Santa Claus Cums to Hollywood – Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Written by Calibur009

Story Idea by DarkSwordsmanReturns

Starring: Anna Kendrick, Lucy Hale, Olivia Holt, Kelli Berglund, Camila Mendes & Kate Beckinsale

Codes: MF, MFF, MMF, Oral, Titfuck, Facial, Squirt, Creampie, Anal, DP

Santa’s Headquarters

Today is Christmas Eve which is the busiest night of the year for Santa Claus. Inside his headquarters at the North Pole, Santa is currently preparing for his yearly rounds. Old Saint Nick is inside his office, seated at his desk and going over his delivery route for tonight. He is wearing his classic Santa cap, a red coat, felt pants, and black boots. He is of course sporting his signature white beard too.

“It will soon be time for me to depart.” Santa said with a joyful tone. “There are so many gifts to deliver to all the good people of the world tonight.”

As Santa continues to look over his route, his office door opens and closes.

Now just entered Santa’s office you may ask? Anna Kendrick, his celebrity assistant, that’s who.

The Pitch Perfect star is wearing a Santa cap and a sparkling green mini dress that shows off her amazing cleavage and legs in addition to wearing red six-inch heels. When Anna walks into Santa’s office the brunette actress is holding a very long list with several popular names written on it.

“Hello, Santa!” Anna said with her usual bright smile. “I’m so glad I was able to catch you before you departed for your delivery.”

“Anna, how is my favorite assistant doing this evening?” Santa asked in his signature joyful tone.

“I’m doing fine, Santa. But the reason I came to see you was to give you this updated list of all the celebrities who’ve been naughty and nice this year.” Anna replied as she handed Kris Kringle the list.

“Thank you very much, Anna!” Santa said while leaving his desk. “I appreciate you working hard to keep track of who has been naughty or nice in Hollywood. I know that it is not an easy endeavor.”

“You’re welcome Santa. That means a lot!” Anna replied with a smile.

Just as the Into The Woods actress is about to leave Santa’s office she stops and turns around.

“Santa, I would like to give you something for good luck before you leave tonight.” Anna said with a naughty smile.

“Ho! Ho! Ho! I believe I know exactly what you want to give me for good luck, Anna.” Santa replied with a knowing look.

“I know me well, Santa.” Anna responded with a laugh before kneeling in front of him. The talented actress then reaches into his felt pants and pulls out his gigantic white cock.

“Wow, Santa! Sometimes I forget just how big your cock is.” Anna said while looking up at him with her blue eyes and stroking his big dick. She then licks the head of it for a bit before sucking on it.

“Anna, your mouth is just delightful.” Santa said with a smile while looking down at the petite actress giving him a blowjob. “This is the reason I chose you to be my assistant this year. Ho! Ho! Ho!”

“I remember that day, Santa!” Anna replied while slurping on his gigantic cock. “I sucked your big cock much better than Emma Stone did that day. That’s for sure!” She then laughs before going back to blowing Santa. “I love sucking your big cock. Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!”

When Anna is done sucking off Santa, she removes her clothing. Now nude she places his gigantic cock between her nice rack and gives him a titjob.

“That big dick of yours feels so good between my boobs, Santa.” Anna said before smacking his long cock onto her tits a few times. Shen then begins catching the head of his dick in her mouth a few times while titfucking him.

Sometime later Anna is leaning over Santa’s desk as he fucks her from behind. He rapidly thrusts his gigantic cock in and out of her actress’ pussy much to her delight.

“Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! That’s it, Santa! Fuck my tight little pussy just like that!” Anna screamed out as he was slamming his gigantic dick in and out of her fuck hole. “Yes! Yes! Yes! I love how you fuck me with your big fucking cock!” *moans*

Santa soon picks up the pace and begins fucking the gorgeous brunette actress even faster. She then begins to wiggle her cute little ass while he does so. Minutes later Old Saint Nick pulls his big cock out of Anna’s now wet pussy before taking a seat on his office chair.

Anna then smiles, mounts Santa’s cock, and begins riding him. When she does her big tits start to bounce and jiggle too.

“Oh fuck! Yeahhh! Ohhhhh! Ughhhh!” Anna cried out while bouncing up and down on Santa’s long hard cock. “I love riding your big dick too!” *moans*

A few minutes later Anna is on the floor of Santa’s office as he fucks her doggystyle. As he moves his gigantic cock in and out of her snatch the Get A Job actress has a big smile on her face.

“Ahhhh! Ohhhh! Ahhhh! Ohhhh! Fuck faster with that big dick, Santa.” Anna said in an aroused tone while looking back at him with a smile.

Santa does just that and begins pounding the brunette A-lister faster while holding on to her heart-shaped ass.

When Santa is done banging Anna from behind she kneels in front of him and begins jerking and sucking on his huge cock again.

“Are you ready for your White Christmas, Anna?” Santa said with a chuckle as the actress continued to blow him.

“Yes, I am, Santa! Please give it to me now.” Anna replied with a big smile while continuing to give the gigantic cock of Kris Kringle a handjob.

Within no time Santa fires a huge load of cum that splatters across The Accountant actress’ face and tits.

“Holy shit, Santa! I love your sweet cum.” Anna said with a gigantic smile while licking some of it from her mouth. “It’s always my favorite Christmas gift. Mmm!”

“Ho! Ho! Ho! Thank you, Anna.” Santa replied with a smile while putting his big cock back into felt pants. “Mrs. Claus loves my cum too.” He then looks at his watch to check the time. “It is time for me to depart now. Anna, I will see you when I return. Farewell!”

“Bye Santa! Have a safe flight tonight.” Anna said while still tasting the cum that is still on her pretty face.

Santa then exits his office and departs the North Pole to make his yearly Christmas Eve delivery.


After many, many hours later Santa is in his sleigh riding high above the sky of Hollywood. He is currently in Tinseltown to deliver presents to some of the many popular women who live there. Santa’s reindeer have just landed on the roof of Lucy Hale’s house.

“Lucy will be my first delivery on my Hollywood route tonight.” Santa said while looking over his list before grabbing his magical bag of gifts. He then snaps his right finger and is now inside the Pretty Little Liars actress’ home. He then looks around and laughs.

“Ho! Ho! Ho! It appears Lucy was in a very festive mood.” Santa said in a joyful tone.

Santa sees Lucy’s Christmas tree which is all white and decorated with all the trimmings. There are also red stockings hung over her fireplace and her entire home smells like fresh pine as well.

As Santa reached into his gift bag to pull the actress’ gift, he didn’t notice that she was sitting in the gray recliner next to the fireplace. Lucy is wearing a small white nightgown and smiles when she sees Santa placing her present under the tree.

“Hey, Santa! Is that a gift for me?” Lucy asked with a big smile.

“Hello, Lucy! I didn’t notice you there.” Santa replied in a surprised tone. “Yes! This present is for you.” He then hands the Truth or Dare actress a box wrapped in red shimmering paper with a green ribbon.

“Thank you so much, Santa!” Lucy responded with a gigantic smile.

“Now according to my list you’ve been kind of naughty this year, Lucy. But still nice enough to receive a great present.” Santa said with a chuckle.

“Ha! Ha! Ha! I guess you saw what I did with a couple of stagehands on set earlier this year huh, Santa?” Lucy replied while nervously playing with her hair. “For some reason, I just get horny when filming. A girl has needs you know!”

“It’s fine, Lucy. Go ahead and open your present.” Santa responded with a laugh.

Lucy soon opens her gift and pulls out a big white dildo from inside the box.

“Wow! This is exactly what I wanted for Christmas, Santa.” Lucy said with a smile while looking at the sex toy. “Thank you so much!”

“You’re welcome, Lucy.” Santa replied. “I know all about your love for oral sex so I knew that it would be the perfect gift for you.”

“I love it, Santa!” Lucy responded with a smile. “I’m going to play with it right now. She then begins licking her dildo up and down before stuffing it into her mouth. “Mmm! Mmm! Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!”

“It tastes so good!” Lucy said while sucking on her new sex toy. The raven-haired actress then removes her nightgown and is now only wearing a pair of white panties that show off her ass.

As the hot actress continues to perform oral sex on the dildo, Santa becomes aroused watching her. This doesn’t go unnoticed by Lucy before removing the toy from her mouth.

“Hey, Santa! This dildo is a great present, but I would love to have a real big dick to suck inside my mouth tonight.” Lucy said while looking at him seductively.”

“Maybe I could assist you with that Lucy.” Santa replied while pulling out his big long dick from felt pants for the gorgeous actress.

“Golly! That cock is bigger than this dildo!” Lucy said as her hazel eyes were locked on Santa’s schlong. With a naughty smile, she then tossed her dildo over her shoulder to the floor. “Santa, will you please stuff my mouth with your big dick tonight?”

“It would be an honor to fuck your mouth tonight, Lucy.” Santa said in a joyful tone.

Lucy then grabs Santa by his right hand and leads him over to the recliner. After he takes a seat she kneels in front of him and begins to stroke and lick his gigantic cock.

“Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!” Lucy said as she was blowing Santa. “Oh my god! Your dick is just so big! Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!” She then begins using both of her dainty hands to jerk his cock while licking his balls. “Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!”

“Santa, you have some tasty balls too!” Lucy said before going right back to sucking on his big cock. “I’m going to suck your big cock so good tonight. Slurp! Mmmm! Slurp! Mmmm! Slurp!”

“Lucy, your mouth feels incredible.” Santa said with a smile.

“Thanks, Santa! It also helps that your cock tastes sweet.” Lucy said with a smile while jerking his big dick. “It tastes like a candy cane. Mmmm!” She then wraps her pink lips back around Kris Kringle’s cock and begins blowing him again. “Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! I bet your cum is sweet too, isn’t it Santa?”

“I think you’ll find out the answer to that soon enough.” Santa replied with a chuckle.

The Pretty Little Liars star then begins jerking and sucking Santa’s big cock even faster.

I’m gonna nickname you, Mr. Sweet Dick.” Lucy said with a big smile as she continued to slurp on his huge dick. “I think that’s appropriate because of how good your cock tastes. Mmmm! Slurp! Mmmm! Slurp! Mmmm!”

“Ho! Ho! Ho! I don’t think I’ve been nicknamed that before.” Santa replied. “I’m glad that you enjoy sucking on my big Johnson.”

As time goes on Santa lets out a few grunts as Lucy continues to jerk, lick, and suck on his huge cock. The hot actress then begins licking Kris Kringle’s balls.

“I believe that I’m ready to blow my load.” Santa said.

“Please do it, Santa!” Lucy replied in a sexual tone. “I want your sweet cum so bad. I think I’ve more than earned it tonight.” She returns to blowing him at a quick pace.

Santa’s huge cock soon erupts, spraying Lucy’s entire pretty face with a huge load of cum. Not only that but some of his cum lands inside her open mouth as well.

“Holy shit! Thank you for letting me suck your big dick tonight, Santa.” Lucy said with a huge grin before happily swallowing the cum in her mouth. “Santa, your cum tastes sweet! Mmmm!” The Fantasy Island actress then kisses the head of Santa’s cock.

“You’re welcome Lucy! After that display of oral talent, you will never be on the naughty list ever again. Ho! Ho! Ho!” Santa said in a very joyful tone while putting his cock back into his felt pants.

“I must take my leave now. I still have presents to deliver tonight.” Santa said while grabbing his magical gift bag. “Merry Christmas, Lucy, and I’ll see you again next year.”

“Bye, Santa!” Lucy said while still sporting a cum facial. “I’m looking forward to sucking your big sweet cock again next Christmas.” *smiles*

Santa then gives the actress a wink before snapping his finger and disappearing.

After Saint Nick leaves her home Lucy picks up her dildo and begins to suck on it again.


Later that night, Santa finally arrives at his second destination on his Hollywood delivery route. He once again uses his magic to appear inside the home of Olivia Holt, the next celebrity on his list.

As Santa appears inside Olivia’s home he hears the sound of Christmas music playing in her den. But he is most surprised to see the blonde starlet engaged in some heated action on the couch with her equally hot best friend Kelli Berglund.

The two former Disney stars are naked and 69ing each other. Kelli is on top and Olivia is on the bottom.

“Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ahhhh! Ughhhh!” Olivia & Kelli cried out in unison as they continued to eat each other out on the couch.

As the two beautiful blonde starlets continue to pleasure each other they are completely unaware that Santa is watching them.

“Incredible! You two young ladies are going at it.” Santa said as he continued to watch Kelli & Olivia 69ing.

When they finally see Santa they instantly stop what they’re doing.

“Well, this is embarrassing!” Olivia said while almost blushing.

“I’m not embarrassed at all, Olivia.” Kelli said with a naughty grin. “So Santa, did you enjoy seeing us go at it?”

“Yes, I did Kelli.” Santa replied in a joyful tone. “It is all the time very stimulating to see two hot young women pleasuring each other. Ho! Ho! Ho!”

Olivia & Kelli then look at each other and giggle.

“Would you two like to have your Christmas gifts now?” Santa asked.

“Yes!!” Olivia & Kelli replied in unison while having huge smiles on their pretty faces.

Santa then hands the two famous friends two white boxes with gold bows. After opening their presents they pull out two blue vibrators from the boxes.

“Wow! This is just what I wanted, Santa.” Olivia said with a bright smile.

“Me too, Olivia. I wore out my old one last week.” Kelli replied with a sly smile.

The two friends then walk over to Santa and plant kisses on his cheeks as a thank you for their gifts.

“Kelli, let’s use our new vibrators now.” Olivia said with a naughty grin.

“That is a wonderful idea, Olivia.” Kelli replied.

The former Disney actresses return to the couch and place their sexy toys against their clits before turning on their vibrators to the maximum setting.

“Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh! Ahhhhh! Ughhhhh! Ughhhhh!” Kelli & Olivia cried out in unison while using their vibrators. Within no time the sexy duo orgasm and are left with satisfied looks after finishing.

“Oh my god! That felt so good.” Olivia said with a huge smile.

“That was fucking fantastic! But I’m still horny though” Kelli replied.

“So am I, Kelli.” Olivia responded. “Maybe there’s something that we can do about that.”

The two starlets then look at Santa and see the huge erection in his felt pants. They then look at each with mischievous smiles.

“Kelli and I would love it if you would fuck us tonight, Santa.” Olivia said while pleasuring herself on the couch.

“Mmhmm! Please fuck us tonight, Santa.” Kelli said in a very seductive tone. “We’ve been very good girls! Well, not really but please fuck us anyway.” *giggles*

“Ho! Ho! Ho! I would be honored to pleasure you two lovely ladies tonight.” Santa replied while pulling his huge dick out and walking towards Olivia & Kelli.

“Holy shit, Santa! Your cock is so big.” Olivia said in a shocked tone before smiling as her brown eyes focused on his huge dick. The blonde actress/musician then spreads her legs. “Please fuck me with your big cock.”

“Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ahhhhh! Mmhmm!” Olivia cried out as Kris Kringle was dicking her down as she lies on the couch. “Oh my god! It’s so fucking big!” *moans*

Kelli watches on in complete lust as Santa continues to pound her friend’s pussy.

“Oh my god! I would have never guessed that Santa would have such a gigantic dick!” Kelli said in amazement at how well-endowed Saint Nick is as he fucked Olivia. “I cannot wait for you to fuck me too!”

“Ahhhh! Ohhhh! Ahhhh! Yeahhhh!” Olivia cooed as Santa was still banging her while holding up her legs. “Oh my god! You’re fucking me so good Santa. “Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ughhhh!”

Sometime later Santa begins fucking Kelli doggystyle on the couch much to her delight.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Give it to me, Santa!” Kelli said with a gigantic smile as Santa was swiftly moving his big cock in and out of her wet pussy. “Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! I love that big dick, Santa.” *moans*

Kelli then begins wiggling her cute ass as Santa continues to pound her from behind.

“Fuck Kelli good, Santa!” Olivia said with a smile while watching her friend take Kris Kringle’s gigantic dick from behind. “As you can tell she loves big cocks.” *laughs*

“It’s true Santa. I sure do!” Kelli said in a sexual tone. “Fuck me harder with that big cock, Santa. Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ughhhhh!”

Santa begins fucking the former Lab Rats star harder while holding onto her ass. She then squirts from how hard Kris Kringle was fucking her.

“Oh my god! That felt so fucking good.” Kelli said with a smile before laughing. “Holy shit, you know how to fuck, Santa!” *moans*

“I want you to fuck me like that too, Santa.” Olivia said while pleasuring herself. “I need your big dick back in me now.”

Minutes later the I Didn’t Do It actress is riding Santa’s big cock on the couch as Kelli is now watching on. The man in the red suit even has a grip on Olivia’s ass as well while thrusting his lengthy cock inside of her twat.

“Yeahhh! Yeahhh! Yeahhh! Mmhmm!” Olivia cried out while riding Santa at a quick pace. “I love riding your big cock, Santa. Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ahhhh! It’s so fucking good!”

“It’s such a turn-on watching you bang the shit out of Olivia, Santa.” Kelli said with a naughty smile while pleasuring herself.

Kelli eventually has her turn and begins riding Santa reverse cowgirl as Olivia watches the hot action while rubbing her snatch and playing with her tits.

“Oh, fuck! Holy shit!” Kelli screamed while riding Santa and also playing with her perky tits as well. “Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ahhhhh! Keep fucking me with your huge cock, Santa!” *moans*

Sometime later both Kelli & Olivia are kneeling in front of Santa giving him a double blowjob. Olivia is on the right and Kelli is on the left. And they soon start jerking, licking, and sucking on Santa’s gigantic cock. The two starlets even take the time to lick and suck on his gigantic balls as well.

“Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! Mmmm! Mmmm! Slurp! Slurp! Glurg! Glurg! Glurg!” Kelli & Olivia said in unison as they sucked away at Santa’s gigantic cock as if it contained the secret of life itself.

“I love sucking on your big fat cock, Santa.” Kelli said in a very seductive voice before licking it up and down. “It’s such a sweet-tasting cock too! Mmmm! Mmmm!”

Olivia soon takes over and begins sucking away at Santa’s dick and even licks on his balls again too.

“Oh my god, Santa. I love sucking on your big cock so much.” Olivia said with a smile while stroking his cock. “But I wish that I could fit more of it down my throat.”

“I believe that I can help you out with that, Olivia.” Kelli replied with a naughty smile.

Minutes later Olivia is once again blowing Santa but this time Kelli is behind her with both hands holding onto her friend’s head.

“Are you ready, Olivia?” Kelli asked.

“Yes, I’m ready to do it now, Kelli.” Olivia replied while taking Santa’s big cock into her mouth. When she does, Kelli begins pushing her head further onto it. “Glurg! Glurg! Glurg! Glurg! Glurg! Glurg!”

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