Sensual Tales: Zatanna’s Love and Lust – Celebrities & Fan Fiction Seductively Ignite Desires

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It was starting to occur to Dick that he had an incredibly unique and captivating girlfriend. Dating an alien princess with the ability to unleash energy blasts from her mesmerizing eyes and hands definitely didn’t lead to a conventional, or even a typical relationship. As their intimacy grew, so did the alluring and depraved nature of their connection. But Dick didn’t blame Kory for that, nor did he have any problem with it. He had his own distribute of flaws, justifying his infidelity as a means to “improve” his relationship, which surprisingly worked. Now, they found themselves in a self-proclaimed “open-relationship” that allowed them to explore desires with others, as long as their love remained committed to each other.

Dick vividly remembered the exhilarating threesome he had shared with Kory and Raven. Raven had become their “sex-friend,” or as Kory playfully named it, a “fuck buddy.” This level of sexual openness was something Dick could accept, as long as it didn’t cross certain boundaries. However, when Kory, his adoring and insatiable Tamaranean lover, suggested celebrating the purchase of their new home with a stripper, Dick couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable.

“Why do we need to pay someone to strip and dance for us when you can do that for me for free?” Dick questioned, attempting to contain his reaction to Kory’s proposal.

Kory adjusted her top, playfully accentuating her ample, captivating breasts, and smiled mischievously at him through the bathroom mirror. They were currently residing in a small apartment until their deal with the real estate agent was finalized.

“But Dick, this is a special celebration! We’ve just acquired a home for ourselves!” Kory exclaimed casually.

“So, we’re celebrating by inviting a stranger to strip in our cramped apartment?” Dick interjected.

Chuckling, Kory turned around to admire herself in the mirror, particularly her enticing curves encased in tight blue jeans. “Oh no, silly! I know this woman personally; we’ve had some interesting conversations recently. And she won’t strip for us here,” Kory clarified. “She has a place in Las Vegas where she works—”

“You planned this?” Dick interrupted, incredulous. “I thought you were scouting for potential Teen Titans recruits?”

Kory set down her brush, rolling her stunning emerald eyes with a sigh. “I did, but in my spare time, I made some connections—including this stripper who offered me a discount because we’re friends. Isn’t that wonderful?” she beamed.

“It’s something,” Dick replied, feeling overwhelmed by his thoughts. He knew he wouldn’t say no to Kory, but he couldn’t help but wonder how far their relationship would go if he continued to indulge her desires. While the prospect of having a friend of Kory’s strip for them excited him, he worried about potentially crossing boundaries fueled by Kory’s lascivious nature.

“Dick?” Kory’s voice filled with concern as she swiftly sat beside him on the bed, sensing his unease. “Do you not wish to have a dancer strip for us in celebration? I’m sorry if I came off too enthusiastic. I never said you had to be intimate with her…”

Dick shrugged, turning to face Kory. “Kory, it’s fine. All of this is new for me. But next time, could you give me a heads up before making plans like this?”

“Next time?” Kory’s face lit up with joy. “Oh, how delightful! So, you’ll join my friend and me in celebrating our new home?”

“Yeah, sure,” Dick responded, slipping on his blue and black jacket. “But don’t be surprised if she can’t mesmerize me more than you already do, Kory.”

“Oh, Dick,” Kory cooed, pulling him closer for a passionate, electrifying kiss. “Just wait until you see her. I might get a little jealous…”

Dick smirked. “I highly doubt that. Anyways, Las Vegas is about eight hours away on my Nightcycle. Since we left the T-Jet in Titans Tower, it might take a while before we actually get there. I hope you didn’t have a strict schedule in mind for this.”

“Don’t worry, Dick. I can carry us there!” Kory interrupted, demonstrating her flight abilities by hovering a few feet above the ground, a mischievous grin on her face.

Thirty minutes later, they arrived in Las Vegas, with Kory ensuring Dick’s modesty by landing in a secluded area rather than carrying him publicly. As they made their way through the bustling crowd, Dick noticed the direction Kory was heading. They were headed towards the grand theater, with an infinite queue snaking out of the entrance. It was there that Dick’s eyes caught sight of a familiar face displayed on a nearby poster.

Behold the Lady of Wonder, the Mistress of Magic – Zatanna! Now showing in the Las Vegas Magic Theater at 7:00 PM tonight!

And there she was in the center of the poster, Zatanna herself, striking a riveting pose. With one hand gracefully holding her wand and the other playfully covering parts of her gorgeous face, she exuded a mischievous charm. Dick couldn’t help but be captivated by that infectious smile.

Sure, he still held a lingering admiration for Zatanna, even after all these years, but he wasn’t entirely overwhelmed by her stunning beauty like before. Despite the distance between them after their breakup, Dick discreetly kept tabs on her and even caught some of her shows on TV when he had privacy.

Did he still love Zatanna? Dick pondered, realizing that reconnecting with his ex was not the ideal way to understand. Intimacy with her would hold far more significance than with Ivy or Raven, given the depths of their past relationship.

“Kory!” Dick snapped, his tone more forceful than intended. “Why are we heading towards Zee’s magic show? What about the other plan?”

Finally free from her clamoring fans, Kory refocused her attention on Dick. “Oh, Raven needed my help in finding fellow heroes with magical abilities to assist with a ‘dark magic’ problem she’s facing. I thought Zatanna would be an excellent choice, especially since you used to date her.”

“I did,” Dick confessed. There was no point in keeping it a secret.