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That 70’s Show-Donna’s New Career


(fictional story about fictional characters)

(Diehard fans of the Show will probably want to skip this one. I admit that when Eric’s character was written off the show, I stopped watching; so I have absolutely no idea where the characters ended up or the scenarios of their lives. This is all my imagination; so I apologize if it strays from the official storyline or offends anyone. Also, there will be no Kitty in this story. She was at all times the hardest character for me to write because I found nothing attractive about her; and yet some of my readers fixated on her…to each his own. If you still want to take a chance…read on.)

Donna Pinciotti never imagined her life would end up so complicated and disjointed. She had fallen in love with her next door neighbor, Eric Foreman, in grade-school and never wondered they would not be together forever. They had planned to attend the same school and move somewhere more urban after graduation. That plan had disintegrated when Eric’s father, Red, revealed he had spent all of Eric’s college-fund on an ill-fated company venture: a muffler shop. The reason for the failure of the shop was that three months later, a new mall had opened ten miles away and everyone took their cars to the new Sears Auto Shop. Red’s muffler shop became just a place for him to go every day and hang out.

About three months later, he had sold the property for a fraction of what he paid for it and moved to Florida with his wife Kitty. Not able to attend school, and heartbroken that he wasn’t able to be with Donna, Eric had bounced around to several jobs before deciding to join the Peace Corps. Donna had stuck it out for nearly all her Freshman year in school, but had become so lonely that she decided to surprise Eric and drop out; or take a leave of absence. Unbeknownst to her, a week before she stepped off the bus back in Point Place; he had boarded a bus for the airport and a flight to Africa.

Now she was working part-time at PriceMart to pay the mortgage on the Pinciotti home, and buy groceries, while her lazy father sat in his aptly named Laz-y-boy and guzzled beer. It turns out that one semester of school doesn’t qualify you for much. Bob kept promising to move to Florida by the Foreman’s and open a bait shop; and truthfully, Donna couldn’t wait for him to go. She had gotten back in touch with some of her old friends to reminisce about at all times spent in the Foreman’s basement (the house was still vacant). Jackie had been an intern at a local TV station, but had proven incapable of the job. However the station manager, who called her cute-as-a-button, had given her the job of onscreen weather-girl.

This was back when no one cared if you were a Meteorologist, as long as you could read from the tele-prompter and looked good on camera. They would often have Jackie on-location in numerous places where she wore short skirts, or at the beach in a bikini. She was happy being the center of attention and her ratings were great. Jackie had gone through so many changes in the eight months Donna was away. She had shared an apartment with Fez for economic reasons; which was a disaster because he kept using every excuse to burst into the bathroom when he assumed she was in there naked. When she received a raise for being on-camera, Jackie had given the lovable Fez the heave-ho.

When reading Cosmo one day, Jackie had decided that the reason she had never been satisfied by Kelso or Hyde was that she must be a lesbian. She had even dated a “butch” girl named Wanda for awhile, but it had ended suddenly when one night Wanda demanded Jackie lick her vagina. Wanda had displayed a veritable jungle between her legs and Jackie had proclaimed: “ewwww…get out the hedge clippers. You know the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders would never let that grow like that.” That was the end of Jackie’s “gay phase.”

Wisecracking Stephen Hyde had probably fallen the hardest, but seemed oblivious to his fate (probably due to the mass quantities of marijuana he inhaled). Once his sister had transferred to the flagship record store in Madison; Stephen’s store immediately took a nosedive. He possessed no managerial skills, and didn’t care. As long as there was enough profit to keep him in “weed,” he was happy. His father actually de-franchised the store and it basically became just a place for Hyde and his stoner buddies to hang out and listen to music. His old boss at the Photo Hut, Leo, was naturally a frequent visitor; especially after he had left the Photo Hut a smoldering pile of ashes after a bong accident.

After burning the Police Academy to the ground playing with confiscated fireworks, Michael Kelso was of course kicked out of the cadet program; but due to his likable personality the Department had retained him as a Dispatcher. A few months back, Red had threatened to put his foot up Kelso’s ass if he didn’t marry Eric’s sister Laurie, who had a pregnancy scare. Luckily for everyone, it had proved to be a false alarm and Kelso had skipped on his merry way. Laurie had rebounded by having very large breast implants, and was now even more “popular.”

After one particularly trying day at PriceMart; dealing with little old ladies and their coupons; Donna had phoned everyone and they all agreed to take in a movie that night together, just like old times. While they were waiting for the film (“Apocalypse Now”) to start, Kelso took time out from throwing popcorn at Fez to reminisce: “remember when we all went to see Star Wars.”

“Oh God…I hated that movie,” Donna remarked.

Hyde chimed in: “what…that’s a great flick…the music wasn’t great, but still great.”

She elaborated: “don’t you remember how obsessed Eric was with it. Luke Skywalker this and Luke Skywalker that. He even made me dress up as Leia.”

“Oooo,” Fez moaned, remembering how Carrie Fisher’s bra-less breasts had wobbled under the white robes, and imagining Donna’s doing the same.

Reaching over two seats, Donna punched him and told him: “you’re such a perv.”

Hyde, agreeing with Fez, added: “maybe you could model that outfit for us.” She answered by sticking her tongue out at him as Kelso showered Hyde with popcorn. Hyde threw his popcorn box at Kelso and exclaimed: “are you ever gonna grow up.”

Kelso responded by faking to punch Fez in the arm and then proclaiming: “ha, you flinched,” and then pounding his bicep twice.

After the movie, Hyde invited them all back to the record store to listen to music and smoke some pot…just like old times. When they got to the store, all the lights were out but Hyde opened an unlocked door. “You don’t lock the door,” Jackie demanded, “aren’t you afraid of being robbed.”

“Oh weren’t not closed…Leo’s here. He watches the place for me when I’m not here,” Hyde told her. “See,” and he pointed to Leo who was sprawled out on the sofa with a fat joint between his lips.

Not even startled by their arrival, Leo exclaimed: “oh hey man…hey, I know you guys.”

Looking around, Jackie declared: “jeez what a dump Stephen…do you ever actually sell anything?”

“No, not really,” he answered, “as a matter of fact we haven’t gotten a new shipment of records in about three months. I think the rent’s way overdue too.” He put some music on and retrieved an old coffee can from behind the counter, that was full of neatly rolled joints. They all sat on the couch and the bean bag chairs thrown around the shop and relaxed. “Nobody beats Hendrix, man,” he stated as they chilled and told stories about their high college days.

Everyone was thinking the same thing: the last time they had all been together was two years ago when the youngest (Jackie) had turned eighteen. Of course, Eric wasn’t there, but it just seemed like old-times again and everyone relaxed and threw their cares out the window for a few hours.

Leo, totally stoned as at all times, told them: “you guys have got to come back…this night was a total trip…even your little gay friend.”

“Come on,” objected Fez, “why does everyone always assume I’m gay…you guys know how much I love boobies.”

“Yeah, as long as they’re on another guy,” Kelso shouted; and then added: “you know I’m just kidding little buddy.”

“Let’s explore this,” Donna suggested, “why would people think you’re gay. Maybe your profession…your mannerisms…the way you talk…”

“The way you dress,” Jackie added, “the way you gesture…”

“Yeah…basically everything about you screams gay,” Donna concluded. “You are totally effeminate.”

“Has no one seen Shampoo,” Fez shouted, “I’m just like George.” He liked to think he was the reincarnation of Warren Beatty’s character. Fez DID have a knack for getting the most out of a woman’s hair style. Only one class in Cosmetology and the salon had hired him on the spot with the recommendations of his instructors. Half of the customers requested him by name.

When it was time to call it a night, Hyde gestured to the sofa and asked Jackie and Donna: “are you sure you don’t want to stay the night…it’s pretty comfy.”

“Nice try dill-hole,” Donna exclaimed with a smile, “you can share it with Leo.”

“I’ll drive you lovely ladies home,” Fez offered as they got into his Trans Am; which resembled the one from Smokey and the Bandit.

“This is some car, Fez,” Donna stated, “I’ve been meaning to ask you how you afford it…the tips at the salon can’t be that good.”

“Yeah…spill Fez,” Jackie urged.

“Well the truth is, I do have a side business,” Fez admitted, and if you girls would like to make a load of money I can set you up. Have you noticed Laurie driving around town in her slightly-used Cadillac…well I’m responsible for that and you lovelies could get rich too.”

Donna knew that the only way she could ever afford to go back to school and get out of the dead-end rut she was in, was to make some big money. PriceMart barely kept her and Bob in groceries; let alone paid the mortgage. She listened intently as Fez continued: “a customer at the salon, Sylvia, asked me to recruit local girls for her adult film business and she pays me a handsome commission. Her business is based in Madison and they pay top notch money. Who knew Madison was the porn film capital of the mid-West? Laurie is now one of their stars.”

The adult film industry had progressed past the Golden Era and the new fad was “girl next door” films starring unknown actresses. Everything was now filming and going straight to VHS for mail-order distribution. Maybe it was the pot she had consumed, but Donna did not immediately slug Fez for suggesting she star in a porno film. For some reason, neither did Jackie. Jackie was the first to reply: “you really think I could be a movie star?”

“Wait…you’re talking x-rated movies…sex on camera,” Donna asked in amazement. She hadn’t had sex since Eric, and although she would never admit it; the thought of sex with a stranger seemed to be turning her on. “And you say they pay big money.”

The ever vain Jackie asked: “you really think I’m gorgeous enough to be in movies?”

“You would both be perfect,” Fez cajoled them, “just what they’re looking for. New faces…unknowns; that’s all the rage now. As a matter of fact, Sylvia has an appointment with me tomorrow morning…I’ll talk to her.”

Not believing she was even considering it, Donna heard herself say: “well, we’d need to know a lot more…and you say the money is really good.” She knew this just might be the only opportunity she would have to make some quick cash and get back in college. Her life in Point Place was now a dead-end, and she desperately wanted out.

“I’ll call you tomorrow after I talk to Sylvia,” Fez assured them when dropping them off.

That night, after walking in and seeing a shirtless whale named Bob sleeping on their sofa, Donna wrestled with her conscience about the possible job. It wasn’t even a moral dilemma for her anymore; it was now an ego thing. “If that skank Laurie can get rich; I sure as heck can. I’m way more attractive than her…even with her silicone chest,” Donna assured herself. “I have nothing to lose.”

The next day, Fez called the two aspiring actresses and asked them to meet him at a local hamburger joint; their old hangout where they had spent many after-school hours. “Man, this place hasn’t changed a bit,” he remarked when they arrived, “it still smells like grease.”

“Yeah, probably still the same grease,” Donna agreed; “so, did you see Sylvia.”

“Indeed I did,” Fez assured them, “I showed her your pictures in the Yearbook and she wants to meet both of you.” He could tell they were both excited by the broad grins on their faces. “She was impressed that Jackie was a cheerleader; and she said they were at all times looking for attractive redheads. She is gonna drive back tomorrow and will park in the salon parking lot. She’ll interview you right in her car…it’s a big old El Dorado, just like the one “Cannon” used to drive; there’s plenty of room.” They each kissed Fez on a cheek, and he was in heaven.

He hadn’t been exaggerating about the roominess of the Cadillac; as both Donna and Jackie were impressed. The back seat area was large enough to be an office. Sylvia, who kept the meeting on a first-name basis, reminded Donna of a longer-haired Mrs. Brady. She told Jackie: “it’s so fortuitous that you have cheerleading experience because the film I’m casting right now is about cheerleaders; and Donna, I’m surprised that you were never a cheerleader, with your looks. I am totally interested in signing both of you, but I want to make sure you figure out the type of film I’m making. You realize you’ll be required to have sex on camera with various partners and be completely nude.”

They both nodded in the affirmative and she continued: “before we sign anything I’ll need to see your breasts; just so I know what I’m dealing with.” Jackie shrugged and immediately pulled her blouse up over her head to expose her tiny, but firm, 34 B’s. They were barely a handful, but cute and her nipples were very long. Sylvia remarked: “just what we want for the girl-next-door look; but if you want to have a future in this company, I’ll refer you to the doctor who did Laurie’s enhancement. You wouldn’t want to be that large, of course, just a size larger perhaps.”

Donna wasn’t as reluctant as she anticipated she would be as she slid her blouse up over her hair and unhooked her plain white bra. Sliding the straps down her arms, her large 36 C (nearly D) tits flopped out on her chest and hung there like water balloons. She had been the envy of all the girls in her class; and the object of wet dreams of all the boys. Sylvia’s eyes grew wide as she stated: “they will look great when you’re performing cheers. Now, I don’t have to see, but regarding down below: I recommend either being totally shaved or just a thin landing strip. Guys who watch these films like to see what you’ve got; not just a dick disappearing into the jungle.”

“Oh, I’m completely shaved,” Jackie assured her; “just like the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.”

“Now, one more thing before we get down to contracts,” Sylvia continued, “I assume you both have been on the Pill for at least six weeks because guys are gonna be cumming inside you.” They both shook their heads and Donna felt titillated by the thought since she had gone many long months without sex. Sylvia handed them standard adult-film contracts with figures being typed in and said: “you girls look these over and I’ll step outside to have a smoke. I kinda need an answer today because our shooting schedule with the other actors is pretty tight.”

They quickly scanned the contracts and then sat back against the rich Corinthian leather seats and looked at each other. Jackie spoke first: “she was impressed with my cheerleading experience. I could really use the money, too.”

Everything going through her brain in a jumble, Donna answered: “yeah, the money is pretty good; but remember, once we’re on film there’s no going back. We cannot erase it.” She knew she was going to sign; the money would cure a lot of problems. She could go back to school; get out of the house and let Bob fend for himself. Plus, the whole notion was making her horny as Hell. A little voice in the back of her mind though was still hoping Jackie would talk her out of it.

When Sylvia got back in the car, both girls eagerly signed the contracts. Sylvia told them she would be directing the film and shooting would begin in two days. “Your friend Fez assured me he would be happy to drive you to Madison. He must really like you girls because he refused his commission in exchange for a small part in the movie.” They both looked at each other as if to say: “Fez is gonna watch us having sex.” Sylvia opened her briefcase and handed them each a script. “Donna, you will Kelly in the film; and Jackie you will be Monique. Your friend Laurie will also be a fellow cheerleader. Fez said you had all been friends for a long time.” Donna glanced at Jackie, who was rolling her eyes, and grinned.

The first thing Donna did when she got home was retreat to her room and read the script. The story centered around three friends who were all cheerleaders for the fictional Green Bay Peckers (obviously the real nickname was trademarked). “Holy shit that’s a lot of sex,” she whistled to herself as she concentrated on her role. As apprehensive as she was about having sex with strangers, she couldn’t stop herself from becoming moist with anticipation.

The next night she soaked in a hot bath and then focused on trimming her pubic hair. First she trimmed it very short with scissors and then used a razor to shape her bright red bush into a thin landing strip just above her slit. Staring at her overly long labia below her fiery red strip in a handheld mirror, she mumbled to herself: “that IS sexy.” The next morning, she just dressed in jeans and a tank top, knowing her wardrobe would be provided for her. Fez picked her up bright and early, and already had Jackie in the car.

Donna asked Fez about Laurie and he answered: “are you kidding…you cannot pry her out of that car. There’s no way she would ride with us; and I’m sure she didn’t offer to drive you…right.” The girls were bubbling with excitement when Fez pulled up in front of a large warehouse and they saw Laurie’s car already there. They didn’t realize it but they were no where near as excited as Fez, who was looking forward to seeing them naked. Walking into the warehouse, they saw that besides several office spaces; it had been partitioned off into various “sets.” Sylvia met them and directed them to a large rest room area that contained a row of lockers and several shower stalls.

Introducing them, she explained: “this is Helen; she is our stylist and wardrobe supervisor. She’ll do whatever makeup is necessary and you’ll get your clothes from her. Helen seemed very pleasant and handed the girls yellow and green cheerleaders uniforms. “In the first scene you’ll be giving the players a private cheer in their locker room before the game; then the next scene will take place on the same set after the game.

Looking over her costume, Donna couldn’t contain herself and inquired: “I don’t see any panties with the skirt. Should we wear our own?”

“If you had read the script more carefully,” Sylvia chided her, “you would remember that the pre-game cheer is a tease for what the players can expect if they win…hence, no panties. Now if you girls and Fez will get changed, I’ll introduce you to the other actors.” Fez went to the other side of their lockers, got changed, and when he returned he was dressed in sweatpants and sweatshirt.

“I’m the team’s locker room attendant,” he beamed as he stared at Donna and Jackie in their cheerleading attire. The skirts were very short, and the tops were tight tube tops. He could plainly see their nipples poking against the thin material. Their skirts were the traditional Green Bay green and the tops bright yellow.

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