Slave For a Day – Fetish

Slave For A Day

Chapter 01: Aubrey’s Apartment


– This story includes two characters, both of which are 18+

– This story includes themes of dubious consent

– This story heavily involves humiliation and footdom

– Reader discretion is advised

As my character was knocked into the blast zone yet again, the word “GAME” flashed up on screen for what had to have been at least the 5th time in a row. I sighed as I set down my controller and looked over at my best friend Aubrey, someone I’d been close friends with since middle college and someone I was lucky enough to work in the same store with. She pushed her short, neck-length brown hair out of her eyes as she looked back at me.

“Rematch?” I meekly asked with a shy smile.

“Beatrice, this is the 7th time you asked for a rematch and the 8th time you got your ass kicked by me. You lose, give up!” She replied. “Now you have to be my slave for the rest of the day.” A smug smile formed across her face.

I turned to look at the clock on her bedside table, it was still only 1:30 PM. I let out a disappointed grumble while turning back to face her, this was going to be a long day…

“Alright, your excellence, what daunting task shall you have your humble slave do first?” I said in a silly, mock-British voice.

“Hmmm, that’s a good question. I spent so much time kicking your ass at Smash Bros that I didn’t even have time to think about what I wanted you to do.” She teased before putting her hand up to her chin and thinking for a moment. “Well… I’ve always wanted to know what it’s like to kiss you.” She said, looking back at me with a smile. A blush quickly formed across my face.

“Aubrey, you know-” I started.

“Master. Call me Master for the rest of the day, slave girl.” She said, cutting me off. I sighed.

“Master-” I corrected myself with an eye roll. “You know I’m not really into girls, we’ve been over this.”

She inched closer to me, the blush across my face began growing an even brighter shade of red. She was really pretty, not necessarily in a conventional way, but I can see why she seemed to have both girls and guys alike swooning over her left and right. Her cute, round face, her short, curly hair. She had a badass tomboy look that I was all the time kinda envious of.

“Slaves aren’t supposed to talk back, they’re supposed to listen to their masters.” She said, “You shouldn’t have accepted this bet if you weren’t ready to lose. Especially when going against me in a game that you know I can absolutely sweep the floor at.”

I grumbled, grabbing my left arm with my right hand shyly as I looked down away from her gaze at my lap. “Fine…” I accepted my fate.

“Good girl.” was all she said as she lifted my chin with her hand to look back at her. My face was a bright shade of red.

She quickly went in for the kiss, locking her lips with mine. I’d never really kissed anyone before, despite what I like to tell others. I was the only person in my friend group who has yet to have any real romantic or sexual experience, but of course I was never going to admit that to anyone, it’s way too embarrasing. For a brief moment as I was being kissed I sorta enjoyed what I had been missing out on, despite the fact that it was with another girl. I quickly pulled away from the kiss out of a mix of shyness and bashfulness, standing up from where I’d been sitting and playing Smash Bros for the past hour.

“Alright, so-” I started as I looked to the side to hide my blushy smile. “What’s next on the docket for me as your slave?”

Aubrey got up from the floor and walked over to her bed. “Man, you’re no fun.” She grumbled as she sat down on the edge of her bed before looking around her room, presumably thinking of the next thing for me to do. “I guess, uh, clean up around the room. We left a huge mess last night.” she ordered.

I looked around the room and realized she was right. Pizza boxes, soda cans and beer bottles were strewn about her bedroom from the previous night. We’d made it a tradition since we both got a job at Gamestop together that every Friday night one of us would sleep over at the other’s apartment after work, but since I had an obnoxious roommate that I had to live with we’d usually just stay at Aubrey’s. I looked over at Aubrey and she already had her DS out, playing whatever portable game she’d recently gotten into.

“C’mon, chop chop, slave girl.” She ordered me without even looking up from her DS.

“Right away, Master!” I replied with sarcastic enthusiasm as I got to work cleaning up the room. I’d first gone to grab a garbage bag from the kitchen closet before heading back to the bedroom and cleaning up the mess. Folding pizza boxes for recycling, throwing out cans and bottles, bringing plates and cups out to the kitchen to wash, and untangling the wires of her game controllers. The worst part was all the clothes she left laying around her room, having to pick up her dirty socks and underwear wasn’t a particularly pleasant experience. I’d glance back at her occasionally while I was bent over picking stuff up, she was definitely staring at my ass.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, I looked around the room and determined it to be clean enough. I checked the clock, it was only 2:30 PM. How had it only just been an hour since I first lost the bet? I tiredly sat down at the foot of the bed next to where Aubrey’s been laying down, prompting her to finally look up from her game.

“All done, slave?” She asked as she leaned up to look around the room and inspect the cleaning job that I did. I simply nodded. “Nope, you’re not finished yet.” She corrected me, pointing at a stain in the carpet from when she spilled her soda last night. “There’s still stains in the carpet, there’s dust on my shelves… When I ordered you to clean, I meant clean, not just tidy up. You’re my slave.”

“Just because I lost at a video game doesn’t mean I’m gonna do a deep clean of your nasty room!” I snapped back at her, “Besides, this is the cleanest your room has been… Well… Ever, I think. You really need to learn to clean your own shit.”

With an annoyed look on her face, she layed back down and picked up her DS again, “Fine, you may be done cleaning but you’re not done being my slave. Make yourself useful again and rub my feet, kicking your ass at Smash Bros is tiring work.” She said with a smug tone.

I turned to look down at her outstretched feet. She was wearing the same old black socks that she had worn to work yesterday, standing for hours at a time behind the cashwrap with me, moving heavy boxes around storage, sweating in the hot Arizona summer… I felt my face suddenly turn red, but at the time I didn’t find out why.

“Hey! Foot massage! Chop, chop!” She ordered without looking up at me.

“Uh, yes Master!” I sheepishly said as I was snapped out of my stupor. I took her right foot in my hands, it still felt a bit damp from sweat. I began to knead at the sole of her foot with my fingers, staring down in an uncomfortable, embarrassed silence as my thumbs worked their way across her damp sole. As I continued to rub, a faint scent wafted up to my nose from her foot causing me to grumble in discontent. All that elicited from Aubrey was a cruel giggle.

For the next 15 minutes I’d occasionally switch between her two feet, letting down one and picking up the other, repositioning my hands to reach a new spot on her foot, moving my hands up to message her toes and occasionally checking the time. My cheeks were blushing a bright red the entire time.

Suddenly, she pulled her foot away from my hands and put down her game, “Yo! I just got the BEST idea ever!” she shouted. It had seemed as if a sudden burst of inspiration had struck her. “Take my socks off with your teeth!” She shouted as she shoved her foot right in my face, “Do it, slave!”.

I pretty quickly turned my face away from her foot and scooched back a bit, but even after being there for just a moment the dampness of her socked foot clung to my face and the smell lingered.

“You- you’re kidding!?” I stammer on my own words.

“Have I ever joked with you before, Bea?” She sarcastically asked, “C’mon, my sock is already loose-fitting. Just bite the tip of it with your teeth, I’ll even do most of the work for you by pulling my leg back. C’mooooon…” She egged me on as she raised her foot back up to my face.

“Fine! If it’ll make you happy!” I gave up, taking a deep breath through my mouth before biting the very tip of her sock with my front teeth. She then slowly, slowly pulled her leg back, peeling her sock off of her foot. Eventually her foot was freed from her sock, leaving it dangling from my mouth before I let go of it and let it fall into my lap.

“Aaand the other one!” She teased with a satisfied grin, clearly enjoying herself.

I repeated the process with her other foot, taking the tip of her sock between the teeth and letting her pull her foot back, peeling it off. I again dropped her sock into my lap.

“Good girl.” She praised me. That praise gave me an unfamiliar feeling that ran down my body. “Now,” she continued, “worship my feet”.

“What?” I asked, confused at the term.

“You wouldn’t kiss me, so now you can kiss my foot.” She said as she shoved one of her freshly un-socked feet into my face.

“No way!” I exclaimed with nervous laughter as I shyly scooched back, “And besides, I did kiss you!”

“Barely!” She extended her leg further to me, trying to plant it on my face again as I held it back with my hands. “C’moooon, just worship my feet and it’ll be overrrrrrr.” She whined with a mixture of groaning and giggling.

I grumbled and leaned forward to give the sole a quick kiss, right on the ball of her foot. “There, happy?” I asked, pushing her feet away again.

“That doesn’t really feel like a slave worshiping her mistress.” She cooed as she kept pushing her foot against me.

“W-well, what more do you even want me to do!?”, I asked, “I already kissed your gross foot, what does ‘worshiping’ even entail?”

“Smell it, message it, kiss it, lick it all over-” She began listing off numerous disgusting acts, “Just do all of that until I tell you to stop, slave girl!”

“This isn’t what I meant when I said I’d be your ‘slave for the day’!” I exclaimed.

“Well, you should’ve read the bold print.” She joked.

“I’m not ‘worshiping’ your feet.” I stood my ground despite the conflicting feelings I had. Why was I so excited? I mean, I was still very much grossed out as anyone would be with a dirty foot in their face, but a part of me that I was trying to keep repressed that seemed to say otherwise.

“Would you rather I force you to worship my feet, slave?” She asked with a devious look on her face. It was a look that made my heart flutter as much as it made me dread what she was planning.

“You can’t force me to do anything!” I said

“Oh really? I can’t, can I?” She rhetorically asked as she shifted to sit on her knees in front of me. At this point, I was doubting if I could bring myself to stop her. She grabbed me by the shoulders and pushed me onto my back, quickly moving to sit on my belly with her feet in my face. “Have you already forgotten who won this bet?” She asked.

“Y-yeah, I know, but-” I began stuttering over my own words, “you’re just being w-weird, now!” I complained, putting in a half-assed effort to knock her off of me. Admittedly, she was a lot heavier and stronger than me, I’m not so sure I would’ve been able to knock her off, even if I really wanted to. I did want to, right? There was no way I was enjoying this gross overstepping of boundaries… Right?

“Okay then, I see you need to be taught how to behave!” She exclaimed, pushing her feet even harder against my face. I really began to feel her full weight. “Congratulations Bea, you’re no longer my maid slave. You’re being promoted to my sex slave now!”

I grumbled in response, my face blushing a bright red that she would’ve definitely noticed had her large feet not been covering my face. “Your feet are gross… Y-you’re gross” I complained as I hesitantly breathed through my nose, smelling her foot.

“I can’t hear you over how much of a worthless little slave you’re being!” She spoke over me as she began to rub her feet back and forth over my face.

“H-Hey! Not so rough!” I complain as she rubs her foot sweat and dirt into my face.

“Oh c’mon, you seem like the kind of girl who likes it rough.” She teased. I felt her shift a bit to be sitting more on my mid-torso. Before I even had a chance to wonder what she was attempting to do, I felt a hand grab my crotch, eliciting a sudden, involuntary squeak out of my mouth.

“K-knock it off!” I shout, trying to reach up and grab at her hands.

Aubrey had suddenly stopped moving, her feet fell motionless on my face as she just simply held her hand against my crotch, even through my legs that I had been squeezing tightly together. “Bea” She started. “You… You’re really wet.” She stated, sounding surprised. “You’re so fucking wet right now!” She said, breaking into a laugh as she moved her feet from my face.

I ironically raced to bury my face into the sole of her foot again to keep her from seeing how flushed my face had become. “Shut up!” I cried. “No I’m not!”

“Awww, does little Bea not like being teased?” She asked in a mocking tone. “Not like you have a choice, you dumb fuckin’ slave.” She quickly moved her feet away, repositioning herself to lay on top of me, her face against mine. “I knew you liked it rough!”

She began to kiss me again, and after a second of trying to pull away from a mixture of shock and embarrassment, I slowly began leaning into her and kissing back. She reached her hand back down for my crotch, messaging and teasing it as we kissed. A new wave of sensations had washed over me all at once. Sure, I had masturbated plenty of times before, more than I’d like to admit, but the feeling of letting another person do it for you… God, it was really something else. Especially when combined with the feeling of another human body against me and another pair of lips locking with mine. For a brief moment I forgot all about the situation I was in, I forgot about my apparent heterosexuality and I forgot all about my lack of experience. I was in heaven.

I was jolted out of this momentary bliss when I felt her hand leave my crotch, before suddenly finding its way down my pants and in my panties. Before I could even make any sudden reactions I felt one of her fingers inside me, quickly followed by another. She still bore down on me with her body weight, ensuring she was the dominant one in this exchange.

“I-I hate you so much right now” I muttered between short, raspy moans.

“Oh, is that so?” She asked before jerking her fingers suddenly, causing me to twitch in response. “If you hate me so much why are you about to cum?”

“I-I’m not- y-you’re doing this to me- I can’t control it- and I’m still straight!” I let out a flurry of stuttery excuses in between moans. Before long I couldn’t hold back anymore, I felt myself forced to climax as I squirted against her fingers, feeling the most powerful climax I’d ever experienced.

Aubrey had laid off of me a bit, allowing me to breath and recover from the insane burst of pleasure I’d just experienced. I laid there panting, bathing in the rush of cool air I felt from the ceiling fan that I stared up at. Both my body and mind felt weak, thinking about nothing in particular.

I was suddenly interrupted by Aubrey sticking her wet fingers in my face. “You made a mess slave, clean it.” She ordered. Without thinking I opened my mouth for her, prompting her to stick her two fingers in and rub them against my tongue. I’d never tasted my own product before.

I simply whimpered as she rubbed her fingers against my tongue. She then pulled her fingers out of my mouth and leaned back down to kiss me once again before getting up off the bed and walking towards the door.

“Want a drink? Or a snack?” She asked me so casually, as if we didn’t just do… Well… Everything that we did.

“Uhm…” I could barely speak, completely overwhelmed both physically and emotionally. “No… I’m good”.

“I’ll just get you a glass of water.” She said before leaving the room.

I just laid there for a while, staring up at the ceiling and enjoying the cool breeze from the fan as my mind reeled. A seemingly endless amount of conflicting thoughts and feelings circled around my head over and over… I eventually managed to sit up and swing my legs over the side of the bed, standing up for the first time in what felt like forever. My eyes wandered to the digital clock on the bedside table, the time read 5:00 PM. It’d somehow been 2 and a half hours since I last checked the time.

Shortly after, Aubrey had come back into the room. In her hands she had a glass of water and a glass of soda, with a plate of Hot Pockets balancing on top of them. She placed the tower on her bedside table, grabbing the plate from the top and putting it on the bed behind me before sitting down next to me and offering me the glass of water. I took the glass without a word and started to sip on it slowly, still lost in a sea of wondered. She grabbed her plate and began biting into one of the Hot Pockets.

“So, how ya feelin’?” She asked with a nudge against my arm.

“Uhm… Good.” Was all I could reply with.

“You sure? You seem kinda out of it.” She said, looking over at me. “That wasn’t your first time, was it?” She teased. I didn’t say anything.

“Oh my god, it totally was your first time, wasn’t it?” She asked as a large grin spread across her face. “You liar!” She laughed as she pushed me lightly, “You said you’ve been with multiple guys!”.

I slightly whimpered as I looked down at the ground, blushing. “Wait, seriously? Tony from the football team? James from the library? Even Alex the McDonalds employee? You lied about all of them?” She asked. “Damn… That’s messed up.” She teased before biting into her hot pocket again.

“So, what’s the plan, slave?” She asked with her mouth full, “You stayin’ over for the night again or you headin’ home?”

“I should probably head home. I have to… Water my plants.” I said as I stood up from the bed. I placed my half-empty glass on her bedside table and went to grab my sweatshirt and bag from her desk chair.

“You don’t even have plants.” She corrects me as I head to her bedroom door.

“I know, I’m sorry, I just… Need to think…” I admitted. I stopped at her bedroom door, frozen for a moment. “Thank you… For tonight, I mean… It was, well, yeah…” I trailed off before heading out of her room and leaving for home.

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