Seduced by the Billionaire’s Forbidden Touch: A Steamy Erotic Tale

As soon as I walked into the room, I knew that something was different. I had been working as the personal assistant for billionaire businessman Lucas Rosetti for a few months now, but I had never felt the air charged with so much tension before. Lucas was sitting behind his desk, his eyes raking over me as I approached.

“Close the door,” he growled, his voice dark and dangerous. I swallowed hard, feeling a sudden spike of desire deep in my belly. Lucas had all the time been attractive, with his sharp jawline, piercing blue eyes, and immaculate suits. But up until now, I had all the time maintained a professional distance.

But now, as I stood before him, I felt myself start to weaken. His gaze was so intense, so commanding. I could feel his power radiating off of him like a thick fog, enveloping me in its embrace.

“What’s going on, Mr. Rosetti?” I asked, trying to keep my voice steady.

Lucas stood up, his tall form towering over me. He took a step closer, and I could smell his cologne, a heady mix of musk and sandalwood.

“Call me Lucas,” he said, his voice low and throaty. “I think we both know what’s going on here.”

And with that, he reached out and cupped my face in his large, strong hands. I gasped at the unexpected touch, closing my eyes and leaning forward into him. His lips met mine in a searing kiss, his tongue pushing past my lips and exploring my mouth hungrily.

I moaned into him, feeling my knees go weak. This was wrong, so wrong. But it felt so, so right. I knew I shouldn’t be responding to him like this, but my body was betraying me.

Lucas pulled away, his breath coming in ragged gasps.

“You know you want me,” he murmured, his lips brushing against my ear. “I can feel it. I’ve wanted you from the moment I saw you.”

I knew I should say no, should push him away and run from this illicit affair. But I couldn’t. I was too drawn to him, too intoxicated by his touch. So I reached out and wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him in for another kiss.

For the rest of the night, we explored each other’s bodies with a passion that was almost primal. Lucas’s touch was intoxicating, his kisses leaving me dizzy and breathless. And as we lay tangled together on his bed, basking in the afterglow of our forbidden tryst, I knew that I was completely and utterly seduced by the billionaire’s forbidden touch.

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