Secrets Of Love

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Eighteen year old Cheryl has a secret she thinks no one knows about. Cody, her stepfather, has a secret he thinks no one knows about. They both should have known better. Secrets of love have a way of getting out, one way or another…


Puberty had caused a pretty big ripple in her personal world, but she had learned to deal with bodily secretions, odors, and the body hair she found so distasteful. Her extreme flexibility led to some interesting discoveries at an early age, and her mother had wrathfully discouraged any experimentation in matters sexual. Naturally, her mother’s actions didn’t teach Cheryl to stop her experimentation, it just taught her to hide it. By the time Cheryl was eighteen, she could lock her ankles behind her neck and lick her own clit. The resulting orgasms had pretty well insured that she didn’t need boys to satisfy her innate sexual curiosity, but as she got older and heard more and more talk from the other girls her own age, she began to fantasize about how the things she was doing quite pleasantly to herself would feel if they were performed by a male. Her imagination led her to penetrate her young slit with her fingers and then her tongue. Eventually one of her girlfriends introduced her to the pleasures of a vibrator, and Cheryl was off to the races.

Cheryl’s grandmother, who would have fainted if she had known what she started, inadvertently started Cheryl on the path that finally led to Cody Fenster, Cheryl’s stepfather. Cheryl’s grandmother gave her a laptop for graduation, and after one late night discussion with a couple of girls from her gymnastics team, Cheryl discovered free sex videos on the internet. She began to spend a great deal of her time in her own bedroom.


Cody was a little disturbed that Cheryl had begun to spend so much time in her room with the door shut, but when he brought the subject up to Cheryl’s mother, Aida laughed and told him not to worry about it. Shrugging his shoulders, he walked to the desk chair in his home office and booted up his desktop computer.

The monster recession had actually been a lucky break for Cody. He lost his regular job and had worked at several jobs that paid less than he needed to live on before he decided to combine his computer skills with his hobbies and start his own company. These days, Cody worked a few hours a day from the comfort of his own home and was making five times as much money as he had before the recession. As the computer screen blinked on and he began to activate the mini cams in the corporate office where he was conducting his investigation, an idea flashed through his head that would relieve his concerns about Cheryl and keep him out of conflict with his wife and his step daughter…provided he didn’t get caught at it. Cody smiled. He made the big bucks because he was very, very good at what he did. He placed an order for the items he’d need over the internet. It was a small order, just several button sized cameras and the wireless device he’d need to network them together.


Cheryl slipped her hands down the back of her thin panties. She loved the smooth cool feel of her own flesh, and she loved the feeling she could create in herself with her fingers, lips, and tongue. From the time she had been a very small girl, she had been obsessed with two things. She was very finicky about her personal hygiene, and she was totally immersed in gymnastics. Visually checking to see that her door was closed, Cheryl opened her new laptop and keyed in the familiar website. Sighing, she slipped her panties, the only garment she still had on, down over her slender hips and kicked them to the side. Lying down on her back, she effortlessly lifted her legs up, placing her ankles behind her neck and locking them there.

Her slim fingers tapped the keyboard and a video started. The same slim fingers that had tapped the keys traced the lips of her sex and gently stroked the tender flesh. Dragging the tips of her fingernails lightly over the flesh of her inner thighs, Cheryl caressed and teased as she watched the girl on the screen of her laptop take the older man’s cock in her hands and then take the entire amazing length of it into her mouth. With the amazing flexibility built through years of gymnastic training, Cheryl bent her slender neck forward and using her flexible tongue, sought out the hard nubbin of flesh that was her clit. She tried desperately to keep the licking motions excruciatingly slow and wet, but the cum exploding into the girl’s mouth onscreen tripped some switch inside her head. Somehow, there was something about the young girl’s seduction of the older man onscreen that set Cheryl’s blood aboil. She licked frenziedly. When she heard the girl onscreen whisper, “I love you daddy,” Cheryl came. Hard. Shaking, her ankles still locked behind her neck, Cheryl restarted the video from the beginning. This time she turned the sound up and listened as the slim blonde seduced her stepfather. When the stepfather came in the girl’s mouth again, Cheryl’s fingers were deep inside her pussy and her thumb was rubbing her clit. Her orgasm was so hard the second time that her ankles came unlocked and waved wildly in the air as Cheryl cried out a single word in her ecstasy. “Daddy!”


Cody sat in his ergonomic chair at his desk, his large penis in his hand and his mouth wide open. The pin cameras he had placed in Cheryl’s room had escaped her attention and his view of her bedroom and bathroom were clear and unobstructed. He had waited for Aida to leave before switching on the cams. He had gone ahead and started working, knowing that the action lights would come on his screen as soon as the motion activated cameras started working. When Cheryl came in from her morning gymnastics class, Cody had shut down his own project and watched with interest as she stripped down and showered. It was a unique opportunity to see the tanned trim body of his stepdaughter naked for the first time…though he had seen her in a bikini often enough. She was small, and even though she was tiny her body was very well formed. Her breasts were a little smaller than Cody preferred, but he wasn’t about to pass up an opportunity to see her naked because of a preference.

Watching Cheryl licking herself had been one of the most exciting and overtly erotic things he had ever seen, and he had been busily enjoying himself and masturbating until Cheryl had screamed out “Daddy!” when she came. The whole world seemed to tilt when he realized that she was thinking about him when she was licking her own pussy…and his own eruption was instantaneous and massive. Fuck!

Cody was barely able to conceal his knowledge of Cheryl’s activities. Whenever she came into a room, he could hardly keep his eyes off her. Every movement that caused her clothing to stretch tautly over a part of her body that he had seen nude on his computer screen fascinated him, and he waited for one of those movements to reveal what he had already seen on the flat screen. The whole situation was driving him slowly insane. Worse yet, Aida was beginning to notice his erections and she was starting to appreciate and get aroused by his renewed interest in sex.


Cheryl felt the subtle undercurrents of the new interaction between her mother and stepfather, and she was curious as to what might have stirred them up all of a sudden. With an inner smile, she decided to do a little sleuthing to see what was up. Whatever it was, it was about sex…and that was something she dearly wanted to know more about. She wasn’t ready to run out and snatch the first guy off the street she ran into, but she was definitely ready to expand her horizons. There had certainly been an awful lot of stepfather/stepdaughter movies in the search results on her laptop… Cheryl’s mind was in overdrive. Perhaps she could peek at daddy’s history to see if that might be the kind of thing he fantasized about.

The very next time her folks went out to dinner, Cheryl waited until their car cleared the driveway before making a beeline to Cody’s office. Within minutes she had pulled up his history and found that Cody had covered his tracks by deleting his browsing history. Frowning, she opened one of his work folders and looked them over. Finding nothing interesting, she opened a file called ‘Working’. The last subfolder in the file said ‘Cheryl’. Her curiosity piqued, she opened the folder and saw several video file with numbers instead of names. The first one floored her, and she quickly opened the others. They were all of her, and they pictured her showering, changing clothes, and most embarrassing of all, several of them showed her masturbating on her bed.

Cheryl’s embarrassment quickly turned to heat. Cody had been watching her! The idea that her stepfather had seen her naked and watched her masturbate resonated with some perverse desire deep within her psyche. She reached between her legs and found she was dripping. Hurriedly, she closed all the files and shut the computer down. Does he masturbate when he watches me?



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