Shared By My Daddy and My Principal

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“A Rough and Reluctant Double-Team Sex Encounter”



Eighteen year old schoolgirl Jenny is getting into a lot of trouble. She’s always been a rule-breaker and a wild child, but when she causes her principal to crash his car after flashing her firm, round tits at him – she realizes she may have gone too far.


She and her stepdad come to see the principal to try and discuss what can be done, but Principal McLean insists that they pay for the damages to his car. When Jenny’s dad explains that there’s no way he can afford it, Principal McLean informs him that he has no choice but to expel Jenny from school. That’s when Jenny takes matters into her own hands. She’s determined to suck and fuck her way out of trouble, and both men appear powerless to her charms. But what she doesn’t bank on is that her daddy is so disappointed with her that he decides to twist her bribe into his own cruel punishment. He’s determined to teach his daughter a hard lesson; one that involves the violation of her tight, virgin ass.

I fidgeted in my chair, feeling the fabric of my knee high cotton socks catching on the frayed leather of the seat. I was starting to get bored, but I knew there was no way I could get out of what was going to happen. I sighed and glanced at my stepdad who was sitting next to me. He had his nose stuck in a book, but I could tell he wasn’t really reading. The book was simply a prop, so that he wouldn’t have to speak to me about the meeting we were going to have with the principal of my school.

I sighed again and rolled my eyes. The whole thing was an absolute joke in my opinion! I was eighteen years old and I would soon be leaving school all together, so I just couldn’t see why my ‘behavior’ was so important that it had to be discussed at all. I was tired, and it seemed like we’d been waiting outside Principal Mclean’s office for an eternity. Everyone had left – even the cleaners and other staff that only appeared after school hours had gone home! I got the distinct feeling that this was all part of my punishment – making me wait and ‘sweat’ until he was ready for me.

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What really ticked me off was the fact that there were plenty of other students at the school whose behavior was far worse than mine – and yet I never saw them having stupid meetings with their parents and the principal. It all just seemed so painfully unfair to me, but I obviously didn’t have a leg to stand on. Not after the last incident, anyway.

I have to admit that I cringed a little bit when I remembered what had happened the day before. I had been in a particularly mischievous mood, and hadn’t thought about the consequences of my actions. In a moment of madness and ill-judgment I decided it would be a good idea to lift my shirt up and flash myself to Principal McLean. I knew it was such a stupid, immature thing to do – but I just couldn’t help myself.

I was waiting just outside the school for the bus to show up, and I saw him walking across the car park to get into his car. My friends Ashlie and Aimee both dared me to do it, and me being me (never one to pass up an opportunity to be reckless) I took them up on it. I waited until he was just driving his car out of the school gates, and at the perfect moment I lifted up my shirt and bra.

The look on my friends’ faces was priceless!

“Oh my god, Jenny” Ashlie had shouted, her mouth agape with utter shock “We didn’t mean for you to show him EVERYTHING!”

I just giggled hysterically, taking delight in looking at their shocked faces! But then I heard the screech or car breaks and the sound of skidding tires, followed by a loud crashing noise. I screwed my eyes shut and flinched as the sound of crumpling metal filled my ears and echoed through the street. I didn’t even dare to look what had happened, but I was clever enough to hazard a pretty accurate guess. I looked at Aimee and Ashlie, and saw that their faces had turned a deathly white. But a that moment, through a freakish stroke of luck, the bus turned up!

I didn’t even bother to glance over my shoulder to see the obvious wreckage I had caused as I hopped on the bus and scurried to the back feeling a nervous, excited energy building up inside me. I couldn’t believe I’d just flashed my tits at my principal – and caused him to crash his car! I peeped out of the back window of the bus and saw Principal McLean standing by the side of the road, waving his arms in the air in rage – while his car stood crumpled up against a fire hydrant. At that moment I burst out laughing – much to the astonishment of my friends and the other students who had been lucky enough to witness the scene.

“Jenny, I can’t fuckin’ believe you’re laughing!” Ashlie said as she sat down next to me. She was smirking a little, but her face was still pale with shock.

“Yeah” agreed Aimee, “you won’t be laughing tomorrow, not when principal McLean’s finished with you!”

I knew she had a point, but at that moment I seriously didn’t care. I was on my way home, with the rush of excitement still tingling throughout my body. As far as I was concerned, I’d leave all my worrying until tomorrow.

But, as I sat outside Principal McLean’s office next to my stepdad, the cold realization of ‘tomorrow’ hit me. I’d done wrong, and now I was going to have to deal with the consequences. Well, more likely my Daddy would have to deal with the consequences. He was the one with the money, and I assumed that Principal McLean would be demanding compensation for the fact that I had caused him to crash his car. Poor Daddy, I thought to myself – but I still couldn’t help smirking.

I felt Daddy’s leg brush up against mine as he shifted position in his seat. He was wearing a collared shirt and trousers today – unlike his usual t-shirt and jeans. I knew this was all for Principal McLean’s benefit. He was obviously trying to make a good impression, and convince the man that I didn’t come from a family of delinquents. I smiled as I regarded the way his trousers hugged is thighs, showing hints of the contoured muscles that lay beneath the fabric. I shivered a little, and tried to push that thought out of my mind. It wasn’t right and I knew it – but I couldn’t help the way my mind sometimes used to wander when I was around Daddy.

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“So, are we going to talk at all before we go in?” I said, breaking the deathly silence that had risen between us. My stepdad finally glanced up over the top of the paper he was reading and fixed me with a cold stare.

“I have no wish to talk to you at all, Jenny” he said calmly “not after what you’ve done!”

I felt heat rising in my face, flushing over my cheeks. I felt embarrassed and angry but also hurt. Daddy was never this strict with me! I scowled at him, and crossed my arms over my chest and looked away. I didn’t want him to see the fact that he had gotten to me. I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of knowing that he could upset me. But I didn’t have to avoid my Daddy’s critical eyes for long, because at that moment the door to Principal McLean’s office swung open, to reveal him standing there, wearing an expression even colder than my stepdad’s. I gulped nervously, as he gestured for us to come inside.

“Hi, Principal McLean” Daddy said, extending his hand out to the man as we entered his office. They shook hands briefly before we all took our seats – me and Daddy on one side of the desk and principal McLean on the other.

The meeting was a blur to me. My Daddy tried to be diplomatic, I tried to look aloof and unaffected by the whole thing – and Principal McLean grew angrier by the second. We kept on going over and over the same points without getting anywhere. After a while I just zoned out, and allowed my mind

to wander and explore far more exciting things. Things like the thought of what my Daddy’s tight abs might look like if I ripped open his shirt – or how his strong mouth would feel pressed up against my own. I just couldn’t help myself. It was a dark and dirty secret – but I couldn’t deny the fact that I had a huge crush on Daddy. Perhaps Principal McLean was right? Perhaps I was just a bad, bad girl.

“WHAT?” I heard my stepdad cry out; jolting me away from my dirty daydreams “you can’t be serious?”

Principal McLean was staring at us both, with a slight grin on his face. He wasn’t a bad liking man, but there was something about him that made me feel uneasy. He was young for a school principal, and obviously took pride in his appearance, wearing only the most expensive suits and collared shirts. His car was obviously an extension of that image – and the price that he had just quoted to my stepdad to cover the damages reflected that.

“You’re saying you won’t pay?” Principal Mclean said, raising his eyebrow and crossing his arms over his chest.

“I’m saying I can’t pay” Daddy responded, a worried frown spreading over his brow “I can’t afford that kind of money. Not even close. There must be some other way?”

“There is no alternative, Mr. Parker” Principal McLean said in a low voice “I’m afraid you either pay the quoted amount – or Jenny will have to find herself another school!”

Shock and panic hit me at once. Another school? He was expelling me? What kind of chance did I have of getting anywhere in life if I got expelled before I even took my final exams? This wasn’t happening!

“No!” I cried out, jumping up from my seat “you can’t! Please, Sir, I’ll do anything!”

“Sorry, Jenny” My Stepdad said looking utterly crestfallen “we can’t bail you out and it seems Principal McLean is determined there is no other way. Come on, we’d better get home and try and figure out what we’re going to do with you.”

He stood up and began gathering his things. I felt weak and somehow light headed. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. It was like I wasn’t in control of my thoughts or my actions any more, and I knew in that moment of madness that there was only one thing for it. I had to do something drastic.

I reached out and grabbed Principal McLean’s tie, yanked it and pulled him towards me. I then planted a hard, passionate kiss on his mouth, sliding my tongue over his own and letting out little moans of pleasure as I did so.

With the other hand I reached over to my stepdad and yanked at his belt, pulling him closer towards me and watching his crotch visibly tighten before my very eyes. He gasped at what I was doing, but he didn’t protest. I felt excitement and shame well up inside me as I slid my hand over his crotch and began to massage his hard cock through his trousers.

“What if we settle this some other way?” I said, breathlessly, as I pulled away from the kiss. Both men looked hot and horny, breathing deeply and fixing me with an intense, hungry stare. I couldn’t believe what I’d just done! But there was no going back now. I had to make them want me!

I slowly began to undo the top of my shirt and licked my lips as I did so. Principal McLean stared back at me and then gave me the slightest of nods. I turned to my daddy and bit my lip, rubbing his cock even harder and faster. Then I watched as he visibly melted, closing his eyes and groaning as I pleasured him and teased him until he couldn’t take any more. Suddenly he sprang into action!

It was all happening so fast. Before I knew it I was being slammed against the desk, and could feel my daddy’s rough hands sliding up the back of my thighs. Principal McLean did nothing at first, he just stood back and looked at me, obviously intent on watching my distressed face I felt my daddy exploring the contours of myself body. But although I looked distressed, inside I was feeling a deep and burning desire like I had never felt before. I gasped as my daddy’s hands squeezed my ass cheeks hard, and then began to pull them apart slightly, before squeezing them back together again. I could hear my daddy’s breathing becoming a regular, and was sure that I could feel a slight trembling in his hands. It was clear that he was as turned on by this saucy situation as I was.

I looked up at Principal McLean, and winced ever so slightly as I felt my panties being roughly yanked down around my ankles. Principal McLean stared at me intently, the corner of his mouth twitching up into a slight smile. I could see a growing bulge in his pants, his erection was absolutely massive! A slight sweat had broken out on the top of his brow, and although he was standing there trying to look cool and calm I could tell that, inside, he was desperate to jump right in. Slowly he unzipped his pants and slipped his hand inside before pulling out his huge, thick dick. I couldn’t help but gasp a little when I clapped eyes on it — the sheer size of it!

Principal McLean smirked, obviously pleased by my shocked and somewhat apprehensive expression. He really was big. I wasn’t sure if I could take a cock that big, and I considered calling out in protest but before I knew it. Principal McLean was grabbing the top of my head by my hair, and hoisting me upright. He then proceeded to place one knee on the desk, in a kind of half straddle, and then thrust his huge fat prick into my mouth. I barely had time to gasp before he was all the way inside, his throbbing helmet hitting the back of my throat and making me gag.

I gurgled and made a few inaudible muffles before finally relaxing and allowing his dick to slide more freely down my throat. Principal McLean let out a long hiss of desire and satisfaction, wrapping my hair around the tips of his fingers and yanking tight. I squealed in pain as he tugged at my hair, his cock practically stabbing my throat now, causing his balls to knock against my chin. I’d never been forced to give deep throat like this before, and I was astonished by how much it hurt! I gagged and choked, tears welling up in the corners of my eyes as he forced his big fat cock down into me. I had no choice. I’d been a very bad girl, and now I was receiving the punishment.

But suddenly, amidst the current of pain I felt welcoming sense of pleasure. My daddy gently began rubbing my swollen clit with his fingers, pinching and rolling it gently between his finger and thumb. It sent little sips of electricity through my body, causing my knees to shake on my ass to clench. It was so exciting! It was so erotic! It was so unbelievably to do in that moment, I forgot the fact that he was my stepdad. I forgot that he was the man who had raised me, and who I had called daddy all these years. At that moment, I just wanted to feel his cock hard tongue, or his rock hard prick deep inside my tight, teenage cunt. And I wasn’t ashamed to admit it to myself. I wanted it. I wanted it bad!

“Found it funny did you?” Principal McLean hissed as he stuffed his prick down my throat. “Found it funny, showing me those sweet round titties and causing me to crash? Huh?”



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