Taking the Plunge: A First-Time Anal Fantasy

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As she woke up that morning, Emily could feel a sense of anticipation building in her stomach. Today was the day she had decided to take the plunge and explore a new erotic fantasy that had been lingering in her mind for weeks now. She had all the time been curious about anal play and had finally decided it was time to explore it.

Emily got ready and headed out to her local sex shop to pick up some supplies. She was a bit nervous, but also excited to be taking this step. She walked through the store, feeling her cheeks flush as she looked at all the toys and accessories on display. After much consideration, she decided to purchase a small butt plug and some lube. She left the store feeling both exhilarated and terrified.

As she arrived home, Emily took a deep breath and reminded herself of her newfound determination. She stripped off her clothes and grabbed the new butt plug, feeling the weight of the smooth metal and feeling her heart rate rising. Carefully spreading her legs, she hesitated for just a moment before gently pressing the tip of the plug against her entrance. It slid in with ease, the cool metal sending shivers down her spine. She let out a moan as she pushed the plug deeper, the sensation sending waves of pleasure through her body.

As she lay there, feeling the plug expand and contract inside her, she couldn’t help but think about taking the next step – exploring anal sex with a partner. She had all the time been hesitant, fearing the pain that might come with it. But the sensation from the plug was enough to convince her that it was worth the risk.

Later that evening, Emily’s boyfriend arrived home. She had spoken to him about her curiosity and he had been nervous at first, but supportive of her exploration. She took him by the hand and led him to the bedroom, where she had set the mood with candles and soft music playing in the background.

Without a word, she stripped off her clothes and presented herself to him. He looked at her body, his eyes filling with desire. She could see the hesitation in his face as he gazed at the small butt plug still nestled inside her, but a quick nod from Emily was all it took to convince him to continue.

They began by exploring each other’s bodies, teasing and caressing each other. Emily’s boyfriend stroked her back and gently nibbled on her earlobes, sending shivers down her spine. He then moved down to her back, kissing her shoulders and running his hands over the curve of her butt, focusing on the metal plug that was still inserted.

He took a deep breath and moved down to her anus, slowly licking and gently circling the opening. Emily groaned in pleasure and took a deep breath, feeling her body relax as he continued. After a few more moments of teasing, he slowly inserted his finger into her anus, feeling the tightness of the muscles surrounding his finger. He added another finger, stretching her gently and allowing her to adjust to the feeling. Emily began to moan, lost in the sensation of his fingers inside her. She felt like she could explode with pleasure.

Finally, Emily’s boyfriend got into position, lining up his erect penis with her anus and gently pushing in. The sensation was intense, but not painful. Emily moaned heavily as he slowly began to move in and out of her, building up speed as she relaxed further. She felt her body tighten with the building sensation, thrumming with pleasure. As he continued to move inside her, she felt her orgasm building and building, until she finally exploded in pleasure, her body contracting around him. He followed shortly after, his body spasming with pleasure as he seeded her.

They stayed like that for a few moments, cuddled together and enjoying the hot, perspiring sensation of sex. Emily smiled, knowing that she had finally explored a long-held fantasy and taking the plunge had definitely been worth it.