Session Wrestler to Slave Ch. 19 – Fetish


Ray was falling in love with Shannon more and more (if that was even efficient) as the night went on. She had just pulled Jamie from her friends on a prescheduled night out, which was a gigantic step towards enslavement and her giving everything to them. She beat the absolute daylights out of David after being paid to do so. She “forced” Jamie to remove her boxing attire, smell her sweaty wrapped hands, smell her sweaty socked feet, eat her toe jam, and worship every inch of her toes and soles. “Forced” wasn’t the right word, Jamie obviously wanted to do it, but she didn’t really know she wanted to until Shannon manipulated her into realizing it. Now, he was about to get his dick sucked again.

He was ecstatic!

He did his best to keep a straight face as Shannon asked Jamie if she wanted to blow him, but everyone knew it wasn’t a question: it was a command. Jamie had not refused the command last time, and Ray knew she wouldn’t this time.

“I don’t want to offend Goddess. I’m not sure what to say, like last time I….” Jamie stammered a bit before Shannon interrupted her by saying:

“It was a yes or no question, so fucking yes or fucking no?”

“Yes?” Jamie said meekly and quietly with that upward inflection implying uncertainty or the word being a question.

“God damn it, that answer was pathetic. I will not have a pathetic slave who can’t answer a fucking question.”

“Yes Goddess I would like to suck his dick please” Jamie blurted out.

“Better…. Jesus.” Shannon sighed while shaking her head.

“Get to it!” Ray said, then wondered quickly and continued “Wait, I’m going to relax for this. Come here.”

Ray left the ring and moved to the couch at the side of the room, slid his shorts and boxers down and sat his naked ass on those same gym shorts after he laid them on the couch cushion. He leaned back and shot a look at Jamie, implying it was time to get to work.

She had followed him, unsure of where he was going. Now seeing where this was about to happen, she smiled, knelt down, and said:

“Thank you Master for the opportunity to suck your dick, I hope I do well!” She smiled as she leaned forward and took his semi hard cock into her mouth without the use of her hands, which she had moved behind her back.

‘She actually thanked me for sucking my dick and swallowing what I’m about to give her?’ He wondered wordlessly. ‘What the actual fuck is going on here? What is up with this girl? Never did I dream Shannon would be so right or I would demolish her personal pride so much by simply humiliating her on the mats.’

‘She is ours, completely. It’s over. She may or may not know it right now, but it’s fucking over’ He continued to think as he looked over at Shannon. She was still in the ring and leaning on the ropes, watching everything with a huge smile. She slipped gracefully through the ropes and walked over, swaying her hips with a bit of extra swagger as she took up a position standing just behind Jamie.

Jamie surely noticed, but she didn’t break from her pleasuring of Ray’s rock hard cock. God dammit was sure good at this! Shannon beamed with pride at what was happening with Jamie’s progress towards full enslavement and joy at seeing the pure ecstasy on Ray’s face. Then, the smile faded as a devious grin spread across her face. She held up one figure in the universal “Hold on one minute” gesture and sat next to Ray. She grabbed Jamie’s hair and pulled her swirling tongue and soft lips off of his cock.

“Excuse me,” She said calmly, “He gets a fucking thank you? What the fuck? Where is my God damn thank you?”

“I’m so sorry Goddess, Thank you for letting me suck Master Ray’s dick.” She said, emphasizing the words “Thank you”. She continued “I wasn’t sure what to say, its honestly a bit weird to suck his dick in front of you. I’m not a homewrecker, I don’t want to trouble a marriage, I’m a bit….” She trailed off when Ray grabbed her jaw and turned her head up toward him.

“Sucking my dick is your privilege and reward for doing well, she would never deny you that or offer it if she doesn’t mean it. You don’t have to babble apologetically. Now…” he tilted her head down, putting his still hard as a rock dick right in front of her “this needs someone’s attention.”

“Yes Master.” She said and went back to work as Shannon released her hair.

Ray tilted his head back on the couch and enjoyed the moment. Once again, here he was with this gorgeous amazon’s lips wrapped around his cock and her tongue moving like a tornado around the head of his dick. Men would kill to have this girl: 6’1″ of toned body, big-but-not-too-big tits, thick but toned ass and everything else a warm-blooded man would want. Not just that, she was open minded enough to put on a bikini and roll on the mat with a stranger: completely fine with them copping a feel and open to that weird intimacy that comes with helping them fulfill a fantasy they hide from the world. She would probably be open to all kinds of kinky shit with a husband or boyfriend, sucking their dicks and making their twisted sexual fantasies come true.

Instead of the men clamoring to get to her, here she was being enslaved by he and Shannon. Sucking Ray’s dick. Not some tall jock’s dick. Not some muscular stud’s dick. Not some rich mother fucker’s dick. Not some handsome gentleman’s dick. His dick. And it was a glorious feeling!

He remembered what Shannon had said before their first session: “first you own her body, then get in her head, then own her mind, then you break her spirit. Then, if she is eager, she lets you own her soul.”

He thought back to owning her body on the makeshift mat in the hotel that night, about making her tap over and over after getting to agree that the loser of a fall would worship the winner’s feet. That was both owning her body and getting into her head. He kept feigning offense during the session when he deliberately pushed too hard and talked just enough to stay in her head. It was obvious by the end he had broken her spirit when she started pouring out her thoughts and sucked his toes for two hours without being told directly to do so.

“Do what comes natural.” he had said to her at the end of the session after he put her on the floor at his feet while he sat over her on the bed. She had done just that, giving his toes and feet a tongue bath he had not expected. It had been the best foot worship experience of his life. Sure Shannon had done it a few times, but Jamie had given herself to the experience where Shannon was obviously doing just enough to meet some obligation she felt as Ray’s girlfriend (at the time).

From her confession while in Shannon’s head scissors it was obvious he had owned her mind. Jamie hadn’t slept well, had snapped on people, and couldn’t process what happened. It was obvious Ray had been living rent free in her head ever since.

Now here she was, sucking his dick again after worshiping Shannon’s sweat soaked feet. If this wasn’t her letting them own her soul, Ray didn’t know what would be.

‘She even asked to suck it this time, begged to suck it last time, and thanked me for the chance both times.’ He thought to himself. That had to be evidence of her letting them own her soul. Ray was no profiler, but he was a psychologist and knew she was ready to fully give herself to them.

‘She is ready to be our property. Our pet. Our toy. Our slave!’ His inner thoughts continued.

Jamie pulled her lips off his dick and held it against his belly with her hand, then starting licking and sucking his balls. God almighty it was a glorious feeling!

He slid down on the couch so his balls could dangle off the cushion. She adjusted and kept working them with her lips and tongue. She was so good at this, so good. She now had his dangling nuts bouncing up and down and she licked at them with her tongue and tried to suck on them with those soft lips. It was all just so good….

She took his left nut in her mouth and rolled it around gently with her lips and tongue. She juggled it softly and playfully with quick flicks of that wickedly amazing tongue and he moaned with pleasure. His body shuddered and hips thrusted mini thrusts with desire. He reached for the back of her head but only lightly touched it: he didn’t want to disrupt anything or guide her to do anything different with his hands. He just wanted to acknowledge her good work despite the fact that she was nearly their property and he didn’t have to acknowledge her at all.

“Oh fucking god dam! Fuck me! Fucking right, fucking right on!” he blathered semi coherently and oozed pleasure in every word and movement as his body continued to shudder involuntarily in response to her tremendous blow job skills.

“Oh fuck though, no, god dammit not yet…” He stumbled through those words knowing he wasn’t far from blowing his load.

“Holy fucking shit, put my dick back in your….. Oh God right there! Right fucking there! Fuuuuccckkk……”

As he said the words, she stopped tongue lashing his nuts and put his dick back in her mouth. She knew it was almost over, so she put her hands to use for the first time and tickled his ballsack with all her fingers while she clamped her lips around his shaft and worked the head of his dick with her tongue. Three seconds after his dick entered her mouth and the fingers tickled his nuts he came. It was just as amazing as last time. It was remarkable. She was awesome. Ray was in paradise.

After he came in her waiting mouth, she repeated what she had done the first time: she looked up, smiled, made an exaggerated swallowing motion, and took it all down. She then added another bonus and said these words as she looked up and into his eyes:

“Thank you for that Master.”

“You are welcome my little pet.” He replied. He wasn’t sure if that was smart or classy or stupid, it just kinda came out of his mouth.


Jamie wasn’t sure what to do now, so she did nothing. She looked around and saw that it was now 10:51. She had served feet and dick for nearly an hour. Shannon bailed her out when she said:

“Good job you sexy little minx. Good fucking girl!”

Jamie chest lifted with an odd feeling of gratitude for the compliment and a sense of satisfaction seeing Ray spent on the couch. He had not moved, had not sat back up, had not pulled his shorts back up. He just sat there, slouched on the cushion, with that silly grin and satisfied look men get after sex or a blow job. He was still breathing heavy. It made Jamie feel good in a perverse sort of way.

“Now, you are done for the night. Get your shit, discover a bedroom that’s clean, there is a fuck ton of bedrooms, and get some sleep. Ours is the big one downstairs, you have to go upstairs. You have work to do tomorrow, I expect you to fucking impress me. I want breakfast at 8 am sharp. Fruit and stuff.”

“Yes Goddess.” She replied. She grabbed her bag, put her clothes in it, left the room, and wondered until she saw stairs. She found a bedroom near a bathroom. She showered and went straight to bed after drying her hair. Once again, she fell right asleep and slept better than she had in weeks.

Jamie woke up at 7:30 so she had time to prep Shannon and Ray’s breakfast as she had been instructed to do. As she rolled over to get up and out of bed she realized she felt great again this morning. It was as if the air were purer, the sun through the window was brighter, and her first glass of water was cleaner. She still could not put her finger on it, but she didn’t care: it was going to be great day!

She wasn’t sure what to wear, but since Ray had requested the light blue booty shorts the night before she opted for dark blue spandex booty shorts paired with a triangle string bikini top of a very similar color. She made her way through the mansion and found the kitchen. Once there, she began prepping the bread and fruit that she found in the house. She had it to Shannon and Ray’s room at exactly 8 am. She knocked and was let it to find Shannon in the bathroom and Ray watching some TV.

She served Ray breakfast in bed after a brief greeting and she waited patiently while he ate. She felt awkward just standing there, so she said:

“Would you like a foot massage while you eat Master?” she offered in a toned that gave away her excitement at the prospect of getting to provide him the simple pleasure.

“Who says no to that?” He said through a piece of fruit.

Jamie got to work, laying on her belly and working on Ray’s left foot with both hands. She caressed his feet as much as massaged them in order to try to mix it up for him. He seemed to approve before he offered his other foot and said:

“Good girl, more of the same on the other foot.”

“Thank you Master! I am glad you are enjoying it.”

At that sound, Shannon came out of the bathroom in a robe.

“Are you getting a foot rub for fucking breakfast?” She said while staring at Jamie.

“You know it!” Ray replied, starting some profane banter between the two as Shannon joined him in finishing everything Jamie brought for them.

“Ok, if you are gonna be our new slave and playtoy, we need to make sure you are in good enough shape. I will have no weak fucking bitches in my fucking service. So, get rid of that fucking swim top and get dressed to work out with us. You did bring workout clothes, right?”

“Yes Goddess, I did.” Jamie replied.

“Good girl.” She said as Jamie s chest filled with pride at the praise.

´That is two “good girls” early on today! Go me!’ Jamie thought inside.

“Meet us in the kitchen in about a half hour. And you better be god damn ready to handle what is coming.” She said flatly.

“I feel great today, I am ready.” Jamie said excitedly.

“We will fucking see, won’t we!” She replied in a playful tone.

Jamie was waiting in the kitchen, properly dressed for any workout Ray and Shannon had in mind. What followed was a strenuous, yet manageable workout consisting of light weights, yoga, and cardio followed by a long stretching session. She followed her Master’s lead the whole time, and it was refreshing to do this type of workout instead of doing it on her own. It was a nice change of pace.

“Not bad.” Ray said. Shannon followed suit and then said:

“Ok. Now we move on. I am gonna chill for an hour or two, then our friends Karina and Josh are coming over for a day in the pool. It is sunny and warm for a fucking fall day, and I want to take benefit one more time before fucking fall fucks up the rest of my pool Sundays.” Shannon said.

Ray chimed in and said “You are gonna clean our bathroom then the kitchen while we hang out. I recommend doing a good job, you aren’t a slave yet, you still have some work to do to get there.” He went on to tell her where the cleaning supplies were.

“Yes Master, I will do my best.” Jamie said. “What am I to do when I am done and you are in the pool.”

“That is another chance to prove yourself.” Ray said.

“What the fuck do you think this is for you?” Shannon said “You are gonna serve us in the pool too. I plan to see how you handle a group of four. Drinks, sun block, towels, flip flops, fucking clean up, that is all you. All fucking you. Karina is also my best fucking bitch from way back, and you are gonna paint our fucking toes poolside. We will order, you will fucking comply. Easy. Right?”

“Yes Goddess” she said.

Once again, as it so often did, the profanity flowed without a hint of malice. Jamie found herself surprised again, despite hearing this talk many times before.

“Good. Now there are due here at 11:30 or so and its 9:15, so get to fucking cleaning and then shower and be ready. I like the blue top you had on earlier, do you have slutty bottoms to match?” She asked.

“Yes Goddess, I have bottoms to match but I don’t know how slutty they are.” Jamie replied.

“For fuck sake. As sexy as you are you should do better to fucking serve. Should you achieve slavery, we will fucking work on it.”

“I hope to Goddess, thank you.” Jamie replied.

Then, with only a look that commanded obedience, Shannon wordlessly ordered Jamie to work.

“Sorry Goddess, I’m on it.” Jamie said while moving to the cleaning supplies.

She cleaned as thoroughly as she had ever cleaned anything, showered quickly, put on shorts over her dark blue bikini, and was poolside when she decided she should probably get the door when Karina and Josh arrived. So, she went to the front door and was waiting there when Shannon arrived and spoke:

“You fucking overachiever! Are you here to get the God damn door for my girl?”

“I was Goddess, yeah. I can go.” Jamie said, unsure of what to do.

“Fuck no, stay. I want to introduce you as our new potential slave, it would be good if that cock sucking skank saw you here to get the fucking door for them.” Shannon said. At that moment her door opened.

“Speaking of cock sucking skanks!” Shannon exclaimed.

Jamie then witnessed how Shannon and Karina spoke to each other. It was a torrent of profanity and insults that, to quote Jamie’s mother, would make a sailor blush.

‘No wonder they are best friends.’ she thought to herself as she listened to the banter.

After some back and forth Karina finally looked Jamie up and down and said “Who is the fucking slut! What a fucking body! How much is she fucking costing you?”

“Don’t call my fucking bitch a slut!” Shannon cried, feigning insult, “But, if you must fucking know, she is trying her slutty best to become our new fucking slave.” Shannon explained. “If she plays her fucking cards right, Ray and I will own those big tits and that fat, toned ass outright very soon. Jamie, take off those fucking shorts and show this cocksucker that fine ass of yours.”

Jamie blushed but did as she was told, and turned around and shifted her weight to one side to strike a bit of a pose. ‘Hopefully she appreciates the pose.’ Jamie thought as she did this.

Karina noticed the blush before Jamie turned around as Shannon giggled and said:

“Just look at her fucking blush! She looks so fucking innocent!” Karina added.

“I will tell you all about it.” Shannon said as they walked by Jamie and into this house. Jamie blushed more when she heard Karina say, “Josh would have cum in his fucking shorts after setting his pervert fucking eyes on her.”

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