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In the DC Universe (DCU), Harley Quinn was at one point almost obsessed with Power Girl, even going so far as to have an outfit similar to hers. Harley eventually “moved on”, as a crazy is wont to do. But what if Harley had taken a slightly different tact? What if she’d played a slightly longer game in that regard?

‘Heroes will do as heroes will do, villains will too’, wondered Quinn. She wasn’t really sure what this particular villains plans were. In truth she didn’t care much, she knew that Power Girl would be among the Justice League members here to stop him. Where she was, Harley would be too. If one were to ask where her Power Girl obsession had come from, Harley wouldn’t be able to tell you. Like most things it was probably on a whim. Thinking things through was never her strong suit.


For her part, Power Girl didn’t think much of it at first. She was initially wary of Quinn, after all she was the Jokers significant other for quite some time. There were reports that once she broke away from him, that she’d shacked up with Poison Ivy, those were unverified. Still, Quinn did help more then be a hindrance. Dealing with henchmen was beyond annoying, and Quinn is limber.


For her part Quinn couldn’t help but look in Power Girls direction whenever the opportunity presented itself. The way she moved, the way she bent over… ESPECIALLY the way she bent over. The big tits that everyone who saw Power Girl, both men a more then a few women, including her, wanted to get their hands… and mouths, and pretty much any other part Quinn could think of, ON.

She could feel eyes on her as she was doing her last bit of checks of the area. Looking to see Quinn staring back at her and giving her a slight smile, making her blush for some reason. Part of her screamed “escape”. Another part though was curious. Just what did Harley Quinn want? Boy was she in for a surprise.


Power Girl was finishing up, it was now or never. Turning to her, Quinn said “Pee Gee… stay with me tonight.”

Eyes wide in shock, Power Girl turned Quinns way, her mouth opening and closing like a fish. Quinn repeated her words, slowly walking toward the buxom heroine, making certain to not take her eyes off hers. Power Girl, for her part regained her senses just long enough to try and say something. When she did, Harley Quinn repeated the sentence, not allowing her to get so much as one word in, all while continuing to get closer to Power Girl. Each time Power Girl tried saying something to deny Quinn, she’d simply repeat her request, slower and with slightly more emphasis then the time before. Finally, Quinn stood, no more then a foot away from her soon to be lover. Not taking her eyes off of Power Girls, once again, repeating that sentence. This time Power Girls response was a nod. The “yes” was barely perceptible at first, it was enough to make Quinn smile and make happy excited noises.

Quinn had overcome the first hurdle. Hugging the super heroine, she continually made happy noises. The next was to get the buxom beauty into her bed. “You’ve made me a very happy woman.” Leaning back and looking into Power Girls eyes again, “And soon I’m going to make you a very orgasmic woman”. Rubbing her nose against Power Girls own, “We’re going to my place, and you’re going to take me.”

With Quinn in her arms, like a bridal carry the duo flew above the city scape. Quinn pointing out the route as best she could. Every so often she’d glace at the super heroine and made sure Power Girl knew it. For her own part Power Girl blushed each time.

The sun was starting to set by the time they arrived at Quinns place, Power Girl set her down, Quinn spun like a top with her arms outstretched. “Not much I know, and it’s kinda a mess, but it’s mine.” Power Girl looked around nervously, “Don’t worry about anyone interrupting us, my babies are really good guard dogs… er hyenas.” Seeing the way the buxom beauty was looking around, Quinn took her hands in her own, “I know you’re nervous, maybe even scared.” Quinn slowly took off her soon to be lovers gloves, again taking her hands in her own, and looking into blue eyes that mirrored her own. “I can feel your hands shaking. Do what comes naturally, simple as that.”

“That’s not so simple for me, I can cripple you… or worse.”

Quinn, feeling she might be losing her, wasn’t about to blow this opportunity, not when Power Girl was right in front of her, just a few steps from her bed. On impulse, Harley kissed Power Girl. It was quick, just long enough to distract her.

Afraid she might say something stupid, Quinn chose not to say anything. Instead she took Power Girls hands in her own and had the buxom babe sit on the edge of her mess of a bed. Kneeling, Harley took off Power Girls boots, tossing them apart. Then worked on the clasp that held the heroines cape, adding that to the pile. Then came the part that Quinn was waiting on. Before she could reach the zipper Power Girls hands grasped her wrists, “I want to see you.” It was Harleys turn to be surprised, but the blush on her soon to be lovers face was sincere. Standing up, Harley started taking off her outfit, making sure to bend and twist to show her fellow blonde just how limber she was.


Power Girl wasn’t sure what made her say what she did. But Quinns look, and the way she slowly took off her own outfit for Power Girls viewing pleasure made her feel special. Now naked, Harley kneeled before her again and met no resistance when she reached for the zipper of Power girls uniform. Pulling it down, finally seeing the objects of her desire. Power Girls tits were said to be big, but seeing them in the flesh made Quinn practically drool. “They’re beautiful Pee Gee, just like the woman they’re attached to.” Quinn then removed the rest of her outfit, getting another surprise.

Power Girl was shaved bald down there.

Power Girl lay back as Quinn crawled up. Both now on the bed face to face, Harley ran her hands down Power girls sides, kissing her on the nose tip, then kissing her lover for real. Power Girl reciprocated, careful not to apply too much pressure.

Maneuvering her buxom lover onto her back, Quinn licked at the bridge of Power girls nose. Quinn grabbed her breasts, feeling how soft and big they are. Slowly going lower, her tongue tip leaving a trail. They kissed, Quinns tongue briefly dueling with hers. She continued her trek downward, her tongue tip grazing the underside of Power Girls chin, down her neck, to her collar bone. Finally face to tits, she admired the twin orbs that oh so MANY men, and some women too, lusted over. Squeezing them together, she brought her face down trying to suck both of Power Girls nipples into her mouth at the same time. Power Girl grasped at Quinns forearms, but made no move to stop or push her away, sighing all the while. After sucking the nipples Harley traced the flat of her tongue around the areola of one, going between the right and left one in a figure eight pattern. Then she went down again, licking the underside of her blonde lovers boobs. Going back up, she tried sucking her lovers entire left tit into her mouth. Letting it go with a pop, she went to the right one, repeating the process, not really succeeding. “Like that?” she asked with a naughty smile.

Power Girls response was a dazed,”mmm hmm.”

Working her way downward again, Quinn extended her tongue once more, her tongue tip leaving a small saliva trail between Power girls breasts. Working her way down to the navel Quinn jabbed her tongue in, then traced a circle around its rim before continuing her downward trek.

Anticipating what was about to happen, Power Girl spread her legs. She saw Quinns head work its way down, felt the saliva of her lover working ever lower. She felt Quinns fingers spreading her lower lips, almost coming off the bed when Harley blew INTO her pussy. Once she felt her tongue, it was all she could do to keep from wrapping her legs around her lovers head, afraid that she’d injure her (at best). She alternatively gasped and moaned as Quinns tongue masterfully worked her over.

For her own part Quinn was having the time of her life. Once face to cunt with Power Girls pussy, she blew into it as she considered all the cocks that either entered it or wanted to. She loved hearing Power Girls “love song” as she gave the buxom beauty a tongue lashing. A part in the back of her mind wondered about what Power Girl had said earlier. That same part though was turned on my the premise; it wasn’t as if she didn’t have previous lovers who could kill her. Power Girl was simply more up front about it. Quinn swirled her tongue around in a circle, working the rim of Power Girls pussy, working her way to the center of her womanhood. She then stabbed her tongue as far as it could go into the heroines pussy, mimicking a cock as best she could. She worked on her buxom lovers sex for who knows how long, giving her what she hoped was a series of orgasms, until finally she heard, “Harley.” Looking up, she saw Power girl gazing back down at her from between those mountain ranges, “Let me tongue you.” Quinn said nothing, just smiled, crawled up, and put her legs on either side of Power Girl’s face, lowering her pussy down.

Contrary to famous belief, Harley Quinn does actually have some tint to her skin, it was faint but it was there. Power Girl could now attest to that personally. Looking up at Quinn as she put her legs on either side of her head, she looked at her lovers femininity, never expecting to be this close to another woman, let alone one who had such as storied history as Harley Quinn.

Power Girl grasped Quinns lower legs and extended her tongue as she brought her head up. She gave a tentative lick of her lovers quim. Harleys reaction making her bolder. Up and down her tongue went, over and over. She felt, rather then saw, her nearly albino lover reach back to feel at one of her boobs, a testament to how limber Harley Quinn was. As Power Girl worked on Quinns lower regions, Harley, in turn, reached back and rolled one of Power Girls breasts in the palm of her hand. In an imitation of what Quinn had done to her earlier, Power Girl jabbed her own tongue as deep into her as was efficient. Quinn yelped and would’ve jumped if Power Girl hadn’t been holding her so firmly. She retracted her tongue, waiting until her “victim” lowered her sex down to her waiting mouth, before again stabbing it in as deep as it’d go. Again her lover yelped and would’ve jumped if Power Girl hadn’t been holding her so firm.

Her lovers “attack” surprised her, SHE was supposed to be the female on female expert, SHE was supposed to be making Power Girl cum and cum and cum. Part of her was a little jealous, another part admired just how fast a learner the heroine was. Both these thoughts caused her to giggle; all the while her lover worked on her nether region. She squirmed and wiggled as best she could given how powerful her lover was and how securely she was keeping her in place. After who knows how long, she tenderly ran her hand along the side of the blondes head, “Pee ee… 69.”

“Of course.”

Harley slowly turn around once Power Girl released her legs. She gave the buxom beauties nipples a quick tweak, then brought her face down. Grabbing at her meaty thighs, spreading her legs as much as efficient. She felt Power Girl grab at her rear, bringing it down to her face. In both cases now face to pussy. Almost simultaneously they began to lick and suck at each other, Harleys tongue searching for a sensitive part on Power Girl, while for her part the blonde heroine experimented on her nearly albino lovers nether region. Harley began swirling her tongue in a circle at the edges of Power Girls sex. Keeping with that pattern as she slowly worked her way inward .

The buxom babe mimicked her lover as best as she could, licking a circular swath along Harleys nether region. Where Quinn would use the flat of her tongue to taste as much of Power Girl as she could, Power girl, in turn made it a point of stabbing her tongue into Harleys pussy, remembering how her limber lover reacted before. Both writhed, squirmed and moaned as each tried bringing as much pleasure as they could to the other.

It had to end at some point; one squealing as they orgasmed, the other moaning as they came. Quinn nearly slumped on her buxom lover, but instead used what strength she had left to turn around. Laying side by side and face to face, Quinn went in for a kiss as one of her hands went for Power Girls tit, each tasting the juices of the other. Pulling back, they smiled at each other, Quinn going for another kiss as the heroine wrapped her arms around her. Neither had regrets at what they’d done, and for now no words needed to be spoken. Any discussions could wait until the morning.

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