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Passionate moans filled the air within Sunburst Parlour, igniting an irresistible aura of desire and pleasure. Alarina, the enchanting blood elf hostess, savored a sip of her wine, her lips curling into a mischievous smirk. She observed the troll woman, her gait unsteady from the intense pounding she had just received. It was evident that this was not her first visit, and Alarina knew it wouldn’t be her last.

The warm breeze from Eversong caressed Alarina’s flawless skin, causing her already sated and swollen cock to twitch against her thigh. A glistening reminder of the troll’s essence still clung to it. Her golden eyes wandered over the other guests, sin’dorei and other Horde races, all indulging in their deviant desires. A few members of the Alliance even dared to explore the forbidden pleasures within.

Among the guests, Alarina’s gaze fixated on a pair of nightborne twins. Identical in features, their alluring dusky blue skin and raven hair made them a captivating sight. One of the sisters sported a shorter jaw-length hairdo, dressed subtly in loose-fitting attire, while the other dared to showcase her provocative curves with a tantalizing halter top and a dangerously short skirt.

Intrigued by their arrival, Alarina subtly tucked away her impressive she-cock, appearing composed yet undeniably aroused. As the twins approached, an argument between them reached her ears. Their voices carried with the breeze, teasing her curiosity.

“Nonsense, Valdra! Your desires are evident, from the tent in your skirt to the way your eyes wander,” the nightborne sister teased, playfully taunting her shyer sibling.

Blushing, Valdra attempted to deny her urges, but her bouncing cock betrayed her intentions. Alarina couldn’t help but watch, her own she-cock stirring with desire. Their feminine curves and voluptuous assets enticed her, leaving her longing for more.

As the twins entered the Sunburst Parlour, Lissa, the more outgoing sister, took in the enticing scenery. Her eyes traveled down Alarina’s opulent breasts, straining against her alluring corset. Valdra, overcome with desire, followed closely behind, their cheeks flushed with anticipation.

Alarina, enchanting and composed, allowed her gaze to meet the twins’ before she spoke, observing their reactions to uncertainty. The twins showed promise, a gorgeous contrast of shy and adventurous spirits.

“Welcome,” Alarina purred, her voice filled with allure, “to the Sunburst Parlour.”

Lissa, unable to withstand the temptations that surrounded her, admired the blood elf’s golden radiance. Her eyes discretely roamed over Alarina’s tantalizing physique, enraptured by her undeniable allure. Valdra, captivated by the other gorgeous sin’dorei guests, felt a rush of excitement as she settled down next to her sister.

“Please, have a drink,” Alarina offered, motioning to the glasses of wine and other libations before them. “Let us discuss what you can do for me.”

Valdra and Lissa exchanged a knowing glance, their desires intertwined and their anticipation palpable. “We had heard such exceptional things about this place,” Valdra confessed, her voice filled with anticipation while she subtly tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

Alarina chuckled playfully, her eyes following a scantily clad server bringing plates of tantalizing amuse-bouches. “Indeed, this is a place unlike any other,” she explained, her voice dripping with allure. “It is not merely a transactional brothel, but a sanctuary of pleasure, where I am the collector of desires. Gold flows into my coffers through the generous donations of the affluent. But here, you, my dear visitors, are the cherished gems that make this paradise come alive.”

Determined to engage the twins in their shared desires, Alarina rose from her lounge, her cock shifting heavily beneath the delicate fabrics of her attire. Although not the largest, she possessed an intimate understanding of her partners’ needs, knowing exactly how to satisfy them.

The story of their shared ecstasy was just beginning…