Shower Time (Short Story) – Fetish – Free Sex Story

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The couple are showering together, both naked and enjoying the jets of Hot water on their bodies, steam hangs in the air.

Claire has already washed and conditioned her blonde bob and her wet hair is swept back out of her pretty face, her large BBW body has turned a healthy pink from the heat of the water and she uses a sponge to rub Shower gel all over her big breasts and the rolls of fat around her stomach. She pays extra attention to her perfectly shaved Pussy and adds extra soap to clean around her asshole, enjoying teasing her entrance by pushing a soapy fingertip inside slightly.

Claire can not really reach her own back, but doesn’t ask her husband to help. He is stood watching her, not quite fully under the jets of water and he has his hands behind his back.

Claire rubs the sponge all over his broad chest and down to his stomach, coating him in soapy foam before she reaches a hand down to grab hold of his cock, taking her time to give the head and shaft a careful cleaning with the sponge.

She then moves herself closer and begins rubbing the swollen head of his cock over the soft expanse of her belly before pointing it downwards, underneath her overhanging roll of fat, down between her thick thighs, teasing him against her soapy Pussy lips for a few minutes before she turns around and rubs him in the wide crack of her Ass, touching him against her rosebud.

He gives a moan of excitement and she gives a laugh and turns back around to face him. She kneels down and starts to kiss and tease him with her tongue and mouth.

She feels him trembling with desire as he keeps his hands behind his back, watching his Wife intently as she pulls her mouth away from his cock and reaches down to pick up a thick metal ring around two inches in diameter.

Claire holds the ring up beneath his cock and then reaches two fingers through it, pinching hold of some loose skin from his ball sack and pulling it through. Claire carefully manoeuvres one of his balls through the metal ring before pulling more loose skin through and gently squeezing his other testicle into position and through the hoop, at all times her husband remains stood still without resisting.

Claire reaches a hand up and grips the shaft of his cock tightly, bending it over roughly and pushing the head downwards and into the metal circle, she ignores her husband’s groans of discomfort and pushes firmly until the first inch of his cock is through the ring and she shifts her hands again to grip it and pull from the other side.

Within a minute she has expertly fitted and adjusted his cock ring.

Claire picks a second metal piece from the Shower floor and tightly grips the shaft of his cock again, his is fully erect and she can feel his pulse through her fingers. She pushes the body of his metal cock cage against the top of his hard, swollen member, which is far too large to fit inside. She does not stop pressing and after several minutes the pressure of Claire’s hand squeezing and the unforgiving metal cage start to defeat her husband’s erection and the cage slowly and inexorably slides down his length, centimetre by centimetre, until the cage eventually reaches the base ring, trapping his rapidly shrinking member inside the thick metal bars.

One final adjustment from Claire lines up a set of slots and the two pieces of metal slide together. Claire then holds his caged cock in one hand while the other gropes between her massive soapy breasts to discover the thin silver chain with two small keys on it. She selects and uses the first key, which is attached to a brass fitting, to lock the cock cage, pushing the brass device into its slot then twisting and pulling the key away, leaving the metal device sealed tight.

Claire releases her husband’s locked cock from her hands. He sees that she has finished and obediently turns himself around so his backside facies Claire, she reaches upwards and uses the second key to undo the set of stainless-steel shackles from around his wrists.

The heavy metal cuffs are placed on the floor just outside the Shower before Claire returns to her husband who embraces her. She cuddles herself into him, lifting her face upwards to kiss him as he starts rubbing his hands across her wet naked belly, groping upwards to her breasts and playing gently with her slippery nipples.

She laughs and tells him that she had already cleaned her front and it was her back she needs washing, but first maybe he should get on his knees and give her an Orgasm. He obliges without complaint, kneeling and using his tongue and fingers on her greedy Pussy while his locked cock dangles useless and untouched between his legs.

Claire grips his hair tightly and pushes his face into her cunt as she feels her Orgasm create; loving how hard her husband tries to please her even though he knows there will be no release for him today, telling him to fuck her with his fingers while he rubs his tongue up and down over her swollen clit.

He helps her lift one leg up over his shoulder to give better access to her Pussy, holding her steady with one strong hand while using the other to pump three fingers in and out of her soapy wet hole while he continues to circle her hard clit with his tongue.

Claire reaches one hand behind and starts to rub around her asshole, she pushes a finger in up to her first knuckle before the sensations become too much and she has to pull it back out. She perseveres and begins to slowly finger fuck her own Ass in time with her husband pushing his fingers into her cunt until she reaches her shuddering climax, almost collapsing on her husband with the intensity.

Suddenly her clit is too sensitive to touch and she moves away for her husband’s tongue, letting the fingers slip out of her Pussy and Ass.

He continues to kneel in front of her and, after a short while, Claire steps forward and spreads her legs slightly using her hand to pull at her Pussy lips, she moves her hips around in order to direct a stream of urine onto her chastity slave, aiming for his chest and cock. The golden liquid splashes over him as he grins in excitement, rubbing her piss over his body.

“I Love cock cleaning night.” She tells him with a laugh. “Now you can scrub my back.”

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