Taboo on a Timewarp Island: Forbidden Passions of Siblings Stranded in the Past

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As they stepped onto the sands of the island, both Lucy and her younger brother Jason were immediately struck by a sense of disorientation. There was something off about the place – something that Lucy couldn’t quite put her finger on. The trees around them were unfamiliar, as were the sounds of the birds that chirped from within their branches. But most striking of all was the sense that they had just stepped back in time – to a period long before either of them had been born.

Lucy was 19 years of age, tall and lanky with long blonde hair that fell about her shoulders in loose waves. Her brother Jason was only 17 years old, still young enough to be awkward but old enough to know a good thing when he saw it. Though they both tried to hide it from each other, they were both very attracted to each other. Ever since they had discovered masturbation, they had often fantasized about each other.

Lost in their thoughts, the two siblings walked along the beach, taking in their new surroundings. Suddenly, without warning, Jason found his foot slipping on the sand and he tumbled to the ground. Lucy turned around to see what had happened, but as her eyes locked with Jason’s, something inside her shifted.

One minute they were each standing on their own two feet, and the next they were engulfed in a passionate embrace. Lips locked together, hands caressed bodies as they each gave themselves over completely to each other. Their tongues intertwined, exploring every inch of each other’s mouths, as though trying to memorize the flavor of their sibling.

Lucy’s hands traveled down Jason’s chest and she could feel the hardness of his erection pressing against her. It was as though any taboo that societily imposed on them no longer existed here on this time warp island. They had both been thrown into a freefall of passion and emotions. Lucy found herself reaching for the waistband of Jason’s boxers and sliding them down, revealing his full erect manhood.

She took him in her mouth without hesitation, savoring the taste of him and reveling in the sensation of his hard cock in her mouth. As she worked him with her lips, Jason’s hands roamed over her body, unhooking her bra and sliding her panties down her legs in one smooth motion. Finally, they were both naked, the sand beneath them rough and gritty as they pressed their bodies together.

Jason leaned forward and, with one swift movement, plunged his cock deep into his sister’s warm, wet pussy, filling her completely. Lucy threw her head back and moaned, unable to contain the immense pleasure that was coursing through her body. With each thrust, Jason’s hips met Lucy’s in a push and pull rhythm that felt like a natural instinct.

They began to move together, each one lost in the moment and the sensations flooding their bodies. With each thrust, Lucy became more and more aware of just how much pleasure her body could take, until finally she felt herself go over the edge, screaming out her orgasm as it washed over her in wave after wave of ecstasy.

Finally, with a groan, Jason released himself inside her, his hot cum spilling out and mixing with Lucy’s own juices. They continued to move together for a few more minutes before finally collapsing back onto the sand, both exhausted and spent.

As they lay there together, listening to the sound of the ocean waves lapping against the shore, Lucy knew that this experience would be something that they would never be able to replicate. They were on an island out of time and this was the only place where their passion could discover solace. They would each have to go it alone in the real world and discover partners who could accept them as they were, without judgment.

But for now, on this time warp island, they were free to explore their taboo desires, to give themselves over wholly, completely and utterly to each other. And both Lucy and Jason were glad to do it. For they were already feeling the itch to do it again, to give into their wanton desires and let passion rule them.

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