Sex Pet Recovery Ch. 02 – TRIPLETS – Fetish


Robert woke up early the next morning to see the young girl sleeping curled up in a ball beside him. Everything came flooding back. Was he really gonna do this. His answer came as Vicki stirred beside him. She noticed his morning wood and straddled him. Before he could stop her, she was riding him enthusiastically. It was done. He had three new house guests that he was sure wasn’t leaving. It didn’t take her long to satisfy him, and he came into her. She just laid down on his chest and rested with him inside her until he slipped out. She smiled, kissed him, and enjoyed the feel of him under her.

“Ok, let’s get up. Please go get your friends and come in here.” Vicki jumped up and ran out of the room. Within two minutes there were three gorgeous, naked young girls standing at the foot of his bed. Yeah, he knew he didn’t have the willpower to send these nymphos away.

“Tell me a little about yourselves. Vicki, you are first.”

“I am from Chicago, and I am 25 years old. I came here looking for adventure. I had a job, but it was boring. I fell into the fetish club where I met these girls. After a while, I determined I enjoyed being the plaything of the rich. When Dave offered us the chance to be his puppies for a while, I jumped at it. It was only after we had been there a while, I realized what I had gotten myself into.” Vicki was 5’5″ or so, 130 lbs and had long brown hair.

“Do you have family in Chicago?”

“Yes, but I haven’t spoken to them in a while.”

He pointed to the caramel-colored girl.

“My name is Tabitha, but everybody calls me Tabby. My parents are from Thailand, but I was born here. The rest of my story is like Vicki’s.” Tabitha was about 5′ nothing, 120 lbs, or so with jet black hair and a beautiful face and complexion. She was a true Oriental Delight.

“Do you have family?” She nodded.

He pointed to the last girl.

“My name is Anna. I am from Sweden and have only been here a few years. I am 24 and have my citizenship. The rest of my story is the same as theirs.” Anna was a striking 5’8″ and 150 lbs. She had long, gorgeous blonde hair and looked like the picture of a perfect Swedish woman. “Yes, I also have family, but they are in Sweden.”

He sat there for a few minutes looking at them. They quietly stood and waited.

“Here is what we are going to do. You are going to help with the house and whatever comes up. I will take each of you and get you a new wardrobe. Can any of you cook?” Anna raised her hand. “Good, for now, until I learn your skills, you are our cook. The other two of you will be responsible for cleaning and maintaining a floor of the house. Tabby, you will have the downstairs, and Vicki, you will have the upstairs. Now, while you are here you are to not be naked except in your room or mine, understood?”

They all nodded. Fine, he knows a little about Vicki. He said he would sit down with the other two later today and get to know them better. “So, now, go get dressed in whatever you have. You decide who goes shopping first. I can’t take you together because no store would believe I have three daughters that look like you.”

He got dressed and went downstairs. Anna had a little frock on that didn’t really hide anything. He guessed she didn’t have any undergarments left. She was busy whipping up breakfast. The other two were similarly attired.

After breakfast, he headed shopping with Tabby. They weren’t gonna Wal-Mart, but they weren’t gonna Macy’s either. They picked a nice middle of the road clothing store, and she spent the next couple of hours buying $750 worth of clothes. She had good taste. He wanted modest and she delivered a nice, conservative wardrobe. Next was Anna. They went to a different store; he didn’t need to have one store see him show up with different women buying clothes. Anna had slightly better taste. Either that, or she decided to push the envelope a little. Either way, her wardrobe cost me $1000. He told Vicki they would go the next morning for her.

“That’s alright by me. I prefer to be naked anyway.” Robert believed that. She seemed to chafe with her dress on. When Anna and he had gotten home, he found Vicki vacuuming the upstairs naked. She didn’t hear them come in because of the vacuum, and they turned the corner of the hallway and ran into the backside of a naked girl vacuuming. Robert tapped her on the shoulder, and she almost jumped out of the building. When she saw them, she headed for her room and came out with her dress on.

That evening, at dinner, which was excellent by the way, Vicki spoke up. “We have been talking. If it is okay with you, Anna would like to spend the night with you tonight and Tabby tomorrow. We can rotate this way until you decide on a permanent arrangement.”

Robert didn’t think he had the stamina to fuck one of these girls every night. “Girls, that would be wonderful if I was in my twenties. But I’m in my fifties. I would enjoy the company of any of you beautiful young ladies. We will see how far I get.”

Robert went upstairs and took a hot shower. As he stepped out of the shower, Anna was standing in the doorway with a towel and nothing else. She smiled and came over to him and began toweling him off. When she got to his nether regions, she knelt and dried him thoroughly. When he was dry, she cupped his balls in one hand and took hold of his dick with the other. She guided him into her mouth and began the best blowjob he had since yesterday. WOW. He was hooked. This may be the best $20,000 he had ever spent. He shook himself. Stop thinking like that. But, as he looked down at this gorgeous Swedish girl as she serviced him gladly, it was hard not to.

She led him to the bed and crawled onto it. She lay on her back and spread her legs. “Please, Robert. I need a good fucking. It has been so long.” He could see in her eyes she wasn’t kidding. There was a fire in her eyes. AS he climbed onto her, she pulled him down on her. She guided him into her wet pussy and closed her eyes. She felt like velvet, and he was able to push all the way in without trouble. He sometimes had to be careful with the women he fucked because they complained about his thickness and length. This girl had no such complaints. He rode her until she suddenly grabbed his arms and started pulling on him as she came. She did need this. She came for a couple of minutes. He didn’t know how many times she came because her legs would begin shaking, and they didn’t stop for several minutes. He sat up as he watched her convulse. She was drooling and moaning. It was an amazing sight watching this young woman melt under his attention.

When she finally calmed down, he just lay down on her and enjoyed the feeling of youth beneath him. She didn’t seem to mind his weight on her, and he fell asleep where he lay.

He woke up the next morning still on top of her. She was awake, just waiting for him to wake up.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to pin you to the bed all night.” He rolled off her.

“Don’t be sorry. If that is how you like to sleep, you can sleep on me anytime.” He suddenly had visions of her breasts as his pillow. He had to shake that wondered.

They got up and he chased her to her own room to dress. That morning he took Vicki to a third store, and she came in between the other two, around $800.

They now had a wardrobe and jobs in the household. He now needed to decide where he went from here.

He decided to take an inventory of each girl’s skills, other than that, of course.

He discovered Tabby had computer skills. That would come in handy. Vicki had gone to company college until she decided she would rather make a living on her back instead of her feet.

Anna was a good cook, and she seemed to have an organized mind. She was logical and clever. He could train her to anything he might need in the future. They made a good team; he just didn’t know for what.

As he was getting ready for bed, he heard a knock on his door. He told whomever to come in, and Tabby came in. She smiled and headed for his bed. He followed her and they got in together. She had a prefect body. The exact proportions for her height and weight. Her breasts were a little on the smaller size, but they had nice big nipples and she displayed them well. Robert took her in his arms, and she was swallowed by his stature.

“You are a beautiful young lady. I thank you for coming to me.” Robert kissed her gently.

“You have it backwards, sir. It is I who am very grateful that you have rescued me from my foolish mistakes. I gladly give you my body as a show of my appreciation for what you did for me. I will serve you until you discard me. I am at your discretion and disposal.” She laid back and he put his finger into her. She was wet and ready. He moved onto her and started into her. He had to be careful. She was not as big or wide as the other girls, and he didn’t want to hurt her. When he was halfway in, he stopped and began fucking her. He could tell it was tight, and every movement he made caused her excitement. He rocked on her until she exploded beneath him. He continued until she finally settled down and lay still. He came into her after that, and she just lay there and received everything he had. When he was finished, he rolled off her and held her in his arms. She fell asleep on his shoulder. He kissed her forehead and went to sleep.

He was awakened by movement under the covers. When he was awake, all he saw beside him was a tan, wiggling set of legs. He then felt where she had gone. She was gonna try and service him this morning. This would be harder for her. She couldn’t take nearly all of him in her mouth. She did the best she could, and he enjoyed her licking his dick. With his morning wood, it was easy to let go and enjoy it. When he finally came, she was buried in his cum. He threw the covers back to see her face covered with cum. It was a wonderful sight to him, but he was sure she didn’t like it much. He was surprised when she started cleaning her face with her finger and pushing it into her mouth. By the time she was finished, her face was clean, and she had eaten it all. He picked her up and held her for a long time. They just lay there in the warm aroma of wet sex.

They finally got up and headed for the day. Robert had now slept with all three, and he enjoyed the differences. They were different enough for him to have almost the entire spectrum of opportunities. He was hooked.

The next few weeks they all settled into a routine. There was no more talk about the girls leaving. He had encouraged each of them to call their families to let them know they were okay and working here. They had all done that, and everyone was relieved that their families knew they were okay and happy.

He got a call from an old friend one day. He owned the largest fetish club in the city. It had hundreds of members, and every night was a carnival at his place. It was at his place the girls had met Dave.

Pedro Martinez came right to the point. “Dave has told me what you did for these girls. I have told him he must stay away from my club. I can’t have him making my customers disappear. He has agreed but warned me about one of my other customers. Winston Rutledge used to come into my place with his wife. A few months ago, they met a cute young thing just off the bus and enticed her to leave with them. I have not seen her since. Dave told me they are keeping her in their house. He thinks it won’t end well for the girl if we don’t do something. I was wondering if you could visit them to see the condition of the girl. You can say I sent you because they met her at my place.”

Robert really didn’t want to do any more rescuing of damsels in distress, but Pedro was so worried, and it never hurt to have him in debt to Robert. “Okay, I will go and check.” Pedro gave him the address and thanked him as he left.

It was already late afternoon, so Robert decided to go right then. He told the girls he was going out and headed for the address he was given.

When he arrived, it was a very pleasant house in a nice neighborhood. He rang the doorbell and waited. He had to ring it a couple of more times until a middle-aged heavy man opened the door. “Yeah, whadda you want?” Robert saw this was gonna be fun.

“Pedro Martinez sent me. He is concerned because he hasn’t seen you or your wife in a while. He also hasn’t seen the young girl you left with since. He wanted me to check with you to make sure you are okay.” He would try and play on his ego.

“I’ve been busy. My work is hectic right now. You can tell Pedro I don’t need him anymore; I’ve sort of set my own shop up.”

“Okay, I will tell him that. Can you show me what you’ve got? He is always looking for new ideas for the club.” Robert stood and waited for this arrogant son-of-a-bitch to decide what to do.

“I guess it would do no harm. Come on in.” He’d show these people. They’ve at all times looked down on him. Now he’d show them.

When Robert walked into the living room, he saw the girl. She was in a large dog cage on the floor. She was laying down. It looked like she had bruises on her body. She didn’t look up when they entered. She was keeping her eyes closed. Robert knew immediately Pedro was right to check on this.

“I don’t need to go to Pedro’s place anymore and pay for what I have right here in my own house. I can fuck my little puppy dog anytime I want.”

“Where’s your wife?” Robert was really concerned now.

Winton smiled. “Right this way.” He led Robert into the kitchen. Standing at the sink was obviously his wife. She had her back to them. She as naked, washing the dishes. “Turn around, bitch.” She stopped washing the dishes and turned around. She was a woman in her early forties that had been rode hard. There were rings in her breast with bells attached. They rang out every time she moved. There was a collar around her neck that had large rings on it, and collars on each wrist and ankle. It was obvious he was chaining her up whenever he wanted to.

“I don’t need this bitch for sex anymore. I have the young one. This one is for the work around here. She will do what she is told, and she never opens her mouth. I busted a few teeth, and she got the message.” Winton was obviously proud of what he had done. Robert was half sick and half angry. He needed to get out of there.

“I see what you’ve done. You have set up a nice little arrangement for yourself. I will tell Pedro he won’t be seeing you for a while. Good luck.” Robert turned to leave. He heard Winton yell at the wife to get back to work.

When Robert got home, he called Pedro to tell him everything he was worried about was justified. This man was an animal and would have to be dealt with. He told Pedro to give him a little time before he called “the boys” in. Pedro’s type of club needed protection to stay in company, and the mobs were still strong enough in this town to provide it. He agreed to wait. He would prefer to keep it low key, and out of their hands. They tended to get messy.

He then gathered the girls around him and explained the situation to them. He then divided them up.

“Tabby, I want you to get on the computer and tell me all you can about Winton P. Rutledge, asshole. Vicki, I want you to go to Pedro and ask for the things on this list. We might need them, and he can get them. Anna, I want to talk to you alone.”

Everyone jumped to their tasks. Anna came into his office and sat down on the couch. “There are two women in that house that are going to need specialized help to recover. We are going to do it right here. I need you to prepare a bedroom for the two of them together. Have everything you will need to help the wife, who is abused, but functioning, and the girl, who will be like what Beth was when she first got here. Got it?” She nodded and headed off.

It didn’t take Tabby long to learn all about Winton P. Rutledge, asshole. He worked for the largest construction business in the area. This is a construction business with ties to dangerous people. Pedro said that was why he was such an asshole. He was upper management, and he was confident Pedro had to put up with him. What Winton P. Rutledge, asshole, didn’t know was that Tabby was very good at computers. She found the accounting firm they used and hacked their accounts. It appeared there were irregularities in Winton P Rutledge’s department. Robert knew a couple of the men connected, as well as Pedro. He could call them without getting Pedro involved. That is what he did.

Tony Santora was very well known in that world. Robert had done him a favor and gotten one of his cousins out of trouble. Robert had never called in the favor he was granted. It was time to call it in.

The receptionist answered the phone. “This is Robert Wilson for Anthony Santora, please.”

“One moment, please.”

“Bobby (He always called Robert Bobby) it is good to hear from you. Are you calling that favor in now?”

“Thank you, Tony, but I may be able to help you. Delgado Construction is one of your companies, right?”

“Yes.” Tony was interested now. They had been having trouble with money being short in that business.

“I may have a lead on someone you might want to talk to. Winton P. Rutledge. I have been checking on him for a client, and something doesn’t look right about his books. I thought you ought to know. That’s it.”

“Bobby, if this turns out to be true, I will owe you two favors. By the way, say hi to Pedro for me. He’s one of our best customers.” Well, he tried to keep Pedro out of it. But now, if something comes of this, it could help Pedro. The issue is, if their issue continues after something happens to Rutledge, they will come back to us.

Robert called a private investigator and set him on Rutledge. He needed to know if Tony moved on him, and when. He told him to stay away and be careful. He told him why. He felt he had a right to know.

It was two days before the PI called with news. Winton P. Rutledge, asshole, was picked up in front of his house be two very rugged looking men and taken away this morning. The investigator was in a neighboring house and was not seen. Robert thanked him.

Robert grabbed Vicki and Anna and headed out. Vicki had all the items on Robert’s list with her. They came up to the house. The car was still sitting there. Rutledge probably won’t be needing it any longer.

They went to the front door and Robert looked into the bag with the things he had asked for. He pulled a lock pick out and worked on the front door until it opened. He was impressed with himself. He hadn’t done that in years. They went inside.

The girl was asleep in her cage. She looked up, surprised. It wasn’t time for him to be home. She drew back when she saw the three of them.

“It’s okay, Betty. (Pedro had given them her name.) We are from Pedro, and we are here to rescue you.” He pulled a large set of wire cutters out of the bag and cut the padlock off her cage. The door swung open. She just sat in the cage and didn’t move.

Vicki stepped up. “It’s okay, sweetheart. You will never have to see that man again. Please come out.” She slowly crawled out of the cage. Anna threw a blanket over her.

Meanwhile, Robert was looking for the wife. She wasn’t in the kitchen or any room downstairs, so he went upstairs. She wasn’t there, either. The only thing left was the basement. They found her there, chained to a post by her neck collar with her hands and feet locked together.

“It’s okay, Mrs. Rutledge. Pedro sent us to rescue you. You are safe now.” She burst into tears and could not stop sobbing. Robert took the large wire cutters, and snapped the chain attached to her neck collar. He then cut the chains between her arms and legs. “Can you walk?” She tried but stumbled. They didn’t want to wait, so Robert threw her over his shoulder, and they headed back up the stairs. By the time they got to the living room, Anna had the girl in the car. Robert just carried the wife out to the car and put her in the back seat. They were done in ten minutes.

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