Stripper Girlfriend Cuckolds Me Ch. 03 – Fetish

It had been almost a month since I had been inside of Jackie. the wondered of her womanhood and the memory of her sweet pussy was all consuming. I had become obsessed and worshipful, and I ached to feel her.

I thought how much of her withholding and denial was psychological (because she certainly knew what I wanted) and how much of it was simply because she had no use for my little thing anymore. Ever since she had started hanging out with the DJ from the club I knew that she had been getting piped by at least a couple of guys who hung around him and the club. while I believed her when she would reject me because she said she was too sore, I had also begun to realize the likelihood that her pussy was just not mine anymore. But still I eagerly and dutifully ate her out as often as she would let me, often while she recounted details of her trysts.

I craved so intensely intimacy with her and release, that i took whatever I could get. Sometimes she would tease me to orgasm with her slender hands. Mostly she would lie prone on her belly on the bed after a long shift, her slutty ass and used pussy presented for me to lick clean. her dainty feet, sore from dancing, would be pursed together while I ate her out from behind; I often ended up sliding my erection between her soles and bringing myself to orgasm between her feet, jamming my hardon into the mattress as I came. This new dynamic was humiliating, and though while I missed the pure physical Bliss of intercourse I was far more turned on by this lowly form of gratification.

Our rapid descent into cuckolding and denial was thrilling and frightening. Hanging over my head was the fear that she had told her girlfriends or to a lesser extent maybe just her coworkers about our perverted arrangements. What would her friends think of me if they knew that we had a one-way open relationship? That I was some sort of submissive boyfriend who eagerly went down on her after she messed around with other guys?

I now spent my nights alone while Jackie was at work smoking pot and teasing myself to very graphic and intense cuckold porn. I soothed my anxieties about what she was doing at the club or afterwards by watching videos of curvy white girls twerking for black men, worshiping and pleasuring them like I worshiped her. The videos I watched women would sitting on the faces of these pathetic cuckolds, having just been creampied by alpha black men, and take intense pleasure as there sexually inferior boyfriends would lick their dirty pussies clean. I knew now that this was my role and I wanked myself raw knowing that this was my reality. Jackie meanwhile had started spending the night at Manny’s house, just a short drive from the club and deep in the hood.

She at all times Ubered home, now flush with cash from dancing, coming back early next morning. One morning she caught me masturbating in bed and climbed in next to me while we both watched the glow of the laptop screen in the darkness of the early dawn. she stank of weed and her body radiated sex. Naturally I tried to touch her but she was not very enthusiastic, claiming to be too sore.

“Why don’t you just jack off? I’m way too tired. Do you mind if I just watch?”

For some reason I was embarrassed about the content of the videos I had been watching even though I had done the most depraved and submissive things to her. But on the other hand I got a strange thrill from the idea of exhibiting all of my perversity.

“Sure” I said, “just don’t judge me.”

“It’s nothing I haven’t seen before,” she said “or that you haven’t done I bet.”

With that I played a video of a young white cuckold couple in a hotel room with several black guys. Jackie idley traced her fake nails up and down the soft mound of her slutty pussy, leaving trails in the fabric of her panties. I tried to pace myself as we both watched these thugs pound the shit out of this little white girl while the boyfriend in the video did exactly the same as I was doing. When the video came to a close and the wimpy boyfriend was smothered by his girlfriend’s cream filled pussy, jackie had started to rub her clit faster and faster and I was also approaching.

In the video one of the black guys presented his heavy flacculid dick covered in the girlfriends on cream to the cuckold boyfriend, joking that he should get it straight from the source, and that this would be his sex life from now on.

I could hear Jackie moan and gasp as she teased herself frantically, obviously responding to this act of intense humiliation. As the black guy in the video fucked the boyfriend’s mouth while he cried, Jackie came hard in the palm of her hand.

“That’s so fucking hot,” she said in a surprising tone.

“I bet that boyfriend doesn’t get to have sex with her at all!”

I laughed nervously. I haven’t come yet and I was in the throes of dirty talk.

“Well yeah, why would she even want her boyfriend’s little dick after having a big one like that?” I was rubbing my dick slowly and on edge.

Jackie took her hand wet with her own cumbrought it to my face for me to lick. which I did really greedily.

“I bet she couldn’t even feel his little thing after having sex with a real man like that,” she said teasingly. I was very close and her words were pushing me over the edge.

The video had long since stopped. I clicked on another which featured a white girl and her cuckold boyfriend 69ing while on black man fucked her doggy style, his gigantic cock making the girl scream and come, so much so that she was barely paying any attention to her boyfriend’s little erection.

“I bet you’d like to do that huh?” Jackie was now whispering in my ear. “I bet you’d love to keep being my little clean up boy. and I’d never let you put your little thing inside of me ever again.”

I was so close and turned on I eagerly agreed with her torturous words. “yes,” I said breathlessly breathlessly. “I don’t deserve to be inside you ever again. You don’t ever have to let my little thing in you ever again,” the words sent a jolt through me.

“Say you’re sorry.” she whispered.

“I’m sorry…?” I said uncertainly

“Say you’re sorry for having such a tiny little penis.”

I shuddered and nearly came right then.

“I’m sorry for having such a small penis,”

“Say you’re giving up my pussy,”

“I’m giving up your pussy!”

“Now beg me beg me to let you eat a real man’s cum out of me.”

She grabbed my balls and caressed them, whispering into my ear.

“Say you’ll suck a cock if i want you to.”

I didn’t even hear myself say the words out loud as I came so hard squirting several feet up into the air.

Jackie laughed as she slapped my balls, milking me lovingly. The pain from her smacking my balls stopped my orgasm suddenly though I kept squirting.

part two: mannys house

Jackie had started getting ready for work a little earlier than typical, her standard uniform of slutty clubwear having been laundered by yours truly. I overheard her on the phone chatting with a friend as she did her makeup. I was confused because it sounded like she was making plans.

“Um yeah you can head over anytime and pick me up”.

“My boyfriend will pick me up later.

yeah of course he does.” then laughter. “You have nothing to worry about there, trust me.”

I asked Jackie if I was dropping her off at work, but she just smiled.

“So I’m actually going to Manny’s house tonight… they’re having a party I guess. I’ll probably want to leave soon. You can keep yourself entertained while I’m gone? and maybe pick me up later?”

i knew she was gonna go get fucked by this gross DJ and his friends and I felt a little uneasy.

“Are you going to be okay there? I mean do you know if you can trust these guys they’re kind of…”

“Kind of what?” she looked at me sarcastically as she pulled her lacy panties up over her plump pussy.

“I don’t know they dress like maybe they’re into some harder drugs or something.”

“That’s kind of racist don’t you think?” she shot back. She pulled the panties up into her ass and her big white butt jiggled. She stepped into a mini skirt that she wore at the club. Her crotch and panties were entirely visible because of how short it was.

“I guess so, I’m sorry,” I tried to hide my growing erection as i saw her outfit.

“It’s not like they’re gangsters or anything, they’re DJs,”

she finished putting on her makeup and then sat on the edge of the bed.

“Are you going to help me get ready?” she asked, grinning.

“What do you mean?” I said genuinely confused.

She spread her legs hiking up her skirt and exposing her creamy thighs and her tight panties. She pulled the panties to the side, exposing her plump pussy.

She pointed to her hairless pink pussy. “You know…” she said. “Get me ready for them. Like in all the videos you watch? You can be like a fluffer haha.”

I immediately dropped to my knees and crawlee between her legs, grateful for the opportunity to taste her and instantly aroused. I started to eat her out slowly burying myself in her scent.

she moaned and ran her fingers through my hair. “That’s right,” she cooed.

“Get me ready for them, get me nice and wet.”

I lapped at her sex hungrily for what felt like several minutes before there was a loud forceful knock at the door. She pushed me away and stood up pulling her skirt down and said excitedly, “Sounds like my date is here!”

I stood up and followed her to the door unsure of what to do.

She opened the door and Manny stood there smoking a cigarette. He was a fair bit taller than me, and wore basketball shorts and a wife beater with some bling. He held out his hand and Jackie took it, with Manny completely ignoring me.

“I’ll call you later to pick me up sweetie. Manny is going to introduce me to some of his friends tonight. Thanks again for helping me to get ready.” she smirked and they left closing the door behind them.

The next several hours were torture. I tried to occupy my mind by doing homework or watching Netflix but nothing could distract me from imagining what was going on at Manny’s place. I had stopped asking long ago whether Jackie was using protection, instead finding out when I went down on her. Even though I understood the dangers of her promiscuity I couldn’t help but be thrilled to discover some leftovers inside of her, and I idly fantasized about the state she would be in when I picked her up later. I also consoled myself by thinking that no matter what she caught, it was unlikely that I would get it just by eating her out. If we weren’t having sex, I guess I didn’t care what kinda rachet ass ghetto punk came in her.

At around midnight my phone buzzed with a text. from a number I didn’t recognize.

# hey baby can u come pick me up

# i can not discover my phone so i can not Uber

# I’m using Manny’s phone

I texted back eagerly,

# ofc baby send me the address

a few minutes passed, with a pin dropped at on address by the club.

I jumped in the car and speed to the address checking my phone frequently on the way

#love u bby

I pulled up to the house and parked on the street, approaching nervously. I knocked and heard voices inside, and someone yelled “it’s open!”

I walked inside and was hit with the smell of weed, and saw red Solo cups empty liquor bottles and bongs strewn around. The place was a mess and looked like a crack house. On the couch was a young black guy who looked either half asleep or high out of his mind.

“You must be the boyfriend” he said looking me up and down. “Real cool of you letting your girl hang out.”

I chuckled nervously and wasn’t sure what to say. “Yeah no problem you’re welcome I guess,” I didn’t want to meet his gaze.

“I’m here to pick Jackie up?” I said softly.

He motioned toward the hallway. “Bedroom is back there on the left.” he flashed a bright white smile. “I don’t think she done yet.” I chuckled nervously and watched him grab a lump in his shorts. “Your girl feels good as fuck.” I blushed and started towards the hallway awkwardly. “Um, thanks.”

Walking down the hallway, I was hearing the rising sound of rap music as I approached the back bedroom. On the dingy carpeted floor I saw a used condom. My heart began to pound as I heard the unmistakable slap slap slap of flesh and Jackie’s hard grunting moans mixed in with other voices.

I opened the door and looked inside, knowing exactly what to expect. Jackie was on a bed, actually just a bare mattress, bent over with her gorgeous fat white ass being pummeled by a ripped black guy. Nobody acknowledged me at first as I stood in the doorway with my mouth hanging open.

I recognize the guy as Manny’s friend Dre. He was fucking Jackie hard into the bed sending ripples through her plump ass. Dre started to grunt frantically while Jackie let loose everal high-pitched noises and I could barely make out some words muffled by her face in the mattress. “Cum in me,” I heard my girlfriend whine. “Cum in me please, please cum in me.”

Dre grianed and bottomed out inside of her grunting and bucking against her fat ass and grinding her in the mattress. After a moment he rolled off of her, his long fat black cock slipping out of her and leaving a long sticky trail of cum. He let out an exasperated sigh and then his gaze meet mine.

“Oh shit, Manny you weren’t kidding. This guy really came over to watch, huh?”

it was then that I noticed Manny in the doorway of the adjoining bathroom on the other side of the bedroom. He was wearing nothing but a wife beater and his fat dark dick was half hard. I felt a sharp pain of shame as my own penis was less than half the size of theirs.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, I can leave,” I said quickly. “I usually wait in the car.”

“No it’s okay, you’re right on time,” said Manny.

“I don’t do sloppy seconds.” The words hung in the air as he stroked his fat dark cock. I couldn’t think with the rap music blasting on the TV.

Jackie had rolled over and spread eagle on the bed and called out to me.

“Baby,” she said drunkenly.

“Please help clean me up, or else Manny won’t fuck me,” she was more than drunk. Her eyes were glazed over. Her pussy was swollen and wet.

“You want my dick don’t you bitch?” he said grasping at the base and swinging it around like a club.

“Please,” she moaned.

Dre meanwhile was still laying on the bed, his own fat cock draped over one leg, still twice the size of mine even while soft.

“Is this bitch serious? Are you serious? Man, you going to go down on your girl after I turned her I like that? Man you know I don’t fuck with no rubbers, right?”

I felt Frozen, filled with shame and uncertain what to do.

“There ain’t no way you going to do that, that shit is fucked up,” Dre said in utter disbelief.

Jackie cooee sweetly, “Come here baby and show them how much you love me,”. Her fishnets were torn and the mattress was soaked.

I walked to the edge of the bare mattress which was soaked with sweat. Without saying a word I got down on my knees and started to eat her dirty pussy in front of the other guys.

“This white boy bitch eating my nut!” Dre said in disbelief.

“I just came in that pussy and this bitch licking it up!

I was rock hard knowing they were watching.

I tried my best to get all of his cum but he had finished inside of her really deep. Jackie pushed my head away and told me to lay down on the bed, which I did. Dre scooted away to the other end of the bed as Jackie swung her leg over and sat on my face. We were in 69. She could have sucked my dick but chose not to. As Jackie smothered me I fought for breath and jammed my tongue as deep into her pussy as I could, eating more of Dre’s cum out right in front of him.

I saw Dre behind me as I tilted my head back, rubbing his dick. It was wet with Jackie’s cum.

“How my nut taste white boy,” he jeered as Jackie rode my face until no more of him leaked out of her. She let up a bit as I gasped for breath. From my point of view beneath her I realized that Manny wasn’t waiting long, and before I knew it his fat and Brown dick was a half an inch away from my face pressing against my girlfriend’s wet pussy sliding into her. He was fucking her doggy while we were in 69. The rap music was so loud but I could hear voices in the hallway and the room.

I was so hard in my jeans it hurt but when I went to reach down and touch myself Jackie grabbed my hand and pinned it to the mattress. Manny’s balls dragged against my forehead and smacked me several times as I watched Jackie’s creamy Goo accumulate on his dark cock. I poked the tip of my tongue out in order to lick her clit and she responded by throwing her ass back at Manny even more while simultaneously grinding her pussy into my face.

Manny’s pace quickened and I could see his dick making my girlfriend come right in front of me. I could tell he was close because his thrusts became irregular and frantic. Jackie groaned and called out his name in a low wine “Maaannny”.

And suddenly she arched forward pulling away from him and causing his dick to slip out of her pussy. His thrust pressed against her clit and before I knew it the hot wet head of his dick was pressing against my tongue and sliding into my mouth.

Jackie giggled and shook her ass around, and without her smothering me I could see the light from Dre’s phone camera was on. He was either recording or taking a Snapchat and his face was showing disbelief. Manny didn’t let up and pumped his dick a few times into my mouth while I gaggee and tried to object. Jackie waved back at Dre’s camera. She said, “Take it, bitch.”

Having Manny’s dick in my mouth was strange but felt kind of natural. The head of his dick was soft but hard at the same time and felt almost like having a big mushroom or egg feeding me down to my throat. The next thing I knew he was grabbing the base of his cock and squeezing as he groaned and for the first time I felt a man having an orgasm in my mouth.

Jackie giggled delightedly and Dre said “Holy shit this white suburb bitch just ate this dude, after he fucked his girlfriend,”

I could taste Jackie’s pussy on Manny’s fat cock as he nutted hard in my mouth fucking and grunting and squeezing the last little squirts of cum.

Jackie brought her hand down to my crotch and rubbed me roughly through my pants while I swallowed all of Manny’s cum in a big gulp.

“That’s it baby take it like a bitch,” she said breathlessly and she milked me to my own orgasm inside my pants.

Manny backed up pulling his heavy cock from my mouth and dragging it across my face. I coughed a little as I swallowed the last little bits of his cum. The light on Dre’s phone switched off as he stopped recording. “Holy shit that was fucked up,” he said. I could see his half hard, huge black cock resting in his hand.

Jackie laughed and reached over to stroke Dre’s thigh.

“I told Manny what a little bitch he is and many didn’t believe me!” she bit her lip and idly played with Dre’s jet black dick. “You know he does that every time after you fuck me? I discover him in bed playing with his little dick when I get home full of your nut. I sit on his face and make him eat it all out of me.. I don’t even let him fuck me anymore.”

“Damn you like eating my cum, huh white boy?” Dre chuckled.

I didn’t answer Jackie pinched me hard. “Well?” she asked in a half joking serious voice.

“Um, yes I do,”

his cock was half hard now as Jackie stroked it back to life. “He’d full on suck you off if i told him to.”

Dre grabbed his cock and shook it at me, grinning.

“You wanna suck this big black cock white boy?”

I couldn’t help but say yes, softly.

“Yeah well too bad. Maybe one day if your girlfriend’s too busy and I need to bust a nut I’ll fuck your bitch mouth, but not right now.”

Manny and Dre both threw on some boxers and got dressed while I got off the bed and tried to hide the big wet spot from where I’d come in my pants. Jackie looked around and then giggled, “I guess they sort of tore my dress aside baby, but whatever it’s pretty late no one will see me.”

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