SNSD’s Secret Vacation – Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Author’s Notes: As is usual to state on Literotica, in case it is not clear enough from the story itself, all characters participating in sexual acts occurring in this story are at least 18 years of age.

This story has some mild raceplay factors, in the sense that it is the fetish of one of the many characters in this story, and said character has no qualms about making it clear to everyone around. Since I don’t know any of the celebrities starring in this story, those characters inevitably have only very little, if anything, in common with them, and can not be taken as a representation of what those people are in real life at all. So, be warned if you don’t like stuff like that, and I hope you’ll all enjoy this!

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A luxurious, expensive private plane cautiously made its landing on the non-towered landing on the outskirts of a large, deep forest. Everything about its arrival in the middle of the night was meant to provide secrecy and privacy to its occupants. From the airport’s distance from the nearest inhabited areas to its rare use, there was effectively no possibility of any stray paparazzi snapping unwanted pictures of its passengers.

After it finally stopped and its door opened, the people who had rented both the plane and the airport for this trip of theirs quickly exited it, one by one making their way to the two black limousines that were already waiting for them for almost an hour.

When they arrived at their destination and started leaving the long, elite vehicles, they did so with an air of confidence, self-assurance, and, really, arrogance, that seemed almost unmatchable.

Indeed, how could it even ever be matched in this part of the world? For miles and miles around, they were unquestionably the richest people there. While there no doubt were people richer than them even in a country like this, there was undoubtedly no one more popular than they were, with none of the thousands and thousands of artists living in any of the villages and cities they might’ve reached if the limousines kept on driving having any chance of reaching their levels of fame and recognition ever in their lives.

This swagger, unreplicable by anyone not in the position of complete and utter social dominance in the setting they were moving around in, remained in their movements as they walked towards their target. A quaint, dark, two-story wooden building, whose presence seemed to fit perfectly with the thick forest behind it, and from which the wood used to create it had no doubt come.

Reaching it in just under a minute, they, led by their small leader, hurried inside it, their soft and warm jacket scraping against the wooden doorframe as they did so.

There, they met their hosts, two middle-aged men and a woman, as well as the exposed figures of the people they came here for.

All the final little deals, details, and pleasantries were dealt with quickly.

Fat, giant stacks of cash were happily exchanged hand to hand, a few giggles were aroused by jokes filled with double meanings, and finally, the ones whose task it was to be picked and divided up were so.

One by one, the naked figures entered a huge room adjacent to the much smaller and less colorful one where they had all been just moments ago, filled with red beds and obviously made for large orgies, waiting for the luxuriously dressed figures to join them as they followed.

When the doors had finally closed, the two groups stared at each other, those whose bodies were borrowed tonight for the pleasure of others looking at the ones who had casually purchased them for more money than any of them could ever hope to make in a year in anticipation.

Their cocks hardened every second they spent doing so.

There was a very good reason for their excitement. Who those lucky men were looking at were none other than the eight current members of Girls’ Generation, all of them just as willing to start the carnal festivities they’ve borrowed those men for as the gigolos themselves, as the speed with which they were taking their expensive clothes, belonging to brands simple peasants like they had never even heard of, clearly showed.

When the stripping women beckoned for each and every one of them to come to the woman who had chosen him, none of them waited a second. Soon, the entire room was filled with naked bodies, all of the girls finding a place somewhere in the room to comfortably enjoy her men instead of all of them huddling together by the doors.

“Oh. My. Fucking. God,” Sunny breathed out with pure lust in her voice, as she enthusiastically jerked off two huge cocks, her eyes mesmerized both by the monstrous members and the similarly ridiculously tall and ripped men they belonged to.

There was an obvious reason why she chose them. They perfectly complimented her. Being the shortest and bustiest member of the group, it only made sense for her to pick the two guys who were effectively her counterparts in the gigolo group, being the tallest and easily the most hung of them all.

“Mmmm, I feel like it’s Christmas for me already,” she quipped happily, her dainty, delicate hands only increasing the tempo with which they jerked off the two monster cocks they couldn’t even fully wrap their fingers around, her mouth watering while her eyes flew from one giant cock to the other.

“I know how you feel Sunny-unnie,” Yoona, who was right in front of Sunny and her men along with the beautiful hunks she had chosen, replied right after taking out the still-hardening cock in her mouth.

She had a good reason to agree with her fellow band member. Being the face of the group, she of course needed to take care of her gorgeous looks even more than her colleagues.

Which was what she, thankfully, could now focus on. While the others were just blindly fucking, sucking, and satisfying their carnal desires in any way they could, she was treating her gorgeous face to her favorite skincare routine.

That is, receiving warm facials. Usually, she was OK with just two cocks delivering their salty loads onto her mug, but this time, being on an expensive vacation with hot guys she could do anything she wanted to with, she opted for three of them at the same time. Two in her hands, one in her mouth.

After all, why not have some fun? After years of doing this, she was a pro at working hot guys’ thick and juicy cocks to give her those warm, salty, thick cumshots she so desired to help her stay beautiful. She was doing this whenever they were visiting other Asian countries in the South-East of their continent, when they were visiting South America, when they visited Africa and the Middle East, and now, finally, after way too long of a pause, she had an opportunity to once again do this in Eastern Europe, and she wasn’t about to not enjoy it to the fullest.

“Get ready to be the first guy here shooting his load,” she sternly, in an almost teacher-like manner, said to the one guy happy enough to have had his pulsating prick in her tight mouth.

Speaking in their language with only the tiniest hint of an accent, she left him flabbergasted before making him moan loudly when she took him back into her oral cavity, his two companions being too captivated by the feeling of her soft hands tightly wrapped around and jerking off their cocks to even react.

She wasn’t joking. She intended to truly deliver on her promise. She didn’t spend the entire trip there learning that one sentence only for it to end up being an empty promise.

“With that technique, he very well may be,” Seohyun commented, praising her fellow cocksucker for her skills right after taking the engorged prick in her mouth out to be able to speak. “You aren’t bad at all, Yoona-unnie,” she added, before restarting the blowjob she was administering just seconds ago, knowing full well that her friend was gonna interpret her words and actions as a declaration of a challenge of sorts.

True to her chaste reputation, she of course didn’t have wild vaginal sex here. She never did. Even the others, despite knowing her so well and being close friends with her for so long, were rather skeptical of the possibility that she had ever let a man penetrate her womanhood, even that mystery ex-boyfriend she had mentioned a couple of times.

She more than made up for it in other areas, though. The group could be proud of the fact that their maknae was an absolute anal/oral slut. She was unfortunately apparently planning to let her tight anus rest this orgy out, but the rest of her body was fully in on the action, as it so often was. This was perfectly shown, with no words needing to be spoken, of the eagerness with which she both sucked the dick filling her cute mouth, and, when she felt the cock in her hand twitch, she brought it down on her ample breast, allowing the guy who was so-far denied the oral pleasures she offered the feeling of skin-to-skin contact between his member and her bare tit.

In fact, she soon had both of those cocks, both the wet and the dry one, pressing against her tits and nipples, teasing their owners with her body in the best way efficient. And why not? She was lucky enough to be among the bustier girls in the group, so using them in this way was only natural, not to mention that this was the one area where Yoona simply couldn’t match her, being completely out-titted by the Maknae’s assets.

“Mmm, those colored eyes, you cuties,” she breathed out, looking up into the Slavic men’s eyes, one pair green and the other blue.

She wasn’t really into raceplay or generally fetishizing someone’s ethnic traits, they had other members for that here, but it was still unusual even for Koreans as rich as popular as them to hook up with Europeans, so why not enjoy the opportunity?

“If you keep looking at me like that, I might just lose control of myself,” she added, teasingly and seductively. before pulling their cocks up and off of her breasts to continue jerking them off for a while.

The two happily called her bluff, and soon, she had to begin sucking them off again, even the one she had previously left out to dry, her arousal being too much for her.

From the looks of it, Yuri knew exactly how her bandmate was feeling now. Used to having sex with tall, muscular, and dominant men just like her basketball player ex-boyfriend, a predictable choice given that just like Sunny and Seohyun she was one of the more blessed members of the group when it came to breast size, she was currently being spitroasted by two guys who looked like they could be the younger brothers of the guys Sunny had chosen.

“Mmmpphff, mmm, mphhh,” was all she could get out with the thick cock in her mouth, while the second one, which seemed to be even bigger and thicker, repeatedly rammed her sweet, tight pussy.

Nevertheless, they understood what she was saying. She wanted more.

They gave it to her.

Strengthening their grip on her curvy, sexy naked body, every inch of which they were happily enjoying, teasing and playing with while making sure to keep her tightly in place, they started fucking her faster and harder, sending her mind blank with pleasure as they gave her the rough and first-class fucking she so desired and deserved.

Sooyoung chose the opposite of what Sunny did. Being the tallest of them, she, of course, chose the smallest and weakest of the gigolos offered to them. Right now, she was holding him down under her powerful frame, riding his smaller, but still rock-hard cock.

“Give it to me, give it to me!” she demanded, right in the process of taking what she wanted out of him whether he liked it or not, utterly dominating and milking him like an invincible goddess torturing a disobedient servant.

It was obvious to anyone who looked at them that he wasn’t getting away from her until she got exactly what she wanted. The least he could do was fully surrender and enjoy this, and indeed, that was what he was doing now.

“Aaah, aaah, yes,” he moaned out, staring into the gorgeous celebrity’s beautiful face, while she toyed with him according to her will.

“Good toyboy,” was her reply to his moans.

The doors to the room had opened, but nobody paid them any attention.

Taeyeon likewise chose only one guy. Specifically, the one from among the male prostitutes who reminded her of her ex-boyfriend. Of course, he wasn’t Korean or any sort of Asian in any real way except maybe in the minds of some hardcore racists, but the similarity was undoubtedly there.

For a few moments, she tried doing what Sooyoung was doing to her boy toy, lording over him and abusing and dominating him however she wanted. Tried. Maybe it was just the uncanny resemblance, but just after a few minutes of fruitless trying to act like a dominatrix, she couldn’t deny anymore that she wished for the face she saw below her to be the one looking down at her the way she was now looking at him. Doing what she was doing to him, toying with her however he pleased.

And so, what she wanted, she got.

“Aaah, yees, masteer!” she screamed and squealed, her small stature held down and locked under his toned one while he stared down at her with his icy, cold, blue gaze as he ruthlessly entered her dripping wet cunt again and again, her eyes were rolling inside of her head while she was being fucked like this.

Hyoyeon wasn’t at a point like that yet, but she was getting to where their kid leader was.

Though, she needed two guys to be bringing her there.

At least she had an easy time choosing them, and now, she knew that she chose well. Being used to and knowing what it’s like to be seen as the unattractive one, as well as having experience dating a non-celebrity, she chose the two plainest and most average-looking of the gigolos and called it a day.

She didn’t regret her choice. Sure, they weren’t twisting her body into any crazily contorted positions or doing any raceplay stuff like the other gigolos were doing with the rest of the group, but that didn’t matter. She was having pretty much the most typical sex out of all of them, with her laying on the ground while one of the guys licked and ate out her pussy while she was sucking off the other one. The whole scene looked like two regular guys banging a chick they met in a bar. Still, it was one of the better sexual encounters she had in quite some time, and they were doing their jobs pretty well, with her feeling the inevitable orgasm slowly building up and approaching.

“Yeah!! Fuck my tight, little, yellow Korean cunt with your giant white cock, you Russian beast!” she screamed as she tightened her grip on his shoulders, scaring him for a moment into thinking that she might actually begin drawing blood. Just as he was about to correct her and say that he’s not Russian, she added, “Hell yeah, fuck, yeah, aaaah, spread my tiny, aaaah, tight pussy apart until no tiny rice microdick can ever hope of fitting in, yeah, aaah!”

“Eurhm, aaah,” he barely mumbled out, not knowing how to react. He had no idea what had come into the K-pop star to make her act like this, but he was enjoying it.

Whether her pussy really was tight or not when compared to the others, it sure felt so as it was taking his huge tool, second in size only to those of his two friends lucky enough to fuck SNSD’s bustiest member, in again and again. This was obviously why she had chosen him, as did all of his previous clients before her.

She knew what she was doing, though. The orgasm that he felt approaching was a testament to that. Her moves were that of a pro, and she wasn’t slowing down any time soon.

Nor was she about to give up on the racial self-humiliation she seemed to love.

“Breed me! Like the white cum taking sow that I am! Come into my womb and rewrite my inferior genetics with your Aryan seed!” she screamed. Before he could so much as blink, she suddenly had her face right in front of his, shutting her eyes with all of her might and creating an exaggerated version of her popular eye smile. “Do you raff at how ching chang chong ling long my stupid eyes look?”

“Damn Tiff, you really love raceplay,” a high-pitched voice spoke at her from the direction of the doors. Being too preoccupied with what they were doing, none of them turned to look at its source at that moment, but the sheer familiarity of it stung and shocked them more than any of them realized at the moment. “Didn’t know you’re so much into it!”

“Hah!” Tiffany immediately replied as if preparing for this occasion, still facing the sharp-jawed hunk whose dreams she was making true. “I’m a third-generation Asian-American woman, of course I fucking love raceplay with white men and being humiliated during it,” she explained, rolling her eyes as she did so.

She continued riding the cock under her for a few more moments, before catching the sight of a slack-jawed Hyoyeon staring at the door, and she finally remembered who the familiar voice belonged to. In that briefest of moments, as she turned her head in the direction it was coming from, she still tried to somehow convince herself that it just had to be someone else and that there still was at least some way for it not to be her.

That hope dissipated a moment ago, her eyes now locking onto the familiar female figure standing in the opened doors.

The One True Nine was back together.

It was Jessica.

Their single former member was here with them.

Not only that. Just like them, she was also naked, her breasts one of the very best ones in the group of course, and she also had hot, muscular, young male prostitutes around her. Specifically, her legs were wrapped around the chest of one of them, who was quite decently built and broad-shouldered even when compared to the male average in this room, while her left arm was anchored around the shoulders of another, much leaner but far from less muscular, allowing the two of them to hold and carry her in an almost queenly fashion while the third one, the plainest of them, played with and teased that nice rack of hers.

Her remaining hand wasn’t free either.

It was holding a camera.

A camera pointed at her former groupmates, which she used to capture everything that had happened during this private orgy of theirs right since the middle of its beginning when she and her carriers entered the room unnoticed.

“Sica,” Taeyeon breathed out, shocked, before tightening her grip on the muscular back of her temporary partner, prompting her to begin fucking her again just as he did before this sudden interruption.

“In the flesh,” the person they’ve once all performed with smugly replied, turning the camera to the left and then to the right as she did so.

With how horny they all were, it wasn’t a surprise that not even her sudden appearance could stop them from fulfilling and satisfying their carnal needs. It was just as she had predicted and hoped for, and now that they were slowly restarting their orgy, she wanted to continue capturing as much of it as she could to add it to what she had already filmed them doing.

“W-What are you doing here Unnie?” Yoona quickly blurted out after forcing herself to take her mouth off of the cock in front of her for two seconds.

“What does it look like I’m doing?” was the rather rhetorical answer she, and the others as well, had gotten. “Filming. Just one more happy experience for us as a band. Someone has to capture all of this! One day, you’ll be thanking me for doing so.”

“Why, why are… did you stalk us?” Tiffany asked, her shock finally wearing off after the others had already gotten past it, allowing her to begin taking the thick prick of the muscular hottie in and out of her hungry pussy again while keeping eye contact with their ex-member as she awaited her answer.

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