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Sara Lance was in hell. Admittedly it was a hell, where she got to see her girlfriends Cumming over and over again right in front of her, so it wasn’t all bad, but it was the way that it was happening, which was bothering her. Because sure, they’d had an open relationship ever since adding Nyssa al Ghul into the equation, which made it perfect as far as Sara was concerned.

However throughout that time she and Nyssa, and even sweet little Felicity, had always been in charge, even when one of them was getting stuffed. Now, all three of them were very much out of control, and she seemed to be the only one left with a fraction of dignity and self-respect, and she really, really didn’t want to be. No, she wanted to join them, and cum that hard, but her own stubbornness refused to let her quit, no matter how bad things got.

Which was saying a lot, as it was really, really agonizing for her, watching all that amazing Sex and not being allowed to cum. After all, with the amount of Sex slaves at their disposal, Team Flash, or whatever they were calling themselves now, always seem to have someone in front of her eager and willing to put on a show.

Occasionally it would be one of her former bitches, or even a couple of her tormentors, making gentle Love in front of her. Fingering, licking and sucking each other through multiple climaxes, each one seeming more loving than the last. Hell, a lot of the time, they didn’t even acknowledge her presence when things were really passionate between them.

However, far more often than not it was a member of Team Flash with one of her bitches. More often than that it was multiple members of Team Flash teaming up on one or more of her bitches. And most frequently of all, it was multiple members of Team Flash teaming up on her girlfriends, the adorable Felicity Smoak and the once mighty Nyssa al Ghul getting fully stuffed, or at least Ass fucked, right in front of her.

It was particularly insulting when it was the treacherous bitch Mia Smoak doing it, although it hurt no matter what. Again, both because she hated to see her girls suffer, but especially because she hated to see them experiencing so much pleasure without her. The kind of pleasure which made her body ache with need, especially her neglected fuck holes.

The most frustrating part about it was that try as she might Sara just couldn’t actually do anything about it. She came so very close to escaping multiple times, but the deck was just overwhelmingly stacked against her at this point. Especially with at least one Speedster on patrol at all times. Besides, she had exhausted all of her tricks long ago.

Well, all except for one. However the thing holding her back from pretending like she was broken was the fact that she was on the edge of actually doing it, if not already over that edge already. But at this point, she was just postponing the inevitable, so the next time she had the chance Sara took it. She just wished it could have been with literally anyone else.

“Hi Mommy.” Mia smirked cheerfully as she strolled into the room in which Mommy Sara was being held, “How are you doing today?”

“Just peachy.” Sara grumbled through her gag, although it was probably unintelligible to her daughter.

“So…” Mia ignored the comment, quickly closing the distance between them, “Are you ready to truly become a Stuffed Canary? To accept your place in the pecking order? To become my bitch. I mean, our bitch.”

There was a brief pause, then Sara forced herself to nod, and even yell through her gag as clearly as she could, “Yes.”

“I can’t hear you.” Mia sing-songed.

“YES!” Sara yelled through her gag.

“Huh… I guess we’ll have to see.” Mia hummed thoughtfully, turning to head out, before turning back, “Don’t go anywhere.”

Terrible sense of humour, just like her biological father, Sara thought with annoyance. Although maybe she should be thanking her, because if anything could keep her from breaking at this point it was the desire to give her daughter a good hard spanking. Among other things. Especially because she’d been even more of a brat ever since she’d been allowed to top Felicity and Nyssa.

Which was actually kind of hilarious, because Iris, Linda, and especially Frost were constantly reminding Mia of her place in the pecking order by fucking her little Ass right in front of Sara, and who knows how many times they did that away from Sara’s gaze. Hell, she wouldn’t be surprised if the little Anal slut was stuffing her own Ass hole full of dildo when no one was watching, especially considering how much she loved it when a real top butt fucked her.

Maybe she left to do just that, because it felt like forever between the moment she disappeared and when Sara finally heard the arrival of many footsteps. Something she would have happily pointed out, if she hadn’t been kind of blow away by the sight of Iris, Linda, Frost, and yes, even Mia walking through that door one by one, all wearing evil smiles, big strap-ons, and nothing else.

And following them were Felicity and Nyssa. Thea and Laurel were close behind them, but Sara barely noticed them. Especially considering Kara, Alex, Lena, Sam, and even Amya and Zari entered the room after them. Oh God, everyone was here! Everyone was going to witness her humiliation.

“Great news, Sara.” Iris beamed, “Everyone’s here.”

“They all came to see you break, and become our bitch.” Frost chimed in, “Mmmmmmmmm, just like you’re little girlfriends.”

“Well, we weren’t here for their breaking, unfortunately.” Lena grinned wickedly.

“But they came to our world, and we just couldn’t resist bottoming to them.” Kara said brightly, and just to make her Sister blush, “Even Alex.”

“So as you can see, whatever was yours, is now ours. Including you.” Mia said boldly, moving forward to remove the gag, and then pushing, “Tell them! Oooooooooooh yeah, tell them all what you told me.”

There was a brief pause, as Sara stared at her rivals for a few long seconds, and then with a deep and calming breath told them, “It’s true. I want to be yours. Your bitch. Oh my God, please fuck me, and make me your bitch. Stuff me! Mmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh, make me your little stuffed Canary, and break me once and for all. If you can.”

That last comment caused Iris to raise an eyebrow briefly, and then she nodded her head, “I suppose that will do, for now. But for that bit of cheek, you can take a spanking… from your little girlfriends. Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, you can take it from your precious Felicity Smoak and Nyssa al Ghul. And you both better give it your all, understand girls?”

“Yes, Mistress Iris.” Nyssa quickly replied.

“Yes, Mistress Iris.” Felicity replied about the same time.

“Good bitches.” Frost chuckled, before handing them each a paddle, “Here, use these.”

“Yes, Mistress Frost. Thank you, Mistress Frost.” Nyssa quickly replied.

“Yes, Mistress Frost. Thank you, Mistress Frost.” Felicity replied about the same time.

It was frustrating. not to just get to the Sex, when it had been so long since Sara had been touched. Hell, the last time she went through this dry spell, it was when she was dead. And she could tell that her girls felt the same way. Oh yes, there were also other things they would rather have done. However, this didn’t stop them from taking those paddles, and then slowly circling their prey, and thus building up the anticipation for everyone involved.

Also, it enhanced the frustration that Sara was feeling. So much so, that she ended up crying out joyfully, just from Nyssa reaching out and grabbing her Ass. Yes, it wasn’t much, but this was something. As was the strike she received right after it, with much the same results.

Of course, the main difference was that her initial cry was soft, whereas this cry was mostly of pure pain. Well, mostly. After everything she’d been through, Sara received some form of satisfaction from being spanked. Especially by one of her girls. And Nyssa al Ghul knew just how to use a paddle.

Hell, there wasn’t a Sex toy out there which Nyssa didn’t expertly know how to wield, pretty much guaranteeing that the Canary would enjoy whatever came next. Plus, Felicity had learned a lot since they had gotten together, and it was just wonderful for the three of them to have fun again, after what had been way too long. Maybe especially in front of an audience, who had such wicked plans for them all.

Felicity had been having more Sex ever since she got together with Sara Lance, more than the rest of her life combined. At least previously, given it doubled again when Nyssa al Ghul joined them, and then again when they started collecting Sex slaves. Now she and Nyssa were the Sex slaves, her Sex life had continued to be frequent and wild, although there was definitely something missing from it.

Namely, Sara. Oh God, Felicity loved Nyssa, and her new owners, but it felt like her life wasn’t complete now unless the Canary was in it. This wasn’t exactly the way she wanted it, but at least this was something. Something she knew that her slutty little girlfriend loved most. And now, both of them did.

It was still kind of surprising to her, just how well the mighty Nyssa al Ghul had adjusted to being a Sex slave. Admittedly, that had to be at least partly because she wanted to keep her girls safe, but Felicity could tell that while she would be too embarrassed to admit it, Nyssa was enjoying being on the bottom on a more regular basis.

The question was, was she happy to stay there? Or was she just buying time, until they were all Free and ready to turn the tables back to what they should be? Because it seemed rather likely that it might be the latter, given how well the Heir to the Demon settled back into being a top, spanking Sara practically every step of the way.

Honestly Felicity wasn’t sure which she truly preferred, other than of course, in that moment to do everything she could to please her precious Sara. And her just as precious Mistresses, which thankfully in that moment, meant doing the same thing. Oh yes, Felicity did her best to keep up with the mighty Nyssa al Ghul, delivering blow after blow onto their girlfriend’s sweet little booty, making those beautiful cheeks jiggle obscenely, and eventually change colour under the force of the blows.

Something which Nyssa made easy for her, by pausing in between each of her strikes, and looking at the hacker expectantly, until she delivered a blow to that superhero booty. At which point the assassin chuckled wickedly of course, and did the same.

Over and over again this process was repeated, causing the mighty Canary to squirm and cry out, especially towards the end when first Nyssa and then Felicity increased the force of their blows. There was also less time in between for Sara to recover, resulting in that well-rounded flesh jiggling even more, and turning a dark angry red.

Something which would have made Felicity feel guilty, if it wasn’t for those cries to be mostly pleasure. Yes, even throughout the brutal butt beating. Which for just about anyone else, would’ve been shocking, but not one of her girls. And especially not this one. No, she knew Sara Lance better than that. Of course, while this reaction wasn’t surprising, it was very, very enjoyable.

Sara wished she was bent over the knee of one of her girlfriends right now, or even a Team Flash member. Hell, it would’ve been preferable to be bending over the knee of one of the broken Sex slaves, her own Sister included, just so that she would be rubbing her needy little Pussy against a firm thigh.

Which was far from her first choice, and it was probably good in the long run she didn’t cum right now, as it meant her eventual Orgasm would be that much more satisfying. However, it felt extremely frustrating to have to endure this exquisite mixture of pain and pleasure without being allowed any satisfaction. Especially given that, again, that it was her precious Felicity and Nyssa doing this to her.

Hell, towards the end of the hellacious butt beating, Sara wondered if she would be able to cum just like this. For better or for worse, a short time later her girlfriends abruptly stopped, leaving her there hanging in defeat. Maybe one of the Doms had made a hand gesture to stop? Although, part of the Canary hoped this was some form of defiance.

Maybe even that Nyssa was about to fight back, and put these bitches back in their place. Now that really would make Sara cum without a more intimate touch. Then all of a sudden, she found herself being unshackled, for the first time in what felt like forever, causing her body to collapse onto the floor.

“Kiss my feet, to show you know your place.” Iris ordered firmly, “Then slowly make your way up to my Pussy, and lick it.”

There was a brief pause, then in exhausted Sara groaned, “Yes, Mistress Iris.”

Which led to a chorus of chuckles from their audience, and then again when the mighty Sara Lance, the first in a long line of female vigilantes, pressed her lips against the reporter’s right foot for a long, slow kiss. It was then of course followed by another, and then another, and then another, Sara going back and forth between those feet, and wallowing in her own humiliation.

Again, this wouldn’t have been her first choice, given how badly she wanted to cum. However, this was something that she could very much respect, given it was a move right out of her playbook. Well, Nyssa’s playbook, but the Canary like to think that she had perfected it. Or maybe Iris had, given she was the one now dominating her. Sure, she had to do more than a little, but the result was the same.

There was also definitely something to be said for all of this, Sara taking a decent amount of satisfaction kissing all over those feet, before making her way up those pretty little legs to her latest prize. In fact, she found herself kind of hoping that Iris would insist she head back down to her feet, and spend longer on them. Worship every part of them, instead of just the top.

However, she wasn’t about to complain, when she came face to face, so to speak, with the Pussy of Iris West. Something which Sara admired for a few long seconds, before finally leaning forward, closing her eyes, sticking out her tongue, and then sliding it over that wet little twat. Which of course, made both of them cry out and moan loudly and happily.

Iris’s cry and moan was unsurprisingly a lot louder, given that she was the one getting her Pussy licked. However it just might be louder than ever before, which was a little surprising. Felicity Smoak and Nyssa al Ghul, had proven to be amazing at this act, especially Felicity, and that was more the case for the fuck toys they had personally trained.

However, they had always insisted that they all paled in comparison to Sara, and now the bitch was proving why. True, initially Sara delivered a long, slow lick, starting out at the bottom and making her way to the top, just like the rest of them. Right down to the way that she lingered on her clit. But then, oh fuck, she really began to show what she could do.

Maybe it was an active defiance, or maybe Sara was essentially licking the right places, at the exact right time, but it was so overwhelming that Iris could barely even think for a few long seconds, let alone talk. Then when she could think again, Iris was left with a difficult decision. Namely, did she order Sara to slow down? Or did she allow the other woman to make her cum hard and fast?

The answer of course, was obvious. Maintaining her dominance was the most important thing right now, and Iris just couldn’t risk it. However, that didn’t mean that it wasn’t very, very tempting. Or that it wasn’t hard to find the ability to actually do something about it. Especially when her body didn’t want her too.

However, eventually Iris managed and whimpered, “Stop that! No, oooooooooooh, you know what I mean, you little bitch. Slow down! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss, slow down just like that. That’s it, mmmmmmmmmmm, lick me, but don’t make me cum. Not yet. Ooooooooooooh fuck, but don’t worry, mmmmmmmmmm, there will be plenty of time for that later. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, there will be plenty of time for you to make me cum later. First, I want you to lick my Pussy nice and slow. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yes, nice and slow. Ah fuck! Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, lick me Sara! Lick my cunt just like your little girlfriends did. Ah fuck yeah, oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK!”

“What’s the matter, Iris?” Frost scolded, “That bitch too much for you?”

That attempt to throw her off her game caused Iris to glare at the infuriating bitch, before turning her attention back to Sara. Don’t get her wrong, she would really Love to put Frost in her place, and probably would have too, sooner or later. But if she was going to do that, she had to come up with the game plan. Like she had with Sara and her girls.

And well, that was going so well, and it was so close to succeeding, so the only way it could fail now, was if Iris did something stupid, like going after another top in the middle of it. Especially as even if she succeeded in topping Frost, the distraction would allow the Canary to escape, or worse, just straight up turn the tables on them.

Luckily Frost didn’t push things too far, and simply allowed Iris to have her moment in peace after that. Or at least for long enough that it didn’t undermine her leadership, or worse, her credibility as a top. Which in turn, just allowed her to relax, at least as much as she could. Under the circumstances, enjoying the feeling of that insanely talented tongue licking her Pussy.

Admittedly, not with the same level of passion as before, if that was the right word for it. But that was a good thing, as it allowed her to enjoy this heavenly treat for that much longer. Hell, for a moment there, Iris would’ve been happy for them to just do this all night long. Of course, her allies would not allow it, especially not the Ice Meta.

Sure enough, inevitably Frost asked, “My turn?”

Iris briefly gave her a look, before pushing Sara away from her, and ordering, “Sure. Sara, go eat my friend’s Pussy.”

Yes, Mistress Iris.” Sara moaned a lot more enthusiastically than before.

Quickly proving she wasn’t the only one, Frost ordered, “Ooooooooooooh yessssssssssss, eat my cunt, you bitch! Eat it good! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, I want Sara Lance to eat my Pussy. Yeahhhhhhhhhh, fuck me right in front of your girlfriends. Oh fuck yeah, OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS, lick me! Lick me fucking good! Sooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooodddddddddd, oh that’s it, ah fuck! Wow! Wow, wow, ooooooooooooh, wow. You really are better than your girlfriends. Ohhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss, mmmmmmmmm, you eat Pussy even better than your precious Felicity and Nyssa, ha ha ha ha!”

Frost strongly felt that she had showed the patience of a saint, all things considered. After all, she was the one with powers, therefore she should always have first dibs on everything. Ever. Hell, she should’ve been the one to give Sara a richly deserved spanking, after what she had done to Caitlin. But no, she had been nice, followed Iris’s plan, and even allowed someone else to have their Pussy licked first. And not for the first time.

That’s how good she was. But somehow, she got patronizing looks for this angelic behaviour. Which made her want to say fuck it, and just freeze everyone. Of course, while that would be momentarily satisfying, it couldn’t compared to the satisfaction she would feel from letting these bitches live, and simply using them for their intended purpose.

Eventually that would be Iris too, who was frantically begging to be put in her place right now. However, as much as Frost was aching to do that, she had enough respect for Sara to give the Canary her full undivided attention. Mostly because she feared that if she didn’t, the first noticeable female vigilante would make her pay for it.

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