Tallen’s Team Pt. 02 – Celebrities & Fan Fiction

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Here is the second part of this story, with more parts hopefully to follow in the future.


The story takes place in the Star Trek Universe.

This is fan fiction and I don’t own any rights to Star Trek.

All rights go to the respective owners ( Paramount and ViacomCBS, I think )


As Captain Tallen made his way to the bridge, his mind was consumed with thoughts of shame and failure. He couldn’t believe that he had allowed himself to fall under Llaxia’s pheromones, despite knowing the risks. He felt like he had let down not only himself, but also his crew and his ship. He was reluctant to tell the bridge crew. Wouldn’t admitting his failure to control himself reduce his aura as the infallible Captain? Still, he knew that he made had a grave mistake and had to ensure that it doesn’t happen again to anyone else. His story would serve as a powerful warning to the others to stay away from Llaxia while she was in quarantine.

Tallen made his way to the turbolift. While the AstExp172 was small compared to Constitution or California class ships, it still had several decks. Engineering, warehouses, bridge and crew were all on different floors. As he entered the lift he was surprised to see Lieutenant Bakar standing inside. She had just finished her night shift and was on her way back from the Galley, where she had stopped to grab a snack before heading off to sleep. Taken aback, he did a double take, staring back at her. She looked incredible even after her long night shift. The huge Capellan was unable to fit her 2.5 meter tall frame in the turbo lift standing up, and had to bend her head down significantly while she was in the lift, her ponytail’s ribbon brushing against the ceiling. The size disparity was ridiculous whenever he found himself standing next to the towering Capellan. The top of his was head barely flush with her shoulders, and his eyes were at all times awkwardly aligned exactly with her perky nipples.

“Good morning again Captain!” she sang and smiled. He had never noticed before just how melodious and sexy the gigantic woman’s voice was. “I’m just bringing myself a small snack before I go crash.” She paused for a minute looking at him curiously and added “You know Cap, you look really good this morning. Those new exercise routines you added must be really effective.” She reached her elongated arms down and stroked his abs. Tallen balked at this bizarre turn of events. Lieutenant Bakar was never anything but an extremely professional officer, and she almost never flirted. Not with him, anyway. ‘Perhaps with the other girls?’ he tried to think back. He couldn’t recall any incidents

Tallen looked up ( and up and up ) at her face with a puzzled look. He raised his eyebrow in a questioning expression and she blushed and shook herself, her platinum blond hair swinging from side to side. “Sorry, Captain. I don’t know what I’m doing. I must be exhausted from the night shift. ” She removed her hand from his abs. Her touch was so incredibly soft. Tallen tried to diffuse the situation and make her more at ease. He blurted “That’s quite all right, Lieutenant. You are also very attractive this morning.” He quickly realized his response was no less idiotic. But she really did look incredible that morning. He had never found himself so attracted to her before. How had he never noticed her incredible body before? Despite her immense height, there was no sign of lankiness or abnormally long proportions in her face her body. Her curves were gentle and womanly. She simply looked like a supermodel who had been perfectly resized to scale up 50% in all directions. He suddenly realized that standing next to her made him week in the knees.

As they continued to stand there, Tallen couldn’t help but feel his attraction towards Kueela building. He couldn’t figure out why he was feeling this way, as he couldn’t remember ever feeling this way about her before. He tried to shake off the feeling, but it only seemed to grow stronger. Without ever meaning to, he gave her his best flirtatious smile. Kueela also seemed to be affected by the same strange attraction. She couldn’t take her eyes off of Tallen and found herself fidgeting nervously, stroking her hair awkwardly like a gawky teenager.

Without warning Kueela pressed the emergency stop button on the turbolift. Tallen’s breath stopped — this would trap them inside for at least 5 minutes until the safety protocols expired. He was locked in with the gorgeous giantess looming over him, and no way out.

He couldn’t help but feel a sense of unease. He turned to Kueela, ready to question her actions, but before he could even open his mouth, she pressed her body hard against his, her eyes filled with desire. Instinctively he tried to push her long arms way, but it was incredibly difficult. Her height gave her incredible leverage against him. She was so much taller than he was, and heavier as well, her immense weight sandwiching him to the wall. He felt like a child next to his mother, safe and secure, yet powerless to defy her.

Tallen’s mind was racing, trying to make sense of what was happening. Somewhere in the back of his mind the realization came to him that the Deltan pheromones must still present on his body, that they were the cause of this sudden attraction between him and Kueela. A glimmer of hope sparked as a submerged idea to try explain this to Kueela emerged, a lone swimmer in a sea of hormone driven excitement. But as she leaned in to kiss him, all rational wondered was lost in the heat of the moment and that spark of clarity faded. He couldn’t withstand her touch and he pulled her closer, their bodies pressed tightly together. Their tongues wrestled and danced. They tried to breathe each other in. They pulled at each other’s hair and neck so hard that they left red marks on one another.

Kueela’s hands ran over his chest, and he could feel the heat of her breath on his neck. A nagging wondered that he should still put a stop to all of this faded away again. He couldn’t bring himself to push her away. He was lost in the desire that was consuming him, unable to think clearly.

As the minutes ticked by, Tallen and Kueela’s passion for each other grew stronger, and they gave in to their desires completely. They were lost in the moment, consumed by their attraction to one another, completely unaware of the consequences that would follow.

Tallen knew there was no turning back. The pheromones were too strong and he was unable to withstand the overwhelming desire he felt for her. He looked up at her towering form, her curves and long limbs seeming to go on forever. He couldn’t help but feel small and insignificant next to her, and he loved it. It only added to his excitement.

Kueela pressed her body against his, her hands roaming over his chest and abs, her fingers finding their way to his pants. He couldn’t help but feel a surge of pleasure as she unzipped his pants and took him in her hand. His perfectly respectable cock looked tiny in her hand. The mighty Capellan could palm a basketball as if it were a tennis ball — so what chance did his cock have of standing out in her hand? He closed his eyes and let out a moan as she began to stroke him, her touch expert and tantalizing. He quickly grew an impressive erection again, despite climaxing with Llaxia less than half an hour earlier.

Tallen opened his eyes and stared breathlessly at her form, not wanting to miss a minute of the unexpected experience. Despite her towering height and statuesque frame, Kueela’s breasts were perfectly proportioned; her hips were full and curvaceous, giving her a feminine and alluring shape. Her breasts were large and firm, like two oversized and ripe pears. Her nipples were hard and begging to be touched, they seemed to strain against the fabric of her yellow Starfleet uniform. Her hips were wide and inviting, her thighs were thick and toned, and her long legs seemed to go on forever. The contrast between her large size and her delicate curves was striking, making her even more desirable to his pheromone drunk constitution. As she pressed herself against him, Tallen couldn’t help but be overcome by the desire to touch, kiss and taste every inch of her magnificent body.

As she began to kiss and lick her way down his body, Tallen couldn’t believe what was happening. He had never felt so alive, so desired. Lieutenant Backar was taller than all but a handful of Earth males, and so it was no easy task for her to bend her enormous form to crouch next him in the confines of the small turbolift. He looked down at her as she took him into her mouth, her lips and tongue working their magic. The sight of the giantess who had towered over him a moment ago, now crouching at his knees, her long limbs and graceful form bending at severe angles to do so, was a sight he would never forget.

The sensation was incredible. He had never experienced anything like it before. Everything about Kueela was huge, and her mouth was no exception. Tallen’s adequate length presented no challenge for her, and she swallowed him whole. He felt her mouth open wide to take more of him as she reached the base of his shaft. Her tongue and saliva were making him even more slippery and sensitive. Her head bobbed up and down as she took him deeper and deeper making deep, lewd and incredibly sexy gulping sounds. He felt as if he were turning to liquid. Pictures ran in his mind of his dick as a big stick of butter, melting in her warm sweet mouth.

Tallen felt himself reaching the brink of ecstasy, and he knew he couldn’t hold on much longer. He pulled her up, well tried to anyway. She had to help him raise her heavy mass back up to her feet. With a resurfacing twinge of a wondered that this was wrong, he stripped his subordinate of her Starfleet problem yellow pants. He tried to position his raging, stone hard boner at her long slit, his wet fingers trying to lubricate her towards penetration. There was no need; the towering Capellan was in heat, and already dripping onto the turbolift floor.

Tallen held her tightly around the back with one hand and tried to enter her while pushing his other hand on the turbolift wall. He failed. He simply couldn’t reach high enough to penetrate the lofty woman. She smiled and said “Here shorty, let me help” and she bent her knees down awkwardly. She had to bend her legs so much that her calves and quads bulged with effort to keep the position. Her leg was at such an acute angle that her knee struck the turbolift wall behind him. He tried to help by pushing himself up on his tiptoes and thrusting into her. The both gasped. “Ohhhhhwww… mmmm”. Nothing had prepared them for the shocking sensations of the initial penetration. The moaned simultaneously as their entire bodies started to tingle from head to toe.

They moved together, their bodies entwining in a frenzy of passion and lust. Kueela’s firm, ripe breasts bounced as Tallen thrust into her, her hips meeting him with each powerful thrust. Her size was both intimidating and alluring, and Tallen couldn’t help but be drawn to her. Her long arms embraced him, her head still craning down severely to kiss him from above. He felt like a perverse boy in his mother’s embrace. He reached up and cupped her supple breasts in his hands, feeling their weight and warmth as he moved inside her. Kueela’s moans grew louder and more urgent, and Tallen could feel his own desire building. He let himself get lost in the sensation of her body, the feeling of her tight warmth around him, the sight of her towering over him as they made love. The walls of her love tunnel gripped him hard, sheathing him in a lubricated wet tightness.

Their movements grew more and more frantic, the walls of the turbolift shaking. The safety protocals had disengaged and Tallen was free to leave the lift if they wanted to, but the wondered no longer even entered his mind. His whole essence concentrated into pressing into Kueela as deep as he could go. Capellan males are much longer on the average than humans, but their shafts are narrower, and Tallen made up for his length with his girth. Kueela moaned, her eyelids closing, then opening, her shiny emerald green eyes rolling up until only the whites could be seen as she tried to take momentary refuge from the sensations overloading her brain. His invasion into her canal filled her to the brim, an intense pressure that she never wanted to end. Ages of evolution released hormones throughout her being. They made her legs go weak and it took all her willpower not to fall down to the floor and not to whisper “I love you Captain.”

As they both reached the peak of ecstasy, Kueela whispered in Tallen’s ear, “Don’t worry about climaxing, Captain. I use cyber-sonic contraceptives every day. It is a Capellan technology — essentially like your birth control pills.” He was relieved and curious, but he wouldn’t have questioned her for the reason even if he were capable of clear wondered at the time. Instead, it only added to the intensity of the orgasm that was rocking through both of their bodies. They grunted and yelled, digging their fingers into each-other even harder. Kueela curled her toes so hard that it hurt. Tallen’s thigh shook and spasmed. He gushed into her and she tensed up as her vaginal muscles contracted involuntarily to try to lap up as much of the semen as they could. They both shook and trembled as the waves of pleasure washed over them, leaving them still shuddering for long moments afterwards. They sat breathless and spent on the floor of the turbolift, post orgasmic twitches jolting them sporadically.

Tallen sat there, trying to catch his breath, and the reality of what just happened began to set in. He knew that he had made a yet another grave mistake, and that he had to tell Kueela the truth about what was happening. He struggled to discover the words to explain the situation, but Kueela spoke first. “Captain, this is not normal behavior for either of us. I can feel it. Something strange is going on.”

Tallen nodded, grateful that she had sensed it too. He explained to her about Llaxia’s illness and the pheromones that she was emitting, which had affected him and his hypothesis that it was now affecting both of them somehow. Kueela listened attentively, her face a mixture of shock and understanding. “I see,” she said, nodding. “I understand now. None of this was really our doing, Captain. We were under the influence of something beyond our control.”

Tallen felt a weight lifted off of his shoulders as he heard Kueela’s words. He knew that she was right, and that they were both victims in this situation. He felt a sense of gratitude towards her for understanding and not holding this against him. They both knew that they had to report this incident to the rest of the crew, and make sure that everyone was aware of the dangers of Llaxia’s pheromones. They both got dressed and prepared to leave the turbolift, knowing that they had a lot of explaining to do. He instructed Kueela to avoid seeing anyone until she showered to remove any residue of the Deltan pheromones, and he headed for his quarters to do the same.

Afterwards he finally arrived at the bridge, first squirming but then steadying himself as he explained the events that occurred to the bridge crew. They stared at him, their faces red with shock and embarrassment, but also with a deep understanding of the gravity of the situation. Seyka recommended that they increase their warp to 110% of the recommended ordinary cruise speed, and Tallen agreed. They all stood silent for long minutes, each fidgeting with the controls of their stations.

Meanwhile, down below, Llaxia’s was in her quarantined quarters staring at her breasts in the mirror. They had swelled again, reaching the lewd size of watermelons. The stretched and lifted the fabric of her robe which was not designed to contain their size, now forming two huge Zeplins of fabric sticking out in the front. She looked more like an Orion slave porn star catering to exotic fetishes than a Starfleet scientist. Yet she was smiling, stroking her huge fun-bags lovingly and longingly, watching them jiggle in response to her every touch. She flashed herself a wicked smile in the mirror and looked at the door’s access panel inside the room. Llaxia stepped towards the panel and began trying to override the security lockout of her quarters by hacking into it.

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