Steaming Seduction: A Sensual Shower Encounter

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The sound of the water running from the showerhead echoed through the bathroom. Steam began to fill the air as Clara stood under the scalding water, her body arching in pleasure. She relished in the sensation, feeling the heat burning her skin, her muscles beginning to relax with the stresses of the day starting to lift away. As a successful businesswoman, Clara rarely had moments of escapism – but her bathroom was her sanctuary.

As she reached for the shampoo and started to lather it in her hair, she let out a throaty moan. She tilted her head back, letting the water run down her face, the suds from the shampoo cascading down her breasts and over her nipples. Her hands trailed down to her own body, cupping her breasts, playing with her nipples as her other hand travelled down to her core, where it found her already wet and wanting.

Lost in the moment, Clara didn’t realise she was no longer alone in her bathroom. But as she heard the shower door open and footsteps approaching, her eyes snapped open, her heart racing. Her hand immediately shot back up to cover her breasts, and a breathless gasp escaped her lips.

She didn’t have to turn around to know who was there – her boyfriend, Marcus, had promised to surprise her with a night in. She gently turned around, her eyes transfixed on Marcus’ chiselled, bronzed body. Clara could feel her entire body start to simmer as he stepped inside the shower, the hot water cascading over his skin.

Their eyes met, and the electricity between them was palpable. Without a word, Marcus took the sponge from Clara’s hand, lathered it with shower gel and began washing her back, all the while planting kisses from her neck down to her spine. Clara let out an involuntary moan, the sensation sending shivers through her body.

“I want you,” Marcus whispered huskily into her ear, his hands slipping around to her breasts. He gently began kneading them, then plucking on her nipples until they were hard, Clara arching into his touch, her own need swelling.

As his tongue circled her earlobe, Marcus slowly lowered his hand south, running his fingers down Clara’s waist and down to her drenched, hot core. He paused there, his fingers circling her clit slowly, teasing her until she was gasping for him.

He stepped up behind her, his hands sliding down her hips, pulling her flush against his own achingly hard body. His left hand travelled around to her soaked sex, his fingers parting her folds before slowly and surely entering her hot, velvet channel.

The sensation was exquisite, Clara bucking against him, his fingers driving her higher and higher until she was almost at the brink of her release. Marcus pulled his fingers out of her and without any warning, he started applying his full length onto her from behind.

The hot water cascaded over their bodies, as they moved together in a slow, sensual sway, every movement building up further lust and burning desire between them, their moans becoming louder and more demanding.

“Take me!” Clara cried out, her voice echoing through the steam-filled room. Marcus’ determined thrusts grew more powerful, his hands gripping onto her hips as they reached ecstasy together. Clara could do nothing but ride the wave of euphoria, sensations flooding her body as she reveled in the afterglow.

The two of them stood, holding each other under the hot water, their breathing eventually calming as they just basked in the aftermath. Clara rested her head on Marcus’ chest, feeling his heartbeat against her ear.

“That was incredible,” she finally whispered.

“Only the start,” Marcus replied, his lips finding hers in a hungry, passionate kiss. He lifted her up and wrapped her legs around him, their bodies melding together once again as they continued their steamy shower encounter.

As they stayed in their steamy cocoon until well past midnight, Clara knew this was only the beginning of exploring the full extent of her and Marcus’ passion for each other.

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