Session Wrestler to Slave Ch. 15 – Fetish

“Can you explain why you worshiped his feet for long past the two minutes or for two hours after the session?”

“No, I don’t know.” Jamie said weakly.

“I know why, and I think you do to, but that wasn’t technically a lie.”

“Now I want to tell you what happens next.” Shannon continued, “I think you know now that you are mostly a submissive and have a foot fetish. Maybe it’s just a fetish for being humiliated by someone superior? I’m not sure yet, but I will know for certain soon enough.”

Shannon shifted her weight again, her smooth thighs rubbing against Jamie’s neck, and continued:

“We are going to take over now. We are going to take control of you. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. We are going to enslave you. You are about to become our personal property, to do with as we please.” Shannon said.

She stared hard into Jamie as she spoke, and Jamie felt like she was wilting inside. Not just physically wilting, it was as if her will to say “Hell No!” to being a slave was gone. Jamie wasn’t even sure if it had been there beforehand or not. Jamie’s will to withstand had melted. Wilted. Evaporated. Faded into nothingness. Here she was, at Shannon’s mercy, her competitive fire that took her to a D1 basketball program and a second team all-conference put out by this couple. Jamie felt like Shannon’s thighs were not just around her physical neck, but those thighs were wrapped around her soul at the same time and they were crushing it.

‘She is crushing my will to withstand and my soul as a woman,’ Jamie wondered silently ‘and I think I’m perfectly ok with it.’

She wasn’t bothered, strangely, but felt at peace trapped in this powerful woman’s thighs being told she was about to be enslaved by this mysterious couple. She felt comfortable with her wrists being held securely by her, her thumbs on her pulse for what Jamie could only guess was to help her read any lie. She was comfortable being completely at her mercy. Shannon could knock her out in about 10 seconds if she wanted to and Jamie was powerless to stop her. Once she was knocked out she would be helpless.

They could tie her up before she came to or try to withstand.

They could handcuff her wrists and ankles in just a few seconds and there could be 10 pairs of handcuffs in the room and Jamie would have no idea. Then she would be truly helpless. Not even able to try to withstand.

‘I’m helpless right now,’ Jamie wondered inside, ‘and even if I could get free, I’m not sure I have the desire to try.’

She looked away from Shannon’s soul piercing gaze and up at Ray, still sitting behind her holding the mat she was leaning on while she held Jamie at her mercy. His expression was blank, but Jamie could see he was holding back a feeling. He was obviously trying hard to seem emotionless, but there was something in his eyes that gave away his true thoughts.

‘Triumph.’ Jamie wondered inside. ‘He feels triumphant. He was swelling with pride watching his wife stomp all over my will to fight.’

Something drew her gaze back to Shannon, who was still staring right through her.

“Tell me what you are feeling right now.” Shannon demanded in a calm and firm tone.

“I…. um…. I don’t know…. I umpfh” Jamie’s words stopped abruptly as Shannon quickly began to squeeze her consciousness away.

“Liar.” She said as she eased up yet continued to Jamie firmly in her grasp. “What is the punishment for lying Jamie?” she asked

“You knock me out?” Jamie said in a questioning tone.

“Very good. I will knock you out. Try again, and don’t make me knock you out”

“I’m honestly not sure what I feel. I think Ray is holdin…”

“No.” Shannon interrupted in a commanding yet calm tone. “I know what Ray feels and I don’t even have to look at him to know. What do you feel? Don’t stall, or I will punish you.”

“I’m honestly not sure,” Jamie began, and then her feelings came pouring out. “But I’m not panicking, not scared, not anxious or nervous like I was during most of the session with Ray. I don’t feel anger or apprehension or worry either. That’s weird. If a person would have told me three weeks ago I would be in a headscissor in a strange house while being told I’m about to be enslaved I would have told them they were crazy. If they then told me I would not feel anger or panic or any of those other feelings I would have been sure they were crazy.”

“But I can’t name the feeling I feel about it. I really can’t. It’s more of a lack of those emotions and a sense of calm or peace. I’m not sure if that’s it or if I haven’t processed the feeling yet, but I think the feeling I have right now is like a weight has been lifted, and I can’t explain that. I have never felt this way before, and I don’t know how to feel about it, or how I feel about that, of how I could ever…”

“Jamie.” Shannon interrupted.

“Yes?” Jamie asked, unsure if there was a question there.

“Allow me please. May I tell you what you feel?”

“That I wanted to be conquered by someone?” Jamie said meekly

“Good girl!” Shannon said with pride. “And it just so happened the someone was my Ray. Now, I am finishing what he started. But it’s not that easy. For us, enslavement isn’t given, it is earned.”

“Ray.” she said flatly, seemingly changing conversations in an instant.

When she said his name Ray stood up, left the ring, and walked over to a bag on the floor. He opened it and took out a thin strip of something that was about 2 feet long. He brought in over, gave it to Shannon, and sat behind her again and braced the mat she had been leaning on while holding Jamie tightly. Shannon released Jamie’s wrists and grabbed it.

It was a collar. Ray had grabbed a collar and Shannon now held both ends of it and stretched it out for Jamie to see. It was black, looked to be leather, and looked like something a dog would wear so an owner could attach tags with the dog’s information and clip a leach to it for walks. Shannon smiled and massive smile.

“Now,” Shannon said, “you want this collar, don’t you? You want to submit to us. To me. To Ray. You want to be our slave, don’t you?”

“Yes.” Jamie said

“Good girl. Now let’s see if you can earn it.” She said as she released Jamie, backed away, and stood up. Her and Ray stared down at Jamie, who was leaning up on her elbows looking at them both. She felt a sense of loss, suddenly disappointed that her and Shannon’s conversation was over and she was no longer held securely between her soft yet strong legs. She began to stand when Shannon spoke:

“No. Crawl to the center of the ring and kneel” she said. Jamie did as she was told. Shannon and Ray began to circle her slowly. Jamie once again felt like a mouse between a pair of housecats. However, she remained unafraid and felt no nerves or anxiety. Shannon continued as they circled her:

“Alright Jamie, Ray and I are going to test you by beating the shit out of you to see if you are worthy of being our new slave. I have high standards in my slaves…”

‘Slaves?’ Jamie wondered as she heard Shannon use that word. ‘She already has slaves? How many slaves can a person have?’

“…and if you aren’t up to it you won’t get to be one. If you aren’t worthy, you won’t be seeing Ray or I again. Now like I said, we are going to beat the shit out of you and you and going to take the abuse without fighting back. The only defense you can offer is to protect yourself from injury. Is that clear?”

“Yes.” Jamie said.

“Good. Remember the mercy signal of two fingers in the air. Also, I’m going to judge you on how much punishment you can take. If you tap too soon over and over you are going to fail the test. I know how much a person can take, so I am going to know if you are cheating and tapping for convenience.” Shannon said. Ray continued to say nothing.

“Are you ready?” Shannon said as she was in front of Jamie and Ray was somewhere behind her.

“Yes.” Jamie said as she felt Ray’s foot on her back push her down. She caught herself with her arms and was now on all fours. Shannon walked forward as Jamie looked up and calmly wrapped her legs around Jamie’s head. She poured on the pressure. Jamie’s head felt like a balloon about to pop. It was incredibly painful as her head was between Shannon’s knees and not the muscle of her thighs. Shannon’s inner knee bones dug into Jamie’s head.

‘I’m not tapping yet!!’ Jamie screamed to herself, ‘I can do this!!’

Jamie didn’t know how long it had been, then Shannon took it to another level. Jamie’s instinct took over and she tapped her calf furiously.

Shannon released her immediately.

“You fucking bitch! That’s it!? That’s all!? Do you fucking want this or not?” Shannon said. “Get the fuck back up and kneel.”

Jamie was confused. ‘Did she just say the F word like three times? Where did that come from?’

Shannon stalked around her and took position behind her. Jamie didn’t move or even raise her hands.

“God damn it Jamie you are going to have to do fucking better than that. That wasn’t worth shit” Shannon said.

‘More profanity? What is happening?’ Jamie wondered without vocalizing a single word.

Shannon wrapped her arms in a classic sleeperhold and continued and talked as she choked Jamie slowly but tightly.

“See, I’m going to test you. So, you may as well get to know the real fucking me. I fucking cuss, I do. Always have, always will. Fuck is my favorite fucking word. It’s my favorite everything: favorite noun, verb, adverb, adjective, and my favorite recreational activity.” She said as she slowly ratcheted up the pressure. “I’m also strict with my slaves, so don’t ever fuck up, but I am pretty god damn generous too. I would especially generous with a sexy fucking chica like you, with that big perfect fucking butt of yours. Ray told me you had the most perfect thick and juicy ass, and he was right. Weren’t you baby?”

“You knew I wasn’t lying.” Ray said, his first words in a long time.

Jamie was at her limit, she began to see stars, and raised her arm to tap.

‘Wait. I’ll try mercy. Maybe that will be better?’ she wondered as she raised two fingers for Shannon to see.

Shannon eased but didn’t release.

“God damnit you are going to have to do better than that! This is fucking pathetic Jamie. Where is the athlete? Where is the toughness?” Shannon challenged as she ratcheted up the pressure again, quickly this time. “Where is the attitude that got you through those god fucking forsaken wind sprints at the end of practice?”

Jamie held on until she saw stars again, and again held out two fingers. Shannon didn’t ease up. Jamie tapped furiously with her other hand, still holding up two fingers as a silently beg for mercy. Shannon released and Jamie fell to the mat, unable to hold herself up.

“Roll her sexy ass over baby.” Jamie heard Shannon say. Then she felt hands under her right side and she was rolled onto her back. “and stand on her hands, hold them over her fucking head.”

Jamie felt Ray grab her arms and move them to a 90 degree angle with her hands over her head and under his feet. Shannon walked over with a bit of sass in her step and knelt down over Jamie, her knees by her head and Jamie’s biceps being smashed under her shins.

Shannon stopped suddenly as she started to sit on Jamie’s breasts and a devious smile spread over her face. Without a word, she stood, turned around, and knelt with her knees straddling Jamie’s chest and her feet on either sides of Jamie’s head. Jamie looked at either foot then at the ass in front of her. The light blue bikini was a cheeky style, the sort of half thong with most of Shannon’s ass uncovered. This was Jamie’s first look at Shannon’s butt, and it was obvious again how good of shape she kept herself in. Her butt was big and thick but incredibly well toned, similar to Jamie’s. As Jamie admired Shannon’s butt as a woman would, that butt lowered quickly and landed on her face.

‘She is sitting her nearly bare ass on my face!?’ Jamie wondered. ‘Is this a test too?’

Shannon’s ass enveloped Jamie’s face. It covered her eyes and cut off her sight and covered her nose by smashing it. Jamie could feel the heat of Shannon’s vagina just above her mouth. She opened her mouth to breath, likely blowing right on it through the thin lycra bikini.

“What do you think of the view Jamie?” she asked

Jamie was unsure if that was rhetorical, so she didn’t answer.

“I asked you a fucking question.” Shannon said calmly yet firmly.

“I like it.” Jamie said, still able to speak.

“Well fuck. That means you can still breath. I’m fucking slipping baby, she can still talk.”

Shannon then moved forward and put Jamie’s mouth right between her vagina and asshole cutting off her speech and breath. This put Jamie’s nose right in Shannon’s ass crack. Shannon then put her feet under Jamie’s head and pushed it up into her ass.

She began to flex her butt cheeks and shift her weight back and forth and side to side.

‘She is riding my face again. This time with my face almost entirely up her butt’ Jamie wondered, unable to speak. Ray released one of her hands and she held out two fingers and begged for mercy.

Jamie’s world was now ruled by this gorgeous butt. Breath was granted whenever she signaled mercy, but only three or four gasps were allowed before the butt resumed its position perched on Jamie’s face. She continued to playfully squeeze Jamie’s face by flexing her butt cheeks.

After what felt like a few minutes Jamie held up two fingers when she needed a breath, but the butt didn’t move. Instead, Shannon flexed her ankles and pushed Jamie’s face harder into her ass while not speaking a word.

‘This is probably a test. I can pass it!’ Jamie wondered. She held on until her body started to buck involuntarily and she could not help her arm from tapping Shannon’s thigh repeatedly.

Shannon released her from her ass’s embrace, got up, put her foot on Jamie’s chest between her breasts and spoke:

“Why didn’t you tap sooner?” she asked with a commanding tone.

“I was trying to pass the test, if it was a test of how much I could take.” Jamie said.

“Or did you like being owned by my ass.” Shannon said as she dug her toes into Jamie’s upper chest.

“I’m not sure I liked it, but you do have a very nice butt.” Jamie said honestly.

Shannon stared at her for a moment and said: “That was your honest answer, wasn’t it.” It was obviously not a question.

“Ray, have some fucking fun. Make it fun for me to watch.”

She took her foot off Jamie’s chest and Ray walked around her as a smile spread over his face.

“Now Jamie, if you can fucking speak you can’t show two fingers. You will say “mercy” or “I submit”. Understood?” Shannon said

Jamie nodded.

‘This may hurt, but I can fucking do this!” Jamie thought to herself ‘I can pass this test!’

Ray put her through the meat grinder: arm bars, sleeperholds, foot chokes, hand chokes, and a variety of moves designed to stretch her body and limbs until they could stretch no more or she tapped or verbally begged for his mercy. All the while Shannon leaned on the corner post and offered advice to torture her or cheered profanity laced encouragement.

At one point Ray had Jamie by the wrists, face and belly to the mat, stretching her arms behind her back with his foot between her shoulder blades. She was in pain but was determined not to scream “I submit” when Shannon spoke:

“Ok Ray, enough. Let her down.”

Ray released her arms, which fell hard to the mat. He then stepped on her with all his weight as he walked over to Shannon’s side.

Jamie laid there for a moment, exhausted, hurting, out of breath, and not sure if she had anything left to give.

‘Did I just think I have no more to give?’ Jamie thought, ‘More like I’m not sure I can take much more.’

Jamie felt the mat give in front of her and raised her head a bit to look straight in front of her. She saw Shannon’s two feet and noticed the light blue toenail polish that looked to be a perfect match to her bikini. She moved a foot under Jamie’s face.

Jamie wasn’t sure what to do, so did nothing.

The foot began to tap it’s perfectly pedicured toes impatiently on the mat, stopping after four or five taps.

“Kiss my fucking foot. What is the fucking hold up?” Shannon said. “You better begin fucking learning, or you will never make a good slave: my feet fucking own you. Ray’s feet too. Any foot that fucking owns you gets put in front of you like this you better be paying some God damn respect to it.”

Jamie kissed the top of her foot, but it wasn’t pulled back. So, she kissed each individual toe one at a time before lifting her head up. The foot remained.

‘Maybe she wants my tongue between her toes like Ray did?’ Jamie thought and lowered her head back down when the foot was pulled back. The other foot stayed put and was not presented to her. Confused, she supported herself on her elbows and stared and Shannon’s feet, still in front of her.

“Up.” She commanded. “Stand in the corner, face the post.” Jamie did as she was told, fixing a wedgy in her bikini bottom and adjusting her top while she walked to the corner to secure her boobs as best as a string bikini top could.

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