Session Wrestler to Slave Ch. 03 – Fetish


Ray beamed inside! Simultaneously, he was so incredibly proud of himself and so amazed by her actions! Shannon and his own schooling had taught him pity is a powerful tool on the weak who think they are strong. His coaching and taking mercy on her while holding her in a headscissor affected her greatly, her confidence was clearly shaken, and he could hear it in her voice more than once.

He was starting to think he was a constant presence in her head. He had held his hand out to make her tap in and begin the fall, which made her pause in an obviously nervous way, but she didn’t say anything in protest or to make light of it.

After that, he pushed a little bit more when he tried to make her tap his foot to resume the fall after his well timed pity he gave on her while she was trapped in his scissor. He then coached her through the two finger mercy signal. He didn’t relent when she defied him and tapped his chest. Right then, if she were clever and truly defiant and independent, she should have called for a break (a request they both knew he would honor) and politely left the session in defeat. Even doing that she would have her pride and self respect. After she tapped his foot to restart it was his first sign she may be a prime candidate for their new slave.

She also missed her chance to escape and turn the tables on him when he eased up just a bit too much to turn her over. She may not miss again, he vowed to be more careful: pinning her or making her tap without getting further into her head was far better than letting her escape. But, pinning her while climbing deeper into her head was the goal.

Also, was she really giving up already? Sure, she tried, and tried hard, to escape him, which was very difficult for her due to her total lack of reading his body language and knowing nothing about how to beat someone.

‘Maybe she has more fight left?’ he wondered when she said:

“Ok, does this work?” while she lifted her head for him to lock his legs around. Ray was overjoyed to hear those words and see the submission! He pressed his benefit and tried to secure some prime real estate in her head and said:

“Good girl. Very good girl.”

She held her head high off the ground and stayed motionless, not even closing her eyes or fighting him with her arms, while he started to slowly slide forward. They both knew he was about to put his cock and balls on her chin and wrap his legs securely around her neck and she didn’t move a muscle to fight it.

It was the first sign of true submission! This was different than the feet worship: they had agreed to that when she wondered she would win. She could argue that with herself in her now twisting head, maybe even tell herself that she had to do it in order to honor the deal, even against her will. This was eager submission, and it was enormous for Ray to see.

He wondered again she may be the perfect candidate.

It was only 6:28, he still had 32 minutes to get his job done.

‘Time to push some more!’ he wondered silently as he moved to put her gorgeous face right on his cock and balls.


Jamie braced herself mentally as he slid towards her and pulled her face in close for a very personal front head scissor. She could feel his dick and balls on her face, smell the sweat accumulating, and feel his vice like scissors clamp around her jaw and throat. The now routine feelings for this session came back in full force, if they had ever left. There was panic, anxiety, the nerves….

She struggled to free herself even though she knew it was hopeless: this was a textbook front headscissor. He was even applying pressure off and on with his adductor muscles, something only experienced wrestlers would know. Too much pressure from these inner thigh muscles would knock even the strongest person out within seconds. And he knew it, but she didn’t want to tap.

He leaned back, released her arms and rested with his hands clasped behind his head and stared at her, that same smile still there. She used her arms to struggle to get free even though she knew there was no hope.

“I bet I could knock you out if I really wanted to?” he said.

“NO! Please don’t!” she begged with more panic in her voice than she wanted.

He released her, stood, and backed one step away with his palms extended again

“I would never do that!” he said apologetically. She wondered it may be a bit too apologetically. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to go there. I’m sorry.” Somehow his words didn’t match the vibe she got from him now, but he said the right things as he took another step back, his palms still extended.

She collected herself and got to a kneeling position, sitting on her heels again. She was breathing heavy from her efforts.

“It’s ok, it’s my fault.” she reassured him. “I’m not used to losing, maybe I’m just not a good loser. I should have tapped and never said anything. It’s ok. No harm done.”

“Ok, since that happened, I won’t ask you to worship my feet, as much as I would really like it, but that just doesn’t seem fair.” he said.

She was stunned, shocked, and this pity was the worst. Thoughts and feelings raced through her mind, but one wondered came out.

“Do you not want me too? We had a deal, I honored it before, and I will now.” she said. She was amazed to hear those words leave her mouth.

‘What the hell was that, Jamie?’ she asked herself silently.

“Sure, I want that,” Ray said. “what warm blooded man wouldn’t, but you didn’t technically tap so I guess it’s not a true win for me.”

“But you had me, we both know it, and you could have knocked me out, against my will I might add, within 10 seconds of trying.” she said.

‘What the F am I saying’ she wondered silently! ‘Are those words leaving my mouth!’

“I don’t know, now I’m not so sure…” he replied. “Are you just saying that to be nice and since you think it’s what I want to hear? Is this what you really want?” He said both sentences with an upward inflection implying a question.

“Please, I want to. I really do. We had an agreement and I honor my word. Please, let me worship your feet.”

‘Wait, full stop!’ Jamie wondered. ‘I said please twice? I just used the term “worship”? What the fuck was happening?’ she continued to think to herself.

She was living this moment but somehow didn’t seem in control of her own voice. Here she was, still on her knees looking up at him as he stood over her, and she was saying “Please let me worship your feet.”

He took in the moment, put his hands on his hips after the second please, and she continued to get a strange vibe from him. The feel of the situation was somehow changing, and she didn’t know how, why, what it meant, or how to turn it around.

It was now 6:33, which not nearly late enough for Jamie. To make it worse, the anxiety and panic were a constant presence. She pondered leaving, but she was still not a quitter. She had not quit a session yet and wasn’t ready to begin now. Plus, she could not point to one action of his that crossed any red line. Jamie felt she had no justification to quit. Losing to Ray over and over wasn’t enough to end his session, she told herself.

‘What happened to the Jamie who shut down Sarah Reckner the All-American from BSU?’ she continued to think. ‘Now I’m getting crushed by this tiny man and saying “Please let me worship your feet”?

He took a few steps back to the chair and rolled it a bit towards her. Not close enough that she didn’t have to move, but not far enough away to make it worthwhile to stand and walk to him. So, once again, she crawled on her hands and knees while looking in his eyes to traverse the few feet that separated them. It was obvious he knew exactly what he was doing.

She sat on her heels again and reached for his left foot, grabbing his calf to bring the foot to her. ‘What am I doing?’ she wondered. ‘I’m grabbing his foot to suck his toes? Shouldn’t he lift his foot up for me?’ She shook those thoughts from her mind when his leg didn’t budge.

“The left foot got more love last time, how about righty?”

“Ok, will do.” she said, still not sure why she was still talking. It was not helping her cause.

She lifted his right foot, she mentally noted he didn’t help, to suck his big toe first just like last time, but he raised his toes when his foot got closer to his face to signal she was supposed to lick his soles.

‘The nerve of this guy!’ she wondered to herself, but her word was her bond, and she flattened her tongue and slowly licked his sole from heel to toe.

This was worse than before, much worse. Her tongue dried out after the lick, she tasted sweat, foot funk, and specks of dirt from the floor and makeshift mat. During her lick, when his toes were just in front of her nose, he pushed them forward and pinched her nose gently with his big toe and the next toe. When he did, she got a good whiff and they now had a growing feet like smell. He rubbed that smell on her nose with his toes and it stayed with her longer than she wanted.

She kept licking, panic and anxiety replaced for the moment by a sense of vulnerability, defeat, weakness. She felt a bit exposed, like she was wilting in the presence of his power.

‘What the hell is happening?!’ she asked herself silently for what seemed like the 10th time during the session.

“Do you need a glass of water? Your tongue feels pretty dry against my foot.” he asked calmly.

“Yeah, probably not a bad idea.” she replied through still heavy breaths, and she stood to walk to the bathroom for a cup of water. She opted to not look in the mirror, like so many other things that had happened in the past 30 minutes she didn’t know why.

She went back out to the room, her head down rather than looking at him and that ever more smug looking smile.


Ray was overwhelmed and it took everything he had to keep his cool and stay in control. He had to stay focused constantly, at any point he could erupt in a laughing fit at how well this was going. He was blown away. Absolutely blown away. That couldn’t have gone any better, once again, than it had.

Her first act of true submission was a enormous breakthrough for him and showed she might be a great candidate to be their next slave girl. A person can not be fully trained for that, Shannon had said, they can be broken and forced into such a relationship by superior people, but that loses a bit of its joy for the owner of the person. Part of the fun, part of the game, was to discover that person to fully submit, willingly, to he and Shannon. What just happened showed Jamie could be the one.

He decided to see how she would react if he pushed a bit towards the “own her body” step that Shannon had outlined to him. He did this when he mentioned knocking her out. She should have known he would never do that, if he did he would never have a session with another session wrestler ever again. He would be blackballed. Period. Jamie had the power to do that. In fact, Jamie had all the power in the room and she should have known that: one word from Jamie and the session ended. One email from Jamie and he is blackballed from any legitimate session. One word from Jamie and the cops are at his door before bedtime.

When she cried out “NO! Please don’t!” the way she did, with a real fear in her voice, it showed Ray he had taken another enormous step towards being in control of the session.

‘Excellent!’ he wondered. He was indeed in her head, now time to begin setting up a permanent residence! He moved towards pity when he apologized profusely and backed away with his palms out in the classic “It wasn’t me” pose.

She took the blame, apologized to him, and tried to rationalize what she had done. She actually apologized to him! He also could not believe that she had actually said “Maybe I’m just not a good loser.”

‘Really?’ Ray wondered, astonished, as he had stood in front of her, looking down at Jamie.

‘Maybe you aren’t a good loser since you aren’t supposed to be losing to me! You came her to win and every man you have ever fought came to lose, now you are getting manhandled!?’ Ray wondered silently. ‘Maybe you should be leaving and never seeing me again.’ His inner monologue continued.

‘Pity seems to work well on you. Let’s try more!’ he wondered excitedly as he pushed his mental benefit over her further. He decided to give her an out and see if she would take it.

“Ok, since that happened, I won’t ask you to worship my feet.” he had said, continuing to add sympathy towards her continued losing to him. She reacted just as Ray wondered and hoped.

“We had a deal.” she said. Ray poured on more pity, feigning that he cared about treating her fairly since she didn’t tap. ‘I’m playing her like an instrument.’ he wondered.

After more pity she almost begged to worship his feet, actually saying the word “Please” twice, including “Please, let me worship your feet.”

At this point Ray had pushed his mental benefit as far as he could and relented.

‘Wait!!’ he wondered deviously, ‘One more thing!’

He moved back to sit in the chair so she could have her wish and lick his feet, but he only rolled to within 5 feet of her so it would be most possible for her to crawl to him.

She crawled to him, sat on her heels, and reached out and grabbed his left foot.

‘She reached out for my foot!!’ he screamed in joy to himself.

Ray now felt even more in control than just 30 seconds ago and was getting very comfortable in her head. He pushed his benefit again, this time with a simple implied command, and told her to try his right foot.

She did so without question.

‘Am I dreaming?’ he wondered silently again. Did this gorgeous amazon just grab my right foot without question.

He pushed again and tried a bit more of a direct, but still not a 100% direct, command and suggested she get a glass of water since her tongue was a bit dry. He didn’t give a shit that her tongue was dry! Half of the reason he did this was to finally get a look at that thick and juicy butt of hers in that sexy fucking bikini. He really just wanted to see her walk away!

He had coped a feel or two while wrestling with her, being careful never to do it deliberately or give the impression he may be a perve. He needed her to be comfortable around him, at least as comfortable as she could be while he was kicking her ass. One grab of one of those big butt cheeks might make her defensive, he had to avoid that.

The other half of the reason he did this was a test: the water in the bathroom was right next to her purse, her clothes, the door to the room, and her freedom. She didn’t even look at the room’s door that she should have run out of like her hair was on fire.

When he finished speaking the command, she made some opinion and went to the bathroom without question.

Ray took this chance to finally gaze at her ass: it was awesome. Perfect. Big. Thick. Round. Yet it looked to be muscular and toned. Her bikini on her left cheek was wedged up in her ass crack just a bit, but she made no move to pull it out or fix it. Ray also admired her walk and the way her booty had that “sway” when she moved. It seemed to glide smoothly from left to right as she walked away, and that mesmerized Ray.

‘Could that ass really belong to me and Shan soon?’ he wondered, salivating over the possibility.

Ray also noticed that she had not even looked at the clock.

It was 6:34 when she tasted his foot before her water and it was 6:36 when she grabbed his right foot and started up again


Jamie sat back down on her heels after her drink of water. She paused but he did nothing, so she reached for his right foot with both hands a picked it up off the floor. He pointed his toes, indicating it was time to suck on them. She repeated what she had done earlier and when she finished sucking his big toe she began to go for the next toes when he said:

“Can you lick between my toes? Maybe between all of my toes? You don’t have too, but if you would that would be great.” he said as he continued to look down at her from his seated position in the room’s office chair.

“Whatever you like.” she said as calmly as she could, the slight shake still present in her voice. She moved to floss her tongue between his toes.

“Whatever I like huh? I like the sound of that! Well, I really like this, let’s keep doing this.” he said. “Maybe I can even make you tap a few more times.” he said as he let out a subtle moan of pleasure.

‘Whatever you like?’ she wondered to herself? ‘Did I just say “Whatever you like.” when he told me to lick between his sweaty toes?’

Who was talking here? Did she really just say that?

“I would like something else, if you really mean I get what I like: the loser of the next fall doesn’t get to tap, they must say “I submit”. This goes both ways, if you pin me, I will say it to you.” he said.

“Fine.” she said as she pulled her tongue out from between his toes so she could speak. “I’m not sure it gets much worse for me than this.” she said as she tried her best to muster a laugh and a pathetic attempt to keep playing it cool. She knew he saw right through it.

“Great, that sounds great.” He replied.

She moved to the next toe and continued flossing them. She didn’t know what else to call what she was doing, and tried to tackle the gap between the middle and 4th toe next to the pinky toe. The gap was too small for her tongue, so she moved a hand up to manually separate the toes.

“What are you doing?” he asked, “You can force your tongue in there, that’s what my wife likes most when I lick between her toes, my tongue pushing the toes apart to get in there. I want that, if you don’t mind.”

“Seriously?” she managed to say meekly. She didn’t recognize the sound of her own voice. Did she really sound so pathetic? She hoped Ray didn’t notice.

“Please.” he said calmly. There was a pause.

“I did say whatever you like, didn’t I.” she replied.

‘WHAT!’ she wondered to herself yet again. The wondered of ‘DAMN IT why do I keep talking!’ echoed in her mind.

“Very good.” he said as he subtly wiggled his toes, his foot firmly supported in her hands and mere inches from her face.

She went in there, forcing her tongue between the closely held toes. It took a bit of effort, and she had to slobber on the toes to lube them up to get her tongue all the way in there. This was the worst yet. She felt his toenail rubbing sharply against her tongue as she had to force her it to its destination between his toes. Her tongue was starting to get tired from pushing between the toes over and over again.

To her surprise, he pulled his right foot back and lifted his left foot, pointing his toes directly at her.

“Between the toes was just fantastic, can I get that on the other foot? I can’t have lefty feeling jealous.” he joked calmy, without laughing.

“My pleasure, after all, you earned it.” she said immediately. She had stopped wondering why her mouth was moving and forming words, she had been too confused by her own actions for too long on this very odd and surreal Tuesday night.

‘But did I really just say “My pleasure” at the idea of flossing his left foot’s toes’ she wondered, baffled at what was happening and how she got here. Her nerves showed in her voice again when she said it, Ray had to be hearing that.

“I did earn it, didn’t I.” he said.

She grasped his left foot to support it for him, and began again flossing his toes. The left was just as bad as the right, and the smell and taste of both feet had been overwhelming her senses for too long now.

DAMN! How long had it been? She had not looked at the clock since she begged, on her knees, to worship his feet at 6:33.

It was 6:41.


Ray continued to press his mental benefit over her, fortifying his position in her head, slowly taking over. He was already in control of the session, that much seemed obvious since she was currently sucking his toes.

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