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Revised Story:

“With all due respect, you want me to do what?!” Ashley’s shock was palpable, but she couldn’t deny the thrill that coursed through her body. She discretely pinched her forearm, a jolt of electricity confirming that this was indeed real.

Admiral Hackett remained stoic, unfazed by Ashley’s outburst. “We’ve been trying to keep it under wraps, but the Alliance is in shambles,” he explained. “Recent events have left us in ruins. We’ve lost numerous colonies, Commander Shepard is working alongside a terrorist organization, and a Mass Relay has been destroyed, obliterating a Batarian planet. Earth governments are slashing our funds.”

Unsure of whether to be furious or flattered, Ashley blushed slightly and questioned, “So, you’re suggesting an…erotic cam show? And you want me to be a part of it?”

Admiral Anderson began to answer, but quickly caught himself. Calling his subordinate hot within earshot of his superior would surely have consequences. “Because you’re… dedicated and trustworthy,” he finally responded, carefully choosing his words. “Our test results showed that you had the best response.”

Ashley sighed, her anger subsiding slightly in the wake of flattery. She straightened up, saluting. “Sir, yes, sir!” she shouted officially. “I’ll do it. By the way, what’s the name of the show?”

Admiral Hackett gave a small smile. “Battle Tits.”

Ashley strolled through her room in the Alliance complex, a constant smile gracing her lips as she hummed a happy tune. Today marked the day of her next stream, and the excitement she felt was evident. It had been three months since ‘Battle Tits’ launched, and Ashley fondly reminisced about the disastrous first show. She had completely lost her temper due to mean comments from trolls in the audience, causing the stream to be abruptly halted to prevent irreparable damage.

But that was all in the past. Ashley had sought help from an external consultant, successfully overcoming her temper and turning her show into a enormous hit. Not only did the audience love it, but she discovered a newfound enjoyment in the attention and exploration of her own sensuality. Her quarter had transformed into a fully- equipped studio, complete with multiple cameras, microphones, and strategically placed lights that captured her from numerous angles.

With only five minutes left until the show began, Ashley made her final preparations. She meticulously checked her reflection in a large mirror, making sure she looked flawless from every angle. Satisfied with her appearance, she made last-minute adjustments to her hair, makeup, and outfit. Glancing at the clock, she took her seat in the gaming chair and initiated the stream.

“Hello, Battle Titters!” she exclaimed, beaming at the camera. The term ‘Battle Titters,’ coined by one of her viewers, had stuck, and Ashley embraced it wholeheartedly.

Instantly, the chat exploded with a flurry of “hellos” and greetings. Many viewers had been eagerly anticipating Ashley’s arrival and had logged in well in advance. A few had even sent small tips, but they were all waiting for the real show to start.

“For those who are new here, I’m Ashley Williams, or Ash for short, and I’m an Alliance soldier,” she introduced herself, proudly displaying her ID in front of the camera. Despite the doubts surrounding her military service, Ashley was determined to prove them wrong. “My show is sponsored by the Alliance, and all funds I collect go directly to our brave men and women in blue.”

The chat erupted once more. More tips poured in, accompanied by messages of support for the Alliance. Amidst the sea of positive comments, there were a few disparaging remarks, but Ashley had developed a thick skin and knew how to dismiss them. Instead, she focused on the positive messages, such as “You’re too hot to be a soldier!” and “I’d gladly have you on my side in battle!”

“We still have a few stragglers, so let’s chat a bit,” Ashley purred. “How do you all like my hair today?” Her messy bun hairstyle was a surprise she had prepared, and she eagerly awaited the viewers’ reactions.

The chat overflowed with compliments, alongside a handful of opinions on her hair. Even those who preferred a different hairstyle were overwhelmingly respectful, and Ashley appreciated the engagement.

Soon, questions began flooding the chat, and Ashley decided to address a few of them. She playfully answered inquiries about her rank, favorite weapons, and personal life. The viewers soaked up every detail, willing to learn more about the woman behind the cam.

As the playful banter continued, Ashley sensed the growing impatience in the chat. She felt the same anticipation, craving the playful intimacy she had been eagerly awaiting all day.

“Alright, Titters, I have a surprise for you!” she declared, rising from her chair and moving to the center of the room, ensuring her entire figure was visible. “How do you like my outfit?”

The chat exploded once again. Messages, emojis, and tips streamed in from all directions, and Ashley couldn’t help but grin. The outfit had achieved the desired effect.

Dressed in an Alliance-themed cheerleader costume, Ashley’s toned midriff was on display, while the short skirt showcased her long, muscular legs. The innocent-yet-sexy look, combined with her double buns, captivated everyone’s attention.

The chat overwhelmingly agreed. Compliments poured in, overshadowing the few negative comments. Messages like “She clearly stays fit!” and “You could bounce a coin off that belly!” flooded the chat. Ashley’s heart swelled at the appreciation.

Laughing, she twirled around, allowing the viewers to catch tantalizing glimpses of her outfit from every angle. The most astute observers even managed to steal a glance at her shapely bottom, eagerly sharing their discoveries.

“I can see you all love it, thank you!” Ashley exclaimed as she returned to her chair. “And the best part? You can buy it at enet://! The link’s in my bio, and all funds go directly to the Alliance!”

The chat exploded once again, with viewers ecstatic at the opportunity to own the same outfit. Messages like “I’m definitely buying one for my girlfriend!” and “I know what I’m wearing to surprise my boyfriend” flooded the screen. Amongst the excitement, one opinion stood out: “Screw my girlfriend, I’m buying one for myself!”

As Ashley read through the comments, a mischievous smirk graced her lips. “The outfit’s fantastic, but what lies beneath it?” someone inquired.

“Well,” she murmured, leaning closer to the camera, “I guess you’ll just have to stick around and find out.”

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