Seduced by a Dominant

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I am a submissive by nature, but I never knew it until I met him. He was my boss, my mentor, and my Dominant. He was older, taller, and more experienced in every way. He knew how to command a room and control a conversation. He oozed power, confidence, and sex appeal. And he knew how to use it all to seduce me.

It started innocently enough. We’d work late together, sharing a bottle of wine and talking about life and love. We’d go out to dinner, laughing and flirting like old friends. But then he’d touch my hand, and a shock of electricity would course through me. He’d lean in close, and I’d feel his breath on my neck.

He’d whisper sweet nothings in my ear, promising to teach me everything he knew about pleasure. He’d take me to dark clubs, where he’d have me dance for him and other men, watching as I let go of my inhibitions and embraced my submissive side. He’d make me wear a collar and leash, leading me around like a pet.

But it wasn’t just about sex. He taught me about power exchange, about trust, about surrender. He pushed me to my limits, and then pulled back to comfort me. He’d take me on trips to exotic places, where we’d explore our darkest desires in private villas or secluded beaches.

He’d tie me up, blindfold me, and tease me until I trembled with pleasure. He’d spank me until I cried, and then hold me until I felt safe again. He’d make me do things I’d never dreamed of, and then show me how much he cared.

And I loved him for it. I loved how he could make me feel so exposed and vulnerable, yet so cherished and adored. I loved how he could push me to my edge and then remind me that I was still loved and wanted. I loved how he could make me feel like the most gorgeous, powerful, and desirable woman in the world.

We were never exclusive, yet I didn’t care. I knew that he’d all the time come back to me. I knew that I was his favorite submissive, his prized possession. And I knew that he’d all the time push me further, harder, and deeper than anyone else.

But then one day, he disappeared. He didn’t return my calls or emails. He didn’t show up at our favorite places. I searched for him in every way I knew how, but he was gone.

I was heartbroken, lost, and alone. I didn’t know how to live without his touch, his guidance, and his love. I didn’t know how to be a submissive without a Dominant.

But then, months later, he reappeared. He said he’d been traveling, exploring new boundaries and discovering new desires. He said he’d missed me, and that he wanted to take me deeper than ever before.

And I knew, in that moment, that I was still his submissive. And that he was still my Dominant. And that our love and connection transcended time and distance and everything else that stood in our way.

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