Surreptitious Love Ch. 132 – Anal – Free Sex Story

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Chapter 132 — A Spontaneous Orgy at the Hot Springs

Last week, Casey had visited Hanh’s massage parlor for the first time. Our blind friend’s specialty were Pussy massages, and she had made quite a name for herself among our small town’s hautvolee over the last two years. While Casey had been lying naked on the table, Hanh and I had, first, massaged her together, before things escalated nicely. Eventually, Casey asked me to penetrate her pumping comfy backdoor, while our four well-meaning, eager hands kept travelling all over her soft, tender flesh. For the first time I was around, Casey’s Orgasm had included a veritable fountain, and she admitted on the way home that she ‘had never experienced anything so intense’.

Well, Anal intercourse during a massage had also been a first for me. Of course, the three of us were planning to get our level of arousal up to similar heights this week — but at the old Art Deco hotel, instead, which had been Hanh’s idea and wish. She had already told me that she was feeling much better — after she had been suffering from period cramps as well as toothache the previous week. I briefly thought about taking Hoang and Thuy to the stately, empty hotel as well, but Casey was still sheepish about third parties seeing her naked, especially since she was working with Thuy. But when I checked in with my long-term affair, Thuy’s colleague Nguyet, to ask how things were going with her new beau Huy, who we hadn’t met yet, she conveniently wrapped herself in the cloak of silence.

At first. But then an avalanche started rolling that surprised us all, in the end. Eventually Nguyet admitted that she had had a ‘few exciting hours’ with her new flame but added that she was missing our orgy circle. Vu, a former student of mine, who had had an affair with Nguyet the previous year, also inquired if we were still meeting for our customary rounds of debauchery at the old hotel, even though he was about to get engaged to my niece-in-law, Giang. As far as I knew, though, he was a ‘grass widower’ for several weeks, since Giang was visiting her older Sister and her husband in Saigon, taking care of their little daughter. Last but not least, even Charlie’s aunt Yen asked me pretty much the same question, but in her case, her impending menopause playing havoc with her hormones may have been the culprit.

Or Yen was missing the ribald hours with her nephew Charlie. Since there were so many folks clamoring an orgy, I decided to ignore Casey’s qualms, as I knew that young, blind Hanh definitely would appreciate a bigger round with the people she knew well and liked. But, as I didn’t want to water down my memories with Casey at the old hotel, I proposed we drive out to the thermal springs, where we had had our farewell party for Charlie back in March, instead of meeting at the old stately pile of bricks. Nguyet, Hanh, Yen, and Vu loved the idea immediately — Charlie’s aunt perhaps because the latter would be there — but Casey was very much reluctant, to say the least, since she couldn’t imagine undressing in front of her boss, Nguyet.

Casey also reminded me that she had been looking forward to have her sphincter pierced again by my relatively large cock, which she didn’t want to do in the presence of the others, of course. Hanh had been an exception, as she was blind. Naturally, I understood Casey’s hesitation: Nguyet was her superior and 15 years older; and they only had known each other for six or eight weeks. But then, the undressing in front of Nguyet was only a matter of time, knowing her. Nguyet was sexually voracious, without being a nympho, and would soon either lure Casey into a situation where she would almost ‘have to’ unrobe or simply demand it. One thing that Nguyet didn’t know yet, however, was Casey’s Anal predilection.

What made the whole problem even more intricate was that Casey was ovulating this week, so that she couldn’t just switch to vaginal intercourse, unless she used a condom, which she didn’t want to do, though, as backdoor Sex without a rubber was ‘the best thing’, according to her. To twist her am, I reminded her that everyone would be stark naked — which should make the undressing easier — and that the others wouldn’t sit and watch a copulating couple like in a theatre — to which she didn’t respond. Well, perhaps it would take a few more days to wrap her mind around the idea of an outdoor orgy; after all, it would be Casey’s first. Alternatively, I suggested that she could amuse herself with Hanh, with whom she had really clicked well the previous week, at her house, but I definitely didn’t want to spoil the fun for Nguyet, Vu, Yen, and myself.

When Hanh learned, though, that we were going to the Hot springs, she got so excited that staying at home with her new friend Casey didn’t seem an option. Hanh’s god aunt Yen — as an older quasi-relative — also had some clout and was probably also lobbying for the outing to the thermal springs. And, yes, I remembered now that — since Hanh hadn’t been able to be at Charlie’s farewell party — we had promised to take her to the Hot springs as soon as the weather permitted, which had been the case for weeks now; even though this year wasn’t nearly as Hot as all the others I’ve been living here. But my heart warmed immediately when I imagined our petite blind young masseuse frolicking in the tepid bubbling water. Stark-naked.

When Hanh insisted, Casey eventually seemed to relent. Obviously, she didn’t want to be a killjoy, either, and what may have tipped the scales was that I told her that there were different areas at the private pool compound, where she could take Vu or me to satisfy her Anal inclinations. When I told Nguyet that I had finally twisted Casey’s arm, though, she remarked a tad sarcastically that I ‘must feel like the luckiest guy in the world’, as she knew how much I was infatuated with her 18-year-old intern (and her ‘Hintern’, as the Germans would say). In my ‘defense’, I reminded Nguyet that I also loved her, Yen, and Hanh, but I couldn’t tell if she was convinced. In the end, we agreed to ask Hoang to come along, though, as without him, there would have been four ladies but only two cocks. Or did he want to meet with Thuy that day?

The beginning of this particular orgy was slightly unusual, as it had only taken three or four days to set it up. Convincing Casey had been a monumental task, sure, but there was also some hope that she would fall for either Vu or Hoang. At least, for the day. And the weather was promising, too: even though it usually got super-Hot around the middle of April, temperatures were just hovering around 86 degrees this week. We agreed to drive out to the thermal springs on Thursday, and Nguyet confirmed that Hoang would be there as well. He was perhaps even a bit sentimental about the water park, as he used to work there, before the pandemic. That was also where Nguyet and him had met about 15 months ago.

The day before we were going, though, Casey voiced her reservations again: She still couldn’t — for the Love of God — imagine getting undressed on front of ‘Mrs. Nguyet’, as she kept calling her. And then she had an issue with Mrs. Yen, who she didn’t know. So, I sung my praise of Charlie’s aunt from the highest treetops, leaving out only the Incest with her nephew, and reminded Casey that said woman was Hanh’s god aunt, who was a very kind, yet sensual lady. When Casey then argued that she couldn’t just watch others have Sex, either, I asked her if she — deep down inside herself — wouldn’t want it, to which she finally replied ‘well, yeah, to be honest, that would be kind of cool, actually.’

Overall, Casey’s fears were normal, though; even Yen had voiced similar concerns not too long ago. Yen was working for the city’s registry office and overall a staunchly upright citizen; sure, she had a good reputation to lose. I then suggested to Casey she wear a bathing suit, to which she only replied that she didn’t own one. Finally, after this second round of second-thoughts, though, Casey came around again; her emerging feelings for Hanh and the will to help her find enjoyment and pleasure contributed to her final change in attitude. As one last selling point, I reminded Casey that she had a fine buxom figure as well as more experience than most young women her age and, thus, no reason to be sheepish.

The whole Anal thing seemed to be lingering as well but hadn’t been brought up by anyone yet. If it was to happen, then discreetly, perhaps, but definitely not as a must. I was still keen on dipping my dick inside Thuy’s soft anus, with which the whole Anal journey had begun, but she wouldn’t be there. Hanh’s little sphincter was probably too small, period, and Nguyet’s was probably still too tight. Casey, on the other hand, could be pretty nonchalant about Anal intercourse, and so I was optimistic about her losing her inhibitions and then being able to live more freely, as a result.

One thing I grew increasingly curious about was Mrs. Yen’s stance toward backdoor Sex. We had never discussed or tried it, but I didn’t want to ask her in a Facebook message. And so I only told her about Hoang and Vu, whom she both liked and seemed excited to see again. Wouldn’t it be Hot, though, to watch Vu, for instance, fuck her Ass?! Or him and Hoang, double-penetrating her? Nguyet told me a while back that those two young scoundrels had tried to do that with her once, but since her sphincter was super-tight and there hadn’t been enough proper lubrication, they had abandoned the project and never tried again. As far as I knew.

However, had Hoang practiced Anal Sex with Thuy over the last few weeks? Vu’s cock was a bit smaller than Hoang’s or mine: Was Nguyet perhaps hoping to receive his cock back in her leathery little thimble during our outing at the pool? Even Hanh had some Anal experience, as she had told Casey the previous week: for her, though, it seemed too early to try again, without lengthy preparations, but if Casey spent more time with Hanh in the following months, wouldn’t the latter grow eventually keen on my new favorite pastime? In any case, the warm water in the pool should soften everyone’s anus a bit and make things easier.

Perhaps Casey had detected a thrill of anticipation in my lines, as she finally agreed to everything — under one condition, though: we had to go to the old hotel with Hanh as soon as possible to make up for this week’s lost opportunity — just the three of us. But when I thought we were all set, Nguyet also had one more stipulation: She wanted to enjoy ‘a long, drawn-out role-play’ with me, as soon as possible. Of course, I relented here, too, so that we could finally embark on our next adventure at the Hot springs.

To save on gas again, Casey decided to ride with me, while Yen was going to pick up her godchild Hanh, as they were almost family and lived near each other. And sure, Hanh’s mom wouldn’t get suspicious if Hanh spent time with her god aunt. Vu took Nguyet, while Hoang had already driven out to the Hot springs in the morning, perhaps to have a chat with his former co-workers and to set up the private area. The water park staff had already told us that the small restaurant was open again, so that we could eat lunch there. When Nguyet promised to bring lubricant, I wondered if that was for herself or if she didn’t already suspect that Casey was into backdoor Sex — for which Nguyet was still preparing herself, mentally and physically. Or had she already had some with her new beau?

When we arrived at the small restaurant near the entrance to the water park, Hoang was already sitting there, ‘Vietnamese style’, with his shirt unbuttoned, smoking. Of course. I joined him, and when I lit my ciggy, he reached into the box and got me a can of beer. He dumped some ice in my glass and then spread the beverages around the table for the others. On the way, Casey had voiced her trepidation again, as she had only seen two men naked so far, but today there would be two more at once — two she hadn’t even met yet. Of course, I had tried again to disperse her fears, assuring her that this afternoon would be truly unforgettable. And if there were too many people around at the pool to have Sex, she could take someone up to the bungalow, which had a double bed inside.

Nguyet ignored Hoang, at first, seeming really happy to see Vu, but when Hanh was led to Hoang, she touched his chiseled chest and definitely seemed to recall him from our orgy after Tet in late February. I watched her little pudgy yet super-dexterous hand crawl all over his skin, and perhaps she remembered his smell as well. It almost seemed as if he had unbuttoned his shirt before we even arrived for just that moment. Eventually, Hanh sat down, of course, between Casey and me, and I looked at Charlie’s aunt Yen, who I hadn’t seen for two months.

Yen seemed pretty chipper; perhaps, she was already imagining Vu’s or Hoang’s young cocks making their way up inside her. Yeah, she was probably missing her nephew, who wouldn’t be back until early July. Nguyet was chatting with Casey, maybe about work. I now remembered the slightly embarrassing moment when Casey had told me that she didn’t want to bring her boyfriend to the orgy, so that he wouldn’t embarrass himself with his small noodle. Oh, well. I still thought that his modest endowment, together with his Anal experience with Casey, might actually be exactly what Nguyet needed but, of course, didn’t want to seriously suggest it, partially as Nguyet probably wanted to shield our Anal project from the public. And also, knowing her, she certainly didn’t want to receive the consolation prize of the smallest cock in town. She was an all-or-nothing person; I was sure she wouldn’t be satisfied until at least Vu’s dick had entered her behind.

Anyway, all the ladies looked lovely: Casey was wearing a generously-tailored beige, dark-yellow, and turquoise dress, which was flowing along her voluptuous form, while Hanh was sporting a burgundy miniskirt, coupled with a tight crème-colored top, which emphasized her modest, cute bosom. For once, she was wearing a bra and had tied her hair in a short ponytail, while Yen looked classy and cool in her blueish blouse and grey, knee length woolen skirt, which even looked like cashmere. Nguyet was sporting her comfortable grey-green dress with the white stand-up collar and button-tape on the front, but I wondered immediately if she hadn’t brought her manipulated one-piece swimsuit — the one with the open crotch — so that she could show off her massive market-woman Pussy again.

On the other hand, Nguyet was too classy to ride the same wave twice; that swimsuit had been the bombshell at Charlie’s farewell party and, thus, probably wouldn’t get recycled today. I couldn’t wait until everyone would undress and wondered how they all would go about it. Like at so many similar occasions, it would have been hard for any stranger to predict to what extremes our debauchery would develop into over the next hour — the way we were seated here. Casey would probably play it safe at the beginning and be near Hanh, but both, Vu and Hoang, liked both, Nguyet and Yen. The only thing I didn’t want, though, was a complete separation of three couples — partially, as that would have left one lady without a cock for half an hour.

Casey had probably rinsed her rectum that morning, as she didn’t want to do that in front of a guy she didn’t know. As she was sitting next to me, I asked her quietly what she thought of Vu and Hoang and, sure enough, as the latter was taller, slightly older, and more masculine, she told me she found him hotter than Vu. I didn’t tell her that he also had the bigger cock, as she would find that out soon enough, but — like she could read minds — Casey added that Vu reminded her of her boyfriend. Nguyet was chatting with Hoang on my other side, but I couldn’t make out if they were talking about Thuy’s anus. As Hanh was, ironically, the only one who wasn’t involved in any conversation, I lit a ciggy after the meal and nudged Casey to take care of her.

All in all, the whole table was awfully chipper, however, and although we didn’t have a lot of time, the ladies cracked another beer open to chill and rest a bit, before we would start our sensual dance back there at the pool. I couldn’t wait to get naked and slide into the tepid, soft, bubbly water. Of course, I promised myself to take particular good care of Hanh, as this was her first time here; the last thing I wanted was that she felt left out. After all, we were only three guys for four ladies, but I was sure that somehow that could be rectumfied.

Funnily, it then was Hanh who nudged us to get up, as she wanted to ‘play in the water’, as she put it, which had sounded cute as hell. Everyone got up almost instantly, and Casey took Hanh’s hand. I asked Yen to describe the whole situation to Hanh and Casey, as neither of them had been there yet. Hoang took the box with the beers, while I grabbed the ice, and then we walked back to the venue of our debauchery. There were no other guests here on this fine Thursday early afternoon, but I noticed that the whole place had improved a lot since the last time we had been here: the grass had been cut and the bushes trimmed, and someone had even done some landscaping.

When we stepped into the private pool area, everyone stopped, like we had just landed on a different planet. We all looked around, perhaps as we all knew that we didn’t have much time, we had to make the decision if we wanted to separate as a group — and if, who would be with whom? To end the stalemate and keep everyone together, I suggested to just lie down near the pool, even though I knew that Casey was a bit trepidatious about undressing in front of everyone. I saw that Nguyet was whispering with her; perhaps she tried to twist her arm, telling her not to be too shy. To underscore what I envisioned, I grabbed Hanh’s little hand, which would probably bring Casey along. And perhaps Yen, too.

“Hey, Nguyet, the warm water will soften your anus!” I hollered back over my shoulder, chuckling.

She seemed a bit miffed that I had made that an issue in front of everyone, which was mitigated, though, by the fact that only her, Casey, and Vu spoke English. It really looked, though, as if Hoang and Vu wanted to take Yen up to the bungalow, but just when I wanted to say something, Hoang noticed the imbalance that that would have caused and decided to bring the brightly colored mats, which were leaning against the bungalow wall, down to the pool area. He took his shirt off when he was done and then spread the six large mats neatly around the natural stone edge of the pool. Once this was done, everyone looked around and, well, sure, why not, decided to sit down. Right there.

It was interesting to watch how the energy fields were distributing themselves: Casey didn’t seem — just like me — to want to leave Hanh’s side, but Nguyet was a bit isolated at first, as the two young guys, who were combined exactly as old as Yen, were drawn toward her. Yen pulled her knees onto her chest and then wrapped her arms around them. The three of them were sitting across from us, perhaps 20 feet away. The way Yen was seated, we could see her boat-hull Pussy in her white panties under her skirt, which was the first truly erotic sighting of the day — apart from Hanh’s little boobs and bra, perhaps. Now, Vu took his shirt off, while I only unbuttoned mine, before I took Hanh between my legs and wrapped my arms around her, like she was a big teddy bear.

Casey, who was sitting next to us, laughed and began to caress Hanh’s thighs, while Yen was already unbuttoning her blouse over there. Nguyet must have felt a bit lonely, of course, but then hesitatingly moved a bit closer to us. It felt wonderful to be holding Hanh; I buried my nose in her thick hair and took a good drag, while she seemed to be taking in the peculiar smell of the water, which surely had some Sulphur in it. When I caressed her nimble small body and asked if she wanted to get into the water with me, her face lit up, first, but then she shot me a smile that I will never forget. I kissed her ear and neck, before I relieved her of her top and then snapped her little bra open. Casey laughed and seemed excited to see Hanh’s cute hemispheres for the first time, one of which she then took in her hand. Shielded by Hanh’s petite body, I completely undressed and asked Nguyet to come into the water with us.

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