Slutty’s Tour And Training – Fetish

Slutty was lead by her master down the dirt path of the barn. Her master tugged on her leash as she turned into a stall that said “Whorse Track.” She passes another set of showers and passed a bunch of stalls mainly filled with 2-3 Ponygirls although some had less and a few were empty. She was lead outside to the track where she saw rows of bleachers surrounding the track and many more were under construction.

She watched as a cart with two redhead ponygirls were whipped by a man in the cart. “Faster and knees higher bitches” he yelled as the girls raised their legs higher and ran faster.

One of them tripped and fell over as the other stopped looking down at her. The man jumped off the cart and grabbed her by her hair the girl screamed in pain as she was dragged to her feet by the man who began to yell. “You useless slut you are going to be punished for this!”

The other girl tried to speak up but the man grabbed her and yelled “shut up or you will spend a month as a hutoilet just like your bitch twin.

The second girl said “uk ou” as the man was mad and grabbed her. Slutty figured that she did not want her sister to be left alone as a hutoilet and watched the two dragged past them as her master stopped them. “Hey Carl do you need help setting them in the bathroom”

“Ya it couldn’t hurt..” he began but Slutty ignored them and looked at the twins. They both were in large hove shaped boots that were similarly to heals without the back. Their bare toes were exposed at the bottom they did not look comfortable but she guessed they were not meant to be. Looking up she saw a harness that wrapped around their pussies and squeezed around their boobs. They both had the same brand on their asses. There was straps to connect her to a cart. Both had headpieces with fake ears blinders and a bit gag.

The first girl had tears in her eyes and the other had a look trying to comfort her sister. Her master tugged at her leash. And ordered “Pick one and give her pussy a fun time.”

Slutty picked the second girl feeling sorry for the first one. She began to lick the girls pussy as she heard something even more evil. “Ok girls give each other a nice big kiss and you will get a week cut off from hutoilet duty”

Slutty looked up quickly and saw the two kissing using their tongues but her master pulled her back under and she continued to lick. The girl squealed with excitement as she released her cum all over Slutty’s face. Right now her only regret was that this was Amy her father’s main slave that she was in love with. She planned to take her as her own and loose her virginity on her before she was taken into slavery herself.

Desperate for a drink she licked up the cum from her face as the three of them were lead to a hutoilet area that said “Girls/ Slaves” above. It was an open area like all girls bathrooms were and they had the pony gear removed as they were placed next to a man who she recognized as her brother.

He was fully naked and yelled “it looks like you did not get free from turning me in Slutty.”

Her master hit him and said “shut up toilet you put yourself here. Now lets have a little more incest you two will have sex together now.

She was horrified but did not want to end up like the twins and obeyed. Hopping on her brothers dick and sliding her pussy up and down.

After doing it for a few minutes her master turned her around and told him “suck his dick” and she obeyed.

Finishing up she was dragged on and saw the other rooms in the barn. She witnessed puppy girls crawled around by their dog houses, cat girls licking themselves clean, and more exotic animals in their pens. She was finally lead to the hucow area. She was brought before a girl with no arms or legs two huge boobs and a huge utter. She looked up and saw that their was a large ring in her nose and the face looked familiar it took her a second and she recognized it to be Amy. She had the same brand as her and the other ponygirls from earlier.

Her master had an evil smile on his face. As he began to explain. “You see Slutty I knew you fell in love with your father’s slave so I transformed her into a hucow to produce milk for the farm. When she is all used up I will do the humane thing and put her down.

Slutty began to cry as she saw the girl she loved in this horrible state. She desperately wanted to comfort her but she knew her master would not allow it. She continued to stare as her master watched her and told her. “Are you interested in her girl, it ok you can fuck her in the spot of my choosing which you have to guess.”

She crawled forward and tried to figure out what to do. Her master whipped her again and she began to sob. She went to lick her pussy but felt another whip. “Wrong” he yelled. She kissed her and was whipped again.

She moved to one of her massive breasts and began to suck it. “Wrong” he yelled again.

Through the tears Slutty looked around and saw a massive double dildo with a strap. She crawled up to it and she squealed as she slid it in her pussy. Her master came up behind “good thinking but wrong area” he said. She moved her pussy off and tried to get it on her ass but it would not go on. She turned around and used her mouth to get it wet and shoved her ass on it. It slid on “good job” he said as he strapped it on to her.

She came up to her and began to shove the dildo in Amy’s pussy. After a few minutes she was dragged away, had her dildo removed and watched as a series of pumps attached to Amy’s boobs and utter.

Slutty was lead back to her pen and was tossed back in her hair flew forward as she was once again caked with mud. “Slutty your training begins after lunch. You better get with the program because this farm opens to the public in a month.”

Slutty was shocked but it made sense he was showing off to her all day and explained some of the construction going on. She saw the food come out and noticed it was a lot. She then saw other pig girls crawl past her happily shoving their faces into the slop. She was not surprised but did the same. The food did not get any better but she knew she would eventually get use to it. Slutty finished eating and burped.

Her master came up to her and said, “Good you find out how to be a pig let’s practice your new speaking. He began to train her to only “speak” in grunts and snorts. She was told to forget all English and any other human languages and only “speak” like a pig.

After she had her sex training where she was learned to have sex with anyone else, learned how to have proper sex, and was made to long for sex.

This training happened over the next few weeks until she was eventually broken. She no longer remembered who she use to be and remembered no human languages. The dildo that she did not use in the first week was now used constantly. She was happy to be in the mud and be seen naked. Her hate for her master became love and the same went for the slop she ate.

To be continued.

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