Shared Ecstasy: A Cuckold’s Surrender to His Wife’s Lover in a Forbidden Tryst

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As the sun was setting on a warm summer evening, Jeff and his wife, Kim, were enjoying cocktails on their patio. They had been married for twelve years and their relationship was strong and filled with love. However, lately, Kim had been feeling a void in their sex life that needed to be filled. Jeff could sense it and, being the loving husband that he was, he encouraged her to explore her desires.

One night, as they were cuddling before bed, Kim confided in Jeff that she had been thinking about fulfilling one of her deepest, most forbidden desires: to have sex with another man while he watched. Jeff was initially taken aback, but then he realized how much he wanted to make his wife happy, and that he was eager to do anything to make her fantasies come true.

Over time, they began to create the trust and communication they needed to make this a reality. Kim’s excitement grew as she found the perfect guy, a muscular, handsome, confident man named Jake. He was a personal trainer at the gym Kim went to every day, and she had noticed him staring at her as she worked out. She finally decided to initiate a conversation and discovered that he was not only attractive but also intelligent and interesting.

With Jeff’s encouragement, Kim told Jake about her desires, and he was immediately interested. He even suggested that Jeff should be an active participant, and they should all distribute in the experience, a concept that Kim found incredibly arousing.

The night of the tryst finally arrived, and Jeff prepared snacks and drinks while Kim got dressed in her bedroom. She had chosen a tight, black dress and thigh-high stockings. She had bought a new, lacy lingerie set, but she had promised Jeff that she would show him later.

Jake arrived shortly, looking even more stunning than usual. Jeff was surprised by his own excitement as he shook hands with him, feeling the energy crackle between all of them. They all sat on the couch and started chatting, and Jeff felt the tension create. He was getting hard just thinking about the upcoming action.

Kim leaned in to kiss Jeff on the cheek and whispered, “I’m going to take a shower, and then we can get started.” She had promised Jeff that she would ease into things with Jake, and he appreciated her concern for his feelings.

Jake sat down next to Jeff and put his hand on Jeff’s thigh, his gaze never leaving Jeff’s face. Jeff felt a jolt of electricity shoot through his body. Jake’s touch was firm, dominating, and Jeff felt himself wanting more.

After about ten minutes, Kim reappeared, looking flushed and even more gorgeous than before. She walked over to Jake and kissed him deeply and passionately. Jeff watched, helpless, as they took their time exploring each other’s bodies.

Eventually, Jake motioned for Jeff to come over and join in. Jeff was hesitant at first but then decided to throw himself into the experience. He took off his shirt and walked over to Kim and Jake, who were kissing hungrily.

Kim turned her attention to Jeff, running her hands over his chest and licking his nipples. Jeff closed his eyes and threw his head back in ecstasy. He was in the middle of an orgasm when he felt Jake’s hand on his cock, pulling Jeff closer to him.

Jake took Jeff’s cock into his mouth, and Jeff felt his knees buckle. He could hear Kim moaning with pleasure, and it only heightened his erotic arousal. Jeff didn’t know where he ended and Jake began. They were both working him, making him feel incredible.

After a few minutes of this, Jake stood up and motioned for Kim to follow him. They walked to the bedroom, and Jeff followed, willing to continue the experience. When they entered the room, Kim was already lying on the bed, her eyes bright with anticipation.

Jake slowly climbed on the bed and licked his way up Kim’s leg. Jeff felt a moment of hesitation before joining them on the bed, and soon, the three of them were entangled together in a perfect triangle of lust.

Every moment of the shared ecstasy was filled with pleasure, and the sex was wild, passionate, and full of life, as each of them took turns pleasuring each other. There was no jealousy, no anger, only erotic pleasure and deep connection.

As the sun began to rise, the three of them lay in the bed, their bodies wrapped around each other in a warm embrace. Jeff had never felt so fulfilled, and Kim’s desire to include him in the experience only made him cherish her even more.

With this new intimacy in their relationship, Jeff and Kim became even closer, and their sex life was hotter and more satisfying than ever before. They basked in the warmth and fulfillment that came from their shared ecstasy, and Jeff knew that they would never forget this incredible, forbidden tryst.

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