Sensual Surrender

As I lie on my bed, I can feel my body humming with anticipation. I know he is coming, and I can’t wait for the rush of pleasure that he brings every time we are together. I hear his footsteps as he makes his way to my bedroom, and my heart races with excitement.

He enters the room, his eyes dark with desire. He kneels beside me, his hand grazing my cheek before tracing a line down my neck. I close my eyes, savoring the feeling of his touch. His fingers toy with the edge of my shirt before he pulls it over my head and tosses it apart.

His lips discover mine, and we kiss with a slow and deliberate passion. I feel his hands move to my waist, his touch sending shivers through my body. He pulls me closer, his need for me evident. I feel his arousal pressing against me, and I know that I am ready for him.

He helps me out of my pants, revealing my naked body to his gaze. I feel exposed, vulnerable, and yet utterly liberated. He runs his hands over my skin, exploring every inch of me. His touch sends flames of arousal coursing through my body.

He whispers my name, and I can sense the urgency in his voice. I know that he wants me as much as I want him.

He moves over me, positioning himself between my legs. His touch is soft and sensual as he enters me, and I gasp at the sensation. The pleasure courses through my body, and I clutch at his shoulders as he thrusts into me, taking me to new heights of ecstasy.

He whispers in my ear, telling me how much he wants me and needs me. I moan in response, lost in the overwhelming sensations he is imparting on me.

He increases his pace, drawing me closer and closer to orgasm. I can feel his own release building as well, and the wondered of both of us surrendering to our desire sends me over the edge. I come with a shuddering intensity, and he releases himself inside me, collapsing onto the bed beside me.

We lie there, panting and completely spent. Sensual surrender has never felt so good.

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