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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the singers, groups, musicians, etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. I do not own any of the Idols, musicians, etc referenced in this story. All characters are 18 years or older in this story.

Starring: Sari (former Necronomidol)

Sari Ignores The Warning

An erotic celebrity fan-fiction story.

by DaxG2001

Codes: Cons, MF, oral, inter.

* * *

Author’s note: This story is set in the same ‘universe’ as fics such as World Domination to Maid Dominated and From Bondage Idol to Blacked. Prior reading of those stories is not required, but recommended.

* * *

At a music venue in Tokyo, Japan.

“I must say, Laurence-San, I am surprised you came out for the show today.” Kaito, the smartly dressed assistant remarked, pushing up his glasses. “Usually this sort of evaluation task is left to assistants and interns like myself.

“Nonsense, Kaito-San! I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t dip my toes into the water once in a while.” Malcolm Laurence replied, the mature African American record company and publicity executive also clad in one of his suits. “Besides, not to play my own trumpet or anything, but I do feel I have a certain personal knack for seeing things in some talents that other agents just judging the singing and dancing do not.” He added with a sly smile that went unmissed by his assistant as he watched the current act on stage.

What Malcolm missed out by his remark is that by being personally here at this multi-act performance concert was that he had the opportunity not just to scout for new money making clients. But the opportunity to hook up with more Japanese starlets from the music business, be they Idols or J-Rock performers. Oh sure, he knew the benefits of having talented singers and artists who could sell CDs and downloads along with tickets and merch. But he had a growing taste for the Hot, young, females of the Idol world and their tight bodies. Something he’d already deeply enjoyed from a few members of groups, past and present, of the likes of Necronomidol and Band-Maid. A nice side hobby that’s emerged alongside his actual job as an executive, managing these same women alongside enjoying the lewd bonus perks that came with showing these young Asian beauties the benefits of enjoying his big black cock.

Of course, there also came the ‘desk job’ parts of his work, such as scouting out groups at this music venue. Standing at the back of the building while the crowd in front cheered the current female solo artist on the stage and while his assistant Kaito nodded along approvingly. Some upbeat, dream-like electronic music. He could see some money though in the act enough already from the woman in a bright, sparkling attire that even from the distance appeared tropical water based, dare he say even mermaid-like but without any tail. Looking down, he flicked through the folder of well prepared notes that had been prepared for him. Looking through and seeing if there was anything of interest. Or, anything he could use to his advantage in any possibly negotiations.

He found just that as his finger traced along a line of text that leapt out at him. “Hmmmm… Former member of Necronomidol…” He glanced up at the stage then back to the notes, seeing the attached picture on the file. “Well well… Someone has made quite the musical change.” He noted as he looked at the performer known as Sari up on the stage. His interest peaked as, having banged two members past and present of that J-Rock group, they had also been two of the most productive, or to be blunt most satisfying ‘interviews’ he’s conducted with a potential client before. A smirk on his face as he stroked his chin. Wondering if the ‘trend’ could continue with her, even if she’s made a switch to a very different style of Idol.

“Kaito-San? I think you’re right.” Malcolm said, handing the shorter man the folder back. “I’ll leave you to scout the acts. I think you’ve got a bigger handle on the boy band types that are coming up.”

“Ah, I see. Of course, Sir.” Kaito bought it as he gave a nod. “Are you leaving so soon?”

“Oh, far from it.” Laurence said with a smile. “I want to see if I can get a closer view of the performers… A little influence here and there to get me backstage for a little bit.” He claimed.

“Ah, you want to see it from a side-stage view? That’s popular back in your homeland, yes? Well, whatever you think best, Sir.” Kaito said, smiling. “I’ll be sure we’ll catch up before the concert is over.

“Oh, of course After all this is what, only the second or third act of the show. And if not? Then we can have a meeting tomorrow.” Malcolm said, patting his friend on the shoulder. A smirk on his face when he turned away at his assistant buying the lies.

* * *

Minutes later and expertly using his sometimes silver tongue, Malcolm was backstage at the concert venue as he leaned against a wall, browsing his phone as he looked up a few more last minute details on his target. Hearing some chatter from down the hallway to make him stand up straight, popping the phone away as he smiled, seeing the starlet walking down to where he was.

Sari was clad in a regularly seen Idol attire of hers. White pants and a white and blue trimmed top, but with bright see through long and fluffy sleeves of shades of purple and blue to look rather like coral reefs. Her short black hair styled in two buns with hair ties at the back of the same material as the sleeves, looking a bit like sea shells almost to promote her Idol character. Her body was tight, her short top showing off a toned stomach while having small ‘air bubble’ makeup beads as accessories just below her eyes.

“Ah, excuse me? Sari-Chan, if I may?” He spoke out, easily getting her attention as she approached. “Forgive my sudden introduction. My name is Malcolm Laurence, and I’m a record…” He began to introduce himself, offering a hand but just at saying his name, he notices instantly that he eyes widened as she came to a stop. “Ah, Miss? Is there something wrong?” He questioned as she seemed to give a look that screamed she was aware of him.

“Ah, forgive me, I meant to disrespect.” Sari softly said, bowing her head for a moment. “But, yes… Well, I have been warned by a friend of mine about meeting with you.” She said. “And your name matches a description I have been told.”

“No offence taken…” Malcolm quickly said, although he was initially thrown. He was much more used to having the advantage of the unknown when it came to approaching a beauty like this. But he had more than his ways to counter that. “I suppose that one of your old band mates have spoken about me, correct. Perhaps Risaki-Chan has talked about me?” He took a punt guess. Remembering himself about the rough but pleasurable meeting he’d had with her before.

“Y-Yes, that’s right.” Sari confirmed with a nod, looking a little tense. “She had told me, well, to be careful around you… I’m not certain why, but…” She trailed off, shifting a little as she stood.

“Ah, I see. Your friend just wanting to be protective of someone loyal to her, right?” Malcolm was taking punts here, playing off of the rather less than clean break-up of members of the group she used to be a part off. “After all, things were rather messy when Risaki left, right? You stayed close to her… But still did your duties to the band and with Himari-Chan as well. It’s very noble of you to be so thoughtful of your friends.” He said, turning it into a skilled compliment to reassure her.

“That’s… Yes, that is true.” Sari remarked. “I’m sure she meant nothing by it towards you…”

“Oh, I know her. She’s one of my clients. She is who she is, as they say.” He said with a chuckle. “And I know she’s spoken highly of you!” He lied, turning up the charm as he smiled down at her. “I mean, just from your performance alone? And the style of your attire. It was quite a sight to behold. You know how to stand out from the crowd. And, might I say, a world quite removed from the Necronomidol days. You look a different woman without having the spider stuck onto your cheek.” He added. Just going off a brief image search he’d done on her minutes before.

“Ah, you flatter me too much, Malcolm-San.” Sari said, smiling softly as she was expertly disarmed. “I have still a long way to go.”

“Oh, of course you do. And you know that I only mean the most respectful of compliments to yourself.” Laurence continued. “After all, I’m sure your friend only meant well. I don’t just flatter people for the sake of it. I like to think I’ve earned all the accomplishments so far here in Japan with my clients and all the Idols I get the honour to work with.” He said.

“That is true, yes…” Sari agreed, clueless that plenty of those ‘accomplishments’ were more on the side of scratching a mark on a bedpost than putting a record sales placard on a wall.

“Ah, but I’m being rude here. I’m taking up some of your time.” Malcolm said. “Perhaps I can escort you to your dressing room? Maybe if you have a few minutes we can have a little, private chat before I leave you be? After all there’s still a lot more artists on the show that’s still going on.” He noted.

“Oh, of course. That sounds fine.” Sari bought it as she gave a nod. “A dressing room would not quite be the appropriate place for an actual business meeting, right?” She said as she walked alongside him.

“No, it would not… But a little get together with two adults is acceptable, right?” He smiled. “I mean, perhaps if the talk goes well we can arrange something later but for now? I think you won’t be disappointed by me. Even if your friend Risaki told you otherwise.” He said, sneaking in a glance over her as they walked.

* * *

If Sari had listened to those warnings, or even specifically asked what she should be worried about, then she wouldn’t have let this man old enough to be her father (and perhaps even older) into her dressing room. She also currently wouldn’t be sitting on a chair, with her eyes wide and staring as she looked at his fat, long, black cock as he presented himself to another gorgeous Japanese Idol.

“I-Is this what I was warned about??” Sari stared at that dick as it began to harden, but made no move to back away.

“Now Sari-Chan, I couldn’t possibly let slip some private meetings with my other clients…” Malcolm grinned at the look of cock-shock on her pretty face. “But I would say that maybe your friend was not so much trying to ‘protect’ you… But maybe prevent you from being able to ‘steal’ me away from her.” He lied. Although the idea did cross his mind of bragging to that former bandmate of this current beauty about this encounter somewhere down the line.

“S-Such a size!” She gasped again, her hands slowly coming up and taking a hold of his meet. Having to use both just to get a feel of his length. “Perhaps I can see both sides of that argument there… But how can any woman handle such a thing??” She questioned, looking up at him while still clad in her Idol costume.

“Oh, I think you can find a way…” He said, moving a hand down to give an encouraging (although at the same time rather teasing) stroke across the top of her head. “After all, Risaki-Chan and Himari-Chan found a way…” He bluntly told her, making her eyes widen again at that knowledge. “You don’t want to let your friends down by backing out now, do you?” He claimed, twisting things to make it like she’s brought him into her dressing room rather than him charming his way into hers.

“I s-suppose so… And if what you say is true? If this is a cock that they could take on…” Sari almost sounded like she was convincing herself with her words as her eyes darted between up and him and that dick. The pep-talk working as she leaned in, and brought her nicely coated in red lips to the fat crown of his dick. A brief kiss before her tongue pushed out for a slight, timid lick across the tip. Adjusting to the flavour of big American dick for the first time while her palms worked over the shaft. Helping him to harden as he let out a low groan as her tongue slowly explored across the tip. “Mmmmm… Such an unusual taste, too! This is what a foreign man tastes like…” She mused before licking again. Travelling around the crown with a swirling motion and she slowly moved around a couple of times. Her eyes locked up, seeing the smile of approval to his work as if the fact she was double jerking his massive dick while lapping at the tip wasn’t evidence enough of how good this was already.

“Mmmmm… And feel Free to get a better taste of me, Sari-Chan…” He encourage, keeping the hand on the top of her dark haired head. A subtle motion to guide her face that little extra towards his prick so that the head met her soft, nicely pouty lips. Her tongue sliding against the underside as his cock passed into her mouth for the first time, getting a groan out of both them and unlike his previous ‘in office’ meetings, he didn’t need to hold back the loudness of his moan. “Mmmmm… Because it feels good to me…” He said, knowing the ongoing music show outside would easily make their cries. Even if it was just his moans heard right now since she was letting out muffled groans around his big dick as she began to raise and lower her head. Both hands on his dick as she stroked and twisted around to allow her mouth to adjust to the fat head.

“Mmmmmphhh… Mmmmm! Mmmmm…” Showing off some microphone skills of a different sort, Sari worked her mouth up and down as she released the grip of one palm from the shaft. Both allowing her to gradually sink down onto his rod while the hand rested on his leg for support. Her eyes still locked up as she slurped on his meat, her lips stretching to the limit as she took on a thickness she was certainly not used to. But working with an impressive smoothness even at this soft pace. Like she knows full well how wrong this is to fuck a stranger, never mind one who has bragged about banging former bandmates of hers in the past. But can’t bring herself to stop at the temptation of this taboo Sex, never mind with such a huge slab of cock, is too much to pass up as she continued to slowly bob up and down.

“Mmmmmm… You surprise me, Sari-Chan! Mmmmm… You’re quite talented with this cute little mouth of yours…” He back handedly complimented her as he watched her lips slide down to just above where her hand was stroking off too. Still double teaming his dick as her saliva began to trickle down from the repeated motion. Making him think that this wasn’t the first time she’s sucked some dick before with the ability both her oral hole and her palm were showing off. “Ahhhhh… Do you think that Risaki would be proud of you? Mmmmm… Seeing you suck on the same cock she loves to choke on? Mmmmm… Or would she be a little mad you were getting some of me without her knowing it?” He teased. Thrilling himself by knowing that he was he was not just hooking up with yet another former member of Necronomidol, but a beauty who had been warned about him (in seemingly good and bad) only to end up in this sort of lewd position that could have been prevented.

“Mmmmmphhh! Hmmmmphhh… Mmmmmm…” Her eyes looked up at him once again, not responding with words even as a blush of a bit of shame was across her cheeks, just below those air bubble accessories under the eyes that were still on even as she continued to bob up and down. The teasing not stopping her as she used that slow, steady but most importantly pleasurable rhythm to suck on his member. “Shhhrrlllppp… Mmmmmphhhh…. Mmmmm…” The front fringe of her short styled hair swaying back and forth as she kept the motion going as her saliva dripped down. Leaving the fingers sticky as her hand pumped the base with the slight twist now and then. Further giving the impression that the beautiful Idol wasn’t unfamiliar with dishing out oral Sex, just never to a prick of this vast size before.

“Mmmmm… But I’m afraid to say that your friends took a lot more of me, Sari-Chan… And we can’t leave you not going all out like they did, right?” He gripped her hair a little firmer as he brought her head down closer towards his crotch. Her eyes widening once again as the fat crown of his dick connected with the back of her mouth. That look and the choking she did around him ranking right up there with the other oral encounters he’s had. “Mmmmm! You’re a natural, Sari! Mmmmm… This Hot little mouth of yours was made to take a pumping…” He shamelessly said as he helped her to suck deeply on his big black dick. Moaning out from the fuller experience of her soothing, damp Japanese mouth even as she still sucked away at that slower, rather sensual pace. More than enough to both make him moan and rank her up highly with the other babes, including her friends, that he’s nailed in the past. The saliva dripping downward as her hand moved off his cock to hold the other leg as her mouth pumped down further.

“GAAAAAAAAAH!! MMMMMMPHHH!! GAAAAAAAAHHH!!” The loud choking around his cock mixed with his deep groans as she took a firm pumping from his dick, but all that noise easily drown out by the music shown out in the building so this sinful encounter wouldn’t get interrupted. Leaving him Free to drag her stunning features up and down on his member as her saliva drooled down the shaft and off of her chin. Leaving splats across her mermaid-themed top she still had on while the lipstick she had on smeared onto that dark skin of his cock, leaving telling rings of evidence of this encounter. “GAAAAAAAAAH… HHHHHHLLLLKKK… MMMMMMPHHH…” Yet despite the gagging, she never made any real move to pull off and away from him, let alone resist him bringing her head down onto his dick as he fed it between her pouty lips. Experiencing first hand exactly what she’d been warned about but not looking like she regretted it either. Although the watering of her eyes now indicating she had a long way to go before she was going to be an expert at taking a huge dick like this. A few more private and personal business meetings between the two would soon sort that out no doubt.

For now though, he let go of the hair and pulled out of her mouth. A loud, sexy gasp escaping her as she cutely stared at that big prick, dripping in her spit. As if she couldn’t believe herself that she’d taken so much of him inside. “I don’t think Risaki… Was trying to just warn me about my mouth being sore after meeting you…” Sari reasoned correctly, finally ripping her eyes up from his cock to look up at him directly. And he saw a familiar glint of need in that gaze that he remembered from her bandmates.

“Well, perhaps I can give something that I know you don’t want to miss out on?” Malcolm smiled, kneeling down as he placed his hands onto her pants. Watching her nod and once again not objecting as he slid down her costume, aided by her raising her slender hips up so he could remove the garment. A blush on her cheeks just from the plain underwear on underneath she had on as he removed the pants completely, but before she could move again he’d then spread her legs apart. Moving in to make her stare again in surprise as rather than removing her panties, he just spread them to the side to expose that, as expected, cleanly shaved Pussy of hers.

“Y-Your not going to properly undress me, Malcolm-San? Surely this is… MMMMM!!” Her attempt to stall was cut off when he pushed his cock forward, entering her snug Japanese twat with his fat and long black cock. Moans coming from them both as he pushed in to experience her tightness and further prove that she’s barely taken anything even half his size, never mind close to the thickness, before in her life. “Ahhhhhh!! So big!! MMMMM… I can f-feel it stretching me already! And you’re barely inside of me!” She stated, staring down between her legs as he kept those limbs draped across his muscular arms while his hands took a hold of her slender and toned waist. Beginning to work his length in and out and using a rhythm already a big quicker than the motion she’d used to blow him moments before. Allowing them still the time to adjust to this feeling but giving the indication he wasn’t going to let her take this at her own pace.

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