Tess, Claudia and I Pt. 01 – Fetish


Three people. Me, a 51 year old man, the narrator. Tess is 5’3″ with blonde shoulder length hair, 34DD boobs and a slim waist. Tess can be described as short and busty and loves kink. She loves being stretched. Claudia is 5’10” with long dark hair that can cover her nipples, that sit upon her 34B boobs. Tall and athletic with washboard abs. Very long legs that look amazing when she wears short skirts. Tess and Claudia have played together before, but not like this.

Claudia and I tell Tess to stand with her feet aside and her arms out straight. Claudia and I begin pouring olive oil onto Tess’s skin and massaging it. Her shoulders, her tits, her arms, covered in oil. Hands massaging her skin. Extra attention by both of us, massaging the oil into Tess’s breasts. Trying to pull her nipples but feeling then slip through our fingers. We work our way down her body. Over her stomach. Over her hips. Down her spine.

Annoyingly for Tess, we move to her legs, advising her pussy and ass, rubbing the oil into the front and back of both legs. Firm hands massaging the muscles in her legs. Her skin shines in the light.

Claudia and I get up and tell Tess to stand still but she can put her arms down by her side. She watches us looking in a bag and smiles when we come back. She see the two big dildos we’re holding. Both are made of hard rubber, black, 12″ long and 5″ in circumference with a suction cup on the bottom. Imagine three fizzy drink cans end-to-end. Tess watches us lick the suction cup on our sex toys, then bang then hard into the wooden floor beside Tess. The toys stand proud and tall.

Tess is a bit confused because the two dildos are at least 2′ aside. There’s no way she can DP herself with that distance. She watches Claudia and I cover the dildoes in olive oil. Lubing them up.

Claudia and I kneel down facing each other, kneeling over each sex toy We reach between our own legs and smear ourselves with oil. Fingering ourselves, pushing oil inside ourselves. We grab the top of our respective and guide it into ourselves. Tess watches us close our eyes, tilt our heads back and moan gently as we slowly descend onto the toys, like a kinky simultaneous dance. Tess watches in awe as she sees us both, slowly descending until our bums hit the floor, both of us taking all 12″ inside ourselves. She knows that I’m taking it anally obviously. Tess knows that I love having my ass stretched and fisted elbow deep, but she’s not sure about Claudia, so she goes behind Claudia and looks closely watching her rise and fall on the toy.

It’s embedded in Claudia’s ass. Deep in her ass. Tess didn’t know that Claudia was such an anal queen. They played together before but nothing like this. Just fingers in pussies and tongues. Tess loves how Claudia is anally masturbating so openly without inhibition. She looks so hot. Eyes closed. Her fingers pulling her nipples and rubbing her clit, as she fucks her ass up and down. I’m riding my toy. I love his much it is stretching my hole and punching me so deep. I’m stroking my cock. Simply can’t help it. I ding care who’s watching me.

Tess watches us moving faster, breathing harder, rubbing faster. Watching us masturbate in front of each other and in front of Tess. Claudia and I are riding our sex toys hard. Banging those 12″ toys into our asses. Jacking my cock hard. Fingers thrashing her clit.

Tess watches us orgasm. Cum spurting out of my cock, landing on the floor between myself and Claudia, some landing on her stomach and tits. Claudia tilts her head back, her eyes rolling in the back of her head. She lets out a gigantic moan, banging her pussy with three fingers, hard and fast, dildo stretching her ass, impaled deep inside her. She squirts all over the floor. All over me. So much pussy juice everywhere. She’s soaked. I’m soaked. The floor is soaked. Tess’s pussy is wet just from having witnessed the intense masturbation. Claudia and I calm down, getting our breath and composure back. Tess watches us lean forward and gently French kiss for at least a minute. Sensually. Ignoring her presence. You feel a pang of jealousy. We look like we’re in love.

We break aside and Claudia tells Tess to “stand between us, feet apart, facing me.” Tess does as instructed. Her skin glistening in the light she looks down and sees and I rubbing our hands in the cum and juices on the floor. Then she feels four hands on her body. Claudia caressing her ass cheeks. I’m caressing Tess’s pussy and between her thighs.

She feels my hands rubbing her pussy lips, rubbing her mound. Fingers being dragged between her labia majora, scraping her labia minora and clit. The sensation is so nice. She feels Claudia massaging your ass. Pulling her cheeks aside, exposing her wrinkly brown star. She feels her fingers been the crease of your ass. Dancing around her anus.

“Ooofffff” escapes Tess’s lips as she feels me push THREE fingers into her pussy hard. No slow, gentle create up. Just three fingers rammed deeply in her cunt, upto my knuckles. It makes her involuntarily push her ass back, straight into Claudia’s face, who pokes her tongue into Tess’s ass. I lean forward and suck her clit, pulling it into my mouth and flicking it with my tongue. Tess groans and puts her hands onto my head as I continue kneeling in front of her, steadying herself. Tess looks down and sees that I’m still riding the dildo buried in my ass. Rocking my hips and slamming my ass onto the floor to keep my dildo balls deep in my ass. Tess bets that Claudia is still anally flicking herself too as she feels Claudia’s tongue rimming her ass. Tess has never had double oral before and loves it. Her nipples are painfully hard. The fingers moving in and out of her pussy, making sploshing sounds feels amazing too.

“More, please” Tess urges.

Tess feels me withdraw my fingers, making her pussy feel strangely empty but only for a few seconds. She feels a much larger object than three fingers being pushed into her cunt. It’s slick. It stretches her oh so much. “Fuck! That’s huge. I love it,” Tess says out loud. She feels the pressure pushing against her pussy, never relenting. It feels like her pussy lips are being dragged inside her cunt. Her pussy is being stretched and it hurts so nicely but then suddenly relaxes. Tess loves the sensation of being stuffed. It’s not her first fisting. Tess prides herself on her ability to take a good fisting, but it’s usually from women. My hand is much bigger than a woman’s and stretches her. Claudia has stopped rimming Tess’s ass and she realises her friend is just watching her from behind being fisted.

“Oh yes!!!! Fist me!!!! Fucking FIST me!,” Tess shouts. She loves having her hole ruined.

Tess feels fingers being pushed into her ass. One then two, stretching her asshole. Long, slick fingers. A 3rd finger joins in, stretching her ass, then a 4th finger. She’s shocked how fast and easily her asshole has opened up for Claudia. She had no idea she was this kinky and would do this to her. When you screamed “Fist me” she meant her pussy.

Tess feels one of Claudia’s hands on her hip as she tucks her thumb into her hand then feels Claudia push.

“Fffffuuuuuccccckkkkk.” Tess can feel her asshole being ripped aside. Stretched wider than any dildo or cucumber she’s used before. Claudia keeps pushing. I’ve still got my hand wrist deep in Tess’s pussy. Tess holds onto my head as I continue kneeling in front of her, impaled on my own dildo, twisting my hand inside her cunt, dragging my knuckles repeatedly over her g-spot.

It’s like Tess can literally hear her ass tearing, as well as feeling it, as Claudia pushes the widest part of her hand through her anal ring. She feels her asshole relaxing, gripping Claudia’s wrist. She is breathing so hard. Her first fisting DP.

Claudia and I begin fisting Tess in earnest. One goes deep as the other pulls back. Then we reverse the motion. It feels so good inside Tess, being stretched and stuffed so much. Being fisted from both sides. Tess is addicted to the feeling of being stuffed and stretched. Absolutely loves it and wants her limits tested and pushed further.

“More. I want more” escapes Tess’s lips involuntarily. Claudia pushes her hand in deeper.

“Oh God!!!”

Tess meant her pussy not her ass. She meant go faster not deeper. Tess falls forward a little, using my upper body to support herself. Her legs feel weak. She can feel Claudia pushing against the door inside her ass. She must have half of Claudia’s arm deep in her ass. It feels so fucking good.

“Deeper Claudia. I want your whole arm. I want it all,” knowing exactly what she’s saying this time.

Tess feels Claudia’s hand pushing deeper. Pushing harder. It pushes through the door inside her ass and travels another 6″ inside her. She feels her bicep bang against her ass cheek and realises Claudia is upto her elbow inside her ass. It makes Tess think of the extreme fisting porn she likes to watch when she masturbates.

Tess feels movement inside her pussy. She’d almost forgotten her pussy was stuffed too, having focused so much on her ass.

My hand is going deeper, searching for her cervix. Fingers rubbing against the hard rubber ring of her cervix. We’d talked before about penetrating her cervix and now it’s happening, but she never thought like this. Tess had imagined a speculum to hold her open and something thin being pushed into her womb, like the handle of a small make-up brush.

“Oh my god,” she shouts out, as she feels my fingers penetrating your cervix. I’m going into her womb. It’s one of my fantasies! One finger after another. Her cervix betrays her and opens up. It’s stretched unbelievably. It hurts Tess so much but you she wants it so much. It’s so extreme. So taboo. She thinks this must be what giving birth feels like. Being stretched so open.

“Aaaarrrggghhhhh. Yessssss. Fuck yes. Fuck yes. Fist my womb.”

Tess cums hard, her cervix and pussy crushing my arm. My whole hand is inside her womb.

I keep my arm still, letting Tess get used to this new form of stuffing. I’m also unable to move my hand, because her muscles have clamped down so hard on my arm. Claudia takes my lack of movement as the opportunity to fist Tess’s ass hard. Withdrawing her arm so that only her hand remains inside Tess, then pushing her whole arm in, upto her elbow again. She does it again and again. Fisting Tess so deep. Tess can feel Claudia’s fingertips banging against the bottom of her rib cage. Claudia pulls her arm back but forces it back in again, but this time it’s goes even deeper. Claudia’s hand has navigated the bend inside Tess’s insides. Her elbow has disappeared inside Tess. She’s being anally fisted shoulder deep. The realisation and feelings produce Tess’s first ever anal orgasm. It rips through her, triggering a vaginal orgasm. Then another orgasm rolls through her. She’s never experienced such hard and rollling orgasms. One seems to be triggering the next. Tess is struggling to breath. Struggling not to collapse because her legs feel so weak. Tess keeps cumming, as both Claudia and In keep moving our arms inside this fist-loving, anal queen slut.

As Tess’s latest orgasm subsides, I wrap my free hand around her throat. Tess feels Claudia’s gripping her throat too with her free hand. We both ram our fists in and out hard and fast m, as wet both choke her. My fist sliding through her cervix, in and out of her womb. Claudia’s fist being forced through the door inside Tess’s ass repeatedly, stuffing her arm upto and sometimes past her elbow in Tess. Another orgasm rips through Tess’s entire body. Eyes rolling, back arched, hard nipples pointed to the sky, arms out wide. Tess loses consciousness as we choke and double fist her deep.

Tess wakes up, lying on her bed. She looks round. Claudia and I are sitting next you, still naked, wiping the sweat from her body with soft towels, drying Tess gently. Her pussy and ass are throbbing, even though they are both empty. Tess’s nipples are throbbing too. She doesn’t remember any harsh breast play, as she looks down her tits.

Both your nipples hand been pierced. Each nipple has a silver bar through it.

“Who the fuck has pierced my nipples?!!”

Each nipple is now adorned with a silver barbell.

Claudia blushes.

“I wondered you’d look cute with them.”

Tess didn’t think she could be anymore shocked than being double fisted deep. She really had no idea Claudia was such a kinky bitch and a little bit of a sadist. How does she even know how to pierce nipples? What did she use and where did she get it from?

It’s clear to Tess now, that Claudia and I had planned every little detail. Claudia and I knew exactly what we were doing and what we would do next to Tess.

Tess’s nipples hurt but she secretly likes how they look. Claudia was right. They do look cute.

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