Smoking Fetish Art Ch. 01 – Fetish – Free Sex Story

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Eighteen-year-old Becky woke in her bed, staring up at the bedroom ceiling of her new home. Her single mother had moved in just after Christmas, when she had returned to University. On top of unpacking her belongings from the large boxes that awaited her, the country had a week previously entered the national Covid-19 lockdown. Becky was already at her wits end. Her only saving grace was that her mother was a key worker, so she had the house to herself without her meddling in what she was doing.

Becky had really enjoyed her first six months at Uni, until the virus went global and everybody was forced to go home for at least twelve weeks. Her new friends were great. She had settled in and come out of her shell. The party lifestyle and freedom she experienced was liberating for the once shy and self conscious, five-six, petite, brunette.

However, what really troubled her about returning home for so long was the fact she had become a regular smoker whilst she was away, and her mother was yet to find out. Although she was of the legal age to smoke, she dreaded the moment she would have to confess her ‘sinful’ habit to her mum.

Slipping her lithe body from under the duvet, clad in her favourite white, heart print, seersucker pyjama shorts and t-shirt, Becky went to her coat pocket to fetch her Silk Cut cigarettes and black lighter. Grasping them in her hand, she then paced downstairs and into the kitchen.

Becky smiled, sliding out a cigarette before putting the packet down on the kitchen table. She then made her way towards the back door and opened it. The mild weather rushed in before she stepped out onto the warming patio slabs and glanced around to see if any nosy neighbours were about. The back garden faced the fields behind the housing estate, with only one neighbouring property to her right in view. The ‘coast’ was clear.

Satisfied she was unhindered to smoke; Becky placed the cork filter between her young lips and raised the lighter to the tip. She didn’t hesitate for a second, pressing down on the lighter and bringing the small naked flame to the end of the cigarette as she sucked.

The first drag of the day had quickly become her favourite drag, closely followed by the second and third drags. After six months of enjoying the freedom to smoke, Becky had become hopelessly addicted. In part, she felt a little sexy, sucking on the filter and inhaling the thick smoke deep down into her lungs. Whenever stressed, or just craving a cigarette after a couple of hours without one, she loved how it calmed, relaxed, and soothed her when she exhaled the smoke.

On this occasion, she leaned against the house in her pyjama shorts and t-shirt, smoking languidly. Exhaling thick streams of smoke, she began to watch the plume being swept away by the breeze, with some of it being blown back inside the kitchen. It helped her take her mind off the lockdown.

Her nipples had hardened, protruding through the thin cotton material. Becky was suddenly aroused. She had experienced this during the first few weeks of smoking publicly. When she started smoking socially in bars and clubs with her University friends, she didn’t feel rebellious or sexy, she was simply trying to fit in whilst exploring her curiosity.

Then, when she inevitably progressed to needing to smoke without the alcohol, she did feel rebellious and naughty. It brought with it a strange feeling of arousal for which she couldn’t explain. That feeling had waned since everybody who knew her at University accepted and came to know her as a smoker. Smoking near inside the kitchen, however, brought all the feelings of rebellion and naughtiness back.

With her lips wrapped firmly around the cork filter, Becky took a deep drag and watched again, the thick plume of smoke she was exhaling. She then closed her brown eyes, inhaling and exhaling further satisfaction. It felt amazing, satisfying her need for nicotine. Her firm 30D bust rose and fell as she smoked the cigarette.

Her arousal went a little deeper and she was now moist between her legs, ready to satisfy her other morning craving. After taking the final drag, Becky dropped the butt down the drain and exhaled. She then went back inside to satisfy something else.


Sixty-two-year-old Gordon, retired and widowed for the past five years, woke at 8am. Showered and dressed, he then walked to the local corner shop to get the newspaper. It would become his morning exercise during the Covid lockdown before breakfast.

After breakfast, and catching up on yesterdays world news, the five-ten, slightly overweight, retired Art teacher decided he would spend a few hours trying to complete his latest portrait. He had promised a friend that he would paint a family photo of their three cats playing in their garden. Gordon didn’t mind, he rather enjoyed painting for other people. It brought him comfort that he could serve people, and gratitude knowing they loved his work.

Many years ago, Gordon and his Wife, who also enjoyed painting, converted their shed at the bottom of the garden into a dedicated art studio. It was a very expensive but worthy conversion. Large windows brought enough light into the small building that he would spend hours drawing and painting in there.

Already inside his art studio, coffee in hand, Gordon stood in front of the window, gazing back at his house. He sighed at the state of the world. As he finished the dregs of his coffee, some movement in the next garden caught his eye.

“Hello, and who might you be?” he spoke to himself, as soon as he noticed a young woman in pyjamas stepping out into the garden to his right. “I wouldn’t mind waking up to you,” he chuckled. The young woman appeared wary and excited, before she placed a cigarette between her lips and lit it. “Mmmm,” he then groaned, as the brunette unearthed an old pastime of his. “My lovely new neighbour has a sexy daughter who smokes, so it would appear.”

Gordon always had a ‘thing’ for girls who smoked. It was an unhealthy fantasy that had dogged him ever since puberty. Watching the young woman next door reminded him of a girl in art college, whom he twice drew and painted whilst she smoked.

He stepped closer towards the window, staring intently at his young neighbour, who clearly loved to smoke. Feeling a sudden urge of excitement inside himself, Gordon grabbed his rising erection through his trousers and gave it a little squeeze. “I Love bad girls, especially innocent looking ones,” he muttered to himself again, whilst tilting the blinds to hide his presence.

Gordon watched on as the young woman enjoyed every drag and second of her morning cigarette. He loved the obvious pleasure and addiction his beautiful, newly discovered, neighbours daughter was displaying on her pretty, young face.

He imagined bending her over the garden table whist she smoked. Her pyjama shorts down around her ankles and her top pulled up to allow her lovely firm tits to dangle Free. Continuing to groan to himself, whilst squeezing himself a little harder through his trousers, Gordon visualised the next part of his fantasy, taking her slowly from behind until she had finished her cigarette and he had deposited his mature, potent load deep inside her young body.

“Maybe this pandemic won’t be so bad after all,” he chuckled once more, finally taking out his cock to masturbate over his young neighbour smoking a cigarette.

It didn’t take long for Gordon to ejaculate. He grunted and shook uncontrollably as his load erupted onto the floor. Satisfied, he squeezed out the remaining droplets as the young woman dropped the cigarette butt down the drain and exhaled. The view of her firm buttocks in the pyjama shorts made him grunt his finale.


An hour later, showered, dressed, and fed herself, Becky returned to the back garden in just a pair of tight shorts and even tighter t-shirt. Sitting at the garden table, she pulled out her phone and called her friend.

“Hey, Maisie,” she near sang down the line, delighted her University friend had answered.

Maisie was a bleached blonde northern girl. A straight talker with a no-nonsense sort of attitude. She was pretty, a little chubby, and the life and soul of any party.

“Who is this?” Maisie asked, not recognising the number.

“It’s me, Becky!”

“Hey, Beck! That’s weird, your name didn’t come up with your number! How are you holding up?” the blonde chirped in return, lighting a cigarette.

Upon hearing her friend taking a drag, Becky put a cigarette of her own between her lips and sparked up. “You know,” she moaned through an exhale of thick smoke. “Could be better, could be worse.”

Meanwhile, Gordon was back on his feet inside his art studio, peering out of the window from behind the blinds. Upon learning his young neighbours name, he felt his lust for her increase.

“Golly, you are a sexy little thing aren’t you … Becky! Or is it Rebecca? he groaned quietly to himself, wishing her cigarette was his cock. He then cracked the window open a little further to listen in on her conversation.

“I know what you mean,” Maisie sympathised. “Twelve weeks locked up with my parents and brother is going to kill me more than this virus. Talk about cabin fever!”

“Ohhh sorry!” Becky felt for her friend, exhaling before taking a quick drag. “At least I have no siblings, and mum is a full-time key worker.”

“Lucky bitch!” came Maise’s laughing response, before taking a lazy, deep drag over the phone. “I seriously don’t think I’m going to cope, especially with no Sex!”

“No Sex is definitely going to be the worst part!” Becky giggled, before taking a drag and exhaling it. “But there’s always Literotica!” she then burst into laughter.

Maisie chuckled as she smoked. “I’ll have to put a lock on my door. I can’t risk any family members walking in on me sorting myself out while I’m absorbed in some dirty erotica!”

Becky exhaled with her chuckle of her own. “I couldn’t think of anything worse than being caught with my hand between my legs while I’m reading some Hot, filthy story.”

Gordon felt dizzy. He couldn’t believe the filth coming from the ‘oh so’ innocent looking students mouth. Once again, his imagination began to run wild. He couldn’t help it. Delighted to learn that his neighbours daughter was a dirty minded, smoking, university student, and that she would predominately be alone during the lockdown, had him conjuring up all sorts of fantasies. But instead of pleasuring himself again, he decided to grab his camera and take candid shots of Becky while she smoked her cigarette.

He zoomed in on her face and then her chest. Her tits looked so firm beneath the tight-fitting t-shirt that he wanted to remove it for her. With the high pixel lens focussed, he captured her protruding nipples and gasped that she wasn’t wearing a bra. He thought she looked magnificent. He also noted how her breasts appeared large due to her slim, tight build.

“What are we like!” Maisie said, more a statement than a question. “We better get a grip of ourselves!”

The two friends laughed before Becky reminded them of the seriousness of the situation. “We should be grateful, I guess,” she said. “People are dying after all.”

“Yeah, I know.” Maisie agreed. “Anyway, have you told your mum you’re a smoker yet?”

“No, she doesn’t know I’m smoking. She hasn’t even hinted that I smell of cigarettes. But I’m doing the laundry and only smoking when she’s not home.”

“How’s that going?”

“Not great. I’m going to have to break it to her soon. I think she’ll respect that. She used to be smoker herself. So it’s not like she can criticise me or anything.”

“Well good luck. It’s a relief when it’s out in the open and you’re Free to smoke.”

The two friends went on to discuss everything from university to the current politics locking down the country, whilst they casually smoked their cigarettes. Meanwhile, Gordon tuned in and out of their conversation with a second erection that day. However, his main focus was the smouldering cigarette moving back and forth from the teen’s pretty little mouth.

The conversation lasted for almost forty minutes, in which time Becky had smoked two cigarettes. When she finally went back inside, Gordon counted some forty photos of her talking, laughing, frowning, but mostly importantly … smoking!

This pattern of play went on for just over a week, less so in the evenings and on weekends when Becky’s mother was home. The fact every time she smoked was without her mothers approval and knowledge made Becky seem all the more naughty and desirable to Gordon.

A week after taking the first photos of his sexy young neighbour, Gordon had finished his newest portrait. Standing back from his large, wooden easel, he beamed proudly at his work. His cock twitched. The painting would only add fuel to his lust.

The painting of Becky, dragging on a freshly lit Silk Cut cigarette was drying in preparation to be added to his private collection. He even managed to capture the packet of cigarettes and lighter on the table, and her protruding nipples. She was also unmistakeable in the painting; such was the level of detail and skill.


As lockdown neared the end of its third week, the weather was pleasantly warm. Sitting above twenty degrees Celsius, Becky decided to spend the late morning and afternoon listening to some music on her iPhone whilst sunbathing in the garden.

Gordon was beside himself when she walked out into her garden wearing a yellow bikini, clutching a towel and pillow. He was in his bedroom window gazing out at the fields after changing his bedsheets.

“Oh sweet Jesus, this sexy little thing is going to give me a heart attack if she carries on,” he muttured under his breath.

Transfixed on the sexy, young brunette, he stood back in case she happened to glance up in his direction. He watched her like a true voyeur, his eyes roaming from her pretty face, down over her firm breasts, before admiring her flat belly and slim hips. She was petite all right, fragile, he noted. Her legs were smooth and sexy to. Gordon felt he had to approach her at some point. He had a plan.

Becky laid her towel out on the short grass and threw down her pillow. She then gazed up at the sun and smiled. It was going to be a relaxing day. Sitting down on the towel, she took a cigarette out of her packet and placed it between her lips.

Hesitatingly, Gordon quietly entered his back garden, pretending he was going to his art studio. He still hadn’t formerly introduced himself to his newest neighbour. He had briefly welcomed Becky’s mother Tracey to the neighbourhood, whom he also found very attractive, but other than that he hadn’t seen or spoken to her much. This was his opportunity to change that, with Becky at least.

The detached properties boundaries were merely separated by 5ft panelled fencing running the length of the garden. As Gordon nervously glanced over the fence at Becky, his cock twitched at the teen sat playing with her iPhone with an unlit cigarette dangling from her mouth. He had a great side view of her left tit, which further excited him, as the bikini held it in but revealed the side of the soft, rounded globe.

God almighty, he thought, before plucking up the courage to speak. “Oh, hello!” he said, pretending to be startled.

Becky looked up, genuinely startled, and removed the cigarette from her mouth. “Hi!” she responded.

“Sorry if I frightened you. I’m Gordon, the friendly neighbour next door. I was about to go into my art studio,” he smiled, stealing another glance of the bikini clad breasts on display. “I didn’t realise there was a second person living next door.”

Becky smiled, noting the old man’s wandering gaze. She thought he sounded clumsy, taking her for a naïve little girl.

“My mum moved in while I was at Uni. I’m home for lockdown,” she smiled, turning to face him. “I’m Becky,” she smiled wider, offering a better view of her cleavage.

Gordon nearly gasped out loud at her bold move. He couldn’t be sure if it was deliberate or not, but he was grateful for it none the less.

“Very nice to meet you, Becky. It must be difficult for you to suddenly find yourself out of University and locked up at home,” Gordon engaged her further, his cock rising in time with the cigarette in her hand.

“Shit happens!” she replied nonchalantly, with a shrug of her shoulders before placing the cork filter back between her lips and readying the lighter.

“Yes, it does,” he said, but quieter as his attention shifted to her lips securing the soft filter in place. “At least the weather is on our side.”

Gordon stepped closer to the fence, losing all sense of reality. The simple act of a sexy, young woman lighting a cigarette, especially in her bikini, had gripped hold of him tightly.

Becky noticed his movements drawing closer, but she didn’t detect anything weird. She lit the cigarette and sucked hard on the filter, completely unaware that she had just given the old man an erection on the other side of the fence. She had unintentionally drawn him in just as easily as she had intentionally drawn the thick ball of smoke into her lungs.

A soft gasp quietly escaped Gordon. He was suddenly at the fence, peering over the top and watching her exhale the smoke from her pursed lips. He wanted the cigarette to be his cock now more than ever. He wanted to remove her two-piece bikini and draw her naked in her back garden whilst she smoked cigarette after cigarette. Oh what a portrait that would make, he thought. Much better than the one he drew and painted from the photo he had taken of her.

“I guess you’ll be studying at home then, hey?”

Becky smirked at the ground and took another long drag from her cigarette. She knew her neighbour was enjoying the view; his small talk was desperate. She turned towards him and exhaled before replying.

“Studying, chilling, some more studying, and dying of boredom I suspect,” she chuckled, giving him what she thought he wanted, a good old lech of her teen body. Something she’d wouldn’t have dreamed of doing before moving away to study. She then giggled inside at the thought that he probably hadn’t been laid in years.

Taking another long, lazy drag, and drawing effortlessly on the filter, before swallowing more smoke, Becky had no idea that it wasn’t just her body that he was enjoying the view of. When she exhaled again, absentmindedly in Gordon’s direction, she detected a slight croak from him before he continued with his aimless conversation.

“I’m retired and widowed, but I’m never bored. I often spend my time drawing and painting,” he explained, pointing at his art studio. “That’s where I create all my work.”

Becky was pretty good at art herself, having passed her art GCSE with an A* in high school. She appreciated art. Gordon suddenly wasn’t as boring as she thought.

“That’s cool,” she told him, whilst exhaling her latest drag. “Not that you’re a widow of course. I’m sorry to hear you lost your Wife. What kind of art do you specialise in?”

“Portraits mainly these days. I was an art teacher at an art college for thirty years,” he beamed with pride. “And no need to apologise about my Wife. It was sadly cancer. It took her five years ago.”

“Oh,” came her response, suddenly feeling silly and guilty for smoking. “I guess you don’t approve of smoking then.”

Gordon sensed her immediate change and quickly moved to put her ease. The last thing he wanted was for her to feel ashamed of smoking.

“Don’t be silly, we all have our vices. You’re young, so enjoy yourself and live life,” he chuckled, realising his words were not sound advice for a smoker.

“So what kind of portraits do you paint?” Becky quickly got the unexpected conversation back on track.

Gordon glanced at her breasts again, before answering her question when she inhaled another long drag.

“Nature, animals, people, anything that captures my attention or imagination really. Lately I’ve turned a few photos from friends into paintings. I’ve just finished one actually.”