Sophie the Fuck Bunny – Fetish

Sophie walked into her home, after a long day at school she just wanted to sleep. Although she enjoyed being a cheerleader she hated the having to please all the teams, and she had to go to the after party and do whatever the players said or risk enslavement which meant she all the time did her best to make sure they did not enslave her for disappointing then. Her ass pussy and mouth were all sore and her bare feet ached since she had to walk home 10 miles.

She entered into the dining room where she saw her dad playing cards, with a few dads from college. She jumping into the shower she shuttered as she saw her dad did not pay the heating bill. After getting out and air drying, since her dad did not have towels, she went to bed on a hard mattress with a single hard pillow and a single blanket full of holes.

She was shaken from sleep by her dad. “What” she asked still half asleep.

“Get up, you now belong to these men,” her dad said.

“What!” she yelled with shock.

Her dad was standing with shame in his eyes. Now she understood he gambled with her life and lost and now belonged to some men.

When she looked she saw things were even worse, Even stood there with his father and knew she was doomed. Even’s father ran a breeding whore house named Fuck Bunny Breeding part of a larger chain, with the exception of being a hutoilet this was the worst thing that could happen to her. She heard stories that girls were just tossed in and raped constantly until their minds were so broken they were addicted to it. They were then rented by men who wanted to have children or be raped by the more “civilized” people who saw having sex with girls in the street.

Even played on the football team and served as a spotter for his father. And she realized that she tried a little too hard to please the team, Even told her father and that made he probably tricked her dad into betting her.

She had her arms and legs tied up and was dragged away by them after they placed a contraption of pure torture in her the dildo seesaw, it was two dildo’s with vibrators that attached to her ass and pussy connected in the middle by a mechanism that pounds one side down and the other side out and reverses it. He shoved it in with nothing to lubricate it to increase her pain. Then they took a regular dildo down her throat, after it was dipped in fake cum. She gagged as it hit the back of her throat but could do nothing as she had her nipples pierced and had a chain attached which they dragged away by.

She was taken to the Fuck Bunny Breeding facility where the chains on her nipples were attached to the ceiling and her feet were placed over shards of glass, metal spikes and hot coals, her eyes were blindfolded, and audio played telling her how useless she was. The pain of the trap did not escape from Sophie newly named Fuck Bunny 69245. She either had to have her feet suffer or her nipples while not knowing how much time passed and having her mind broken down. Her ass and pussy were in pain from the dildo seesaw, and the brand that had her new name shoved on her ass was even worse. The only way to feed her was to have the food go down the dildo.

After a few months of this with no contact besides people switching out the coals the power to the dildo seesaw and the food/ breast milk packs. 69245’s mind was broken. She got use to sex and began to crave it. She did not care about pain and craved to eat anything including cum which she has not tasted much of it yet which was gonna change soon.

The blindfold was removed from 69245 who saw for the first time in months. She saw her naked body in a mirror and her bright white hair going down to her feet. She could not remember if that was her hair color before she went in but she couldn’t remember anything from that time not even her name but that did not matter she was now Fuck Bunny 69245. Her hair was cut to shoulder length and the dildos were removed and was disappointed since she now craved them more than anything.

She was lead out into a pen with a bunch of other naked girls all with white hair. They were all having sex with each other or using dildos. A few of them even played in a pool filled with fake cum. She was glad there were wood chips on the ground to make it more comfortable to move and sleep just because she was use to pain did not mean she looked forward to it.

She looked around at the other girls who all rushed towards her and began to have real sex with her. 69245 was overjoyed with this and lost herself in the sex. She was eventually thrown in the cum pool and began to squeal with joy as the sex continued. She got out and was dripping with cum and thought if it would be kept on her when the girls jumped on her and licked her clean and after they were done she moved on to do it to another girl.

69245 truly loved her life and couldn’t imagine anyone not wanting to live it.

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