Session Wrestler to Slave Ch. 05 – Fetish

‘Ok,’ Ray wondered, ‘now what?’

She was theirs for sure, but he didn’t want her confessing everything so soon, he wanted some of those thoughts and feelings to stay inside and fester for a while. She needed to need him when this was over, he needed her to want more after he left. That meant cutting of her confession and testing out his new play toy.

It was now 6:56 and she had made no mention of the clock, nor had she tried to look at it for quite a while now.


Jamie was silent after her told her to be quiet, unsure what was gonna happen next.

“Stand and come here.” he said a moment later as he released her nose and face from his clutches and allowed her to stand. Here he stood, right in front of her. She was face to face with the first man to dominate her. Well, somewhat face to face: she towered over him, her 6′ 1″ and 183 lbs. in front of his 5′ 5″ frame. Instead of face to face, he was face to neck, her breasts just under his chin.

He turned around and led her to the other side of the bed, near where the bed met the wall. He didn’t really lead her, but somehow she seemed to follow him out of instinct. There was a gap of about three feet between the edge of the bed and the wall and he pointed.


She moved to sit on the bed when he spoke:

“No, that’s my seat.” he corrected. “Sit on the floor facing the bed, sit cross legged, Indian style if I’m still allowed to say that.” She did as she was told.

‘Didn’t I sit on my heels to avoid sitting cross legged in a bikini earlier?’ she wondered silently.

He moved to sit in front of her, and when he did so he raised his feet to her shoulders and pushed her against the wall. She hit the wall with a dull thud, it seems sitting cross legged had caused her to lean forward just a bit.

“When you mmpf….”

She started to speak and confess more to this stranger when he abruptly put his left big toe on her lips, stopping any more words that may have been coming. He was in such a dominating position: sitting over her, his right foot had moved down to her chest and covering her boob, and the other foot probing her mouth. The left big toe then slid past her lips into her mouth. She didn’t try to stop it.

“Hold my foot up.” he commanded.

She did so with both hands, a bit embarrassed for having to be told to do so.

“Now do what comes natural.”

She did. She licked his soles, sucked his toes, licked off any sweat, any dirt, and every iota of foot funk. She flossed his toes (she still didn’t know what to call the act of licking between them, but he seemed to like it) and gently nibbled on his heal. He soon pulled his foot back, placed it on her chest and over her boob, and presented his right foot to her. She grasped it gently but firmly and repeated everything she had done to the first foot.

The panic was gone, the nerves were gone, there was no more anxiety. She couldn’t explain what was happening, but all of the misgivings and negative energy she felt pent up inside for most of the past hour had melted away. She wasn’t even sure when this had happened, but it had.

While she was in the middle of a big, flat tongue lick of his sole he started to pull his right foot back again to switch feet. As he did, she felt her head moving forward with it so she could finish the lick hoping to end at the bottom of his toes. It was almost like she didn’t want him to take it away.

He pressed his right foot on her forehead and pushed her head back to the wall. It made a dull “thud” and hurt Jamie just a little bit.

He didn’t speak, he only held out one finger and pointed like a teacher or mother about to discipline a young child. She froze, knowing immediately that he was commanding her to stay still. He pulled his right foot back, placed his heel on her left boob where it had rested earlier. He seemed to like having his feet on her boobs.

He lifted his left foot up and held it in front of her, toes pointed up, his sole about three inches from her face.

He stared at her and lowered his finger, but he didn’t say a word. She took the physical cue, grabbed his foot with both hands, lifted it just a bit, and leaned forward begin nibbling on his heel. She happened to look up at him as she adjusted her head to get as much of his heel in her mouth as she could, and he smiled that same smile at her that he had so many times before.


Ray had grabbed his phone from under the pillow a bit ago and was video taping. Jamie had no idea, obviously, she was salivating over his feet and was currently licking heel to toe. His phone was on silent but he got a text from Shannon

“Where the fuck are you, still with her or on your way”

He knew he had to answer to face severe punishment: Shannon could be merciful and was fair, but she did not abide her calls or texts being ignored. Ray couldn’t text her back for fear Jamie would notice the hand movements and realize what he was doing. So, he weighed the possibilities and ignored Shannon’s text. He could plead his case and beg for forgiveness later. Once she saw Jamie, he felt she would be lenient.


Jamie felt him pull his right foot out of and away from her mouth and placed it on her chest, his heel once again sitting on the top of her left boob. He placed his left foot in the same place on her right breast.

“Don’t move, close your mouth, and don’t open it. Nod if you understand.”

She nodded.

Now he put his feet on her face and pressed his big toes into her eyes, not enough to hurt, but enough to make her uncomfortable. This only lasted a few seconds, then, after moving his heels to her chin, started lifting the balls of his feet and his toes and bringing them down on her face. He was slapping her face with his feet. She didn’t move.


Another text from Shannon:

“Did you fucking ignore my text!”

‘Shit!….SHIT!!! Now what?!’ Ray wondered.

She never asked follow-ups like that or had to use exclamation points to make her point. She didn’t need to. Going home would be bad. He stressed over what to do next: stay and crush her spirit some more or leave now and go home. He knew the longer he crushed her spirit like this the more impact the experience would have, but conversely the longer he stayed the worse his arrival at home could be.


Jamie noticed that he had stopped after a few slaps with each foot. Now, he started pushing his toes into her face, grabbing her cheeks, pulling her hair, and grabbing and smashing her nose. Her face felt like a ball of string being played with by a cat. It was a very strange wondered, Jamie pondered, but it was an apt analogy. Ray continued to do it, adding some light face stomps periodically.


A while later and Ray’s decision was made for him by the third text from Shannon.

“Red line!”

‘Holy fucking shit!!!’ Ray wondered

Ray almost freaked out! ‘Red line” was just that, a red line not to be crossed and he was crossing it with every minute that went by without a response. He was able to restrain himself to not disturb Jamie or let her sense a noticeable break from his “massaging” of her face and head with his feet and toes. But, the fun was over, it was time to go.


Jamie relaxed a bit when he then pulled his feet off her face, and put them back on her boobs. Then that moment of relaxation was shattered when he dropped a bombshell.

“Do you know what time it is?” he asked casually.

She blushed. She knew it, she felt herself blushing. Panic returned. Anxiety swelled inside her. All of a sudden, the reality of her situation came crashing down and she didn’t know what to do. Was she really on the floor, cross legged while in a skimpy bikini, four double knots away from being stark naked, under a mysterious man she knew only as Ray, and, worst of all, his feet were on her breasts and holding her up against the wall? That reality hit her like a freight train.

He must have felt it too. He quickly took his left foot from her chest and put it across her neck and applied some pressure, not much, but enough to let her know who was in charge. She tried to move her head to look around only to realize that his other foot had snaked behind her head and he had his toes twisted in her pony tail and had her head pinned to the wall. She was pinned, another sad theme of the night, she knew it immediately.

“Don’t struggle. I just asked what time you wondered it was. When you answer I will let you go, but until then I think we both know you belong to me.” he said calmly. He also had a cell phone in his hand, the back of it, probably the camera, was pointing right at her.

Not good. Not good at all. This was maybe the worst development in a night overrun in terrible developments.

She tried to calm herself and not struggle against his feet, the foot on her neck ensured her submission. So, she thought about the question: what time was it?

The session was almost over at 7, so it was just before 7 when that weird victory pose….. she didn’t even know the word. What did that do to her? He put his foot on her face and all of a sudden she bends to his will? He broke her will with his foot? Broke her spirit with his foot? She pushed those thoughts out.

How long had it been?

“Its 7:25.” she said finally, as confidently as she could muster.

He released her as promised. “Ok, now you can get up and our session is over.” he said. “Thank you for this, I will never forget it.” He got up and walked toward the middle of the room.

She didn’t know what to say. She tried to stand but realized her legs were nearly numb from sitting cross legged, and that made her fear it may be later than 7:25. So, she had to crawl out from between the wall and the bed and crawl around to the foot of the bed where he now stood.

She almost passed out when she looked at the clock. Of all the disturbing things she could not explain this one ranked high on the list. Here she was, sitting on the floor at Ray’s feet (again!) looking at the clock and completely unable to process where the time had gone.


It was 9:12.

Ray tapped her thigh with his foot, put his hand on her cheek and raised her face up to look in his eyes, that same smile still present, and said “Call me when you are ready.”

He then turned and left the room.


Ray had known exactly what time it was, he had had his phone in his hand for the last 45 minutes or so. He used it to take video and pictures until it ran out of memory.

‘Shit!!!’ he cursed to himself silently. Why didn’t he download all the BS taking up all that memory. Oh well, he thought, he knew he would get another chance.

He was amazed she hadn’t even thought to ask about the time, but then again she had done that far earlier in the night. It was like worshiping his feet and being submissive to him was all she could think about while it was happening. All other thoughts, or thoughts of self-preservation, were secondary.

Her answer of 7:25 was the last of many nails driven into her coffin that night. It meant she really had honestly lost all track of time. He had not expected that, but it was another sign she was an excellent candidate for enslavement.

Licking his feet for that long and sitting idle while he slapped her in the face with them was more submission. True submission. It was long past when she could tell herself “She had to so she could honor the agreement.” This told Ray so much about her.

Ray owned her now. Not completely, that would take another meeting or two (probably one, no more, he thought confidently) and he had to get home.

He got up and left abruptly so he could call Shannon as soon as the door closed behind him. He had said something to her to hopefully reinforce, one last time, that she needed to see him again.

Now he would wait…. After he called Shannon


‘What. Just. Happened.’ Jamie thought to herself ‘What just happened? How was it 9:12?’

Had she really been under his feet for over 2 hours? That would explain why her legs were numb and she had to crawl around the bed instead of standing up.

No. Enough thinking. Time to go home. Now. She slapped her thighs to try to bring the feeling back and slowly used the bed to pull herself up to her feet. She was able to stand, but leaned heavily on the desk and the wall on her way to the bathroom to change back into her clothes.

‘No, screw it.’ she thought as she slipped her clothes on over her bikini, put her shoes on without socks, grabbed her purse, and walked out of the bathroom. She noticed the makeshift mat on the floor. Those were his sleeping bags that he left still lying on the floor.

‘To hell with that, my name isn’t on the room.’ she thought as she quickly left and made her way down the hall.

All manner of thoughts raced through her head as she made her way out of the hotel. She was brought away from them when she heard:

“Have a nice night ma’am.”

She froze and looked around to see a smiling lady at the front desk of the hotel waving her hand. How was this possible? Jamie never, ever, went out the front door since she used this hotel for most of her sessions. She didn’t want to be seen coming for an hour at a time once or twice a week.

“Um, thanks, and, uh, you have too.” she stumbled over what is normally a standard response and walked briskly out the front door. Darkness had settled in without her knowing as the curtains had been drawn in the room, so she turned right and started walking to the end of the hotel. Disturbing thoughts continued to race, mostly uncontrollably, no thought sticking for more than a few seconds before it was replaced with the next one.

She got to the end of the hotel and the secondary parking lot where her car should be. No car.

‘Damn! Damn, damn, DAMN!!’ she thought.

She had walked the wrong way to the wrong side of the hotel! Had she totally lost her mind?

She turned and walked back, all the way to the other side of the building to the other secondary parking lot. She prayed the lady at the front desk was not in a position to see her again. She wasn’t, thank God.

She got to her car, got in, buckled up, and started driving. She only lived about 15 minutes away, and she only needed two turns to get home. That should be easy enough, even with her brain seemingly taking an extended leave of absence.

She was going down the main road, a few blocks from her turn when she started replaying specific moments in her mind.

Did she really beg to worship his feet that time? Why had she agreed to that? Did she really say “my pleasure.” at one point while flossing his toes?

She looked up to see how much farther she had until her turn when she realized that it was three stoplights ago. Anger welled up, but she forced herself to calm down. She pulled off the road at the next light, waited for it to turn green and thought:

‘The 3rd stoplight is mine, the 3rd light, you got this Jamie, you got this.’

It turned green, she pulled out into the road again.

Random thoughts came back: how did he do that? How did he beat her so effortlessly? How did he seem to be one step ahead? When she bull rushed him at the start he used it against her. When she held back he somehow used that against her too. How? She couldn’t shake these new thoughts when she looked up again. She had passed the hotel 2 lights ago. Anger overflowed!

She pulled off into a small strip mall and screamed.

“GOD DAMN IT!!!” she screamed while still seated in the car.

“WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK WAS THAT!!!!” she screamed again. “WHAT THE FUCK JAMIE!! WHAT THE FUCK!!! You get your ass beat, then suck his feet for 2 hours?! Get it together! He didn’t break you!! He doesn’t own you!! You aren’t his bitch!! YOU ARENT HIS SLAVE!!” she screamed out loud as the words just poured out with no forethought behind them. Jamie felt it may have been the loudest thing she had ever said.

She calmed. That helped. She prayed no one was around to hear it, and when she looked around she saw no one. She screamed the F word. She never used the F word. Ever. Wait, that’s not all, what were those last few screams?

‘He doesn’t own you.’ she repeated wordlessly to herself? ‘You aren’t his slave?’ Did she actually scream those phrases? Where did that come from?

“Enough!!!” She said out loud, defiantly yelling at herself again. “Pay the fuck attention and go home!!” There was the F word again….

She managed to conjure up enough concentration to make it home with no more missed turns. She parked in her normal spot out front and walked into her condo. She locked the door behind her, threw her clothes on the floor, pulled the curtains closed to block all light from the security lights in the parking lot. She stripped off all her clothes, even her bikini, as soon as she walked in, hoping it may help her move past what just happened. She took her purse and walked naked into the bedroom and threw on her robe. She sat on the bed, still holding the purse, and thought silently to herself:

‘At least I made a pile of…..’

“FUCK!!” she said out loud

She forgot to get paid. Ray had given her nothing. It had not even crossed her mind to ask, despite being there 3 hours and 12 minutes. She sat on the bed, expecting to be fuming with anger, but she wasn’t. She had dropped another F bomb, thankfully not at the top of her lungs, but she found it odd she wasn’t very upset. The initially shock was startling, but it passed and now she felt ok.

“How am I ok missing out on $800? That’s double the money.” she said out loud to herself. “I got my ass kicked, sucked his toes, and licked his feet then didn’t get paid my $800.” she continued out loud, still sitting on her bed.

“All my talk of ‘my word’ and ‘my morals….'” she said sarcastically to herself “and I didn’t get a dime from him? What was I thinking? How could I have done that? How could I be so stupid? Of all the sessions I’ve done, I earned that money now more than any other time? Right? What is wrong with me today?!”

Wait. Was she blaming herself? Now she was really struggling with this: he could have offered. No. It was her job to collect, and she failed to do so. Right? Was that right?

And why was she not mad? This was very disturbing.

‘That’s a common theme tonight: disturbing.’ she thought silently.

“What sort of power does this guy have over me?” she continued out loud. “He crushes me on the mats after talking me into accepting that stupid foot worshiping deal, stiffs me on the bill, walks out saying “Call me when you’re ready”, whatever that means, and I blame myself for not getting paid?”

“Ok, get it together Jamie. There is another sad theme from the day: “get it together Jamie”. How many times have I wondered that? I can email him, and he can transfer me the money, no big deal. He seemed nice and respectful, he will pay me. God knows he enjoyed the session enough, he let me lick his feet for over 2 hours after it was over.” She went on, again, out loud to an empty room.

‘What?’ she wondered silently. ‘Did I just say out loud ‘He let me lick his feet?’

Time to take shower and go to sleep, she wondered. No more thinking, she needed to occupy her mind and take it off the session. She put her purse on the nightstand, hopped in the shower, dried off, changed into some shorts and a tank top, went to the kitchen for some red wine, and turned on the TV. She went to bed a half hour later, but sleep was elusive. The same thoughts rolled through her head all night. What was going on here? Why was this getting to her so much?

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