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Stan found himself alone with Alia in her vanity, completely captivated by her angelic presence. He discreetly stole glances, trying to get a better view of her beauty. Oblivious to his admiration, Alia was engrossed in browsing her event photos on Instagram. In a soft voice, Stan attempted to strike up a conversation. “I’ve heard a lot about your movie ‘Highway’,” he whispered. Unfortunately, his words were too faint for Alia to hear properly. Confused, she responded, “Highway? Oh, you mean how I’ll get home? I don’t know much about it either.” Stan felt a sense of embarrassment at the wondered of repeating himself, so he simply replied, “Okay.”

Stan took a sip from the nearby Bisleri bottle and accidentally dropped it near Alia’s side. “Sorry,” he quickly apologized, feeling like the biggest fool on the planet. Alia, being gracious, reassured him that it was fine. Instead of attempting to pick it up, Stan watched as she leaned down to retrieve the bottle herself. In that moment, he caught a glimpse of her flawless cleavage, which ignited an intense attraction within him. His eyes were captivated by the sight of her perfect size boobs.

It happened fast. Stan got mesmerized and wanted to get that view again. He took his iPhone out with a little jerk to slip it near her leg. “I am so sorry. I do not know what is happening.” he acted innocent aware of everything he was doing. Alia smiled with a nod to calm him down and then bended to give him a good look at her rack. He wanted to see the deep of her cleavage, so his eyes were stuck on it. He got lost in her, so much that he have not notice she was up to give him the phone back. She just had caught him looking at her. She felt not harmful about it and was a little naughty. ‘Hey, your phone.’ She hinted with a high tone. “Thanks.” all Stan said for the phone and the look.

Stan’s mind was filled with thoughts, and he couldn’t help but overthink the expression Alia had given him. Nervousness took over, making it hard for him to discover a comfortable position. He wanted to say something, but it felt like the gap between him and Alia was widening with each passing moment, making it difficult to begin a conversation.

Alia on other hand found it funny to be stuck with a popular and peculiar stranger. When she caught him checking her out, she couldn’t help but laugh at how difficult he seemed to discover being around her. Curiosity got the better of her, so she decided to search for him on Instagram. To her surprise, she discovered that he had millions more followers than her and was associated with well-known brands. This piqued her interest even more, leading her to spend time scrolling through his Instagram feed and exploring his online presence.

“Dude, you’re so cool on Instagram! 16 million followers, that’s impressive!” Alia enthusiastically exclaimed, breaking the silence with her loud appreciation. “You effortlessly pull off that cool pose without even putting in much effort.”

In reflex, Stan blurted out, “Woh mera swag hai aisa,” before realizing what he had said a few seconds later. Alia burst into laughter, and he joined in with a smile.

“Cool, what do you plan for the future? What do you want to do?” she asked him.

“Not much… Just focus on my music, my rap, and my family,” he replied slowly, the room becoming so quiet that you could hear a pin drop.

“You look beautiful in that dress,” he complimented her in the same calm tone.

“Thank you, Stan. You’re looking pretty cool in that attire too,” she wanted to say it in Hindi, but she realized there wasn’t a word for “attire” in Hindi.

“Should we take a selfie for our fans?” Alia proposed with a request. Stan was so willing to please her that he would have agreed to anything, even if she had asked him to do something outrageous. He excitedly jumped towards the couch next to her, ready to take the selfie.

“Okay, let’s do this,” Alia said as she opened her phone’s camera and took a few pictures, but she wasn’t satisfied. She asked, “How was it? Should we take another one?” Stan, just happy to be sitting beside her, nodded in agreement.

As she leaned closer to him, he could feel her presence and catch a whiff of her perfume, adding to her already captivating beauty. While taking the perfect selfie, Alia leaned back on the couch beside him. The cut of her dress revealed her left leg, which made Stan feel a surge of desire.

“You were fantastic in your movie ‘Highway.’ The ending was great,” Stan praised her performance. Alia responded with gratitude, saying, “Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed it.” She couldn’t help but feel happy that he had watched her film.

As time dragged on without any updates or information about the fire, boredom began to set in for both Alia and Stan. Alia couldn’t hide her frustration, expressing it with an irritated hiss, “Bohot time ho gaya” (It’s been so long). Stan, on the other hand, remained silent, internally berating himself for not making any effort to impress or woo her. He simply replied with a nonchalant “Hmm,”.

After a few more hours had passed and both Alia and Stan were thoroughly exhausted, the door suddenly swung open. Startled, Alia jolted awake while Stan quickly stood up. Alia’s manager entered the room, casting a peculiar glance at them as if they had committed some grave mistake. Alia, feeling dizzy and increasingly irritated, couldn’t help but blurt out, “Hey, when are we leaving?”

Her words were a mix of sleepiness and frustration, and they reverberated through the room. The manager continued to stare at them with a strange expression before finally responding, “Is everything clear now? The fire incident?”

Stan interjected, adding his thoughts, “Yeah, is everything under control?”

Without wasting a moment, the manager abruptly instructed Stan to leave, saying, “Yes, you may go.” And just like that, Stan departed.

As he made his way out of the van, he couldn’t help but overhear a wave of loud cheers. When he eventually caught up with his manager, he heard something that had never even crossed his mind in his wildest wondered.

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