Sharing My Wife: A Forbidden Cuckold Tale of Passion and Devotion

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As the sun set behind the rolling hills, the small farmhouse on the outskirts of town glowed with warmth and light. Out front, the sound of laughter and chatter could be heard as a group of friends gathered for a weekend of fun and relaxation. But inside the house, a different sort of energy was brewing. One of forbidden desire, of passion and lust that simmered under the surface, waiting to be unleashed.

The source of this energy was a woman named Karen, a beautiful brunette with long, flowing hair and a curvaceous figure that turned heads wherever she went. She was married to a man named Mike, a successful businessman with a rugged charm and a mischievous glint in his eye. Despite their happy marriage, Karen had at all times harbored a secret fantasy: to experience the thrill and excitement of being shared.

For years, she had kept this desire hidden away, ashamed and afraid to admit it even to herself. But as she grew older and more confident in her sexuality, she found herself drawn to the idea more and more. She talked to Mike about it, tentatively at first, but as he grew more and more interested, they began to explore the idea together.

It wasn’t long before they found themselves browsing websites and advertisement, looking for a qualified partner to invite into their bed. They wanted someone that they could trust, someone that they could get to know and feel comfortable with, someone that could help them explore their deepest desires.

One night, as they sat in front of the fire, they struck gold. A man named David had responded to their ad, and after a few emails and phone conversations, they felt confident enough to invite him over for a weekend of fun. David was handsome and charming, with deep-set eyes and a muscular frame that spoke of years spent in the gym.

He arrived on Friday evening, carrying a bottle of wine and a small bag of clothes. Karen felt a flutter in her stomach as she greeted him at the door, her heart racing with anticipation. Mike watched from the sidelines, a grin on his face as he took in the scene. He knew what his wife was feeling, and he was thrilled to see her so excited.

The three of them sat down to dinner, talking and laughing as they ate. Karen couldn’t help but notice how David looked at her, the way his eyes lingered on her curves and the way his voice deepened when he spoke to her. She felt a shiver run down her spine, her body responding to his attention.

After dinner, they moved to the living room, where they sat on the couch, sipping wine and chatting. Karen felt the sexual tension building, like a current of electricity in the air. She could feel herself growing wet, her nipples hardening beneath her blouse. Mike watched from the armchair, a growing bulge in his trousers as he took in the scene.

Slowly, David reached out and touched Karen’s knee. She jumped, startled by the sudden contact, but didn’t pull away. He looked at her, his eyes intense, and leaned in to kiss her. She responded eagerly, her lips parting as she welcomed his tongue into her mouth. Mike watched, his heart racing with excitement as he saw his wife kissing another man.

The kiss went on for several minutes, growing more passionate and intense with each passing moment. Finally, David pulled away, his breath ragged. Karen looked at him with a mix of desire and fear, wondering what would happen next.

“I want to show you something,” David said, standing up and leading Karen by the hand. Mike followed, feeling a mix of excitement and jealousy as he watched his wife being led away by another man.

They walked down the hallway, where David opened a door to reveal a large bedroom. The room was dimly lit, with candles flickering on the nightstand. A huge king-size bed sat in the center of the room, with satin sheets and plump pillows. Karen’s heart raced as she took in the scene, feeling herself growing wetter by the moment.

David led her to the bed, where he slowly undressed her, peeling off her blouse and unhooking her bra. Karen stood there, her breasts heaving, as David took in the sight of her naked torso. He leaned in to kiss her again, running his hands over her curves as he explored her body.

Mike watched from the doorway, feeling a mix of arousal and jealousy as he saw another man touching his wife. But as he watched, he saw something else in Karen’s eyes – something that spoke of a deep and powerful desire, a raw and unbridled need that he had never seen before.

Slowly, David led Karen onto the bed, kissing her deeply as he positioned her on the pillows. He began to explore her body, running his hands over her curves and kissing her breasts, licking and sucking her nipples until Karen cried out in pleasure.

Mike watched as the scene unfolded, his body growing hot with desire as he saw his wife being pleasured by another man. He wanted to join in, to feel her warmth and her wetness for himself, but he held back, content to watch for now.

As David explored Karen’s body, he began to remove his own clothes, revealing a muscular frame and a thick, hard cock that stood erect and proud. Karen looked at him with a mix of desire and fear, wondering if she was really ready for this.

But as David leaned in to kiss her again, she knew that there was no turning back. She wanted this, needed it, craved it with a deep and unquenchable thirst.

Slowly, David positioned himself over Karen, teasing her with his cock as he ran it along her wet lips. She moaned, her hips bucking as she begged him to enter her. And as he finally slid into her, the world exploded with sensation, every nerve ending alive with pleasure.

Mike watched from the doorway, feeling a mix of emotions as he saw his wife being fucked by another man. At times he felt jealous, but most of all he was proud of her and happy that she had finally found the pleasure she craved.

For hours they explored each other’s bodies, taking turns pleasuring Karen until she was delirious with pleasure. The night was filled with moans and cries of ecstasy as they explored every inch of each other’s bodies, pushing each other to new heights of pleasure and passion.

As the sun rose, they all collapsed onto the bed, exhausted and spent from their marathon session. Karen laid nestled between them, feeling a warmth and contentment that she had never known before.

It was a weekend they would never forget, a weekend of passion, desire, and devotion. For Karen, it was a journey of self-discovery, a journey that had led her to the depths of her own desires and the heights of her own pleasure.

And for Mike and David, it was a bond that could never be broken, a bond of trust and friendship that would endure for a lifetime. They had shared something precious and rare, something that they would treasure at all times.

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