Seduced by Her Best Friend: A Lesbian Love Story

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As soon as they met in school, Maria knew that she had found her forever friend. They were inseparable, spending all their free time together, studying, partying, and exploring the city. Maria had never been attracted to women before, but there was something about Laura that made her heart flutter and her palms sweat.

They would often cuddle up on the couch to watch movies, and Maria would feel Laura’s soft skin pressing against hers. She tried to ignore the feelings that were growing inside of her, but they kept getting stronger, until they were too hard to withstand.

One night, they were drinking wine and laughing about their shared experiences, and Maria could feel the tension building between them. She was too nervous to make a move, so she sat back and let Laura take control.

Laura leaned in close and whispered into Maria’s ear, “I’ve always wanted to kiss you.” Maria’s heart pounded in her chest as Laura’s lips touched hers for the first time. They started out slow, exploring each other’s mouths, and then grew more passionately. Maria felt like she was in a dream, as her body responded to her best friend’s touch.

The wine had made them both bold, and soon they were shedding their clothes and exploring each other’s naked bodies. Maria had never been with a woman before, but Laura was a patient and gentle teacher, showing her exactly how to touch- and be touched.

The night was full of soft moans, whispered words of love, and the feeling of pure pleasure that washed over them as they reached climax after climax. They both knew that this would be the begin of something special, something much deeper than just a fling.

From that night, they were officially together, exploring their love for each other in every way feasible. They went on vacations together, had romantic dinners, and shared a life that was filled with laughter and joy.

When their friends found out about their new relationship, they were surprised at first, but soon they accepted and loved them just as they were. Maria and Laura knew that they were meant to be together, and they were grateful that they had finally found the courage to act on their feelings.

As they lay together in bed, holding each other’s hands, they knew that they would all the time be each other’s best friend, lover, and soulmate. They had been seduced by each other’s love, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.