Small Penis Prison Ch. 17 – Fetish

Mia entered the room and quietly crept up to Kevin. Then she lowered the sheet slowly so as not to wake him up, carefully held his balls with one hand and gave him a strong punch.

“Good morning, boys!” she exclaimed smiling while Kevin screamed in pain surprised to wake up like that. Then she turned on the lights.

“What do you think of my outfit?” she asked smiling raising an eyebrow.

She was wearing a nurse costume with a cap. It was a very tight white dress with a zipper on the front that was half open, revealing a lot of her cleavage, and covered little more than her buttocks, on her right leg she wore a red garter, and red high heels. She wore her curly blonde hair in a ponytail.

“Today is a very special day, since you have been with me for more than a month I’ll give you the opportunity to cum but we’ll talk about it later, now everyone get up, shower and breakfast, see you here later.” she said smiling as she watched their tiny cocks throb in their cages as they headed for the showers.

She went to visit Charlie.

“Hi Charlie, what’s up?” she greeted.

“Hello Mia.” Charlie said, looking distracted.

“What’s the matter?” Mia asked.

“Nothing, Ryan is back today after a week with Freya and I’m a little nervous.” Charlie said smiling.

“Nervous why?” Mia asked.

“Well, a week ago he found out that he’s locked up here because of me and he became mad, although I also found out that he’s a real pervert, not only did he spy on me from his window, he also stole my thongs and recorded me on video.” Charlie said as Mia cracked up laughing.

“So little Ryan is a pervert? So what?” Mia said smiling.

“That’s not all, he told me he was in love with me, you know he’s been my neighbor for years, the truth is that at first I was a bit attracted to him too.” she said smiling.

“What?” Mia said smiling, “Do you like Ryan?”

“No, no, no, I liked him, not anymore.” Charlie said seriously.

“Yeah sure.” Mia said.

“Well, he seems handsome to me, that’s true.” Charlie said smiling.

“So you do like him.” Mia said with a laugh.

“Don’t talk nonsense, have you seen that tiny cock he has? Besides, you already know that I only fuck black men.” Charlie said seriously.

“So what? Have you seen Morty’s dick? It’s tiny, when I fuck him once a year I feel absolutely nothing, but I love him and he loves me, and if he wants to be with me I’m going to fuck whoever I want, he’s happy with that and so am I.” Mia said.

“That is different.” Charlie said thoughtfully.

“Why? It’s exactly the same, he loves you, now you’ll have to find out what you really feel for him, if you love him too why not at least give him a chance?” Mia said smiling.

“But I’m with Marcus, we’ve been together for 3 years.” Charlie said looking into her eyes very seriously.

“Don’t talk nonsense, you’re with Marcus because of his huge cock but you don’t feel anything for him, besides you know he’s fucking half the city and you don’t care.” Mia said.

“We have an open relationship.” Charlie said looking at the ground.

“Yes, of course, deceive yourself however you want.” Mia said.

“Besides, I didn’t want to punish him with a week with Freya, it was Gina’s thing, she convinced me, she told me that this way he would be a more docile boy.” Charlie said looking at the ground.

“Well, what’s done is done, now you can’t change it, I’m sure Gina is right, by the way, did you bring me what I asked for?” Mia asked with a mischievous smile.

“Yes, here you go.” Charlie pulled out 5 condoms full to the brim, “Why do you want so many condoms?”

“I’m going to play a game with my boys, whoever wins I’ll let him cum.” Mia said, “I hope they don’t eat much for breakfast.” She said letting out a laugh.

“And how many condoms do you have?” Charlie asked curiously. “Between the ones I’ve gotten for a month, the ones from my friends, the ones from the rest of the girls here, and the ones you and your friends have gotten, I have 26.” she said.

“I’m going to give each one the same number of condoms, and the first one to drink them all I’ll let him cum.” Mia said laughing.

“Fuck, that’s fucking gross.” Charlie said laughing.

“I know, it’s the price you have to pay for being a pervert, plus I’m going to mixed it with Viagra to make it more fun, what do you think?” Mia kept laughing.

“You’re a bitch. I love it.” Charlie said smiling.

“That’s not the best, I’ve asked Lucille for 4 machines to take them to the edge while they drink all that cum, and I’m going to put them all separated behind screens so they don’t know when someone has finished.” Mia said laughing.

“You are definitely the worst. Although I would like to see it, really.” Charlie said laughing out loud.

“By the way, where did you get so much cum from? My friends and I got about 8 condoms together.” Mia asked.

“2 are from Marcus, you know his cumshots are huge, the other 3 are from Ilsa, that woman is a nymphomaniac, I’m sorry for her husband, none of the condoms were from him.” Charlie said laughing.

Then Charlie’s boys started arriving. Mia saw Ryan, he was in a deplorable state, full of marks all over his body, his balls were gigantic, black and blue, and full of cuts and bruises, it was clear that this was Freya’s work, he also had a blank stare, poor boy, Mia wondered.

When she got to her room her boys were already there.

“Hey boys, are you ready to play?” Mia exclaimed smiling, “Give me a few minutes to get everything ready, wait here.”

Mia prepared everything in the next room, she had put the 4 machines in parallel, with little tables in front, she put 6 condoms each and Kevin 8, screw the bastard, Mia wondered smiling.

At first the one who wondered he was gonna like him the worst was Bertie but in the end he had become such a good boy, but Kevin showed that he was an asshole from the beginning, she was gonna take the nonsense out of him sooner or later.

She emptied the condoms into glasses and mixed them with Viagra, then put a straw in each glass.

“That’s it boys, you can come.” she exclaimed.

The boys entered the room and saw the machines.

“What are those things?” Kevin asked.

“Kevin, be a good boy and don’t open your mouth again if you want any chance of cumming today.” Mia said smiling looking into his eyes.

Kevin fell silent and looked at the ground.

“I am going to connect these machines to your tiny cocks, they are going to take you to the edge over and over until you finish all your medicines, the first to finish the glass will be the one who can cum.” Mia said looking at them smiling, “They are experimental drugs, they are made from bulls, will make your tiny peepees grow big and strong like real men’s, the more you take the more your tiny dicks will grow, I know you would like that, that’s why I want to help you, you have to take a lot because they’re still in development and they don’t quite work, I’m a good girl, aren’t I?”

Mia tied the boys to the machines, and then she began to remove their cages.

“Oh my god, your little cocks are super hard, look at them dripping!” she exclaimed laughing seeing the 4 cocks throbbing up and down while drops of precum fell from the tips.

“And look at your balls all filled to the brim.” Then she started plugging their cocks into the tubes.

“Now I am going to activate the machines to calibrate them, in about 5 minutes they will be ready.” Mia activated the machines and they began to move. All 4 men jumped in surprise when it started.

“No talking.” Mia said seriously.

Then the 4 began to moan until after 5 minutes the 4 were on the edge and stopped.

“Perfect. They’re already calibrated, now I’ll put them in soft mode, I don’t want to torture you too much.” Mia said putting the machines into hard mode with a mischievous smile.

The boys began to tremble and moan until all 4 of them were left with their faces shocked.

The four of them are already on the edge, Mia wondered, smiling.

“Is it alright, guys?” Mia asked smiling innocently.

“This is soft mode? I’m already on the edge.” Kevin said through gritted teeth.

“Yes, of course. You’ll have to get used to it.” Mia said, “Now, the first one to finish will be the one to cum.”

“Are you ready?” Mia asked, “Get started!”

They began to sip through the straws.

“Is this cum?” Kevin said with a disgusted face, almost throwing up, gritting his teeth again at the edge.

“No, maybe it’s the texture it has but it’s only a medicine, don’t talk nonsense.” Mia said smiling.

They slowly sipped through the straws.

“This is disgusting.” Kevin said gagging.

“Like I told you before Kevin, keep that mouth shut, last warning.” Mia said smiling.

At 10 minutes Kevin was about to finish, second was Gene, Bertie and Wally still had half a glass left. Gene gagged with every sip.

“Come on guys, last push!” Mia exclaimed.

She moved closer to Kevin and as he was again on the edge on the machine, she began massaging his balls.

“They feel pretty heavy, you sure want to empty them, don’t you little boy?” she whispered in his ear.

He nodded several times, still sipping.

Then she went back to see how the rest were doing.

After a while Kevin finished, and right after him, Gene. She put her finger to her lips, signaling them not to speak, winking at them. Since they couldn’t see each other they still didn’t know if the rest had already finished. After 10 minutes the 4 had finished.

“Now I’m going to put a little video and then I’ll come back and I’ll tell you the winner.” Mia said putting a big screen in front of the 4 of them.

She played the video for them, it was a compilation of gorgeous girls dancing, twerking, stripping and with some rough sex scenes from time to time, what the guys didn’t know is that it lasted about three hours.

“Well I’m going to change the mode of the machines and I’ll leave you with the video.” she said putting on nightmare mode smiling, “I’ll be right back.”

Mia left the room listening to the moans of the boys who were already riding the edge and went to have a drink.

She saw that Freya was sitting alone at a table looking at her cell phone.

“Hey girl, how are you doing?” she asked her.

“Hi Mia.” she said raising her head, “I was resting for a while, and you?”

“The boys are a little busy so I came here for a drink” Mia said winking at her smiling, “How about your boy?”

“Lance? Great!” she said with a big smile.

“And how about the sex? He has such a huge cock!” Mia exclaimed laughing.

“He’s a beast, after fucking I can hardly even walk the next day.” Freya said with a laugh.

“The kind of sex I like!” Mia exclaimed laughing.

“Besides, I can also show my sadistic side with him and he puts up with everything, he is the man of my dreams.” she said blushing a little.

“Oooooh are you in love?” Mia asked smiling.

“Maybe…” Freya said smiling.

“And what about Ryan, Charlie’s boy?” Mia asked.

“What about him?” Freya asked.

“He was with you this week, wasn’t he?” Mia said.

“Yeah, I made it clear to him from the beginning, you know what I mean.” Freya said laughing, “No one misbehaves with my friends.”

“Well, his case is a bit complicated.” Mia said thoughtfully, “I think Charlie likes him.”

“Really? But he’s just a pervert with a tiny dick, what does she see in him?” Freya said raising an eyebrow.

“Well, you know that there’s nothing written about tastes, besides, the boy is quite handsome, don’t you think?” Mia asked.

“Maybe, although I don’t like scrawny losers with small dicks.” Freya said laughing.

“Well, from my personal experience I can tell you that being with a guy with a small dick has its advantages, it’s true that his mini dick is not good for fucking but how much fun you have controlling his orgasms and teasing his little dick and ruining his orgasms from time to time, priceless.” Mia said laughing, “Besides since they know they’re not like a real men they’ll do anything to please you, Morty wakes me up every morning eating my ass and pussy softly until he brings me to orgasm, and if I just fucked someone he licks me clean as a whistle, and of course he does everything I tell him without question, it took me a bit but by chastity and ballbusting he became a very good boy.”

“To be honest I have to tell you that I have a similar relationship.” she said with a mischievous smile.

“Oh yeah? Tell me everything.” Mia said laughing.

“Well, when I turned 19 my parents threw me a party, they invited some friends of theirs who brought their son, Daniel Park, he was in his last year of college, but he’s some kind of computer genius, he had already made some app and already had a lot of money.” Freya said.

“Daniel Park? That name sounds familiar to me…ah I know! That man is a billionaire! I think he’s among the 10 richest in the country, do you know him?” Mia exclaimed.

“More than that.” Freya said smiling, “When we met, he approached me and started flirting with me, one thing led to another and we started dating, but you know how I am, after a few days I told him I wanted to fuck, he invited me to his house I started to undress him and then I saw his dick, it was minuscule at most 1 inch and erect, that made me very angry.”

“I told him directly that his small cock was worthless, he got angry and I kicked him in the balls, with my years of kickboxing I could handle the skinny boy without problems, I tied him to the bed and went home to get the smallest chastity cage I had, I don’t know if you know it, but since my adolescence I have been fascinated by bdsm, I started when I was 17 years old to buy all kinds of whips, paddles, etc. and of course various chastity belts.” she said smiling, “The one I took was a flat pink cage, I put it on his tiny dick with no problem, he protested but I made him clear, if he wanted any chance of cumming in the future he had to do everything I said.”

“The first months he protested a lot but seeing that I was serious he became a very docile boy, we met once a week, I took him to the edge a few times for an hour and then I locked him up in his little cage again without letting him come.”

“So you’ve had that little boy under your control ever since?” asked Mia intrigued.

“Of course, he’s like my boyfriend, I don’t know.” Freya said.

“And what about Lance?” Mia asked.

“Lance is my real boyfriend, but he already knows about my relationship with Daniel and he doesn’t care, he knows he’s the real one.” She said, “Almost nobody knows anything about this, I really don’t know why I’m telling you, maybe you seem like a trustworthy girl, please don’t tell anyone, only Kayla knows.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone, you can trust me, but tell me more, now I want to know everything.” Mia said laughing.

“Well, since then he’s been locked up in his little cage, as I’ve already told you, we usually meet up on weekends, I tie him to the bed and unlock him from his cage to play for a while, although on the few times I let him cum I usually ruin his orgasms, since I’ve been dating Lance I let him come watch us fuck, I leave him tied up with a small vibrator attached to his dick while Lance fucks me like a beast, when he sees us he’s forbidden to cum, he once had an accident, you can’t imagine how I left his balls, the poor loser spent a week with his balls on ice, but since then he hasn’t had any accidents, after he cleans my pussy and ass like a good boy.” Freya said laughing, “Besides I control all his bank accounts, I have all the money you could ever want.”

“And why do you work here?” Mia asked.

“Girl, coming here for me is like going to an amusement park, I have a great time, abusing all those perverted losers,

it’s hilarious, don’t say anything but I would do it for free.” Freya said laughing.

Mia was laughing out loud almost falling off her chair.

“But do you like him or something?” Mia asked.

“Well, he’s more like my puppy, he’s not like you and Morty.” Freya said.

“If it works for you, perfect.” Mia said.

Suddenly Gina arrived and sat down with them.

“What’s up, girls?” she asked.

“Just chatting for a bit.” Freya said.

“I have to go see the gimp, what a pain in the ass.” Gina said.

“If you want, I’ll go, just tell me what I have to do.” Mia said smiling.

“And your boys?” Gina asked.

“Don’t worry about them, they’ll be busy for a long time.” Mia said smiling.

“Okay, come with me.” Gina said getting up.

“See you later, Freya” Mia said goodbye.

“See you later.” Freya replied, looking at her phone again.

Gina began to prepare a mixture.

“This is what he eats, he has this paste, liquid Viagra and one of these pills.” Gina said mixing it all together, “You pour it all into the tube and after swallowing it, you pour a glass of water and that’s it.”

“Okay, anything else?” Mia asked.

“Yes, be very careful when you touch him, after so long without cumming the slightest touch makes his tiny cock almost cum.” Gina said seriously, “No accidents.”

“Don’t worry.” Mia said smiling, “And can I remove the hood?”

“I don’t recommend it, the only thing you’re going to hear are complaints and screams, but do it if you want, put it on again when you’re done.” Gina said.

“I will do that.” Mia said winking at her.

Mia opened the cell door and saw that it was all dark, she turned on the light and saw him lying on the floor on top of a blanket.

“Hello.” she greeted.

The man got up and stood looking at her, he did not stop shaking.

“Don’t worry little boy, I’m not going to hurt you.” Mia said smiling.

Then she approached him, grabbed him by the hood tube and began to pour the paste, when she finished she emptied the glass of water into the tube.

“Very good, good boy.” she said.

Then she released him and strapped him to the gurney as Gina had taught her.

When she was done tying him up, she took off his hood.

“Hello handsome!” Mia greeted, it was a boy about her age, with blue eyes, Mia wondered he was really handsome, “How did a boy as handsome as you end up in a mess like this?”

“Please, you have to release me, I haven’t done anything.” said the boy trembling.

“Sssshh calm down, I’m not going to hurt you, first I’m going to take away your little cage and that little bag you have on your balls and while we play we’re going to talk for a while, you and me.” she said smiling.

“OK.” he said very nervous.

As she took the cage and the bag from him, he groaned inconsolably.

“That’s it.” she said, “Gina told me to be careful with your tiny cock, you don’t have much stamina, do you?”

His cock was rock hard and he released precum continuously throbbing.

She very gently stroked his cock with the pad of her index finger and he moaned, already on the edge.

“She was right by the looks of it.” she said laughing.

“First, why are you here?” Mia asked stroking his cock again.

“Because of an evil bitch.” he hissed as Mia led him back to the edge, “She wanted to go out with me but I didn’t, she was fucking half the basketball team and she wanted me as her cuckold, I refused.”

“She told me she was in love with me but I kept telling her I wasn’t interested.” He said struggling to speak while Mia continued rubbing his cock, “So a little while later she reported me for harassment and I don’t know what else, and they put me here, during the trial they believed everything she said, they almost didn’t let me speak, and I got 12 years of sentence.”

“Poor boy, and how did you end up in this cell?” Mia asked bringing him to the edge again.

“Well, when I arrived I tried to explain everything to Gina but she didn’t listen to me, then it was the same with the girl they put me with, a girl named Cammie, in the end they sent me to Freya and she directly punished me, without listening to me, after several escape attempts they ended up putting me here.” he said groaning.

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