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That’s it, you little slut! Eat my pussy! Mmmmmmmmm yesssssssssssss, eat the pussy of your Mistress Sif! Oooooooooooh fuck, good girl.” Sif lovingly stroked Wanda’s hair as she continued providing her with encouragement, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh, lick that cunt like the lezzie whore you are! The lezzie whore I made you! Oh shit! Just like that, mmmmmmmmm fuck yeah, just like that! Oh fuck! OH FUCK!”

Natasha Romanoff smiled warmly as she watched Mistress Sif get what she so richly deserved. Or at least, one of the many, many things. Because honestly, getting her cunt licked wasn’t really enough for that literal Goddess who deserved so much more. Like three other bitches, one to eat her ass, and two more to suck her tits. And Natasha would very much like to be one of those bitches.

Especially given that it was very likely that afterwards, Mistress Sif would reward who worshiped her with a butt fucking or two. After all, that’s exactly what she had done before. Many times, at this point. And The Black Widow was literally aching for the same treatment, which was why she found herself standing outside of her owner’s bedroom, peering in longingly.

However, on this occasion, Natasha hadn’t been summoned, or yet been noticed. And what she was sure that her inclusion would be welcomed, more than anything else, she wanted to please Mistress Sif, and sometimes, that meant leaving her alone with her favourite. Especially as it wasn’t like there was a shortage of other beautiful women that The Black Widow could go too.

Then again, there was something to be said for just watching. Hell, Natasha was pretty close to letting her hand slide downwards, until she sensed that someone was watching her from the shadows. And in the middle of the night like this, even the infamous Black Widow had her limits, and she just couldn’t see who it was. Or maybe, what it was.

There was a very, very good chance that it was simply one of the new girls, especially one without powers, who was simply too nervous to approach her. However, the training she received from The Red Room had Natasha slowly, and as casually as possible, making her way down the hall, moving closer to the sound, but without making it obvious that was what she was doing.

She was right to be cautious, as when she reached her destination, another Black Widow jumped out of the shadows, and stared at the most famous member of The Black Widow program. Natasha stepped back, waiting for the other woman to make the first move. And she wasn’t waiting long. No, all of a sudden, she found herself locked in a battle of counter holds and strikes, which had her heart racing.

Don’t get her wrong, Natasha loved her new life. She really, really did. But God, she had missed this. So much so, she was about to beg Wanda, and more importantly Mistress Sif, to let this play out, as she sensed them both reluctantly pull away from each other, and go to check on the noise that was coming from the hall. However, before they were spotted, the other Black Widow grabbed a firm hold of Natasha, activated some kind of device, seemingly designed to disorient an opponent.

It definitely worked, as the most famous Black Widow was left feeling dazed and confused of why everything was suddenly different. Then she realized they were in a bedroom, likely as a result of teleportation. That was the moment, the two assassins rolled away from each other, and turned to face each other, only for the other competitor to remove her mask, revealing a familiar face.

Namely, that of Yelena Belova, who smiled warmly and greeted, “Hello, sister.”

“Yelena!” Natasha exclaimed, for a moment unable to hide her joy at seeing her undercover sister, before forcing her face back into a neutral expression, “What are you doing here?”

“Do I need an excuse to see my sister?” Yelena quipped.

“I told you, I don’t like you calling me that.” Natasha grumbled.

“Which is why I do it. At least partly.” Yelena confessed with a soft smile, before pointing out, “But, to me, that’s what you at all times will be. I know, I know. We were undercover. It wasn’t real. Or at least, that’s what you tell yourself, because you’re afraid to care about anyone. Especially someone like me. But you remember, don’t you? How you were protective of me? How you literally tried to sacrifice yourself to save me?”

“Yeah, and how did that work out?” Natasha questioned bitterly.

“Well, we’re both alive, aren’t we?” Yelena countered, a grin crossing her face, “And thriving. Ooooooooooh yessssssssss, Natasha Romanoff is finally living her best life. And everyone knows it. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, everyone has seen the deadly Natasha Romanoff be reduced to nothing but a lesbian anal whore. And I have to say, it’s a look which suits you, sister.”

“Yelena, I…” Natasha began, actually blushing as for the first time in a long time, she was embarrassed about her behaviour.

“No, no, no, don’t be embarrassed, sister. This is what you were at all times meant to be.” Yelena reassured, taking a cautious step forward as she continued, “Mmmmmmmmm yesssssssssss, Natasha Romanoff was at all times meant to be someone’s anal bitch. We all were. Mmmmmmmm yessssssssss, all Black Widows love being butt sluts, owned by superior women. Especially me…”

Natasha gasped, with a mixture of shock, horror, and if she was honest, arousal, as Yelena emphasized her words by pulling her pants down and spreading her cheeks, revealing that her butt hole was gaping obscenely wide open. Something she’d seen a dozen times, including in a mirror. Or a picture. Or just watching footage of herself back.

So it was really hypocritical of her to be disappointed in Yelena for allowing herself to be debased in this way. But she just couldn’t help it. As the other Black Widow had just pointed out, Natasha was always protective of her ‘sister’. So to see her like this was heart-breaking. And yet, at the same time, it was also a turn on, one which made her heart race, and her slutty little ass hole quiver around the butt-plug, which was inside it.

Immediately, she wondered who had done this. Was this some big surprise from Mistress Sif? Maybe a present for her? After all, her owner had encouraged sex between those who were related by blood, so this was no big deal. Hell, part of her even hoped that was the case, as she had to admit, in that moment, Natasha really wanted to see Mistress Sif fuck Yelena Belova’s big fat ass directly in front of her.

Maybe taste that big booty on her strap-on. Or even, for Natasha to retrieve a strap-on, and do fuck herself. All of which, the most famous Black Widow had thought about before. Quite a lot, actually. But for better or worse, it didn’t seem this was the work of her owner.

No, because the door behind Yelena opened, and several guards rushed in, practically covering the walls from her left to her right, surrounding her. And these weren’t just any guards, but these were The Dora Milaje. The uniforms and spears were hard to miss, along with the fact that they were all bald black women.

Princess Shuri then entered, flanked by a few women that Natasha didn’t recognize, but were clearly the ones in charge around here. And given that they had her cornered and were looking at her like hungry panthers cornering a helpless antelope, it wasn’t hard to imagine what the plan might be here. But, just for the sake of solidifying it, Yelena looked behind herself, grinned happily at her sister, and then gleefully made a confession.

“Do you see, Natasha? Do you see what has happened to our sister? Do you see what’s about to happen to you?” Yelena gleefully taunted, as she somehow found a way to pull her ass cheeks even wider apart, “Ohhhhhhhhhh, yeahhhhhhhhhhh, do you like it? My gaped shit hole? Open and ready to be use by superior women. My, Black Mistresses? Oooooooooooh, yeah you do. And it’s exactly what will happened to you.

Oh yes! You, oh mighty Black Widow, will be broken just like the rest of us and used for their pleasure. But don’t worry though, you’re gonna love it. Mmmmmmmmm yessssssssssss, I envy you, sister. The night my Black Mistresses made me theirs was the greatest night of my life. Although this will be a close second, as I get to watch you experience the same joy I did.”

This whole thing reminded Natasha of how she had been broken in by Mistress Sif. Hell, Yelena even echoed some of the words which Wanda had used on that fateful night. Her first time with Mistress Sif. And Wanda had been right, Natasha had grown to greatly cherish that night. So much so, the most famous Black Widow considered trying to find her way out of this room.

She might not succeed, but she should at least try and protest. Hell, she like to believe that if she insisted that she didn’t want this, the other women would stop. But that probably wouldn’t be an issue, as her treacherous body was already aching to see whether these women could steal her away from Mistress Sif. And more importantly, that Mistress Sif would steal her back with a truly brutal butt fucking.

“Greetings, Natasha Romanoff. I don’t believe we’ve had the pleasure of meeting…” Shuri purred wickedly, “I am Princess Shuri. Although, soon you will refer to me as your Black Mistress. Or Black Mistress, or even Black Mistress Shuri. Just as long as you show the proper respect, you shall receive ecstasy far beyond what your so-called Mistress Sif could possibly give you first.”

“I highly doubt that.” Natasha quipped.

Which infuriated the woman standing next to Shuri, “You were told to show respect to show our Princess, by the Princess herself. You should not need to be told twice. But trust me, colonizer, you shall pay for your insolence.”

“True, but I told you, Okoye, to be patient.” Shuri scolded, before chuckling, “You should know better than anyone here, that Black Widows are stubborn and hard to break. But they all do, in the end. And has anything ever been more satisfying? And would it be the same, without the insolence they show at the start? Like with Yelena, here?”

“Oh yes, I was so stubborn, my Black Mistress.” Yelena apologetically chimed in, “And I’m so sorry. Ooooooooooooh yesssssssssssss, I’m so sorry for being stubborn, and disrespecting you, when I should have been spreading my cheeks, and doing whatever you wanted, right from the begin. Please, please, please, forgive me?”

“I told you, slut, multiple times now, there is nothing to forgive.” Shuri chuckled with wicked delight, “I like my women stubborn and disrespectful, at first. Mmmmmmmmmm yessssssssssssss, it makes it so much more satisfying later on, when they accept their true purpose in life. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, when they accept that their purpose now is to serve. Don’t you agree, Okoye?”

“Yes, Princess Shuri.” Okoye grumbled, before arguing, “I just never cease to be amazed by the audacity of these walking fuck holes. Especially in this case, from an already broken lesbian bitch. After all, we’ve all seen the footage. Everyone has. So she should already be down on her knees, and begging for what we can give.”

The other woman beside Princess Shuri stepped forward, and quipped, “So, give it.”

“Valkyrie is right.” Shuri grinned, “In fact, why don’t you show her the other part of our offer? Ooooooooooh yessssssssss, let her see what is going on below, and I guarantee, she will be ours. If not instantly, then certainly within the next few hours. Mmmmmmmmmmm, and I hope it’s the latter, because I’m so looking forward to breaking her in.”

“Yes, Princess Shuri.” Okoye replied, far more enthusiastically this time, and then quickly moved to do as she was told.

Shuri practically salivated at first the apprehensive look on the face of the deadly assassin, and then more importantly, when the infamous Natasha Romanoff turned around, and gave her the first real look at that legendary big booty. God, that thing had to be hers. It just had to be. Hell, Shuri was almost tempted to demand it right away. But no, she wanted Natasha Romanoff to give it willingly.

And then even more important than that, give it too her forever. Something which Shuri became lost in thinking about for a few long seconds, to the point that she almost missed the moment that Okoye obediently opened the shutters behind their new guest, to show her what was going on below.

Luckily, she was able to refocus just in time to thoroughly enjoy the expression on the face of Natasha Romanoff, as she saw what had become of the once mighty Black Widows. Saw that group of mighty warriors, were now nothing but desperate little butt sluts, getting their asses pounded in a variety of different positions by the women of Wakanda.

And not even members of the deadly Dora Milaje, but the servants of the Royal Palace, as a reward for all their fine work. Hell, Shuri even moved forwards enough that she could look herself. Both because she couldn’t get enough of the view below, and of Natasha’s face. The Dora Milaje moving cautiously, but Shuri was confident that she was in no danger, and the most famous Black Widow was practically hers already.

“Huh…” Natasha hummed, after what felt like an eternity of silence.

“Surprised to see your fellow Black Widows broken, and getting the treatment they so richly deserve?” Shuri quipped, stepping forward and itching to squeeze that big booty, “That you deserve?”

“No.” Natasha lied convincingly, mostly because it wasn’t 100% a lie. Which she made clear when she continued, “I’m just surprised that you didn’t let the black ones top, given the vibe you seem to be going for.”

“Oh, I assure you, we are equal opportunity butt fuckers.” Shuri chuckled, then pointing out, “We view the people of Wakanda as superior, and at least for now, we are. The rest of the world is catching up, but we still have better technology, and all the advantages which comes with it. For now. Of course, there are greater threats outside this world. Which is why Wakanda needs to lead this world into a brighter tomorrow.”

“With you at the head of it?” Natasha quipped.

“Well, myself, others within Wakanda and my new allies, the Asgardians. Who don’t much like what Sif has become, so they have sent us a champion to fight.” Shuri introduced one of the women who had been at her side, “This, is Valkyrie. She is immune to Sif’s charms, and has been helping train the women of Wakanda to remove the Slaves of Sif as an obstacle.

However, with you, we didn’t want to take any chances. So, that’s why we arrange this pleasant distraction, and get together tonight. Well, also, using your fellow Black Widows like this has been the most wonderful practice we can have asked for. Especially your precious sister. Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, I never had a more willing slut. Although I’m interested to see whether you surpass her.”

“She won’t.” Yelena quipped, before teasing, “But maybe, I can help? Oh please, my Black Mistresses, allow me to help you show Natasha the light. Ooooooooooh yessssssssssss, I’ll do anything. Anything you want. Ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmm fuck yes, anything… for the chance to fuck my big sister.”

There was a brief pause, and then Natasha grinned wickedly, “No one, in any world, is a bigger slut than me. But you are welcome to try, dear sister. Just as the rest of you are welcome to try breaking me, the same way that Mistress Sif did. You may even succeed. But I promise you now, you will fall to my Mistress. Just like countless others before you. Because in the end, we are all destined to be Slaves of Sif.”

“No, it is Sif who shall pay for making a mockery of the suffering of our people. Or at least, those who look like them.” Shuri glared, before quickly brightly adding, “But for now, let’s begin this out right, with a nice hard spanking. I shell begin. Make no mistake, Valkyrie shall have her turn, but we shall save that until you’ve earned it.”

“I look forward to it.” Natasha quipped.

“We shall see.” Shuri said dismissively, walking past the deadly superspy, sitting down on the bed behind her, and then patting her knee, while ordering, “For now, do what you do best. Bend over. Ooooooooooooh yesssssssssss, bend over and give me that big fat ass. Oh yes, come get a taste of things to come.”

“Gladly, Princess Shuri.” Natasha purred in delight, and quickly did as she was told.

Initially Shuri opened her mouth to correct Natasha, but that was a rookie mistake, given that was a perfectly acceptable title, and she was then of course left staring with her mouth open as the most trendy of all Black Widows sauntered over to her. Which shouldn’t have affected Shuri, given everything she had been through already, and what she and her new friends were planning to do. But God help her, it did.

How could it not? Natasha Romanoff had to be the hottest woman in the entire universe, and in that moment The Princess of Wakanda wanted to bury her face in those enormous titties, and then fuck the curvaceous bitch in every way feasible. However, there would be plenty of time for that later, and what she intended to do now was fucking amazing.

Because once again, Shuri had a white girl bending over her knee, and presenting her with her ass. Only this time, it was maybe the biggest, or at least the most perfectly sized, ass she had ever been presented with, and again she was left just staring at it for a few long seconds. Luckily her hand then shot out, and began greedily groping that well-rounded flesh.

Admittedly, this wasn’t exactly establishing her as the sort of top who could take down the likes of Mistress Sif, or even being worthy of topping the long broken bottom that was the infamous Natasha Romanoff. But it was at least a step in the right direction, and Shuri was determined to prove her worth by the end of the night, when such an amazing prize awaited her.

Natasha had been known to employ the exact same teasing style whenever she had been previously the one dishing out the spanking. And honestly, her heart fluttered at having a more dominant woman go crazy for her ass like this. Yes, it wasn’t quite as wonderful as when it was Mistress Sif, but it was still pretty great. Especially because this was literally a Princess.

One who quickly prove herself more experienced than Natasha would’ve guessed, first by the wonderful job at teasing her, and then delivering quite the impressive first strike when the time was right. Admittedly it wasn’t what anyone with superstrength was capable of, again like Mistress Sif, but if anything, that only made it more impressive.

It was enough to have Natasha crying out in mostly pleasure, and she very much continued doing so throughout the spanking. Truthfully, she wasn’t as big a pain slut as some within the Slaves of Sif, but she enjoyed it more than most, and this was pretty perfect. Sure, a twisted part of her craved a true butt beating, the type she would be feeling for days, weeks, and even months afterwards.

But, considering her slutty little ass was in constant pain from the other type of poundings it took on the daily, it was unlikely that anyone except Mistress Sif would be capable of giving her that sort of pounding. Or perhaps another Asgardian, like Valkyrie? Oh yes, Natasha was very much looking forward to that. And seeing what the other women around her capable of.

Given that the initial spanking was pretty slow and gentle, it was easy for Natasha to daydream about what the future might hold for her. However, to her delight, the spanking didn’t remain slow and gentle throughout. No, towards the end Princess Shuri was able to do some pretty decent damage to her.

Enough that had her meaty cheeks jiggling like jelly, and no doubt turning a bright pink, if not a light red. Oh yes, this was truly a wonderful warm-up. Especially when the pauses in between strikes were phased out, and were replaced by an constant attack, which had her audience cheering and gleefully encouraging their Princess to do some serious damage to their target.