Steamy Seduction: A Forbidden Affair in the Shower

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As soon as Mark saw her standing in the doorway in a white sheer robe, hair damp from the shower, his heart began to race. He had all the time known that she was gorgeous, but tonight, she looked absolutely stunning. He hesitated but a moment before crossing the room to her, running a hand through her still-drying locks.

“I wasn’t expecting anyone,” she murmured, a hint of confusion in her voice.

“I know,” he breathed, cupping her face in his hands and lifting it towards his. “But I couldn’t stay away any longer.”

He kissed her then, deeply and without restraint. For a moment, she fought against it, but the heat of his passion melted her resistance away. Soon, she was returning his kisses with a fierce need of her own, her fingers tangling in his hair as he pressed her up against the wall.

Without breaking the kiss, Mark began to work the robe off her shoulders, his hands caressing her skin through the sheer fabric. His lips trailed down her neck, nibbling at her earlobe before whispering in her ear.

“Let’s take this to the shower,” he suggested, and without a word, she took his hand and led him into the bathroom.

Once inside, they ignored the towels and clothes scattered around the room, their attention focused solely on each other. The roar of the water drowned out any other sound as Mark turned the shower on, adjusting the temperature until it was just right.

Pulling her close, he began to unfasten her robe, revealing a lacy bralette and matching panties beneath. He took his time, savoring the feel of her skin under his fingertips as he stripped her down, never breaking eye contact.

When she stood before him completely naked, he didn’t have to ask for permission to touch her; she was already reaching for the hem of his shirt, pulling it over his head in one swift motion. He groaned as her hands trailed down his chest, undoing the button on his jeans and sliding the zipper down with ease.

Without a word, she knelt before him, her lips trailing a path across his skin until she reached the waistband of his boxers. With a wicked grin, she tugged them down, freeing his rock-hard erection from its confinement.

He leaned his head back against the wall, his eyes closing in ecstasy as she took him into her mouth. Her tongue flicked across the head of his cock, causing him to shudder, and he couldn’t help but moan her name.

But he couldn’t let her have all the fun. Reaching down, he lifted her up and positioned her under the spray of the shower, his hands firmly grasping her hips. He didn’t waste any time, plunging into her with a single, swift thrust.

A startled gasp escaped her lips as he filled her completely, his weight pinning her against the cold tiles of the shower. But the discomfort soon gave way to intense pleasure as he began to thrust in and out of her with a controlled, steady rhythm.

With each stroke, she moaned his name, her nails digging into his shoulders. His lips trailed over her neck and breasts, drinking in the sight and feel of her naked body under his.

As the intensity of their lovemaking built, he reached down between them and began to rub her clit with his thumb. At the sensation, she tensed, her body writhing under his touch.

“Come for me,” he whispered in her ear.

And with a shuddering cry, she did. Her inner walls clenching around him brought him over the edge too, and with one final thrust, he emptied himself inside her.

For a moment, they stood there, catching their breath, their bodies still entwined. When he finally pulled away, he drew her into a gentle embrace, his lips trailing over her shoulder.

“I shouldn’t have come here,” he murmured, regret lacing his voice.

“Why not?” she asked, looking up at him with a hint of suspicion.

“Because we can’t keep doing this,” he admitted. “It’s not fair to you or your husband.”

“I know,” she said quietly. “But I can’t seem to stay away from you.”

Their eyes met, and in that moment, they both knew that their steamy seduction was not over. But for now, they were content to stay in each other’s arms, enjoying the warmth of the steam and the sanctuary of the shower.

As they kissed again, each vowed to keep coming back, if only for just a little while. Even if it meant breaking the rules, and indulging in the forbidden fruit of their affair.

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