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A Begin Trek: The Next Generation erotic tale


Excerpts from logs….

Captain’s Log, Stardate 44045.4. The Enterprise has taken up orbit around Eridani Tau 3 at a distance where it will not be observed with the naked eye from the planet’s surface. The planet has developed to the equivalent of Earth’s medieval period. The prime directive prevents us from interacting directly with the inhabitants. However an observation team has been in place for several months and we have been redirected here to provide them with medical assistance.

Chief Medical Officer Log. Stardate 44045.7. At our briefing two days ago, I was informed that the observation team on Eridani Tau 3 had contacted Starfleet saying that they had been struck with a mysterious illness. Two of the scientists have died and the other four are all seriously ill. Descriptions of their symptoms lead me to believe it is a simple terrigenic virus which has mutated due to the unique neutrinos emanating from Eridani Tau. Treatment is simple with the right materials, which unfortunately the observation team does not have in their limited supplies.

I will beam down to the planet accompanied by Counsellor Deanna Troi and two security officers, though no difficulties are anticipated. We will also be accompanied by Cadet Wesley Crusher, my son. Wesley is visiting from StarFleet Academy. Since the risks on this mission are low, it will give him good experience to accompany an away mission.

All members of the landing party are currently in sickbay for minor physiological alterations to match the inhabitants of the planet, allowing us to pass without notice.

Captain’s Log. Stardate 44046.5. I am faced with a dilemma with an unpleasant resolution. I have received a priority message from StarFleet recalling us from our current mission. The Romulans have massed a fleet and have advanced beyond the Neutral Zone. The Enterprise is urgently required to join the defensive line. My orders are to join the fleet immediately.

Unfortunately, we have lost contact with Doctor Crusher’s away team. Shortly after they beamed down to the planet, sunspot activity on Eridani Tau caused an ion storm which has temporarily interfered with all Federation technology on the planet. We can’t detect their communicators and so can’t talk to them nor get a fix in order to beam them back to the ship. Chief Engineer Laforge tells me that this situation is unlikely to change in the next 72 hours. The storm is also preventing us from sending down a shuttlecraft with a search crew in the short time period we might have available.

Because of our orders we have no choice but to abandon the away team at this time. We will return as soon as we can. We are leaving a marker buoy in orbit around the planet with a repeating message to inform the away team of the situation and also to alert any other StarFleet vessel that may come into the area so that they may retrieve the team.

Doctor Crusher and Counsellor Troi are capable officers and I am confident that they will manage just fine until we can return for them.

Captain’s Log. Stardate 44108.3. It has been two months since we had to leave our crew behind on Eridani Tau 3. The short war with the Romulans has reached a stalemate. Unfortunately despite my objections, StarFleet has required us to remain as part of the defensive fleet. There has been no word of any other vessel having approached that area and so we must assume that our crew are still on the planet.

Captain’s Log. Stardate 45923.3. We are two days away from Eridani Tau 3. It has been almost two years since we had to leave behind our crew, our family, on the planet. We look forward to a reunion with them and to learning of their adventures while we were gone.

Captain’s Log. Stardate 49525.2. Commander Riker and his rescue party have returned to the ship. I have the sad duty to report that security officers Lieutenant Stone and Ensign Sorley were killed in the first few hours of their mission, almost two years ago. Doctor Crusher and Counsellor Troi have been retrieved and are currently in sick bay. I am told that they will require significant counselling to recover from their experiences. Apparently Cadet Crusher has chosen to remain on the planet. We will not leave orbit until I am satisfied that this in indeed a voluntary and irrevocable decision on his part.

Beverly Crusher, Personal Log. Stardate 49532.6. Deanna and I are being transported to Starbase 7. It is gonna take a few months of therapy to undo the psychological trauma we have suffered from our time on Eridani Tau 3. It is expected, or perhaps just a hope, that we will both be able to resume our Starfleet duties, hopefully back on board the Enterprise. For myself there is also the need to come to accept the loss of my son Wesley who chose to stay behind. I pleaded with Captain Picard to send a party down to rescue my son, but he declined saying that “Commanders Riker and Data had fully interviewed Wesley and thought him to be of sufficient state of mind to make his own rational decision”.

Well, I know better. Over the past year the Prince has brain washed my son to be his eager concubine. If they had only been able to interview Wesley without the Prince at his side and without the Prince’s tail slithering in and out of his asshole.

I will return for my boy.

Is this intriguing enough for me to continue?

What did happen to Deanna Troi, Beverly Crusher and Wesley Crusher on Eridani Tau 3?

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