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Season 2 Episode 21

After Castle’s steamy encounter with Ellie Monroe, Kate couldn’t help but feel a twinge of jealousy. She needed an outlet for her frustration, so she headed to the precinct’s workout room to pound away at the punching bag.

Unexpectedly, Detective Demming strolled into the room. With an enticing grin, he approached her, offering his assistance. Kate eyed him skeptically, saying, “You offering?”

Without hesitation, Demming confidently replied, “Yeah, sure.”

With a sly smile, Kate responded, “All right then!” She unleashed her pent-up frustration on the punching bag, relishing in the powerful blows that made him grunt in response. But her temporary relief was cut short when her cell phone interrupted the moment. She glanced up at Demming, thanking him with a newfound warmth.

“Anytime,” he said, his voice tinged with a hint of desire.

Answering her ringing phone, Kate replied, “Beckett.” It was a murder case, so she reached out to Castle and he eagerly joined her at the crime scene. The victim was Paul Finch, and he had been murdered in an underground car garage.

Detective Demming made his entrance into the squad room, catching the attention of Javi, who recognized him. As a recent transfer, Demming took a particular interest in Kate, which immediately raised Castle’s hackles.

Demming wasted no time diving into the investigation, revealing that Finch was an expert at cracking bank vaults and safety deposit boxes. He enlisted the help of an associate and asked Kate if she wanted to join in on the interrogation. Her eagerness only fueled Castle’s mounting frustration. It was clear to him that she was captivated by Demming’s charms, and it didn’t sit well with him.

Another round of interrogations took place, fueling Castle’s growing resentment. As Demming excused himself to attend to another matter, Kate’s gaze lingered on him, a contented smile tugging at her lips. She then glanced back at Castle, his confusion evident in his eyes. “What?” she asked innocently.

Castle shook his head, deciding to play it cool. “Nothing.”

Later on, Kate found herself back with the lifeless body alongside her trusted friend, Lanie. As they examined the evidence, Lanie couldn’t help but tease Kate about her connection to Demming. “So, what’s with the handsome robbery detective?” she inquired with a knowing smile.

Kate couldn’t hide her own smile, though she attempted to downplay the situation. “Demming? Oh, we’re just working the case together. That’s all.”

Lanie rolled her eyes, clearly not convinced. “Mmm-hmm! But then again, you’ve been working with Castle for a year, and not a damn thing has happened. We had a pool going. I lost a lot of money betting on you two.”

Little did Lanie know, there was much more happening between Kate, Castle, and Demming than the innocent threesome she had imagined.

Demming returned to the scene with footage from the bank, inviting Kate to review it together the next morning. Of course, this development irked Castle even further.

As Kate left the precinct, Demming sought Castle out for a private conversation. “Castle, can I ask you something? You and Beckett, is there something going on?”

Castle stared back at him, masking his true feelings. “Me and Beckett? No.”

Demming noticed the tension and attempted to smooth things over. “Look, man, if I’m crossing a line-”

Castle interrupted, cutting him off. “No flag on the play.”

Demming grinned, relieved. “Great. Okay, great.” He quickly rose from his seat and exited the room.

Castle remained seated, the weight of his actions settling heavily upon him. He knew he had just jeopardized his relationship with Kate, both personally and professionally.

The following morning, Kate found herself in the squad room, intently reviewing the bank footage with Demming by her side. Her eyes remained glued to the screen as Demming casually sipped his coffee. Smirking, he remarked, “You know, if your mouse finger gets tired, we can switch.”

Kate’s lips curled into a playful smile. “That’s okay, I think I can handle it.”

Demming nodded, a flicker of admiration in his eyes. “Oh, I see. You don’t want to give up the driver’s seat.” They shared a chuckle, only to be interrupted when Castle appeared, holding a cup of coffee.

He looked up at them, a mix of disappointment and annoyance crossing his face. “Ah, you know what? It’s okay, Demming already brought some.”

Rick’s eyes narrowed, suspicion filling his gaze. “Did he now?” He forced his attention back to the screen, pointing at the figure of Paul Finch. “Hey, there’s Finch.”

Demming leaned in, his interest piqued. “Oh yeah, he’s casing the place.”

Kate’s eyes darted to the person behind Finch, realizing it was his wife Monica. “Look who’s with him. That’s his wife, Monica. She claimed she had no idea what he was doing.”

They soon brought Monica in for questioning and discovered an incriminating ledger inside the deposit box. It exposed all of Racine’s illicit dealings, not just his legitimate businesses. Monica also revealed that the ledger had mysteriously disappeared when they opened the box.

Before long, they discovered that another corrupt detective, Lieutenant Holliwell, was behind the killings. He aimed to frame Javi’s former partner, adding yet another layer of complexity to the case. All the while, suspicions lingered, with Demming initially accused of being the dirty cop. In an effort to clear his name, Kate took Demming to the workout room for a heated sparring session. Meanwhile, Javi and Kevin discreetly inspected Demming’s phone, finding no evidence of wrongdoing.

As the investigation reached its climax, Kate and Demming engaged in a thrilling back-and-forth exchange, each trying to outwit the other. Finally, Demming managed to pin Kate, his face mere inches from hers. He taunted her, saying, “Why don’t you ask me yourself if I had an alibi for the time when Finch was killed?”

Kate couldn’t help but laugh, expertly flipping Demming over until she had him pinned beneath her. “Okay, so where were you?”

With determination, she returned to the squad room, confidently stating, “He’s clean, it wasn’t Demming,” as she presented her findings to the team.

This display of competence only drew Kate closer to Demming, further kindling Castle’s simmering jealousy.

Finally, with the case closed, Demming and Kate found themselves alone in the squad room. Their playful banter continued as Demming gazed at Kate, his eyes filled with a mix of intrigue and desire. “So, is it always this much fun up here?”

Kate’s smile grew wider, radiating with a contagious energy. “We have our moments.”

Seemingly in sync, they shared a mischievous look, savoring the connection they had formed. Unbeknownst to them, Castle quietly entered the room, witnessing their smiles and heard their laughter. He turned and walked away, fully aware that the battle for Kate’s attention had just become even more intense.

Season 2 Episode 22

Castle anxiously rushed to the precinct, hoping to surprise Beckett with her morning coffee. Unfortunately for him, he was beaten to the punch. Inside the bustling coffee room, he found Beckett engrossed in conversation with Demming. Disappointment coursed through Castle’s veins as he realized this was not the way to win her over.

The dynamic duo received a call about a murder, drawing them to the scene of the crime where a renowned chef lay frozen in an eerie display. His body had been injected with a freeze-drying agent, most likely liquid nitrogen.

Beckett’s chestnut brown hair, now longer and straight, framed her face, accentuating her beauty and adding a touch of seduction to her appearance.

They paid a visit to the restaurant owner, and Beckett’s eyes widened in recognition when she came face to face with her old high college friend, Madison. “Madison?” she exclaimed, surprise evident in her voice.

Madison’s face lit up in response. “Becks? What are you doing here?”

“I’m a homicide detective now,” Beckett replied, a hint of pride in her tone.

Madison mimicked shock, exaggerating her gesture. “Shut the front door!”

Beckett pulled her into a tight embrace, causing a wave of nostalgia to wash over both of them. “I know,” she said softly.

As they released each other, Madison introduced Rick to Beckett. He extended his hand, flashing a charming smile. “Please, call me Rick. How do you two know each other?”

Madison looked to Beckett, a knowing glimmer in her eye. “High school, ninth grade French. I can’t believe the biggest troublemaker at Stuy turned into a cop.”

Beckett scoffed playfully, their shared history bringing a sense of camaraderie. Rick interjected, his curiosity piqued. “And what’s a good time?”

Beckett’s smile grew wider, her voice filled with playful mischief. “Well, Castle, if you haven’t learned by now, I fear it’s too late to show you one.”

Their investigation led them to find that the murdered chef, Wolf, was facing financial troubles. However, it became clear that money was not the sole motive for his killing.

Upon learning of Wolf’s secretive romantic involvement, they revisited Madison. They showed her a sketch of the mysterious woman who had been seen with Wolf at the restaurant. Madison recognized her, confirming her identity as Sandra – a regular customer there.

Curiosity getting the best of him, Rick asked Madison about her well-being amidst the chaos. She explained the struggle she was facing, torn between grief and the demands of her job. “Wolf was a friend, but now I have to conduct interviews for replacement chefs. On top of that, I still haven’t found the customer slip for the cake Wolf was making, and there’s a charity event at Rocco Dispirito’s tomorrow night. If I don’t show up, people will think Wolf’s death means the death of the Q3.”

Willing to provide support, Beckett replied, “Hey, maybe you should come with me. I could use the moral support, and we can catch up on old times.”

A pang of jealousy shot through Castle

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