Session Wrestler to Slave Ch. 02 – Fetish

It was 6:04

Then began the session that changed it all. It started when she knelt across from him (she never wrestled from a standing position, both wrestlers at all times started from their knees) and he tapped her outstretched hand to “tag in” and start. To set the tone, she rushed him immediately to try to catch him off guard, but he ducked to avoid her and hip checked her side. She managed to catch herself with her hands to not fall face first to the mat, and when she did he mounted her back with his arm now snaking around her neck. With him on her back she could not get off her hands and knees to grab his arm: he had her in a sleeperhold in about 9 seconds.

‘Damn it he was fast!!’ Jamie said to herself.

She had never experienced a person that quick. She fell to her side to get her weight off her hands and knees and tried to roll on him and smash him with her weight. As she tried that he wrapped his legs around her stomach and rolled her to her side. Now she was on her side, his skinny yet python like arms were secured under her chin and around her neck while his 5’5″ frame left his legs around the soft part of her belly: above her hip bones but below her rib cage. He began to scissor with his skinny yet also python like thighs. After about 15 seconds of trying to break either vice like hold she began to see stars and tapped his thigh for mercy.

He released her immediately. It took her a moment to catch her breath, when she did she looked over at his smiling, excited face.

“Wow!” he said. “That was amazing!”

“I bet…..” she said, stunned, completely speechless. He sat on the bed to give her a moment, then held his foot out so she could see the bottom of it and said:

“Want to worship my feet now? Or use your mulligan?”

She was speechless again. Worship his feet? She didn’t think so, not now, not happening.

“No. Sorry bud, that’s not happening now, not later.” she tried to say confidently. Despite trying to sound confident, she was shaken just a bit at the speed of her defeat.

“Ok,” he said without missing a beat “but that’s your only mulligan. I hope you used it wisely.” he continued with that same confident smile.

She collected herself, adjusted her top, and said “Ok, I want some payback.”

“Ok, let’s go!” he said as he knelt on the mat in front of her.


‘Perfect start!’ Ray thought to himself proudly. He and Shannon had a feeling she would consider him a pushover, despite what he had told her about how the two wrestled, and Shannon thought she would try to establish dominance early. He used that against her perfectly. He thought he may be able to read her and outwit her, they both knew she was bigger and stronger than he was, but that first fall was too easy. He had read her perfectly! She declined to worship his feet after he forced her to tap out, but he thought mentioning it to her would put doubt in her mind, maybe even some fear now that she used her one mulligan. He could see that it was working as he heard a bit of a shake in her voice after the fall. Was this going to work? Too early to get greedy, it was only 6:06 and he had a long way to go.


Jamie thought about how to start the second fall. Bull rushing him didn’t work, almost like he was ready for that and knew what she was going to do before she did. Now she was nervous. Almost anxious.

Wait, anxious? Jamie had never, ever felt anxious or nervous in a session, not even in her first one.

But here she was, deciding how to take this guy who had made her tap in about 45 seconds. She decided to play it slower and held out her hand. He tapped in and bull rushed her.

This was perfect, Jamie thought, he would come barreling into her and push her over while she rolled back and caught him in a body scissor. However, to her surprise, and dread, he stopped in his tracks and pushed her shoulders as she started to roll back. She tried to grab him with her legs like she initially planned but he quickly pushed her right leg over her left and climbed on top of her. He quickly straddled her thighs and slid up to sit on her hips and forced her butt to the ground. She reached up with her arms in a bit of a panic and he grabbed each of her wrists with his hands. Not good. Not good at all.

This was new to Jamie. Even when the short skinny guys went hard they usually weren’t strong or quick. This guy was both and, to make it worse, skilled and knowledgeable. Panic hit a bit more as she tried to pull her arms back out of his grip, not paying attention so him slowly inching forward across her bare belly. She stopped fighting with her arms and thrust her hips into the air and to the left, trying to throw him off, but by now he was seated on her belly and the thrusts did nothing.

‘Damn!’ Jamie thought! ‘Damn, damn, DAMN!!!’

“What now?” he said, in that same confident tone with that same confident smile. She tried to free her arms again, nothing. His grip didn’t have to be strong to control her wrists, he had all the leverage, but it was strong enough.

“What now?” she tried to say without showing fear or nerves. “What now is I roll out and get my payback!”

She pushed her right arm left and tried to roll her body the same way, trying to knock him over but he held firm, his ankles locked in under her butt. She tried rolling right with no luck. She tried throwing him off again, but again he held firm. She tried throwing him straight up and slide out from underneath him backwards, but the bedspread over the sleeping bag padding didn’t allow her to slide easily. She tried again and made some progress, but her boobs got in the way and she wasn’t able to slide under past his legs.

‘Damn again!’ she cursed to herself. She never thought she would ever curse her breasts being too big, but she may have made it if they hadn’t hit his legs. Or maybe he would have ended up seated on her neck, that would have been even worse. His perch atop her was solid, so she pondered her next move.

“You are starting to breathe heavy,” he said. “and you still haven’t answered the “what now” question.” he said jokingly.

“If you keep this up you aren’t gonna last the hour, and I plan to be sitting on you again before this is over. I would save some strength if I were you.”

She smiled back at him since she didn’t know what else to do. “Ok, just let me regroup.”

“Regroup? Ok. But technically I have had you pinned here for long past a 10 second count. If I were you, I would tap and let me have this fall.”

DAMN! He was right. She had been pinned for at least a minute, both shoulders were indeed on the mat and he was sitting almost on her chest. Now what…..

“Ok.” she said in defeat.

“Ok what? I believe it’s either a tap or I want to hear “I submit.”

“What?” she exclaimed! “No, I don’t plan to say “I submit.”, not happening.”

“I don’t think you are in a position to bargain, but ok, I will cut you some slack. But, next time I have you pinned and you can’t physically tap because I have your arms too, I’d like to ask that you say “I submit.””

“We will see, but for now I’ve tapped.”

“Ok. Do I get a victory pose over you? Or do you go straight to licking my feet?”

‘Damn!’ she cursed inside. ‘Damn, damn, DAMN!!!!’ She tried to keep her composure and play off the loss.

“Well played!” she said. “And that is your call, it’s your session after all.”

“Ok, then I want both! Can I put my foot on your chest for a victory pose? Then I’ll sit in the office chair while you get your two minutes!”

‘My two minutes!?!?’ she wondered silently. ‘What does he mean my two minutes.’ she wondered to herself. She didn’t say anything as she did agree to the terms. She was not looking forward to this…..

He stood over her, she didn’t move and stayed on her back while letting her legs down to the mat and laid fully prone on the floor. As she did, he smiled in an odd way, not overjoyed or excited or like a dream had come true, more like this was happening exactly the way he wanted it to. It unnerved her even more to see that look.

He put his foot squarely between her boobs, dug his toes a bit into her upper chest and put some of his weight on her as he steadied himself, put his hands on his hips, and looked down at her. He seemed to be taking in every inch of her body as his prize. His foot felt a bit clammy and cool to the touch, despite it being a comfortable room temperature, and it bothered her a little bit that she noticed that detail. Maybe she paid attention to it since worshiping these feet was in her very near future, but she thought if that were true.

“Two to zero! You have some catching up to do, and I still have my mulligan.” he said in that familiar jokingly confident manner.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, ok, I know. But I plan to get mine.” she said. “Wait a minute, don’t you want to worship my feet anyway?” she asked, partly to stall. He had requested that in their emails.

“Yeah!” he said excitedly, “But all in good time.”

“Ok, are you ready for this?” he said as he pushed off her chest with his foot, digging his toes in just a bit again, and stepped away and sat in the chair.

She wasn’t sure what to do. She wasn’t sure what to think, and she fought anxiety. Part of her wanted to bail right then, refund his deposit, tell him she wasn’t comfortable with the session, and leave right then. She could, after all, there were no guarantees here, especially if he was acting inappropriate. She could even make it up to him and offer him a free hour without the foot worshiping clause she had stupidly agreed to.

No. No, she wasn’t gonna do that. She had her word, and she had given it to him when she accepted the session. He hadn’t done anything wrong or inappropriate, and she wasn’t gonna break her word, or their agreement, to welch on a deal she had made. No, that was not how she was raised, breaking the verbal contract might be worse for her conscious that following through and actually worshipping his feet.

“Yep, let’s do this.” she said with as much enthusiasm as she could fake, like she had done this type of thing before. She hadn’t, and who was she kidding, she had never licked a man’s foot, or a woman’s foot, or ever wondered it appealing at all. No past boyfriend had asked for this, not even Trevor with his fetish for her feet.

As he was only 4 or 5 feet away after rolling the chair to her and she was still on her back from the victory pose. He could have rolled closer, but he didn’t, so she crawled over to him on her hands and knees. This didn’t help, not one bit. She got to the foot of the chair, sat on her heels (she was not sitting cross legged in a bikini!), and looked up at him. Nervousness grew. His face showed him to be both overjoyed and somehow expectant of what was gonna happen. He put his left foot out but kept it a few inches from her face by not straightening his leg, his toes pointing right at her nose. She leaned forward but as she did, he pulled his foot back.

“You have never worshiped feet before, have you?” he asked, knowing the answer already.

“No, I sure haven’t.” she replied, still not quite sure how to process what was happening but noticing a catch in her voice. She hoped he didn’t hear that.

“I thought so, but that way you spoke just a second ago I started to wonder.” he said. “Typically, the person licking the foot and sucking the toes holds the foot so the receiver doesn’t have to hold his own foot up. You don’t have to, but it gives you more control to prevent my toes from pinching your lips or hurting you or anything like that.”

“I see.” she said, still in a bit of shock that this was actually about to happen….

“It will also help you do a better job. Ya know, you get more control. ” he quipped with that same smile, interrupting her shocked thoughts.

She reached up and grasped his foot by the arch, her fingers wrapping around the top of his foot. He immediately relaxed his leg, letting his foot drop and she instinctively used her other hand to grab his heel. She looked up and he was smiling that same damn smile. She hesitated for a few seconds, still holding his foot with both hands.

“The clock is by the bed, we can approximate the two minutes if you like, since this is the first time” he said. It was 6:09 and they spent the first few minutes small talking after the 6 pm begin. She had been pinned twice and was about to lick his feet after five minutes into the session.

Shock, total shock. So many thoughts. Run. Leave quietly but quickly, even in her bikini. She could grab her purse from the bathroom, leave her clothes, and be gone in 10 seconds.


No! She had her morals, and a deal was a deal. Right? She had to do it? Was the deal unreasonably? How did this happen?! What was she thinking?! Ok, she had to. She was gonna. She did.


Ray sat in the chair, mentally pinching himself to wake up from this dream. It could not have gone better, he had read her perfectly again on the second fall. Shannon had wondered she may be nervous and it turned out she was. She expected Jamie to be ready for a bull rush from him as he would try to push his benefit. When he faked the rush, she reacted just like they wondered she might and tried to catch him in her legs and not let him catch her in his arms. He stopped short as planned and gave her a gently shove over on her back.

Then he pounced. He pushed her incredibly dangerous legs apart and landed on her, forcing her flat on her back. She tried to buck him off, a predictable and doomed maneuver, and he used her motion to move up, lock his heels under her, and perch on her sexy bare belly. She paid for that doomed attempt to throw him off in another way: he now held her powerful arms by the wrists. Even though she was much stronger than he was, that part was obvious, he had so much leverage with her wrists in his grasp that she was now helpless. She just didn’t know it yet.

‘Now for the fun part’ he wondered. The process would now start!

“What now?” he said, it was his first attempt to get in her head.

“What now? What now is I roll out and get my payback!!” she said, more shaking in her voice. He felt a real nervousness in her for the first time

He shifted his weight on her, constantly trying to goad her into burning energy to escape, even though escape was impossible. She took the bait every time and bucked and squirmed with all her might. She finally tried to slide out from underneath him, which was also doomed but was the correct maneuver to try. However, her big tits got in the way and wouldn’t slide under his thighs, this stopped her progress. He now locked in tighter, no more playing, he didn’t want to risk losing his hold on her. He wanted the pin or the tap that he was due.

She paused and quit squirming. He felt that she now knew she was pinned and helpless. He tried to climb further into her head with some well placed questions and some back and forth, then reminded her she had technically been pinned for way over a ten count: both her shoulders had been on the ground.

‘A perfectly predictable sequence.’ he wondered. He didn’t expect it to go so well so early, especially against a woman of her size and experience. However, it was obvious she didn’t know how to wrestle. Ok, maybe she knew some moves or watched some videos, but she didn’t seem to know anything about reading your opponent or the gigantic mental component of true wrestling. She only knew how to dominate those who knew nothing and wanted to be dominated. She had paid for that lack of knowledge, and she was gonna pay even more.

He asked for a victory pose with his foot on her chest to gauge how defiant she would be. She agreed willingly, almost too willingly, like this was a ordinary request and she was trying to play it cool. This wasn’t ordinary and Ray knew it: the vast majority of men who would pay $400 per hour to wrestle a woman like her want to lose, not win. They can pin their helpless wives and girlfriends in friendly wrestling matches at home if they beg and do enough housework. Men came to Jamie to lose. She should have known that too. This was more ignorance he would make her pay for.

He put his foot right between her big, perfect tits, pushing down on her sternum harder than he needed to while digging his toes in her chest much more than he had to. Her top held her boobs close enough together that they now touch both sides of his foot.

‘What an amazing rack! This girl has it all! Can these big tits really be mine soon?’ he wondered.

‘Don’t get cocky!’ he told himself. It’s only 6:09, he still had a long way to go.

He got off her and sat in the chair to await his foot worship from this gorgeous woman. He rolled close enough to the mat so that it didn’t make sense for her to stand and walk to him, but far enough away that she still had to move to get to him. He hoped she would crawl to him but didn’t expect it to happen. He was thrilled when it did.

She also said,”Let’s do this!” with an incredibly fake confidence when she should now be heading for the door, running out on the session. This was a very good sign, he and Shannon may be able to take control of her like they so very much wanted to.

‘Time for more mind games.’ he wondered silently as she sat on her heels and looked up at him nervously. He “coached” her through the foot worship knowing she probably didn’t want to but probably would do it anyway. He was a client and she had agreed to it. He and Shannon were betting she would honor the verbal agreement instead of running out the door like she should have done. “Coaching” her would establish that she can take simple commands, a key first step in the process. He also made her hold his foot with both hands, further trying to establish his presence in her head.

He also knew not push too hard physically or mentally. He had to make her bend, then bend more, then bend even more before he could break her. If he pushed too hard or too fast she may run. Shannon warned him about this. He needed to make her bend time and time again while making sure she was still comfortable and, more importantly, make her think she had control of the situation. He felt ready for the challenge.

‘First get in her head, then own her head.’ he reminded himself.

‘No. Wait. Easy Ray, take it easy, and slow down.’ he told himself firmly. ‘Don’t get ahead of yourself. Remember what Shannon taught you: first you have to own her body, then get in her head, then own her mind, then you break her spirit. Then, if she is eager, she lets you own her soul.’

He was now more excited than he had been in quite some time as she was about to taste his toes. She was about to take the first steps down that path, that path he and Shannon would guide her down.


Jamie fought back nerves and brought his foot up to her mouth with both hands and tasted his big toe for the first time. It was an incredibly odd feeling, his toe was cold, a little hairy on top, and had a distinct lack of taste. The taste wasn’t disgusting, insanely degrading maybe, but not disgusting. His toe wasn’t sweaty, stinky, dirty or any other negative sensation she would have wondered. So, she sucked on his big toe for a few seconds and happened to look up at him.

That smile was still there, that same smile. She couldn’t explain it, but it was almost like he knew this would happen and he knew she would agree to the deal and end up here, at his feet, with his big toe in her mouth. Arrogance? Was it arrogance? She still wasn’t sure…

He didn’t speak, but wiggled his big toe to catch her by surprise. She pulled it out of her mouth and then moved to the other toes, taking them two at a time since they were smaller. She sucked on each pair for as long as she wondered would be acceptable, then pulled them away. When she finished the toes, he lifted them to hint that she should give his soles some attention next. She paused, unsure what to do for the moment.

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