Submissive cucky – Fetish –


This story contains themes of femdom, cuckolding, BDSM, and nylon fetish.


After the events of Watching the Bull.


“OH, CUCKY!” Stacy called out in a singsong voice from downstairs.

When Stacy called me ‘Cucky’, it usually lead to my wife getting fucked by her bull.

“Yes, Ma’am. Coming!” Running downstairs I found Stacy in the kitchen clutching her phone in both hands against her stomach looking giddy. She was dressed in a simple light blue sundress with white polka dots and wearing her flats, in the middle of making lunch. The kids were gone to their friend’s house, so it was just the 2 of us..

“He’s stopping by for a quicky. He said you can watch if you’re naked, and he wants you to help me get dressed,” She said, wearing a enormous grin, showing all her teeth in excitement. She was acting like her best friend from across the country was coming to visit.

“Ok, ok. Did he say how he wanted you? Like tied up or blindfolded?” I was just as excited.

“No, just that he wanted us in our room, ready for him. But I think we should do something to surprise him. We only got 20 minutes.”

We raced up the stairs like 2 siblings trying to beat each other. I quickly stripped out of my polo and khaki shorts.

Fuck! I don’t know what to wear. I’m too anxious to think,” Stacy said, digging through her lingerie drawer. “I don’t want to disappoint him. Can’t wear stockings and his button-up shirt, I did that last week.”

“I think I got an idea,” I ran naked to the closet, reaching to pull down a box that I had hidden away. “I was saving this for our anniversary in a few months, but I figured now is a perfect time to give it to you.”

“Awe thank you sweetie, but we really-“

“Please trust me. Just open it,” I said, pushing the box toward her.

“Ok, my love. We’ll make this quick.” Stacy opened the box to discover a new pair of white, six-inch heels. “Oh my, they are amazing. Thank y-.” Stacy’s jaw dropped when she found a pair of tan vintage stockings underneath.

She held them up in amazement, displaying the sheer tan stockings, with reinforced toes that ran across the arches to her heels. There was a gorgeous seam that ran from the heel up the back of the legs. The welt and reinforced toes and heels were a darker tan color. I could help to think they must taste like caramel.

Next, she pulled out a retro, cream-colored garter belt that was designed to hug the hips, covering the belly button, then pulled out the matching cream-colored bra. The last gift was a white pearl necklace.

Stacy stared in shock. “Love, are these-.”

“Matching 3 set, vintage lingerie. Originals too, not some modern knockoffs or mix matches. And of course pearls. The lingerie was hard to find. Not a lot of matching sets that are intact and don’t smell. And the pearls, well I got a bonus at work. Ever since we started this lifestyle, they have noticed a significant boost to my mood and production at work.”

Stacy flung her arms around me, wrapping me up in a big hug. “You’re the freakin best love. You need a big reward for this.”

“Thanks, sweetie, but we gotta get you dressed.” I couldn’t wait to understand what my reward would be, but right now I had to focus.

Stacy stripped and sat down at the vanity while I knelt at her feet. I carefully rolled up the stocking and slid it over her leg. I adjusted the seams to make sure they were perfectly aligned with the back of her legs. I savored the feel of her stockinged legs in my hands, but could not afford to waste time.

Stacy ignored me as she applied her makeup. She put on bright red lipstick, powdered her face, and pinned her hair up. Once I was done with the second leg I slipped on the new heels, taking a mental picture of her legs. Planting several kisses to her feet.

I was 5’5″, 100 lbs, while Stacy was 5’2” and 120 lbs. When we met, we were both pretty much the same build, but she gained weight having kids. After training with Kaleb as her personal trainer, she turned that fat into muscle. She was short and slim, while I was short and scrawny. She looked a lot like Sweety Fox from pornhub.

With her makeup complete she stood up in her heels, stepping into the garter belt. After sliding it up her waist I secured the stockings. With no panties on I could see her pussy glisten with desire.

I clipped the back of the bra with ease and gently put the necklace around her neck. Stacy stared at herself in the mirror. “Oh yes. He is gonna love this.” She looked stunning in the lingerie and the pearls added more elegance to the outfit.

The alarm chimed on her phone, letting us know someone had pulled into the driveway.

“Shit, hurry sweetie, I need a dress for what I have planned.”

“Well, the dress you just had on would make a great pin-up look.”

I helped her back into the white spotted blue dress and we rushed back into the bedroom.


Kaleb started to rip off his tie as he opened the front door. Letting himself in, just as he did for the past 3 months since letting me become more involved in their fuck sessions as a willing cuck.

Kicking his shoes off at the door like the gentleman he was, he unbuttoned his shirt as he made his way up the stairs. He heard the vacuum as he approached our bedroom door.

‘Why the fuck are they cleaning right now? I’m gonna beat his ass if they aren’t ready,’ Kaleb thought to himself.

Kaleb swung the door open, expecting to find Stacy cleaning and not getting ready.

What he found was just that. Stacy was in fact vacuuming the floor, but she was ready for him. She was dressed up like a vintage housewife, like a sexy I Love Lucy. White heels, a blue dress, and some tan stockings. She looked totally fuckable.

Stacy spun around acting surprised and turned off the vacuum. “Oh, hello there, Mr. Cobbs. My husband isn’t home right now. I was just tidying up. I’m almost done. Go ahead and help yourself to a drink. You probably should wait downstairs though, my husband will be home soon,” Stacy said, then went back to her cleaning, humming and swaying her hips as she cleaned.

Kaleb was amused, he would play her little game. Standing by the dresser I stood completely naked with only a ball gag in my mouth and in one hand had a tray with a glass of scotch on it. I stared straight ahead and didn’t make a move, like a frozen waiter or more like a piece of furniture.

Kaleb took the scotch and downed it in one gulp, putting the empty glass back on the tray, ignoring me, and focusing on Stacy. She stopped vacuuming and started to smooth out the covers on the bed, bending forward and arching her back, causing the dress to ride up, revealing the tops of the stockings and the straps of the garter belt.

Kaleb threw his white button-up shirt over his shoulder and approached Stacy, grinding against her bent-over ass.

“Oh!” Stacy shouted as she straightened up. “Um, Mr. Cobbs, I’m sorry, but I have a lot of cleaning to do.”

Kaleb rubbed her shoulders with his massive hands, towering over her. “Now, now, Miss Hart. Your husband is at work and you need to relax. You work way too hard for a man who doesn’t even appreciate what a catch he has. When’s the last time he touched you.”

Stacy was breathing heavily, her excitement building with his touch. She worried she would break character, but she and her character were after the same thing.

“S-sir, it’s ‘Mrs’ Hart and I assure you m-my husband would touch me like this, but he works too much. Oh. Th-that feels so good, but I can not. I can not. What would the other wives say if I… Oh, please take me, Mr. Cobbs. I want to be touched so badly. My husband hasn’t fucked me in years. I need…” she was grinding into him now. “I need a real man.”

Stacy was grinding her ass against Kaleb’s cock as he struggled to undo his belt. She purposely made it difficult for him in order to tease him more.

“Oh my, whatever are you waiting for? I wondered this is what you wanted.”

Kaleb finally removed his belt, pulling his pants down to his ankles, not bothering to step out. He was horny and he wanted relief now. He pushed Stacy forward, bending her over the bed. She spread her legs wide apart, ready for his cock. Kaleb rammed his massive cock into her wet pussy and fucked her from behind.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck. Yeah, fuck me, Mr. Cobbs. Fuck this hotwife.”

“Oh yeah bitch, you look so fucking hot. A fucking sexy 50’s hotwife.” Kaleb grabbed his button-up shirt and wrapped it around her neck, pulling hard, and choking her, forcing her to arch her back.

She grabbed at the shirt with one hand while using the other to support herself on the bed as she fought to breathe, her face turning red. Her ankles wobbled as she struggled to keep them from buckling.

Stacy let out choked moans as her eyes rolled to the back of her head. She bit her lip as she quietly climaxed.

“Alright baby. I’m about to cum! Put your feet together.” Kaleb grunted as he let go of the shirt.

Stacy, now free to breathe, was on the verge of passing out from the lack of circulation and the powerful orgasm. In a sluggish daze, she crawled onto the bed, face down, ass up. She kicked off her new heels, exposing her reinforced toes and heels. She put her cute stocking-covered feet together and curled her toes in.

Kaleb stroked his massive cock to climax and cum shot all over her feet, pooling in the center where her feet met.

“Here you go little cucky. I put some milk in your dog bowl.”

On cue, I dropped to all fours and crawled over to Stacy’s feet, and started to lap up the pool of cum. I didn’t like cleaning up her bull’s cum, but I had to do it if I wanted to be a part of my wife’s fuck sessions.

At first, I wasn’t invited to their nights out, till Kaleb offered me a chance to watch. Since that first night being present in the hotel room where I watched my wife get fucked by her bull, I have slowly become more involved and more submissive.

My submissive role was a quick transition that came naturally. Kaleb gave small orders, but I was the one who waited for permission to cum and started calling him sir.

“Sweetie, don’t be greedy, I want some too,” Stacy called out, snapping me out of my daze. I continued to lick and suck up the cum from her feet but didn’t swallow, instead storing it up. Her stocking feet were glazed in his cum. They were a beautiful site that I was sure to jack off to later.

Once I had licked and slurped up the majority of his cum I stood up as Stacy slid off the bed onto her knees, opening her mouth to receive the cum. I spit the gathered cum into Stacy’s gaping mouth. She swallowed the massive load with joy and said, “That was so yummy, sir.”

Stacy loved eating her bull’s cum. She loved playing with it, she loved the taste, and she even loved making me eat it too. I on the other hand didn’t like it, but at least I got to lick my wife’s stockinged feet, which was one of my favorite fetishes.

I loved stockings, nylons, socks, and anything sexy that covered women’s feet. I didn’t like bare feet though, they needed to be covered. I also loved watching my wife fuck another man, seeing her be pleasured in ways I could never provide for her.

I always dreamed of being the dominant one, but with my ED and small 2-inch dick, it stayed a dream. I went from watching deepthroating and BDSM porn to watching cuck and hotwife porn. I was learning my place and I wasn’t fighting it. I was happy that my sacrifice brought my wife so much pleasure. Isn’t that every man’s wish for their wife?

“Clean up and meet me in the kitchen.”

“Yes, Sir,” we said in unison.


Stacy came downstairs wearing another sundress, nothing fancy, but she wasn’t allowed to be lazy in her dressing with Kaleb around. I followed close behind back in my polo and khakis. We found Kaleb in the kitchen helping himself to our lunch, fully dressed back in his business attire.

“That was pretty good what you did up there. I liked that vintage lingerie,” Kaleb said with a mouth full of food.

Stacy wrapped her arms around him, “That was an anniversary gift from cucky here. He picked out the outfit all by himself.”

“Wow, cucky. I swear you got a real submissive side deep down. Maybe someone will truly bring it out.” Kaleb wrapped his arms around Stacy’s waist, bringing her ass. “I got to get back to work, but I wanted to stop by to talk. I’m leaving on another 2-week company trip Tuesday and well. I was wanting you to come with me this time.”

Stacy’s face lit up in pure delight.

“I know you have kids and a job, so I understand-“

“Yes, yes,yes, I’ve got plenty of vacation saved up and it’s projected to be a slow couple of weeks. I can make it happen.”

I was a little uneased by the idea, mostly from jealousy. Not about the idea of my wife being away so long, but knowing I wouldn’t get to watch any of the fun they would have.

I chimed in, “The kids leave for camp Monday, so it all works out.”

“Oh, darling. I didn’t even ask you, I’m sorry,” she said with puppy dog eyes.

“Sweetheart, it’s fine, I know you’ve fantasized about this and you deserve a break.”

“You’re the best.” Stacy turned her attention back to Kaleb as they started kissing and talking about future date plans.

I picked up my phone and found another notification that someone had pulled into the driveway and opened the door about 2 minutes after Kaleb arrived, but no one else was here. Maybe it was the mailman and Kaleb left the door open.

I went upstairs to jack off, feeling like the third wheel.


I had installed cameras in our room to film my wife and her bull’s playtime. Of course, I asked Stacy and Kaleb first. They agreed to start letting me film their escapades. They believed it was only fair since I was no longer allowed to touch my wife, and it turned them on knowing they were filmed.

I had just finished jacking off to this last session when Stacy came in.

“You and Kaleb talked for a long time, bet your exci-“

“Actually, Mandy called. They got into another gigantic fight and he kicked her out. Steve packed all her stuff and gave her one of the cars. He had the divorce papers ready and made her sign them before she left, so he had it all planned out.”

“Dang. Sucks that happened, but Steve was a douchebag. Don’t know why she goes for shitty dudes like him. She deserves so much better.”

“Trust me I know. She’s been taken benefit of so much that she just accepts men like that. She’s upset, but she’s just pissed. She knew he was an asshole and said she’s glad he’s gone, so she’s taking it pretty well. She’s going to stay with us for a bit. I’m her best friend and I’m gonna stay here and be there for her. Kaleb understands. I’ll still take my vacation time so I can be here with her.”

I could see the hurt on Stacy’s face. The pain of her best friend being hurt and knowing she was losing her chance of going with Kaleb. I had to do something.

“What-what if I stayed with Mandy and you went with Kaleb? We are pretty close and I could help comfort her. I can work from home and keep an eye on her.”

Stacy stared at me, deep in thought. “You know, I think that might work out pretty well. She said she wanted to rant and take her frustration out on a man. Maybe she could open up to you and ask why guys are so shitty. You’re such a great dad and better husband, maybe you could even give her advice. And she thinks I have a big work conference to go to. She begged me not to cancel. This way everyone wins.” Stacy gave me a deep kiss and ran downstairs to make phone calls and plan everything out.


Stacy hung out with Mandy Sunday and Monday, having plenty of girl time. I put in all the paperwork to work from home for the next few weeks. Stacy had gotten her vacation time approved and had dropped off the kids for camp.

I helped set up Mandy’s room, using one of the guest rooms, and brought up all her bags. She didn’t have a lot. Just clothes and some personal possessions. I told Stacy that I would take Mandy shopping for some more clothes and decorations for her room.

Tuesday had arrived, and Kaleb knocked on the door. Stacy introduced him to Mandy as her supervisor. This way it wouldn’t raise suspicion about her true reason for leaving.

“Nice to meet you, ma’am,” Kaleb said as he took Mandy’s hand and kissed it. Mandy’s skin was just as fair as Stacy’s, contrasted with Kaleb’s hand. Whereas Stacy was red-haired, 5’2″ with medium tits, fit at 120 lbs, Mandy was 5’10”, blond hair, 200 lbs. She was like a bulkier Aj Applegate. She was thick and not too tone, with wide hips; a beautiful amazon. She played very much into the dumb blonde stereotype.

“Goodness. Yes, It’s nice to meet you too.” Mandy seems at a loss for words, making me jealous all over again. I would never make a move of course, but I always had a thing for Mandy.

What turned me on about Mandy was how she dressed. She had beautiful long legs that she loved to show off and incorporated pantyhose into almost all her outfits. I would come up with ways to stare at her nylon legs and to brush up against them to pick up items I dropped. She often walked around the house barefoot in her nylons, making me hide my erection from her constantly.

“Oh, one last thing. Follow me, honey.” Stacy took my hand and led me upstairs.

“Pull down your pants!”

Stacy told me not to jack off after we learned about their trip, so I had 4 days of cum stored up. I was ready for a blowjob or handjob or whatever she had in store.

My smile vanished as I felt ice around my dick and balls.

“What the hell, babe!”

“Shut the fuck up cucky and don’t move,” Stacy yelled in a stern voice.

“Y-yes ma’am.” I shivered as Stacy numbed my cock with an ice pack, watching it shrivel to almost nothingness.

“Dang, love, there’s almost no dick left here to work with.” Stacy worked a pink device around my cock and balls. She had successfully placed me in a chastity device.

She had a firm grasp on my balls, “Listen up cucky. You have been very good lately and I’m so glad you helped this trip move forward. You are gonna get a big reward, things are about to change big time for you. My cuckold of a husband is going to get the fucking of his life. While locked up you will not play with your little dick, ok? You will obey whoever holds your chastity key, do you find out!” She held the key up to my face, letting me get a mental image of the key. I noticed it had a birdcage symbol on it.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Say it!” Her voice boomed.

“I will obey whoever holds my chastity key, ma’am.” I was excited that Stacy had the key, but dreaded thinking what Kaleb would do if he held the key. I might never get out of chastity with Kaleb as the key holder.

Holding up the key she said, “Kiss my feet.”

I knelt and kissed the tops of her feet.

“Good boy. Up!” I stood up, obeying the key holder.

“Thanks, love.” She gave me a peck on the cheek.


Mandy and I waved goodbye to Stacy as they sped off.

“So what did yall do up stairs?”

This caught me off guard. “Oh, um, just having a long hug goodbye.”

We made our way to the living room. “Was that all? Come on, I need some details.”

“Nope, just a hug. I wish it was more.” I consciously fought the urge to adjust my new cage.

As we made our way to the couch Mandy stretched out her legs. “Could I possibly get a foot massage? All this walking and stress, I just need help relaxing.”

“Uh, yeah sure.” Mandy placed her feet in my lap. She was wearing a yellow sundress and matching slip on heels. Most importantly, she was wearing sheer, tan pantyhose.

With her feet in my lap she laid back and closed her eyes. She lifted one foot up, giving me my cue to remove her heels.

This was so amazing. I all the time looked for excuses to brush up against her nylon legs, and here she was willingly giving me her feet.

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