Soup Style Bk. 02 – Armpit Appetite – Fetish

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Chapter One: Lactating

Ashley’s grandfather had worked up an appetite, a sweat and a thirst. He had been fitting impellers within the confines of the drains for this versioning for a tubular cistern of his and a neighbor’s design. It was physically demanding on him. The work was also strangely combining a need for his focus on details while struggling with brute forces risking delicately set components, during a repetitious requirement to test under full force. He had wondered to take a needed rest, transitioning from outdoors to have a shower, a soup and a sandwich indoors. As he headed around the corner from the side yard where he had been engaged in his challenging project, he saw that instead of a single client, there were two women talking to his 26-year old granddaughter Ashley. The one that had Ashley working on her hair was sporting hairy armpits. He also had an appetite for women with hairy armpits.

Aida (or ‘Da’ to her good friend Alexandra) remembered meeting Ashley’s grandfather at her first visit when she had been pregnant and was brought in tow by her good friend, Alexandra (or ‘Lex’ to her good friend ‘Da’). Curiously, though, thereafter ‘Lex’ confronted mostly blacked out calendars for the efficient appointment setting with Ashley, while Aida had settled into a return cycle at intervals of about 6 weeks until she had taken a break for delivery, but, was now back to her well worn routine. Alexandra was, this time, in tow from Aida, with a baby nursing from each breast of a hihgly animated and talkative Alexandra.

Ashley’s grandfather was aware of the nursing but opted not to dawdle if someone wondered it inappropriate for him to be seeing. He certainly felt but overcame feeling compelled to dawdle at the sight of Aida’s hairy armpits. While Alexandra’s breasts were a fantasy come true for some to see, her having a baby on each one made her off limits for any flirting or even any possibility of inappropriate behavior. Accordingly, rather than any informal greeting or flirtation from him, he called a cheery but brusque “hallo, just passing by,” and quickly entered into the farthest away point from them, that being the aviary portal, so that he could bypass more direct interaction to reach the interior of the house without intruding closer to the clients who were then with his granddaughter.

He did wonder whether Aida was here without a baby? If so, had Alexandra given birth to twins? Or, in a wondered that might get him in trouble, he thought whether one was a wet nurse for the other? He had not yet considered what was the actual circumstance that they were sharing the co-nursing of a child from each.

He had not previously flirted with either. Likely, he had imposed a restriction based on the fact that their being pregnant, he was enough of a moralist to believe it was inappropriate for him to respond to their smiles beyond the quickest of excuses to remove himself.

The newly evolving idea that Alexandra might be sharing some kind of co-nursing of her child with Aida was itself more appealing than he would admit out loud. The sight of hairy armpits on Aida was an inducement of far more compelling complexity in how he might want to behave. In general, he did not reach for opportunities with anyone under the age of 50 from among any of the clients who chose to flirt with him. Ashley was most likely to shrug off any questions from clients about her grandfather, but, if someone had won her over to feeling a sense of friendship that had deepened, she would be more than eager to encourage the teasing and flirting during her work. This was especially unlikely to be an easy teasing. Not only were infants present, strongly inhibiting his allowing himself to be in their presence, but these women were only at most a few years senior to the 26 years of his granddaughter’s own age. First strike, then, that he had more respect for appropriate privacy for the nursing behavior (which likely would conclude shortly). Second strike was the age difference that generally would keep him at a distance.

Chapter 2: Choosing between Breasts or Ass

Alexandra had not endeared herself to Ashley. She was too often pushing for Ashley to socialize with her, but, their interests were far afield from one another. Ashley would certainly be lured by any chance for dancing, but preferred choices from among something more adventurous; say you were given a chance to try salsa one night, flamenco another, tango on a third, and modern improvisational dance. Ashley was likely to try each. Alexandra, on the other hand, was probably gonna revert to twerking or (if she had stayed strong enough to do so) performing with a stripper pole,

Alexandra had an ample ass. A big ass. An adorably available ass. She especially enjoyed attention to her rear. One thing, though, while spanking did not hold appeal to her in almost every situation, to the contrary she had discovered that she loved a spank while a penis was still inside of her. She enjoyed the simulating sensations efficient from that combination. She was aroused by ass play while in coitus.

Alexandra also had labial lips which engorged, blossomed, when she was aroused. Sometimes she would discover arousal from opportunities that she was then anxious to pursue. Carefully, yet quickly, she found a way to interrupt Ashley so that Alexandra could deposit Piya and BolBol in the arms of Aida, thereby freeing Alexandra to pursue the grandfather of an unperturbed Ashley.

Raising her top to cling to and in a sense even cover her nipples, she went inside to offer a choice to Ashley’s grandfather. Was he a breast or an ass man?

Ashley’s breasts, remarkably small and tight, nonetheless sported elongated nipples. Aida had milky boobs. Darkened nipples that were not as dark as the nipples of Ashley. Ashley’s (unexposed until a later book) were almost a chocolate color. Aida’s nipples were a bold splash of scarlet on her white skin. Aida enjoyed wearing costume jewelry or make up that, upon revelation of her nipples, were complimentary colors. She also enjoyed the delights of having her nipples pulled, twisted, suckled. She had no tattoos. Nor any piercing other than her earlobes from which dangled scarlet costume trinkets; her shopping for makeup or costume jewelry was truly easier for her than for anyone else. Never had she felt bored or uninterested in her efforts to compliment the coloration of her nipples. The infants, having already fed from Alexandra, were contentedly resting in Aida’s arms as Ashley continued working on Aida’s hair.

Alexandra, at the moment, was hoping to discover and then enjoy the sensations from an older man. She found him. Showering. Using her most girlish voice, she asked “may I join in?” He quietly smiled as she nodded yes to answer her own question with the confidence gained from his continuing smile. She slowly turned. Showing off breasts from first one side, then to front, then return to side, to divert to a still covered ass before completing her turn and offering a side view of the other breast. Boldly, yet still sensually, slowly, she removed her clothing before stepping in to distribute their shower. To distribute their pleasures.

Unlike Aida, there was no body hair on Alexandra. Alexandra had had her armpit, leg and pubic hair permanently removed. Aida was more a back-to-the-earth primitive. Aida enjoyed being hairy and the kinds of attention her armpit carpeting had brought her from others.

Instinctively, Alexandra understood that there was not gonna be much conversation during nor after this shower. She did hold hope for more. And, she enjoyed living in the moment. She did not yet realize that Aida would be the entry ticket for much more. She knew that Aida had breached the barrier from Ashley, even though, as yet, she did not know that Ashley’s grandfather had an open invitation for women with hairy armpits. She was surprised that he did not ask about the infants even though she enjoyed the physicality that they shared in the shower. Take it as it comes. Take it as it cums. Take it. enjoy it.

His thumb, already wet from their sharing the shower, was thereafter teasing at her flanks, approaching her in generous touching of her body. Her backside. Her frontside. Her. Teasing. Light or with more assertiveness. Mostly, light touching. Teasing. Tempting. Approaching the desire that awakened in each of them, her breathing quickened. Her movements followed his as if hoping to encourage more from him. He provided more.

From teasing and gentle touches, he advanced to direct, controlled, sensually satisfying contact. From a sequence of motions that had taken her by surprise in their gentleness, he advanced to her desire for ever more. From a thumb playing against her skin and merely traveling towards her asshole, they advanced so that his thumb was in her asshole while his penis was discovering the depths and surfaces in her vagina. He enjoyed her responsiveness to being touched. He enjoyed the big breasts, a change from his last experience with a small breasted lover. Alexandra was not small breasted. She was likely not tight assed. She was enjoying his discovery that she enjoyed the way he alternated the intensity of his touching of her breasts, his intermittent tugging at her sensitive nipples, his pleased appearance at drawing from her for tasting her milk, and his willingness to tease her anally. She was delighted that on his own, without clues or words from her, he had sharply spanked her butt while he was penetrating her.

She had three orgasms before Aida appeared, calling out “Lex” demurely, Aida smirked upon finding them. Aida was interested but not as forward as was Alexandra. Alexandra offered for Aida to join them, but, somewhere both Piya and BolBol were gonna need care and nurturing and safety before more could happen here.

Chapter 3: Repopulating the World

Ashley’s grandfather was wondering about how long would pass before he would learn more about the new women in his life. He was adding fish waste to the garden when he was glad to see he had four visitors at the gate to enter his yard. Aida. Alexandra. They had arrived, unannounced, with Piya and BolBol quietly in a double stroller. Time to confront the awkwardness, socially, morally and physically, of having nursing infants along?

Alexandra had the larger breasts, which certainly looked to be fully functional. However, she was so low in her production of milk that had Aida not been the earth mother that she is, there would not have been milk sufficient for the needs of the newborns; this kept the bonds between the women ever more secure as months passed with their engaging in co-nursing. In time, he would know of this without surprise. This was not the first woman with large breasts but low production in his experience. Somehow, nature had the winning outcome no matter how great the seeming obstacles.

Aida removed her top. This displayed not only brightly shinning nipples that welcomed attention, but, the nicely matched coloring of her makeup to match the natural colors of her nipples. In the action of removing her top, the carpeting under her armpits caught his attention, and, his appreciation thereof was not unnoticed by Aida. Alexandra, however, was oblivious to his interest in the armpit hairs. She was there for pleasure and she was gonna get it to her satisfaction.

Aida made comforting sounds for the two infants. Otherwise, however, she said few words. She was happily enjoying the experience of the children feeding from her while she replayed in her mind’s eye his appreciative sight of her. Was it the hair or was it the lactation that had him showing appreciation for her condition?

“Da,” said Alexandra playfully, “he is as much a back-to-nature-ist as you” Here we expect to discover him bulking up muscles to carry us off our feet, but, instead we discover him adding fish waste to the garden!”

Lex,” answered Aida with her first real content in words since they had arrived, “if you play this right enough, you may get another golden showers experience.”

Alexandra giggled. Then, suddenly remembering motherhood, said to Aida: “did we bring enough diapers to stay for more than a few moments?” Turning to him, she explained that they really had stopped by for just a moment, hoping to catch him, hoping to arrange for more time together. It was not entirely clear if this was only a hope of Alexandra’s or one also shared by Aida.

Aida seemed the kind of person who would amiably get along with almost anyone in almost any path. She already knew, knew with absolutely satisfying certainty, that she would be enjoying a threesome.

She did have a genetic trait, common among some people, that a tiny serving of alcohol had a resultant removal of her inhibitions. She was at all times reluctant to drink but more so reluctant to avoid social pressures to go along with drinking. Aida had become pregnant as an outcome of a onetime intercourse with a man unknown to her, consequence of a single beer. She was thereafter fully responsible and regardless of the hurdles, carried to term and now mothered well her out-of-wedlock fatherless child.

Chapter 4: Beverages of Choice

To another stroke of providence, he did not offer liquor. He brought out water for drinking, and invited them to see his home brewed beverage of choice. One almost without an alcohol content. A fermented tea. It was the water, the drinking water, that won Aida over to him. No pressure to go into the mind-numbed world that waited her smallest drinking of liquor. No recreational drugs. No pressure for anything beyond his strange suggestion when he said: “this fermented tea might actually benefit the quality of breastmilk.”

Ashley returned while everyone was still in her home. She timed her return without knowing that she had come in after everyone had enjoyed reaching more than a single climax. Nor did Ashley have any notion that her grandfather had also nursed from both of his newfound lovers. Ashley found her grandfather contentedly washing, cutting and preparing potatoes freshly picked from below the topsoil from the garden. Ashley shooed him away and with a slight questioning asked for confirmation that everyone would enjoy having fish with chips? Hearing agreement, even enthusiasm, all around, she began to bread the fish and prepared, then served up the plated meals. The previous blocking out of Alexandra seemed off the table. What Alexandra herself did not appreciate, though, was that she behaved “better” socially when she was with her friend Aida. Being together with Aida resulted in less aggressive behavior by Alexandra. This reduced aggressiveness was a factor in her bettering of her relations with Ashley.

At her own, Alexandra would have not only had liquor, but also probably used a beer batter for the breading of the fish. She also would probably have added other liquor to the chips that were served with a malt vinegar. She would certainly have diluted the fermented tea in a hard liquor if making her own choices.

Aida, content to have been offered water before other choices, was asking Ashley about the breading. Ashley, as was her frequent manner, merely shrugged. “Could you show me the breading ingredients? I will figure it out” maintained Aida. True to her word, she looked analytically at the breading leftover from earlier, from applying it to the fish. She slowly called out each ingredient. Correctly.

End of Book 2 (Suggestions invited for Book 3)

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