Session Wrestler to Slave Ch. 01 – Fetish

There Jamie sat…. on the floor at the foot of the couch… in her sexiest red harem slave girl outfit…. wearing his favorite collar…. sucking on her freshly pedicured toes while supporting his foot on her left shoulder. One end of her chain leash was in is hand while the other was locked to her collar with a small padlock, that padlock also locked the collar securely around her neck. There were three keys, one hanging securely on a necklace between her perfect C cup breasts, one in Jamie purse yet unavailable to her, and the other key’s location was unknown to Jamie, maybe on his keychain. It could also be on her anklet (its usual home) with the others, but she didn’t have the anklet on tonight.

The TV was going and her favorite show was on, but she could catch up later when they were done with her. Jamie wondered back to how she got here, serving them, and how she had a good thing going in her life until one session changed it all. She had no idea one session, just one session, could have such an impact on her life. She could reflect back on that one session as the driving force for all the changes in her life in the past few months and looking back, she wasn’t sure if she had no regrets or if she regretted everything. Maybe a little of both? She wasn’t sure how that was efficient, but maybe it was true? She honestly didn’t know, but she did know that she was happy. She also knew nothing was the same for her personally or professionally after that one day this past summer. It’s a bit of a long story, but like any good story the details are so essential….

Looking back Jamie couldn’t know that this type of change was coming, but like most changes in the world it had its roots with the COVID 19 pandemic. When the pandemic started in March of 2020 Jamie was a recent school grad with a bachelor’s degree in company and a master’s in accounting. When these accomplishments were paired with a 4-year career as a collegiate basketball player (including three years as a starter and one all conference second team) and another year as a team manager and volunteer assistant coach, she felt very good about her time spent away from home at the university.

She had been hesitant to leave her home state and go to the flagship university of a state five hours away, but since she was from the very town that her own state’s flagship university called home, she felt it was her best opportunity to earn some independence, grow as a young woman, make some new friends, and enjoy some new experiences. Also, she felt that if she went to her home state’s university in her hometown, she may fall back in with her core group of friends and family. She loved her friends and family dearly, and she is still close to them to this day, but leaving felt like the natural thing to do and she was proud of herself for doing so.

Upon graduating with her bachelor’s degree, she wasn’t quite ready to leave. She still had close friends on the team, and she had begun dating Trevor in the last semester of her undergrad. She also didn’t know what to do with just a bachelor’s degree in company, and felt she needed something else to separate her from the tens of thousands of others who graduated every year with a bachelor’s in company. So, she pursued her master’s in accounting and opted to be team manager and volunteer as assistant coach to stay a part of the team.

She wasn’t sure she particularly enjoyed accounting, and to her it felt a little boring and lacked any real flare. However, she was a natural with numbers and spreadsheets, it seemed like fine work, and she knew it paid very well upon graduation with a master’s degree. She did just that in the spring of 2019 and also obtained a certified public accountant (CPA) license.

When she graduated, she was headhunted by several companies after a university sponsored job fair. However, although they had only been together a few months, she and Trevor made the decision to go somewhere new where they could both pursue jobs in their fields. Trevor had graduated in 2018 with his bachelor’s in information technology and was completing a year at a tech college for computer science in 2019. He wanted to pursue a career where he owned his own computer repair and resale company, and he wanted a small city with enough of a population center to make this work. That was fine with Jamie, she needed a small urban area where finding work as an accountant should be easy. So, they chose a nearby city of ~750,000 people that was 6 1/2 hours from Jamie’s home and two hours from a major city of several million people.

This seemed great: she was close enough to make it back for a weekend to see friends and family and this was another new place. This same logic resulted in a great school career with so many memories! Jamie was all in! She was excited! What better way could she begin her young life than with her man, Trevor, in a new city, and a new world of possibilities!

It did not work out that way. Trevor learned early on he didn’t have what it took to begin his own company this early in his life. He started strong with a startup loan from his parents, but he lacked the experience, company acumen, and suitable employees that he could afford (money was short early on after the move). To make matters worse, his increased stress didn’t help business moral. His company was struggling prior to COVID 19, and they learned later COVID would not help.

Jamie, on the other hand, was doing great. She got on at a small yet regionally well-respected accounting firm and was one of their top performers in the first year. She knew she had to put in the time before moving up, but they were already talking about her taking on larger clients if the opportunity arose. Her and Trevor had lived together before through her graduate studies, but those were good times, and she was re-thinking the relationship coming out of the winter and so much time spent indoors from the cold.

COVID 19 and the two-month state and federal shutdown (exasperated by wintertime) made them both realize they did not work together as a couple. They were both forced to work from home and being together 24/7 made them both miserable. Even things she enjoyed with Trevor, things she had never dreamed that a couple may do for fun, lost their luster.

For example, Trevor had a foot fetish and loved to rub her feet after they came out of her shoes or boots after a long day. This was great, but it wasn’t all: he also loved to lick her size 12 feet (both when they were clean and after a long day in shoes), suck her toes, paint her toenails, and have her feet all over his face and chest. He also loved smelling her sweaty feet after a workout. He called these things “foot worship”, but all she cared about was that he liked it and she eventually began to love it.

Trevor also liked to wrestle, sometimes semi-competitively where either of them would win and sometimes what he called “fantasy”, where she would defeat him easily by wrapping her long, toned legs around him and squeezing him until he tapped out. It was obvious he could beat her whenever he wanted, he was also a former athlete, but he showed her websites devoted to this and they got ideas from there. Jamie learned that the internet called it “mixed wrestling”.

Jamie was amazed at the dozens of sites with bikini clad women squeezing (or scissoring, as they called it) a man’s head between their thighs with their noses almost in the girl’s crotch or ass. At first, she indulged Trevor with the foot worship and mixed wrestling because she knew he really wanted to do it. To be honest, she wondered it was a bit weird early on (“Wait, did you just ask to lick my feet!?!” she had remembered saying aloud when her first brought it up) but the more of she experienced the more she loved doing each one. On a soon to be related side note, she got better and better at the wrestling and often tried very hard to beat him.

But, after a few months trapped at home, neither foot worship nor mixed wrestling nor sex was any fun. Trevor soon moved back home to take a job repairing computers in his hometown with a friend’s father. This left Jamie all alone in this “new” town, but she was determined to make it work. She liked her new town, her coworkers, and her small (but growing) new circle of friends.

She was also a woman now: not a girl, not a student, but a woman. A modern woman. It was 2020 now, not 1956, and she didn’t need to move home to rely on family or friends. She didn’t need a man in her life to make it (although she was now on the lookout for one). Her time on her own in school had made her more independent and determined than she had ever realized. Juggling basketball’s commitments and travel with the demands of a degree took self-confidence and drive. Now she had that same sort of drive once again and was determined not to fail. She was determined to make it here!

In the first few months after Trevor left money got tight. Very tight. Trevor didn’t make much after covering the expenses from his failed company, but it was enough to allow them to live comfortably with her pay gonna the rent and all the bills. She found she had less and less as the months went by and that meant less expensive nights out with this new circle of friends.

Then, one Saturday night alone in her condo when money was tight before payday, she was mindlessly searching mixed wrestling sites after a few too many glasses of red wine and thinking about her wrestling adventures with Trevor. She wasn’t sure how she got there, but she came across a clip of a “session wrestler”. She had no idea what the term meant, and Trevor had never mentioned it.

A few more searches and some digging (and another glass of red wine), she learned some women made a living by meeting men for mixed wrestling “sessions” where the woman would wrestle, and usually crush, complete strangers for money. She also read how much they can make: a staggering $400/hour!! Sometimes more!!

She was blown away. She had no idea such a thing existed. She would have guessed only prostitutes made such money! $400/hour to beat up a random man? What a concept!?

Another month went by, her money situation got even tighter, and she couldn’t shake the idea of trying it. She enjoyed her job and her co-workers, but accounting just wasn’t exciting. It just wasn’t sexy, or stimulating. It was…. Ok.

She could balance a spreadsheet or reconcile a client’s entire financial portfolio and never get that sense of accomplishment of a job completed. There was no feeling of a victory achieved. There was all the time another spreadsheet and another client’s books to reconcile.

With a somewhat boring job and a few months of being single, nothing had gotten her adrenaline flowing since the last good times with Trevor. There were no real wins, no worthwhile men to speak of so far, just an infinite stream of work emails, client consultations, meetings, and numbers to crunch. Also, summer was approaching, COVID 19 was dissipating in the area, and she had started an email correspondence with a session wrestling site’s administrator to gauge the details of her taking up session wrestling. This included how to vet the men she may wrestle, her own personal safety, other female wrestlers experiences, etc.

She made up her mind in May: she was gonna do it! She felt good about it. She was taller and stronger than most women, standing 6′ 1″ with an athletic 175-185 lb. frame. She had strong, toned legs and a big (yet well-toned) booty from so many years of basketball and weight training. However, she was careful never to become too muscular and was very conscious about keeping her feminine, hourglass frame. What resulted was a body that her co-workers and new friends drooled over when she wasn’t looking: a 34 C chest kept perky with light weight training, a relatively thin waist from cardio on the elliptical, her thick booty, and strong legs supported by her size 12, often pedicured, feet. She felt she could do what the girls in the videos did and she had a ton of practice from her time wrestling Trevor.

On top of that, she was only 25 and she was single and unattached in a relatively new city. She decided it was time to live a little and have some fun.

Jamie’s first session was on a Monday evening after work. He had requested she wear a red string bikini with moderate coverage of her butt. She had double knotted the ties at the hip, in the middle of her back, and at the back of her neck just to be sure nothing fell out. He was a seemingly normal guy, maybe 5’11”, 170 or 180 lbs., in his mid-40’s, and no issues arose when she vetted him. He had picked the hotel and had gotten a suite for them to use. He had agreed to her terms of $400/hour and requested she not hold back. To quote his email: “make it hurt, but please don’t hurt me.”

Long story short, she destroyed him! The whole hour was semi competitive with him going about 1/2 speed and her going 80%. For hold after hold and fall after fall (she had learned that when two people wrestled and one pinned the other that it was called a “fall”) she took a few months of sexual and financial frustration out on this guy.

By the end of the hour, she had worked up quite a sweat and she began to get self-conscious during some of the scissor holds and foot on face victory poses he requested. When they were done, he offered another $200 to worship her sweaty feet for 30 more minutes!! She gladly accepted, and he licked her stinky feet clean and sucked her sweaty toes with a passion she hadn’t seen since Trevor had done it before their relationship soured.

She spent an hour and a half in heaven. She honestly didn’t think it could get any better: she had gotten to beat this random guy’s ass, choke the life out of him, make him tap for her mercy, and get paid for it! But it got even better: before he left, he tipped her another $200 because in his words “you are beyond incredible!”

This made it $800 in cash for under 2 hours!! Jamie was beside herself with pride and excitement! To top it off, he said it was the best session he ever had! It seems she wasn’t the only one in heaven for the last hour and a half!

It turns out this was only the beginning: she went on to kick SO MUCH ASS that summer! Her confidence soared with every session and every man begging for mercy under her feet, between her thighs, or in her chokehold! It gave her more confidence at work and more confidence in her new circle of friends. Overall, she felt great! She was also working out more to provide a better session for her clients and to continue to fit in the skimpy outfits and bikinis that the men kept requesting.

She dominated everyone she faced: partly because they wanted to be dominated by a woman and partly because she was good at it and got better with time. The more she sessioned and worked out, the better shape she got herself in and the more she was able to crush her clients. The men she demolished truly came in all shapes, sizes, types, and ages. They were tall, short, fat, skinny, handsome, not handsome, old, young, confident, meek, charming, and quiet. She even had some that were true assholes, and she got an extra pleasure from making them tap. She even wrestled the occasional woman, girlfriend, or wife; Jamie enjoyed making them tap too.

She learned early on that she enjoyed destroying the small men the most, and she had many clients who were between 5’4″ and 5’8″ and skinny. Almost all the time skinny. Why short skinny guys wanted to be beaten up by a woman who was substantially taller and heavier than they were was beyond her, but she enjoyed it. Jamie made sure they all the time left happy with sore necks and ribs. One of the reasons she enjoyed it so much was that she let them go fairly hard knowing she could pin them when she needed to. This was unlike the taller and well-built men that could beat and pin her if they chose to. Planting her size 12 foot on the face of a 5′ 5″ man or sitting her substantial booty on his chest to pin him to the floor were two of her favorite ways to show her dominance over them.

She also began to take pride in it, especially in the competitive aspect of it. She missed the competition a little bit now that she was out of school, had a job, and had settled into a bit of a routine. She didn’t miss playing basketball and the long hours of practice and training, but she did miss the competition: her against her opponent, constantly telling herself the girl across from her would not beat her today.

She took a lot more competitive drive into her sessions that she ever dreamed she would. She was driven to win. She knew deep down she could not legitimately beat a man larger than she was, probably not even a man the same size. Those men were usually so much stronger than her. However, she loved pinning the tiny men after they tried so hard or the average men when they thought they tried enough not to get pinned or tap out. She loved legitimately making a man tap out, begging for her mercy. This wasn’t a game for her, although it was SO much fun, she took it seriously and was determined to both win and make sure her client got the experience he wanted. She got really good at both as the months went by and her session count rose higher. In addition, she had not worried about her money in quite some time.

Then came early fall, and the session with Raymond…..

The session with Raymond, who went by Ray, seemed like so many others. A Tuesday evening, 6 pm, in her favorite hotel suite she had used so many times before. Like most sessions, she had him meet her at the side door so she would not have to go through the main door: she did not want to be seen as a hooker serving guests of the hotel. She had sessions here sometimes twice a week, she didn’t want to be seen showing up for an hour at a time on random weeknights. She did her best to keep a low profile.

He was the typical short skinny guy, smaller than most at 5′ 5″ and weighing in at maybe 135lbs, far smaller than her 6′ 1″ and 183 lbs. at the time. He was attractive enough, and he carried his 135 lbs. well on his short frame as to not look to thin. He was in very good shape. Excellent shape, she noticed. He also looked to be in his late 20’s or early 30’s, maybe just older than her 25 years. He led her to the typical suite she knew well after the introductions at the side door, and they had some small talk along the way.


Ray anxiously awaited her arrival at the hotel. He didn’t know what she looked like: she didn’t show a clear picture of her face in any of the pictures on her session wrestling profile. This was a bit disappointing, but she did have several full body bikini pictures and he could see that she had a tremendously beautiful body. Amazing. The kind of body every warm-blooded male human being on planet Earth would salivate over and move heaven and earth to possess. She didn’t have any pictures of her ass, but he was sure that would look amazing too. Ray was sure she hid her face to protect her privacy, and he could see why she would do such a thing.

She walked up to the side door and he instantly knew it was her: she was a statuesque brunette standing every bit of her listed 6’1″ and looking like she weighed every bit of the 175 lbs listed on the website. She was the perfect blend of a thick athletic create, what would be known at “stocky” if she were a man, but without being bulky from carrying too much muscle. She also looked like she would be soft and feminine to the touch all over: not too ripped with shredded muscle like an amateur body builder. Not that Ray judged that look, he could appreciate that look in a woman, but he preferred exactly this look and body type. She also had what looked to be C cup tits, maybe a D. After looking her up and down, he began to think she might make an excellent slave and play toy.

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