Sissy College Ch. 01 – Accepted – Fetish – Sex Story

Larry woke up to the sound of them fucking in the room above him. The rumbling of the bed was causing the dust from the ceiling to fall on his head with each thump. At first it was hard to think of his wife, Sherry, with another man, but he remembered how she must have felt when he cheated on her, which landed him in his new permanent residence in the cupboard underneath the stairs.

He could hear his wife moaning now as the thumping grew louder and quicker. The entire top floor began to quake. Just when he wondered they were about to bring the house down, the rumbling stopped, and so did the moans of pleasure from his wife.

He then heard footsteps coming down the stairs directly above, following the dust trail as one of them descended down the steps. Larry reckoned it was his wife, she liked to have a cigarette after sex, she must have left her pack downstairs. Sure enough, he heard a slight rustling outside the locked door of his cupboard, only to be followed by footsteps reascending the steps.

After about 15 minutes, the rumbling started again. Man.. Two times already?! He wondered. It was hard to tell from his “room”, but he guessed it was about 9am, and they were already doing it for the second time. In the old days — before the incident– Larry wouldn’t have even been up at this hour.

Larry had only seen Tom–the man she was currently fucking–a few times. From what he could see through the small trapdoor of his cupboard, Tom was just a bigger, fatter, older version of Larry. Nothing special. She probably wouldn’t even be fucking him if she knew it didn’t drive Larry crazy, having to sit underneath these stupid stairs, locked in this stupid room, which just so happened to be right underneath their old bedroom, and hear them going at it several times a day.

As he shifted on my extremely uncomfortable cot, Larry tried to block out the noises, and he REALLY tried to not let it affect him. One way or another though, it all the time put him in a weird place, where he was extremely jealous, angry, depressed, and even horny all at the same time. As much as Larry hated himself for it, he slowly reached down his pants and grabbed his tiny, 3-inch cock. It bothered him that it was already fully erect by the time his hand went down there, it bothered him even more that his dick could only muster 3 inches, even with how hard it was. I wonder how big Tom is? He wondered. But then quickly shook his head and tried to block that image from his mind.

Larry tried not to think about Tom fucking her with his (most likely) massive cock. He tried not to think about her enjoying it with Tom, and how many times she probably faked it with Larry. That even with her faking she was still so gorgeous, and he had to go piss it all away…

Larry managed to squeak out a tiny load straight into his underpants before Tom and Sherry even finished with their escapades upstairs. He immediately regretted his decision to masturbate, as he was suddenly overwhelmed with feelings of guilt, shame, and grief.

They were still going at it when Larry’s step-daughter, Amy, walked through the door. Amy was a little fucking brat. Larry all the time hated her, and she all the time hated him. She was too lazy to get a job, go to school, or really do anything productive in life other than go out and spend all of Larry’s money. She must have gotten back from another shopping spree with his credit card, as he peeked through the hole in his door and saw her carrying a wealth of Prada and Louis Vuitton bags.

Amy was either too busy talking to her friend on the phone to hear Sherry and Tom upstairs, or she just didn’t care. She must have heard them though, as they were going at it with an even greater aggression than they were before.

When the house stopped shaking again, Larry heard two sets of footsteps descend the stairs as Tom and his wife came down to greet Amy in nothing but bathrobes.

“Hi honey,” Sherry said, “Did you have fun today?”

“Mhmm” is all Amy replied, not even bothering to look up from the phone she was now texting from.

“Good, did you by any chance feed Larry?” Sherry asked, referring to him as if he were some kind of dog that needed to be taken care of.

“No! Why should I have to do it?!” Amy snapped “You’re the one who married the pig! And you’re the one that thinks you still need to keep his unfaithful-ass around the house!”

“Because I said so! That’s why!” Sherry yelled back, “And the reason we keep him around here is so he can keep paying for the bills and for all the shoes and clothes you just got! Now go feed him before I lock you in there with his smelly ass!”

Amy growled like all teenagers do when told to spend even a minute not looking at their phones, got up, walked into the kitchen, and came back literally 10 seconds later with a dog bowl full of porridge.

“Here, dickhead!” she said as she tossed the cold slop in through the trapdoor.

That was Amy’s favorite nickname for him: dickhead. She had been calling him that ever since he first started dating her mother and she noticed the coffee-colored birthmark that was shaped exactly like a cartoon penis on his forehead.

It was something he had been made fun of for his entire 35 years on this Earth, all throughout grade college, and even after. As a result, Larry all the time wore his hair long and shaggy to try and hide it, but inevitably, someone would eventually see it. “It looks exactly like a penis!” they would say. “DICKHEAD DICKHEAD DICKHEAD!” they would call him. They’d call him a faggot, as if it was his choice to be born with such a mark. Larry even tried to have it removed, but the process ended up only making the mark even darker.

Larry turned to the bowl of slop she’d thrown through the trapdoor. What it was he couldn’t exactly say, some mixture of oatmeal or cream-of-wheat he presumed. Whatever it was, it wasn’t warm. He could tell they just kept it in some massive pot on the stove that they didn’t even bother heating up. Just scooped enough into a bowl to keep him alive for the next few days.

They didn’t give him a spoon or anything to eat the gritty slop with either, so he had the choice of either using his hands to scoop it up and lick it off his fingers like an infant, or kneel down and lap it up like a dog. He chose the first option…

After cleaning his bowl, he was still hungry, but knew there was no use asking for seconds. He had to use the bathroom, which he also knew was not an option, so he had to resort to using the small trash can they provided to relieve himself in. The one small amount of satisfaction he got since being locked in his new ‘room’ was when Amy had to take his poo pot out and dump it. Her gags and protests were so fun to watch.


The next morning, Larry woke up to his wife tapping at the door. “Wake up, Hubby! I’ve got great news!” She sounded much more excited than usual “I saw a thing online for some program they do for pigs like you who cheat on their wives! And it looks like you got in!!!”

The trapdoor slammed open and a large, pink envelope was thrown through it. Larry looked at the front and, sure enough, it was addressed to Larry Parker. Bewildered, he opened the back of the envelope and a small puff of glitter shot out. He opened up the page inside and read:

Sissy College for Male-Whores and Adultery

Dear Larry Parker,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to the Sissy College for Male-Whores and Adultery. Students over 18 years of age are required to report to the Chamber of Conception no later than July 31st.

Failure to report will result in a representative being sent to collect you. You will discover a list of required books and supplies attached. All supplies, and more, can be found at Guyagon Alley.

We look forward to receiving you and training you to become part of another generation of sissy sluts and whores!

Yours Sincerely,

Professor Eleanor — Headmistress

Larry’s jaw was on the floor the entire time he was reading. Was this real? Surely this was a joke. Look at how ridiculously pink and frilly this letter was. This had to be something Sherry or Amy cooked up to scare him.

He glanced at the attached page with all of the required supplies:

Course Books:

The Art of Fellatio – By Riley Reid

The Ins and Outs of Anal Sex – By Sasha Romaine

Dress to Impress: The Guide to Sissy Fashion – By Tim Gunn

Required Materials:

1 Steel Plated Chastity Device with Indestructible Lock (Numerous Brands and Sizes)

At least 500 PINK Adult-Sized Diapers (Numerous Brands, Sizes)

5-inch Penis Pacifier

1-2 Adult Sized Baby Bonnets

5 Sissy College Uniforms

3 pairs of Sissy Lingerie (Your choice)

1 of each type of gag (Ball, O-ring, Spider, Bit, Inflatable)

1 of each type of dildo (Vibrating, Ribbed, Ejaculating, Suction Cup, Double-ended, Inflatable) Note: all dildoes must be AT LEAST 8-inches in length and 2 inches in diameter.

1 of each type of buttplug (Vibrating, Hollow, Ribbed, Tailed, Beaded)

1 Choker/Collar with Name Tag

3-7 Bra and Pantie sets (at least one pair of panties must be assless)

If they were joking, they sure were elaborate. Dildoes? DIAPERS?! What the fuck sort of sick shit were they into? What the heck is a Chastity Device? And what was with those books? Larry supposed he could let girls learn how to suck his cock, and he all the time wanted to fuck a girl in the ass, but if Sherry was so mad at him for cheating on her before, why would she send him to a place where he would cheat on her with girls all day long?

“So?” she asked through the door, as if reading his mind “Do you wanna go and learn how to be a little slut and suck cock at Sissy School?!”

“Wait, I would be the one sucking cock?!” Larry asked incredulously.

“God you really are an idiot.” Sherry laughed hysterically, “Yes, since you like being such a little man-whore, YOU are going to learn how to be a real sissy whore. They’re gonna train you to become a cocksucking, buttfucking little slut! And then they’re gonna pimp your ass out!”

“You’ve got be kidding me! Why the fuck would you think I would do that?! Fuck you! No way i’m going to learn how to be a faggot!” Larry barked back. Throwing the letter and its contents against the door.

But all she did was laugh harder. “Hahahaha oooh yes!! I was hoping you’d do this the hard way! You see sweetie: you don’t have a choice! Now that you’re accepted, YOU’RE GOING! Whether you choose to or not!”

“Well you can’t make me…” Larry replied, sure of himself.

“Oh I don’t have to. Didn’t you read? ‘Failure to report will result in a representative being sent to collect you’. They’re gonna come get you and drag your ass over there!”

“Well they’re gonna have to because…i’m not going! I’m not even sure this is real! I’ve never even heard of this place!”

Again she giggled. “Oh it’s real honey, it’s VERY real! Remember Stacey’s husband Mark? How he ‘got deployed’, oh he got deployed all right, he got sent right over to that school, now he’s sucking and slurping on cock in pigtails better than a pornstar! But you don’t have to believe me. And if you don’t choose to go on your own, that’s your decision. Today is the 28th! You have 3 days to change your mind! I suggest you do, but I sure hope you don’t!”

And with that she left, trotting back upstairs to go have victory sex with Tom.

Larry turned over in his cot and tried to block out the sounds of her moaning. He also tried to block out the thoughts that sprung from what he read in that letter. What if she IS telling the truth? What if she really does send me away to this ‘Slut Camp’ or whatever? Would they really make me use all those things on the supply list?! Would I have to read those books? Fuck no…

He didn’t care whether she was joking or not. He didn’t care who they sent. There was NO WAY I was gonna partake in this little freakshow. They’re gonna have to drag me out of here.

Larry had a lingering feeling that he was kidding himself, but he rolled over again and tried to sleep and not think about cocksucking sissies or how gross it would feel to use a diaper…


On the morning of July 31st, there was a knock at his cupboard door again. This time it was Amy.

“Hey Dickhead! Ready to go learn how to be a REAL faggot at school?!” she hissed.

Larry rubbed his forehead where the dick-shaped birthmark was and wiped the crust from his eyes. He hadn’t slept much the past few nights. What little sleep he did get was riddled with nightmares of being gang-raped by a bunch of clown-like trannies.

“Fuck you Amy,” he spat back, “I’m not going.”

But this seemed to make Amy even more ecstatic. “Oooooh yes!! Mom! MOM! Dickhead says he’s not going!!”

Larry spent the rest of the day trembling in fear on his cot. He couldn’t sleep, he couldn’t use the bathroom, he couldn’t even eat the nasty slop they threw into his cupboard.

But by the end of the day, when the small amount of light through the cupboard door started to disappear, he was overcome with a massive sense of relief. No one was coming. It was a massive weight off his shoulders. He slept like a baby that night, which was ironic, because it was the last night he would go to sleep looking like a real man….

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