Spanking Wasn’t Part of the Plan – Fetish – Free Sex Story

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A very short story trying a new genre for me. Not sure how close to the wind I’m sailing!


“OW!… OW!… OWWWW!… I’m sorry Mr Morgan… I’m sorry… you’re hurting me… please stop!”

The pert young cheeks were glowing red, even after so few smacks.

“I told you it would, you need a lesson, I could get into big trouble with what you did on my laptop!”

“You could get into big trouble doing this to me… OW!… OWWWW! Please…!”

It was a gamble I was taking, we both had a bit of a hold over each other now.


Chrissie’s parents, Jill, and Shaun, had moved in next door just after Christmas. I offered hospitality on moving day and within their first week we became friends. I was even invited in for the cutting of Chrissie’s eighteenth birthday cake.

I soon found out that she was taking ‘A’ level mock exams at her new school, and when Jill found out that I used to teach Maths, she asked if I’d help Chrissie with revision for the real thing in the summer.

Conscious of living alone I agreed as long as we could have the tuition at theirs. All my training and experience taught me never to be alone with young people.

Very soon though, I began to realise how precocious she was. There wasn’t that much of her, maybe five feet, shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes, and a supple, athletic body. Actually very attractive.

For the first session I took my laptop and set it up in the Butlers’ dining room alongside Chrissie’s. Jill was hovering in the kitchen, no doubt listening to how it was going. It went very well and I offered to help out the next day too. It began a fairly intensive week of assessment, and discovering her weak spots in the coursework. By the fifth day we had built a relationship, and she was beginning to understand my dry sense of humour.

Jill backed off slightly and left us to it, and at the weekend we were all encouraged by her progress.

“See you on Monday evening, usual time,” I said to Chrissie.

“Shall I come to yours?” she asked.

“No, better not, I’ll come here again, I’m sure your mum would prefer it.”

It would have been more convenient for me to be at home, but etiquette made me insist.

“I really don’t mind,” Jill interrupted our conversation, “if it’s more convenient then Chrissie can come to you.”

I stumbled a bit over my reply, but had to concede, and so Chrissie was to come to mine around the usual time.

When she arrived we sat in my study which had previously been the breakfast room when my Wife was alive. It had a large oak table where we set up both laptops.

Chrissie was a lot more relaxed and began calling me Brian, and by the end of that session she was being quite cheeky about me being her teacher and being ‘old.’

I was joking with her, calling her a ‘brat,’ which she seemed to Love.

By the third session of the week the repartee was almost constant, and I wondered how much ‘revision’ was actually being retained.

During that Wednesday session I had a phone call on the landline. It was quite an important call so I took it into the kitchen for privacy, and it went on for more than a quarter of an hour. When I returned Chrissie was in ‘brat’ mode, being cheeky about ‘not pulling my weight.’

I didn’t think anything about it, and we finished the session with me setting her some work for the next day. It wasn’t until I’d had my evening meal and returned to my laptop that I noticed something odd.

I had to search for an organisation that concerned a hobby of mine. I typed in ‘org’ and suddenly in the search box a whole host of topics came up about ‘orgasms.’ Porn sites mainly, apart from other sites about ‘multiple orgasms,’ and ‘forced orgasms.’

I heard myself saying, ‘What the fuck!’

Then it struck me, Chrissie had been left alone for that quarter of an hour, and I began to wonder if she had been on my laptop?

“Ok,” I thought, was this a prank, using my laptop to look at Porn?

I felt I had to give this a lot of consideration, so after clearing the ‘search history’ I sat down with a glass of whisky and turned to my iPad.

My hobby was photography and I needed to edit a couple of images for a competition. When I opened my photographic ‘folders, I saw it, or them. Two video clips stored in the video folder. Clicking the folder open there they were, ‘Brat spanked and fucked by teacher,’ and ‘Brat and teacher‘s punishment.’

“Jesus!” I said out loud and opened the first one up. All sorts of suggestive adverts came first, and then the title page before a young girl was seen to be bent over a severe looking older man’s lap and her panties were being pulled down, before he began spanking her very cute Ass.

She yelled and shouted out before she was then bent over a table and the older guy unzipped himself. The fucking that followed was almost an identical scenario to the second video.

I sat stunned. Chrissie had downloaded these and they were saved in ‘the cloud,’ hence me finding them on my iPad. I really didn’t know how to handle this.

I had a sleepless night and found myself feeling guilty when I watched them over again, twice more, and masturbated in bed.

When five ‘o clock came around that day and the door bell sounded, I answered it with a stern face. Chrissie was much quieter and just said, “Afternoon Mr Morgan, walking into the study with her laptop and file.

My laptop was closed, and she knew why.

“I’m not sure what to say, or what to do Chrissie.”

When she openly giggled, my patience snapped.

“You do realise that anyone might have seen those videos?”

“You don’t share the laptop with anyone do you?” she replied with a sneer.

Chrissie’s attitude increased my anger.

“That’s not the point, you shouldn’t have been on it behind my back!”

“Bet you loved it, she was a bit like me wasn’t she?”

“For fucks sake Chrissie, stop it, you do realise this is serious.”

“Only if you make it serious, bet it gave you a ‘hard on.”

She was standing there, by the table, when the penny dropped. Chrissie was wearing a tartan skirt and a white t-shirt, just like the girl in the video.

“You really are a brat, me calling you that is not actually a joke to you, you are one!”

She burst out laughing, goading me, “Ok, I dare you to spank me!”

Something inside me cracked, I grabbed her arm, spun her round and I pulled out one of the chairs. Sitting down I thrust her forwards over my lap.

“No,” she giggled, “I was joking.”

When I stuck my hand under her skirt and found the waist elastic of her panties she knew I wasn’t joking. Tugging them down to her knees it presented me with a very sexy backside, equally as cute as the one in the video. And then she began to struggle, wriggling, kicking her feet up in the air.

“No, no… I really didn’t mean it Mr Morgan.

The first smack brought an ‘Ouch,’ and the second one on the opposite cheek, brought a much louder ‘OUCH.’

She was struggling a lot now, but I had my hand in the middle of her back pressing her down on my thighs.

Smack, smack, smack, smack! I landed several hard ones on both sides of her Ass.

“I’m sorry Mr Morgan… I’m sorry… you’re hurting me!” She now sounded almost tearful.

I waited and told her how much trouble she could have got me into, and she was shouting how much trouble I could be in for doing that.

With her Ass cheeks glowing I smacked her twice more before I relented, the realisation that I’d gone too far was now in my mind. I let go, but she stayed draped over my thighs.

“Mr Morgan! I mean Brian… that really, really hurts.”

Fidgeting, she struggled to get back to her feet, grabbing hold of me to stand up. Accidentally one hand gripped my thigh, and glanced upwards, brushing my erection. I hadn’t realised how aroused I’d been.

Chrissie giggled, her brat face smiling.

“That’s got you hard… I know, I felt it.”

I stood up too, trying to hide the ‘tent’ in my trousers.

“No… it hasn’t.” I wasn’t too convincing.

“You are,” and Chrissie reached out to touch my crotch.

“Stop it…” I recoiled, saying, “look this has gone too far.”

Chrissie’s panties had dropped around her ankles, and she stepped out of them, picking them up. At the same time she pulled up her skirt around her waist, half turning and bending over to show me.

“Look my Ass is on fire!”

It was bright red.

“I’m sorry… we’d better talk,” I said seriously, I knew this had got out of hand.

“Feel how warm it is,” she edged backwards towards me.

“No, I don’t think so, it’s all gone too far already.”

“Go on feel it, or I’ll go and show my mum.”

Under threat, I tentatively reached out and just touched her Ass briefly.

“No, go on, properly, smooth your hand over it.”

I put my palm flat on one cheek gently. Chrissie seemed to bend further forwards and grabbed my hand behind her, pressing it against her, rubbing it back and forth.

“Ok, that’s enough, I’ll get you some cream if you like… you’d better put your panties back on.”

“Do you want to fuck me, like in the video?”

I must have looked aghast.

“Jesus Chrissie, stop this, it’s gone too far, get dressed, please. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it to go as far as this.”

I was beginning to plead now, I could see the consequences, the police, the neighbours, Chrissie’s parents.

“Sit down,” she said, “if you want to talk we can.”

I grabbed at any shred of negotiation, sitting down in my office chair. I was expecting Chrissie to sit on one of the other chairs, but when she stood there I supposed her buttocks were a bit too sore.

“You don’t want mum and dad to find out?” she asked.

No… I don’t.”

“You don’t want me to tell the police?”

“No!… no I don’t.”

“And you don’t want to fuck me?”

When I hesitated for a split second, Chrissie stepped towards me.

“Nooo,” I stuttered, “NO!”

“No, you don’t?”

As she said it, she stepped right up to me and placed a knee on either side of my thighs, straddling me on the leather chair. Immediately I was aware of her legs splayed out and her Pussy naked in my lap.

“You do, don’t you?”

I felt her small hands fumbling down between us and she found my zip. Tugging it down I knew I was still erect.

“Stop it Chrissie, you can’t do this,” and I tried to grab her wrists, but she was too quick.

“I’m not a virgin, I’m on the pill.”

“It doesn’t matter… Jesus, I’m meant to be teaching you.”

“You can teach me how to cum.”

She had managed to pull my erection though the opening of my boxers and out of my trousers.

I should have used my strength to push her off before it was too late. Her supple little body twisted, and she was pressing her hips in such a way that I felt her Pussy lips envelop the head of my cock, and in moments I was inside her.

“Ohhhh fuck!” was all I could say.

She put her arms around my neck and began to twerk her hips. I slipped forwards on the leather and her body pressed down harder. She began to pant, and murmur and she was intent on reaching an Orgasm. I was too far gone to resist anything. I let her move, pleasuring herself until she came.

“Oh.. oh… oh… Mr Morgan!”

Using my name like that felt like total guilt, I started to jerk inside her, thanking god I couldn’t make her pregnant, I began pumping jet after jet deep into her until she slumped forwards onto my shoulder.

“Mmmmmm, you feel so good!”

“Fucking hell Chrissie, this is so wrong.”

As she stood up, my spunk was dripping onto my trousers from her Pussy. She responded unexpectedly.

“If it’s our secret, we can do this again.”

She smiled her brattish smile, stepping into her panties, picking up her laptop and leaving for home.

I shuddered, knowing how I’d enjoyed it, and asking myself would Chrissie regret it, would I regret it, or would she want more?

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