. how about I go over and explain it to him on
Friday night, I don’t have any plans.” This sounded honest and open to
innocent, young Kelly but Kyla had some extra plans for Mark, and they
didn’t involve talking.

Kelly smiled and said.. “That would be great Kyla, you would do that for
me?” as she leaned over to hug her sister, happy that she finally had
someone to help her..but little did she know…

Kyla hugged her sister close, her head over her shoulder, she smiled an
artful smile and said..”No problem little sister, I’m glad to help.”

Kyla’s next step involved tricking her brother into sleeping with Kelly.
“That won’t be hard’ she thought.

Part 9

As Kyla and her family ate dinner, everyone was silent. Kyla’s mother,
Janet, sexually frustrated and overworked, pecked at her meal. John gulped
down his meal like a beast and Kelly sat like a little kid, the night
before christmas, thinking about actually getting fucked for the first
time. Kyla glanced around the table, everyone staring down at thier
plates, she began her games. Kyla always sat next to her father at the
table, she moved her foot towards his leg and lifted his pantleg as she
ran her smooth toes up his leg. Robert jumped slightly and looked at Janet
who sat with her face down.

His worst thought come true, Robert turned to his daughter Kyla who was
grinning slyly at him. He smiled slightly and watched Kyla as her foot ran
up and down his shin. Kyla winked at Robert, remembering his huge cock
stuffed deeply into her pussy that afternoon, and blew him a quick kiss.
Robert blinked his eye’s open wide and excused himself from the table and
went to take a nap.

After dinner, Kyla began her quest and proceeded to John’s room to
persuade him to fuck his little sister Kelly.

Kelly left the house to visit one of her girl friends and said goodbye to
her mother Janet. Janet went to check on her boring husband who lay sound
asleep on the living-room couch. ‘Perfect’ she thought to herself as she
proceeded to the bedroom.

She looked at all the doors in the hall to see if they were shut and
assumed that her other children were doing homework. Opening the door
quickly to her room, Janet raced to her night table and pulled open the
bottom drawer to reveal her collection of dildo’s and vibrating toys.
Janet had purchased these items a year ago when her husband said he was
past his sexual prime and never felt like doing it anymore. Little did
Janet know, he was getting fucked almost everyday at the office, so the
only solution to her sexual frustration was fucking herself.

Janet pulled her vibrator from the drawer and moved over to the door
listening for any footsteps or voices. None to be heard so she placed
herself on the bed, lifted her skirt and pulled off her panties to expose
her swoolen cunt. Janet reached down and placed a finger on the tender bud
at the top of her aching pussy. The tip of the vibrator sat lifeless on
the swoolen lips of her cunt. She rolled a finger vigurously over her
clit, felling the sensations shoot through her gorgeous body. Her pussy
was dripping with wetness as her fingers explored the soft lips of her
deprived love hole. A soft buzz started as Janet flicked the switch of the
vibrator, now slowly moving into her slick cunt, catching her breath as
the large head made it’s way past her tight opening. Her ass cheeks
clenched together with every thrust of the vibrating toy, keeping her
moans silent, she rammed the vibrator hard and fast into her tensing

“Huuuuhhhh…Hahhhhhhh…Ohhhhh..” She whimpered, her pussy juices
flowing like a water-fall over the thick shaft of her vibrating lover.
Janet polished her erect clit bringing her closer and closer to orgasm,
her ass lifting off of the bed with every deep thrust from the electric
dong pounding her deep, juicy cunt.

Meanwhile, in John’s room, Kyla was working hard on getting John to fuck
Kelly. John lay on his bed with Kyla sitting at his side. Her hand resting
on the front of his jeans, inches away from his cock.

“So what do you say Johnny? Will you show Kelly what you showed me this
morning? Or should I tell Mom and Dad about how you forced me into fucking
you this morning?” Kyla said, moving her hand closer to John’s confined

“You’re a bitch Kyla.” John said frustrated, although, he did enjoy
screwing his sisters brains out. “Well, whats in it for me? Huh?”

Kyla relocated her hand over the soft bulge in John’s jeans and squeezed
his balls softly. John’s cock began to harden to her soft touch.

“I think you know what I’ll give you Johnny, only this time you can do
whatever you want.” Kyla relpied, smoothing her palm over John’s swelling
prick. “I’ll set everything up, and let you know.” and she removed her
hand from his crotch, knowing he would do what she asked, Kyla left his

As Kyla entered the hall and closed her brothers door, sounds of her
parents bed creaking echoed through thier bedroom door. Always wanting to
see her parents fucking, Kyla’s curiousity got the better of her and she
quietly moved towards the door. She placed her hand on the door handle and
opened it slowly hoping to get a peek at her sex crazed parents doing the
nasty. To her surprise, Kyla did not see her father anywhere on the bed,
but still her mother moaned soft cries of passion.

As Kyla looked closer, she giggled..”Oh my God!..Heh.” Her mothers ass
bucking off the bed was what made the creaking noise. Kyla spied on Janet
as she widly masturbated into a frenzy. Kyla could see the pink coloured
vibrator smashing madly in and out of her mothers cunt and the controlled
rythm of her hand feverishly frigging her swoolen bud.

Part 10

Janet bit her lip to muffle her soft scream as she reached a mind-blowing
orgasm sending her lower body into a uncontrollable fit. Her legs ran up
and down the bed, pushing the covers to the end, still, she penetrated her
pussy with the cum soaked toy. Janet removed her hand from her satisfied
clit and grasped one of her supple breasts, squeezing tightly, enjoying
every last pulse from the explosion in her cunt. Her body went limp as she
let loose the firm grip of the vibrator and lay relaxed on the bed.

Kyla smiled and moved cautiously away from the slightly open door to her
mothers room. She left it open purposely, hoping Janet would realize
someone had seen her, giving Kyla the chance to manipulate her mother into
whatever she wanted.

The next morning Kyla pretended to be ill, holding her stomach, she
pleaded with her mother to let her stay home from school. It was Janet’s
day off and she wanted to be alone but Kyla was persistent.

“Alright Kyla dear, you can stay home.” Janet said.

Kyla waited until her mother left the room to continue her morning
masturbation. She did this every morning before school, getting up early
enough to rub her cunt with time to spare to get ready.

Everyone left the house in a morning rush and Janet sat in the kitchen
enjoying her morning coffee. Underneath her silky robe, she was totally
naked, the smooth silk felt relaxing on her slender body as she sipped
away the last of her cup-full. As Janet got up from the table to clean up
the dishes from breakfast, light footsteps came from the hallway and made
thier way to the kitchen.

Kyla’s mother turned to see her oldest daughter, dressed only in panties
and a t-shirt, saunter into the kitchen and plop her tired self into a

“Felling any better dear?” Janet asked as she scrubbed away.

Kyla stared for a moment at the silhouette that her mothers firm figure
made through the silk of her morning garment. Her eyes moved slowly up and
down the curves and shape of her mothers body and she planned her next

“Mom? Did I ever tell you that you have an amazing body for your age? Not
to say that you are old, its just other mothers are fat and out of shape,
bunaware of her daughters intentions, she was overwhelmed by the thought
and turned to Kyla.

“Why, thank-you Kyla!” She said. Lost for words she moved to sit with her
daughter in hopes of more uplifting comments.

Kyla lifted her knees to her chest and placed her feet on the chair,
exposing the outline of her young pussy through her panties. Now her plans
began to work, she frowned and looked deeply at the floor and started to
cry softly before her mother. Of course, Kyla wasn’t really crying, she
was faking it, all part of the master plan.

“Whats wrong dear? Are you OK?” Janet asked with a concerned voice,
placing a hand on Kyla’s.

Kyla whimpered slightly and with a sniffle she said.. “W..well,(sniff),
I’m having a real problem right now mom, I’m unsure of my sexuality. I
think I like girls. Please don’t be mad?.”

Janet was shocked by her daughters words, she was unaware of anything like
this. She felt compassion for her weeping daughter and spoke to her

“Kyla honey? Im not going to be mad because you like girls instead of
boys, its a natural thing. You don’t have to be scared of your sexual
preference, just be yourself and everything will be alright.” she said
confident that the words she spoke would put her daughter at ease. Janet
had also, at one time, gone through the same thing. She was unsure what
she liked so she experimented with both sides and to this day, she still
found herself attracted to other women.

Kyla wiped away her fake tears and sniffled one more time, she knew her
mother beleived every word she said and was ready to make her move. She
looked up at her mother with puffy eyes, smiled and said..

“Mom. When I said that you have an amzing body, I meant it. I find you
extremely attractive. Do you think I am an attractive young girl?”

Janet couldn’t say anything but yes. She felt sorry for her daughter and
was willing to help her overcome her problem any way she could. What she
didn’t say was that if she was her daughters age, that she would love to
touch and caress every inch of her beatiful daughters body.


Part 11

Kyla stood up in front of her mother and grabbed her hands, pulling her to
her feet. Janet was unaware of her daughters intentions and played along.
Without a word, Kyla reached for the silk belt that held her mothers robe
closed and tugged it open. As the belt dropped to Janet’s sides, her robe
opend up slightly displaying the center of her firm, naked body. Janet
stood still as Kyla’s eyes explored her bareness, from the inner circles
of her soft breasts down her stomach to her hair-covered pussy, which
now was beginning to moisten her inner thigh.

Kyla viewed her mothers body intently and she enlarged the openening of
her mothers robe. She cupped her mothers supple breasts in her warm hands
and rolled them slowly in circles. Janet’s breathing became more audible
with each caress of Kyla’s hands. Ja net decided to re-live her childhood
experimentation once again and let her mind drift. She moved closer to
Kyla, letting her robe drop to the floor, giving Kyla a full view of her
slender torso. Kyla’s pussy was boiling with excitement as she smoothed
her hands over her mothers shoulders. Janet responded by removing Kyla’s
thin shirt. As the shirt rose over Kyla’s young body exposing her breasts,
Janet was amazed at the size of them and said.

“You have very beautiful breasts Kyla.”

Kyla looked passionately at her mother, who stood naked before her, and
said seductivley.

“I want you to suck on them mother. Take my swoolen nipples in your mouth
and sooth them with your warm tongue.”

Janet was shocked at her the words that left her daughters mouth but she
was too horny now to stop and leaned down to place one of Kyla’s erect
nipples in her warm mouth. Kyla breathed a sigh as her mothers tongue
swirled around her tender nipple, she rea ched down between Janet’s legs
and slid a finger over the tight slit between her thighs. Janet pinched
her daughters pointy nipple lightly with her teeth as Kyla moved her
finger slowly back and forth over her mothers juicy cunt.

“I want to eat your pussy mommy.” Kyla said softly. “I want to run my
tongue over your creamy cunt and make you cum.”

Janet was hesitant at the thought but Kyla pulled her tit out of her
mothers sucking mouth and dropped slowly to her knees. Janet followed her
daughters motions and layed herself on the floor, spreading her legs for
Kyla’s eager tongue.

Kyla pulled her hair to one side and dove into her mothers juicy pussy
with her tongue, lapping up every drop of sweetness, sucking on Janet’s
erect bud. This drove Janet crazy, it had been a while since she had felt
the softness of anyone’s mouth on her cunt and she grabbed a lock of
Kyla’s hair, pulling lightly to help with the movement of her mouth over
her aching cunt.

“Ohhhh…Yessss…Uhhhnnn…Lick me Kyla…Ohhhohhhh…That feels
amazing..” Janet moaned as she moved her ass around on the floor. “Make
mommy cum baby…Uhhhnnnggnnn…suck my pussy!”

Kyla worked magic with her tongue, licking every inch of Janet’s cunt,
driving her deeper into a heat of passion. With a slick finger, she probed
around her mothers dripping cunt and then quickly moved it to her ass,
inserting it full length into Janet’s pulsing chute.

Janets eyes opened wide as she felt Kyla’s finger poke into her tight ass,
she had never had anything in there before and had often wondered about
the pleasures of anal sex. She was almost at her peak of pleasure when
Kyla stopped licking and stood up. Ky la thumbed her panties to the floor,
her mother was well aware of what she wanted and was more than willing at
this point.

Kyla ran her hands over hips, up to her breasts and back down to her
young, tight pussy. She smiled at her mother, who lay spread eagle on the
floor, trying to catch her breath, and said..

“Now it’s your turn to lick my cunt mommy. I’ll make you cum if you make

Janet smiled lustfully at her daughter and raised her arms, motioning her
to sit on her face.

“Have you ever done a sixty-nine dear?” Janet said.

Kyla had done many a sixty-nine in her life and wasn’t about to tell her
mother. “No, never mom. What is it?” she said.

“Come here and squat your pussy on my face dear. I’ll lick and suck your
pussy while you do the same to mine.” Janet said.

Part 12

Experienced in the position her mother offered, Kyla moved quickly over
top of her mothers waiting mouth and dropped to her knees, lightly laying
her creamy cooze over her Janet’s mouth. As Janet began to lick Kyla’s
aching cunt, she returned the favour a nd replaced her head between her
mothers spread legs.

Smacking, sucking sounds filled the kitchen as Kyla and her mother lapped
eachothers pussy, both moaning with passion. Their tongues explored one
anothers pussy’s vigorously, bringging them closer and closer to orgasm.

“Uhhhnnnhhh…Mommm..mmmy…Fuck! Suck my little cunt…suck it hard!..I
want to cum with you…lick me….Oooohhhnnn…” Kyla moaned as she slid
her pussy back and forth over her mothers probing tongue. She knew she was
about to explode all over Janet’s face and tongued her mothers cunt madly.

Janet began breathing heavily through her nose as she dove deep into
Kyla’s pussy with her tongue. Her hands kept her daughters ass parted wide
as she licked and suckled Kyla’s young, sweet tasting pussy.

“Ooohhhh!…Haahhhhh…Hahhhh..” Janet screamed. “Im cumming baby! Mommy’s
cumming….ohhhhhhh…!” Her body shook with pleasure as hot creamy shots
of cum spurted into Kyla’s mouth. Janet didn’t lose a beat as she lapped
furiously at her daughters pussy, hoping to make her cum just as she did.
She darted her tongue in and out of Kyla’s cunt while her lips gathered
the juices flowing from inside Kyla’s hole.

“Lick me faster mommy! I want to come toooo…Oooohhhh….” Kyla moaned as
she removed her cum-soaked face from Janet’s satisfied pussy. She grabbed
one of her flopping tits and squeezed hard while mashing her pussy onto
her mothers face. Her body moved b ack and forth over Janet’s mouth,
feeling her nose hit her swoolen clit with each rocking movement. She
turned to watch her mother lick and suck her tight little pussy, pleasure
in her eyes from the soothing head she was receiving plus from the thought
th at her own mother was giving it to her.

“Hhhooooo…Hhhoooo…nnnnnmmmmmm…Suck my cunt mommy…Im gonna
cum…Ohhhh!….Yesss…Yesss!!…” Kyla rocked hard over her mothers
face, shaking fiercly with every pulsing sensation that shot through her
body as she came hard into Janet’s mouth.

Kyla released the grasp on her tit and dropped her head back down to
Janet’s quivering pussy to lap up more of her mothers sweet juices. Janet
returned the favour and cleaned young Kyla’s cunt of all her juices,
licking her lips to enjoy the taste she had missed for so many years, the
taste of pussy.

Janet and Kyla removed themselves from the kitchen and took a shower
together. They kissed and caressed one another under the hot water,
exploring their bodies with thier hands. A warm feeling came over Kyla’s
body as she hugged her mother close, a feeling of trust and love. What
had started out as a game of hers turned into something that Kyla was
unable to comprehend…

The End

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