Safari NY – Ezranox’s curse – Erotic Horror

Ken was nervous as he approached the nightclub he had heard so much about. It had a reputation for strange events, people being corrupted, and even changed. There was nothing official, but there were many rumors. He honestly wasn’t even sure what he was doing there, or why he felt compelled to enter the club, but as he approached the door, the bouncer seemed to breathe in his scent and let him in.

It was strange, but Ken headed inside and towards the bar to get a drink. Many sexy ladies were walking around who all had this animal look to them. A woman walked by him with tiger stripes, slowing down a little, and seemed to do what the bouncer did like she could smell him, and Ken began to wonder if his cologne was too strong or something because they all seemed to be staring at him.

As he approached the counter, he saw a bald woman who seemed to have features that reminded him of a snake. “I’ll have a beer,” he said as she turned to him with a rather shocked look on her face.

“You……” she said as she approached and seemed to smell him as well. “You need to leave,” she said before looking around nervously.

“I’m sorry, why?” Ken asked, confused before he felt a hand on his shoulder.

“Yes, why does he need to leave?” A woman’s voice said as Ken suddenly noticed the gorgeous woman with green hair and her arm around him. The bartender smiled nervously before she walked away. “Don’t worry, nobody is making you go anywhere.”

“Is my cologne too strong? Everyone here is giving me weird looks like they can smell me,” he asked before sniffing his jacket.

“Don’t worry about them,” she said, placing her hand on his face and turning him towards her. “My my, what a shame, and a waist, but don’t worry, I’ll take very good care of you,” she said, taking his hand and leading him away from the bar.

“Uh, where are we going, and who are you?” Ken asked as he followed this gorgeous woman through the crowd and towards a large staircase.

“I am Ezranox, one of the owners,” she said before they began to ascend the stairs.

“Okay?” He asked, confused as he looked out at the crowd, getting a chill as most of the staff seemed to be watching the two of them.

“Right this way,” she said, opening a large door and inviting him into what looked like a giant apartment.

“Wow, nice place,” he said, looking around.

“I’m glad you like it, now right this way,” She said, opening another set of double doors, revealing a large bed.

“Oh uh….. what uh….. what exactly are we doing?” He asked, suddenly very nervous.

“Call it a private show,” she said with a devilish grin inviting him into the bedroom.

“Oh? What uh….. what did I do to get a private show with the owner?” He asked, not sure why he was getting treated so well.

“Oh, we pick random guests, and you were perfect because there is something I want from you,” she said, shutting the door before she walked up towards him.

She threw her arms around him and kissed him passionately. Ken was confused but also very aroused as this woman was stunning, and he had never felt anything like this before. He was still very nervous as he did his best with the kiss, as he was very inexperienced, which, unknown to him, is the reason Ezranox wanted him so badly.

They fell to the bed as Ezranox still kissed him. Her warm body was on top of his as his cock twitched to life in his pants. She let out a moan, feeling his manhood moving and growing as she sat up, straddling him with a mischievous grin on her face as she ground herself against him.

“Ah, that’s what I wanted,” she said before she climbed off of him.

“Wow, you’re amazing,” he said with a stupid smile on his face before he felt something grab his wrists. “Wait…. what the?” He asked, confused as there were suddenly metal cuffs around both his wrists followed by two around his ankles. “What’s going on?”

“Foolish human. A virgin stupid enough to walk into my club. Guess the enchantment works,” she said as she touched this blue glowing crystal.

“What? I’m not a…..” he said as his face began to blush.

“Oh, please. Every one of my employees could smell it on you. My bouncer informed me the moment you walked in,” she said as she began to walk around the bed.

“What do you want from me?” He asked, unable to escape.

“Virgins are so hard to find, but have so many uses,” she said as she began to rub her hands together, speaking a strange language as they began to glow. “Now,” she said before she blew what looked like a glowing green mist toward him.

Ken was confused as this strange green smoke began to hover above him before he saw it taking form. It looked like two hands were emerging from the cloud and reaching for his pants.

“What the…..” he said as his belt was unbuckled and his pants unzipped.

They quickly slid his jeans down around his ankles, leaving him there in just his underwear. “How cute,” Ezranox said looking at his tight whitey’s before she waved her hand and the misty fingers ripped his underwear aside. “Oh my, what a waste,” she said looking at the big cock sticking straight up in the air. “Human women are so stupid. I bet this cock could make them scream. It might have even saved you from your fate.”

“What do you mean?” Ken asked nervously as he could not escape what this woman was gonna do to him.

“I need virgin semen and lots of it, and I can’t touch your cock, because that would defeat the purpose, so my little helpers here are going to have to extract it for me,” She said with a grin.

“Wait….. what is this? Why are you doing this to me?” He asked, struggling to get free.

Ezranox noticed the fear was starting to affect his erection and needed to act quickly. “Just relax. You’ll enjoy this,” she said before she suddenly removed her dress, letting it fall to the floor, and stood there naked in front of him.

“Oh my God,” he said, staring at the beautiful woman before him.

“I have been called that before, now just relax,” she said as she crawled into the bed, eyeing his cock with lust in her eyes. “So big, so warm. I bet it feels so good and probably tastes even better,” she said as she leaned down close to his penis, her lips mere inches away to the point he could feel her breath against his shaft. “Ah, perfect,” she said as his cock was now painfully erect and dripping with precum. “Looks like it’s ready,” she said before she quickly backed away.

“What?” He asked, surprised before the smoke began to swirl around forming a green tornado right at the tip of his cock. “Oh……. oh shit!” He cried out as his cock was invaded by this strange smoke as it forced its way inside him. “What…… what is it……. doing to……… FUCK!” He yelled, bucking his hips as his cock felt strange.

It was like a storm happening in the bedroom as the smoke swirled violently, forcing its way into his cock. It felt strange but also good as Ken thrashed around, unable to stop what was happening to him. After a moment, the smoke seemed to be gone, and he rested his pelvis against the mattress.

“Shit…… shit…… what……” he tried to say as he looked down at his fully erect penis which felt very strange.

“I needed you fully aroused for this to work,” Ezranox said as his balls began to twitch and begin to grow.

“What….. what’s happening?”

“I need a lot of semen, so you better get comfortable. This is gonna take a while,” she said before she opened the door and left the room.

“Wait, what did you do to me?” He pleaded, but she did not answer. His cock began to twitch as he felt something strange moving around inside it. “Fuck…… FUCK!” He yelled out as his cock began to move like it was jerking itself off. “Oh shit….. fuck……. fuck this feels so……” he moaned as he felt the pleasure grow. “Oh yeah…… oh God……… oh………. FUCK!” He screamed as he bucked his hips, expecting an intense orgasm but his penis stopped right before, and just twitched as little bits of precum dripped down his shaft “What? Oh, come on……. I need to…….. I want to……” he pleaded as it started again, bringing him right to the edge, but just like before, it stopped right before he got any release. “Help me!”


Ezranox sat on her couch, still naked with a drink in her hand as she listened to the moans in the other room for the last hour. Hearing him beg for release was music to her ears as she began to touch herself, enjoying the torture she was putting him through as she bit her lips and moaned.

As her fingers danced inside her slit she moaned even louder. She loved having the apartment to herself sometimes but also was wishing Sasha was there to come fuck her right then and there. She even spread her legs hoping her lover would magically appear and shove her giant cock inside her.

Sasha was at the Vegas location visiting her daughter, which left Ezranox all alone, but as she told her lover before she left, she would easily discover a way to entertain herself while she was away. She heard the yells and swears as once again, Ken was brought close to orgasm but was again denied satisfaction.

It was driving her crazy as she fingered herself even faster as she heard a growl rumble inside her. It was the leftover influence of Dryness from her time possessed by the beast. She knew Patrick was having some issues but she was loving the changes that had been made to her body and the sexual enhancements that turned her into a true animal in the bedroom and Sasha loved it.

Ezranox sat there and began to think about the impressive cock between his legs. Her original intention was to get all she could from him and then kill him, but she soon began to think about how much fun she could have with a cock like that. Sasha was an incredible lover, but every now and then, Ezranox liked the power of control. Mortal men were so fun to torment, and she liked having her way with them, so she came up with a very fun idea.

As she re-opened the door to the bedroom and stepped inside, Ken had just been brought to the edge again and denied release. His balls were very swollen, and she could see the agony on his face as he wanted nothing more than to cum.

“Please…… why are you doing this to me?” He begged before his cock started to twitch again. “Shit……. no more….. please, I can’t…….. I can’t take it anymore!”

His cock began to pulse again as Ezranox stood there and watched. She found herself getting turned on as her spell tortured his penis, forcing it to build gallons of cum for her as she looked over his manhood.

“Oh shit…… not again……. please!” He begged, feeling his cock reach the edge again on hold there, denying him release until he heard Ezranox speak a strange word.

She held her hand up, causing his penis to begin to glow. He could feel the pleasure growing inside him and it was maddening as she stood there and seemed to control his cock. A smile came across her face before she waved her hand.

“FUCK!” He yelled as he suddenly had an intense orgasm and his cock finally began to drain.

His cum shot into the air, creating a giant floating bubble that housed his fluids which was a strange sight to see but all that mattered to him right now was the feeling of pleasure and relief as he just laid back and relaxed his body.

“That’s a good boy,” Ezranox said as she looked up at the gallons of cum housed in a giant green bubble. “I will do amazing things with this.” She suddenly snapped her fingers, making the bubble disappear as Ken lay there in bed covered in sweat as his cock began to deflate.

“Thank you,” he said, finally feeling relief.

“Now, who said we were done?” Ezranox said with a smile as she approached the bed.

“Oh God, please no, I can’t go through that again,” he said, squirming like he was trying to protect his penis from her, but his hands and feet were still bound.

“Ha, you speak as if you have a choice,” she said with a grin. “I can’t have a virgin leave my club. Others may find you useful to them, and I can’t have that.”

“What? Please….. don’t kill me,” he said with fear in his eyes.

“HA!” She yelled out before sitting on the edge of the bed. “Now, where’s the fun in that?”

Ken was confused before she suddenly zapped his cock with some strange magic. It tingled at first, and he wasn’t sure what she had done until his penis began to become erect once more. Despite the amazing orgasm he had experienced moments ago, he was suddenly very horny and wanted to go again.

“What….. what are you doing?” He asked as the cuffs suddenly released him, and he was free before he suddenly jumped out of the bed.

“You’re free to go if you wish unless you want me to do something about that pesky virginity of yours?” She said as she lay down on the bed and stared at him seductively.

“What?” He asked, confused. “What are you saying?”

“You gave me what I wanted, and in return, I am going to fuck your brains out,” she said before she began to crawl toward him. “If you want me to.”

Ken couldn’t believe what he was seeing as she crawled towards him and leaned down towards his cock. A voice in the back of his head was telling him to run away as fast as he could but she was so fucking hot and his cock was practically begging him to stay and let her play with it.

“I think I owe you that, don’t you?” She said as she gently grabbed his cock and pull him closer before pressing her lips to the sides of it.

“Oh fuck!” He blurted out as the feeling of her lips on his member was like heaven.

It didn’t take long before her lips were wrapped around his cock. She had a very talented tongue as his knees began to shake while she sucked him off. In the back of his mind, he could still feel a warning telling him to run but the sensations were so good that he couldn’t even if he wanted to as she cradled his balls and continued to suck on his shaft.

“Doesn’t that feel good?” She asked. “You’ve never had your dick sucked before, and very few men get to lose their virginity to someone like me,” she said before she continued to blow him. “You taste so good. Just imagine what my pussy is gonna feel like when it’s wrapped around your cock, taking from you what got you in trouble in the first place. And when I’m done with you, women will be all over you.”

“Really?” He asked, not sure what she meant.

“Oh yeah. They’ll sense your cock, and beg you to fuck them.” She continued to molest his penis with her tongue making him moan even louder before she finally released him and pull him back into the bed. “There’s a catch though,” she said as she pushed him down against the mattress and straddled him, letting his cock rear against her slit but not letting him inside her yet as she just ground against him.

“Oh shit! I want you so bad,” he moaned as she continued to tease him.

“All men do,” she said with a grin.

“So….. what…… what’s the catch?” He asked, remembering what she said moments ago.

“Oh, I’ll tell you, but not until……..” she said as she raised her pelvis and lowered herself right onto his cock letting it slide right in. “We’re finished.”

“FUCK!” Ken yelled out as her pussy enveloped his manhood and it was heavenly. “Oh my……. you’re a fucking Goddess!”

“Oh, I know,” she said as she leaned down and kissed his lips, moving her hips as she began to milk his cock.

Ken wrapped his hands around her ass as he lost himself to the pleasure. The way she moved and wiggled on top of him was out of this world. Her warm body, her scent, everything about her just aroused his senses as he felt her in his arms while she fucked him.

Something was still very wrong here. After everything that had happened, he knew he couldn’t trust this woman and could be in real danger right now but it felt so good to fuck her that he couldn’t stop himself.

“That’s it, you’re cock feels so good, but is that all you got?” She said mocking him in a way. “You aren’t going to make me do all the work, are you? Because maybe I’ll just….” she said as she started to climb off before he took control and rolled her over. “Oh, you’re a big man now,” she said almost mocking him as he jammed his cock into her. “That’s it, fuck me, control me, do whatever the fuck you want to me, big boy!”

“Fuck!” He blurted out as his cock felt so good inside her.

“Oh yeah,” she whined. “You wanna cum inside this pussy don’t you. You wanna give me every drop you have left,” she said as she moaned even louder.

“Fuck, I do, I really fucking do,” he said as he moved his hips faster.

“I know you do. Nothing would feel better than to cum inside me, you want it, your cock wants it,” she said, throwing her arms around him and kissing him. “I want it, so go ahead and cum in my fucking pussy,” she said feeling him getting closer and closer. “Oh, but just one thing. When you do, you’ll never get satisfaction from a woman ever again.”

“What?” He asked, stopping in his tracks.

“Didn’t I mention?” She said with a smile. “Women will be all over you, and you will fuck so many, but no matter how hard you cum, it won’t be enough,” she said giving him a gentle kiss on the lips. “You are free to pull out right now if you want,” she said teasingly, knowing full well he does not have the willpower to do that as he lay there frozen with his cock still inside her. “Also, when you do cum inside me, and we both know you will, it will be the most amazing sensation of your life, so please choose quickly because I have things to do,” she said, gently moving her hips and massaging his cock while it was still inside her.

“Fuck…….. FUCK!” He yelled out of aggravation. “You bitch!”

“Oh, I am so much worse than that. Now be a good boy and cum for Mama,” she said grabbing his ass and pulling him inside her. “Just a few more pumps.”

“Fuck…….. fuck……… FUCK!” He yelled as he knew he was gonna do it. He couldn’t help himself as he moved his hips a few more times and was about to unload inside her before he hesitated.

“Oh no you don’t!” She suddenly growled sounding more like a beast as she rolled him over and pinned him down on the bed. “You’re going to cum inside me, and there isn’t a fucking thing you’re going to do about it!” She said with fangs in her mouth as she roared and milked his cock a few more times.

“Holy……..” He stopped as his eyes widened, and her pussy squeezed his cock unmercifully until he had an orgasm that he was sure was gonna send him straight to Hell.

It was a greater sensation than anything he had ever imagined as her warm pussy squeezed his cock and sucked every last drop of cum out of him like it had a mind of its own. He didn’t want it to end he just arched his back and unloaded into her as she moaned and chuckled at what she had just done to him, but for the moment, he didn’t care.

“That’s it,” she said as she began to calm down and return to ordinary. “That’s what we both wanted.” She bent down and licked the side of his face giving him a mischievous grin. “Now, enjoy my curse,” she said before she laugh historically on top of him, keeping him pinned down until she had enough.


Six months later

“Oh fuck, that’s it Ken, fuck me just like that!” Nancy yelled out as Ken continued to shove his cock into his coworker.

Ezranox was right. Ken had fucked so many women since that night at the Safari. It was easy too, almost as if they were under some spell and wanted his cock inside them. Hearing all of them scream his name was music to his ears as he brought them all to orgasm and left them begging for more, but she was also right about something else.

It wasn’t that he couldn’t cum, but every time he did, it felt weak. It felt good and he felt his cum shoot out of him, but it was never enough. No matter what he did he couldn’t cum hard enough for his satisfaction. He had tried every different type of position, enhancing lotion, toys, and whatever else he could think of, but nothing was enough. Now, it’s no matter how hard or how many times he orgasmed. It was just as Ezranox said, and it was driving him crazy.

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